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Dinesh Weerakody was recently appointed to the Access

Board....can he be PM's advisor and serve Racketeer Sumal

Thursday, 12 February 2015
Dinesh Weerakody was recently appointed to the Access Board. Can he be an advisor to the Prime
Minister and serve Sumal Perera at the same time ??
Sumal Perera of the Access Group and the notorious Access Group rolls out Rs. 13 Billion to the corrupt
Rajapaksa Regime. - Who stands to gain the most out of the corrupt 9 year Rajapakse regime? - Who
embezzled over US$ 10 Billion of this country's wealth during the Rajapakse dictatorship?
The unparalleled title will go to none other than the man once dubbed as "Kommis Kakka" (commission
crow/ hustler/ wheeler dealer) by former President Chandrika c. Joseph Sanjiva Perera, Ranjan John
Suriyakumar Gomes, Joseph Christopher Joshua, Brian Keith Obesekera, Dalpudouruge Anton Rohana
Fernando, Shamal Perera, Shevantha Harindrarka Sudarsha Mendis, Saumya Dharshana Munasinghe,
Kulathilaka Arthanayake Malik Kumar Rupasinghe, Ashan Malalasekera, Suwasha Malalsekera, Niroshan
Dakshina Gunaratne, Nishal Ferdinando, Athula Wimalaratne and Dilshan Ferdinando are the immediate
members of the notorious Access family. Perera the "God Father" of scams and his bunch of thieves have
been the pioneers in a scam that Perera invented known as Defective Product & Service Procurement
Programs (DPSP) marketing.
Sumal Perera and his Access Group is known to have employed multi-faceted seduction skills to entice
politicians, bureaucrats, Judges, professionals, doctors, engineers, urban Planners, architects, lawyers,
public officials, service commanders to media men that have been allured to endorse his crooked deals in
return to be a beneficiary of the Access incentive schemes that range from money, gifts, women and favors
alike that are set out below.
From creating illusions with the Central Bank and the Finance Ministry External Resources Department
officials regarding the domestic economy to corrupting Foreign Diplomats to agree to fund waste projects
by selling the Sri Lankan Sovereign Guarantee like his personal trading paper, Sumal Perera and his
Access Group with the support of corrupt professionals and government officials have helped Sumal

Perera and his band of crooks pull this country into a financial doldrum and that will take more than 20
years to recover.
In the years 2012, 2013, and 2014 Sumal Perera organized to falsify Government revenue figures to serve
his greed and secure Shylock type buyer credit loans to fund the Rajapakse Government's swindling
projects. True revenue of the bankrupt government is even lesser than the installment and interest
component of these loans
taken by to fund his Projects. Sumal Perera and his band of crooks have had a free buffet serving for the
last 9 years stealing billions of public money belonging to the people of Sri Lanka which will be burdened
upon the generations to come.
Soon, the Government would be compelled to resort to debt equity when it starts defaulting on the debt.
The next step being that transactions of settling the debt will have to be made through real estate, the
same way Colombo and Hambantota ports have been given to China. The south of the country will be
given away to China and the North to India.
Perera has used his daughter Swasha Malalsekera, and son in law Ashan Malalasekera to run a shadow
company named Arinma Holdings, and Avonsmart Engineering to facilitate the scam of selling the soil of
Sri Lanka for pittance as a repayment of the national debt. Arinma Holdings is operating out of Perera's old
office at the Lucky Plaza Complex to avoid his affiliation being identified.
This is the same 'modus operandi' put to play in forming a company named Asia Pacific Golf Course Ltd
which he used to swindle people for over Rs. 3 Billion by selling them state land on forged deeds and later
staging a civil case that served him to shy away from paying those he cheated.
Not being in the nature in of the Rajapakse's to spend their own money on election propaganda however illgotten it is, State resources are being made available to them aplenty even without having to ask for it.
With the current executive Rajapakse himself as the government candidate, ministry secretaries who are
the chief accounting officers and other powerful officials are in the fray squandering public resources for
election propaganda has become fair game for all in the government bandwagon of which Sumal Perera
and his bunch are at the helm.
That is why 'files' are referred to, by the boss to threaten those who cross over. Showing the stick (the files)
and offering the carrot (cabinet portfolios) have been the pattern of governance by this Government
resulting in an enormous burden on the people.
Sometimes working directly and at times using various influence peddlers from professionals including
doctors to those engaged in the world's oldest profession Perera has always ensured he gets his final say
in the art of seduction of all. Perera, having received his primary education in St. Anthony's Katugastota,
has seduced the elite "Royal College Batch of 72" to enter him as an old boy of this exclusive Royal
College fraternity. This maneuver was put in place by him in the year 2002, during the Premiership of Ranil
Wickramasinghe was known to give special recognition to old Royalists.
Perera was quick to hoodwink (an art he has mastered from his young days) the Royal Batch of 72 with
some lavish cash donation and set in place a plan to lure Wickramasinghe by waving the Blue and Gold
An endeavor that proved futile as Wickramasinghe's demeanor was to ignore even his closest friends when
he smelled something crooked. Perera built a blazing grudge against Wickramasinghe due to this. Then

Perera was determined to throw out Wickramasinghe and went drooling behind the Rajapakse's.
The Rajapakse's happily welcomed Perera knowing they had struck gold in their master plan of trickery.
With this perfect marriage in motion, the stage was now all set for Perera and his bunch to swindle the
country for a long nine year period nonstop. Their only hurdle just before they finish off the nation to the first
"Zimbabwe of Asia" was the recent announcement of Rajapakse who is advised by Basil Rajapakse and
astrologers to go in for a snap Presidential election.
Sumal Perera and the rest of the scoundrels in his extended Access Family have recently quipped at a
gathering that he can decide on who the next President of Sri Lanka is going to be and that he would
pay any amount of money per vote to all 15 million registered voters in Sri Lanka to secure the reelection of his one true deity and "partner in crime" the Rajapakse familial regime.
Sumal Perera was called upon by President Rajapakse himself to hold water to this pledge. Perera, leaped
to oblige by responding "Your Excellency Sir, you give me the logistic support I will provide
the cash". Rajapakse had asked for the money to be in Rs. 5000/= denomination notes to be used during
the coming 20 days run up to the elections. This totaled a pittance to Perera and his Access family in
comparison to what he has squandered out of state coffers together with his close friends the Rajapakse's.
The always "Politician-flattering" Perera was in a predicament as his ill-gotten gains set aside to fund
Rajapakse was in cash and that too in US$ 100/= bills. The money was said to be stored in the vault of the
Bank of Ceylon Union Place branch located in his own office building Access Towers that he built by selling
fake and dud military equipment and supplies during the war that resulted in the death of many a soldier on
the battle field. Perera had sounded this to Rajapakse, who had then immediately telephoned Ajith Nivard
Cabral the present Governor of the Central bank who is also known to be a corrupt deal maker himself who
consented to the Rajapakse's to sell the bullion reserves of the country. Cabral obliged immediately. The
Governor of the Sri Lankan Central Bank Ajith Nivard Cabral is well known to be a wheeler dealer himself.
Around mid-morning the route from Union Place through Justice Akbar Mawatha, through Sir Mohamed
Macan Markar Mawatha, through Galle Face Center Road to the Central Bank headquarters on
Mawatha, was cordoned off with SL Army personnel from the members of the Presidential Guard placed
outside the Central Bank Head Office for the cash transit. Armored troop carriers were placed on patrol on
The Navy patrol in the sea of the Colombo Fort area was intensified and the war time famed Dvora Crafts
were seen to re-appear. Three (3) Chinese built SL Army Cash in Transit (CIT) trucks sans any service
marking or identity driven by uniformed soldiers from the Presidential Security Division of the elite
forces were driven in a convoy of 27 Defender Jeeps loaded with heavily armed Commando's that stayed
along the route and joined the convoy up to the Central Bank Headquarters.
A meticulously planned operation personally organized by the Defense Chief brother Gotabhaya
Rajapakse, had sent another convoy to the Bank of Ceylon Head Office located opposite the Central Bank
headquarters. Up to now, no one knows if the cash was moved from the BOC head Office or from the BOC
Union Place Branch or both. At both BOC locations and at the Central Bank Headquarters CCTV camera
had been disabled and security monitor rooms had been manned by Presidential Security Division
Personnel. Central Bank staff were handpicked by Cabral and provided with cash counting machines inside
the Banks conference hall located in Tower 1, Level 14 of the Central Bank Head Office.
The room was closely monitored by dozens of Presidential Security Division Personnel. The Army CIT

trucks carrying Perera's ill-gotten Dollars were brought into the Central banks cash loading bay, and moved
swiftly into the cash transit elevator through to the makeshift counting room on the 14th Floor of Tower 1.
Inside were 10,000 packs of 100 notes in a bundle of used and new US$ 100/- bills packed and wrapped in
Manila paper sheets and placed inside wooden crates on pallets. 10,000 packs of 100 no's US$ 100/- of
used and new
bills neatly packed standard pallet were brought into the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.
Simultaneously, the PSD men rolled crates that held 26,000 packs of 100 notes in each bundle of Rs.
5000/- brand new and shrink wrapped bills neatly packed and sealed in 13 crates on pallets. The crates
were opened and re-sealed with steel locks the PSD men had brought along themselves after taking a brief
sweep count back along the Galle Face center road, through Sir Mohamed Macan Markar Mawatha,
Nawam Pererhara Mawatha, via the back entrance to Temple Tress. 26,000 packs of 100 in each Rs.
5000/- brand new and shrink wrapped bills neatly packed standard 10 crates loaded by Presidential
Security men
into Army Trucks were sent to Temple Trees.
The whole exercise had taken 9 hours or more for counting. The deal was done at the Dollar to Rupee rate
of Rs. 130/- even though the days buying rate was marginally different. The exchange was done. Perera
had stood by his pledge. There was no query nor mistrust, as they all had one notion in common. This was
not their money, this was the national wealth of the people of this country, stolen by one crooked
businessman and now paying his "partner in crime" for his re-election anticipating another round of
plundering as if there will
be no tomorrow.
Perera is said to be in a state of eternal ecstasy assuming he now will inherit the whole nation of Sri Lanka
and the Rajapakse fiefdom as he has been promised by Rajapakse that he will help him recover this
money ten times over in less than a month if he is re-elected.
Perera and the Access Group put the usual card of upfront money being his first ruse is always followed by
a plenary of unimaginable levels of lowness a human being would have or will ever stoup to, Sumal Perera
and has bunch of crooks and pimps in the Access family have been the Pioneers in using the world's oldest
profession of flesh-marketing of prostitutes to Karaoke bar entertainment spells to thuggery and intimidation
of media and journalists.
In 1998, world renowned Journalist Iqbal Athas wrote a series of articles on irregularities in aircraft
purchases by the SL Air Force that were brokered by Perera and his Access Group. Sumal Perera then
connived with the then, Air Force Chief Oliver Ranasinghe to send a group of armed men that entered the
Journalists home, threatened Athas's wife and seven-year-old daughter, and held an automatic pistol to
Athas's head and asked him to stop writing against the Air Force procurements.
Chandrika Regime corrupt deals of Perera and his Access Group.

From selling 33 Daewoo Cars to the Sri Lanka Army in 1995 thatmalfunctioned in weeks of
purchase, due to production defects as they were the very first cars of that type manufactured by
Laser guided bombs to the SL Air Force that never fired and were buried in a SLAF Ammo dump.
Over 100,000 no's of below standard Body Armor that was supposed to protect the soldiers on the

battle front but only made their death more agonizing as inferior ceramic plates in the "Flak
Jackets" created more fragments in their bodies when impacted.

- Defective 100mm & 73mm barrels and AT......continued.....
Posted by Thavam