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Introduction to

Role-Playing Game

Lewis Theobald
Patrick Ervin
C.S. Ferguson

Introduction |1
Every culture had its doomsday prophecies. Rain of hellfire and brimstone. Polar caps
melting. Ravenous dead rising up like a blood-starved plague.
None of them predicted this.
It changed the world. Nobody knows exactly how long ago. Like a raging comet, it fell
from the heavens. Nobody knew what it was. It plowed through the earth, carving a
hundred-league path of destruction: the Godscar. Mountains tore asunder, crumbling
thunderously down. Their remains stand like distant ghosts of former majesty, jagged
slopes streaming with bubbling magma.
Then the impact. That titanic blast was felt around the world. Whole nations
disappeared, swallowed up by earth’s gaping maw.
The hours lengthened. The Long Winter. For months, the sun never shone. It nearly ended
all life. It took the world to the edge.
An expedition to the Godscar laid eyes upon the elder god Malekleos, whose smoldering
remains rested in the crater. Yet, he was not extinguished completely. His slumbering body
yet held a warm spark of life. The sleeping god spoke to them in incomprehensible visions,
and their minds shriveled. They spiraled into black depths of insanity and disappeared.
It was the god’s fall that caused this cataclysm.
The Godsfall.
Now, winter wanes. From the ashes, a shadow of civilization has begun anew. And as we
rebuild, I find the questions most often asked in the Tower are:
What great power can wrest a mighty god from his lofty throne?
Why was he ripped from heaven and cast down?
Can we wake the Sleeping God?
Should we?
To that last question, either option terrifies me.

Haralda, 3rd Grand Sage of the Ivory Tower

Editor: Norman Bean
Director: Steve Costigan
Designer: Edward Softly
Producer: Patrick Howard
Production Assistant: Sam Walser
Developer: Ward Phillips
Art Director: C. S. Ferguson

Layout: Patrick Mac Conaire
Graphic Design: Humphrey Littlewit
Writers: Lewis Theobald, Patrick
Ervin, C.S. Ferguson
Cover Art: Greg Fromenteau
Interior Art: Arthur Asa, Shawn Langley,
Michael Vilardi

This story-telling is cooperative. You and your friends each control a character that either survived the Godsfall or was born in the world after. discard it. Choose one of the characters provided and familiarize yourself with his or her traits. We feel that rolling again and again until you succeed is a waste of time. Would you wake the Sleeping God? THE UNIVERSAL MECHANIC Roll Many. there will be a difficulty number. TO BEGIN PLAYING RPGs involve players telling epic stories about their action and adventures in a wild world. There is No Try: You get one roll when attempting anything. When sneaking. Instead. and skill has a number associated with it. or hacking. he his failure means that he may have still succeeded. THE THREE CORE RULES 1) It’s Just a Game. civilizations have collapsed. Change it. or fudging. but with some added complications. This new landscape. Use One: Every attribute. This isn’t The Rule-Following RPG … it’s The Godsfall RPG. we’d say this is a bit preachy. . ultimately. 3) The Gods Favor Men of Action: The acting character always wins ties over the reacting character. But each time you roll. the Wildlands. And. and to battle. Fanboy: The G in RPG stands for Game. Instead. This is the number of dice you may roll when using that trait. Cities are in ruin. and sometimes random. Sometimes will match dice on a one-by-one basis. interactive.2|Game Mechanics WHAT IS THE GODSFALL? The Godsfall RPG is a role-playing game set in a medieval fantasy world that has just been devastated by the apocalyptic fall and impact of an elder god. Normally.” In other words. your character is unable to complete that task in the manner that he would have liked to. ties always go to the sneaker. he “fails forward. and nature has reasserted dominance. 2) Do or Do Not. This rule is for the players who need to see it in writing. edge. to explore. is yours to survive. So if a rule doesn’t work for you. the fate of the Sleeping God may be your choice to make. This is who you will pretend to be during the game. The point is to have fun. and your goal is to roll equal to or higher than that number at least once. Come up with your own version. but there are players don’t like house rules. That means that in combat ties always go to the attacker. health. Sometimes you may roll the dice one at a time. when you fail any skill roll in The Godsfall RPG.

and spiritual. At the start of each turn. and 1. Its effects have already been figured into the pre-generated characters. Characters suffer -1 AGL for each full level of encumbrance. Discipline (DIS): Discipline represents formal schooling. he must choose any one die from the pool to use. equal to or less than his VIT as one level of encumbrance. At the beginning of each combat round. Vitality (VIT): Every character may carry bulk. Gronk has AGL 4. Agility (AGL): Characters get two actions per turn. instead saving those higher rolls for other members of his party to use. and 1. a player rolls his character’s AGL. The results are 6. 3. That means that every 6 stones (6 st. On his turn. measured in stones (st). Gronk gets three actions this turn. Either of the 6’s or the 3 will result in a third action (because his AGL of 4 plus a roll of either 3 or 6 will be greater than 6. Agility (AGL) and Vitality (VIT) are physical attributes. If the sum of his AGL + the die is 6 or greater. Rather than rolling individually for third actions. However. Intellect (INT): Intellect is a character’s curiosity and ability to learn quickly. 6. Coordinated Action Option: Players preferring cooperative gameplay rather than competitive may find the following option preferable. Perception (PER) and Eminence (EMI) are spiritual. On each player’s turn. he rolls four dice and gets 6. There is no additional benefit for multiple 6s except under unusual circumstances dictated by your GM. etc. .) of encumbrance will cause his AGL to be temporarily reduced by 1. 3. If he scores a 6. and life experience. flanking. at the beginning of each round every player rolls one die and places it in the middle of the table. he must choose to use one of those dice. if he chooses to use the 1. he may perform three actions that turn. the four players in his group all roll one die. This represents setting up attacks. mental. 6. and the effects have already been figured into the pre-generated characters. VIT is also the number of pocketable items (also called 0-stone items) that a character may carry as one stone. Because he rolled at least one 6.Game Mechanics |3 CHARACTERS All traits are organized into three aspects: physical. he gets a third action that turn. apprenticeships. maneuvers. He also counts six 0-stone items as 1 stone. Gronk has an AGL score of 4. he will not gain a third action. misdirection. Gronk has a VIT score of 6. Intelligence (INT) and Discipline (DIS) are mental. It is used during character generation and leveling. At the start of his turn.

bringing it back up to 5. 2. Characters recover one health in each aspect per encounter. Gronk has PER 1. Knowledge. Gronk has a Toughness score of 6. The attacker scored 6. Furthermore. he rolls his EMI and scores a 6. Characters may roll any number of additional dice by spending that many points of an edge. Gronk has EMI 1. Grit. Willpower: These are a character’s edges. He will now only take one point of damage. he rolls one die and scores a 4. It also determines starting Fate and a character’s chance of surviving his body’s death. Sanity: Each aspect has a health: Toughness for body. Fate is earned at a rate of one per adventure. or Willpower. 3. When attempting to activate a flaming sword. At the end of this encounter. When he defends against a physical attack. 5. Finally. so the spirit haunting the item has been convinced to manifest itself and ensorcell the blade. This may be done after seeing the result of the roll. 4. Characters only survive physical death in supernatural circumstances. he decides that he doesn’t want to lose those two points of Toughness. and returning as undead. so he decides to spend a point of Grit and roll an extra die. Toughness. 5. escaping the afterlife. 3. Once spent. and 1. Characters roll dice equal to their health when defending against attacks and take damage to health when they fail. he recovers one Toughness. Eminence (EMI): This attribute is rolled when invoking a magical item’s power. 1. and Sanity for spirit. That is less than the 7+ required or his spirit to survive death. Knowledge for mind. At the end of the encounter. Fate is never recovered. When attempting to notice something or detect another creature sneaking. He begins play with Fate 1. Foresight on mental. he rolls six dice and scores 6. It may be spent as Grit. 3. and does not take an action. The GM compares this to the sneaker’s stealth skill roll of 4. resulting in two successes and one failure. Gronk has Fate 1. he rolls a 4. Fate is never rolled. his Grit recovers fully. when he is slain. The difficulty was 4. and 1. 3. Fate: Fate is a universal edge. upon completion. He scores a 6. Gronk has Grit 4. so he is permanently dead. 3. Instead. Grit lets a character roll one extra die on any physical test. Foresight. In the above example. His Toughness roll is now 6. Foresight. 6. and the next time Gronk defends against a physical attack in this encounter he will only roll his four remaining Toughness dice. 2. He would also roll one die to determine combat initiative. it’s gone. In an especially deadly battle. Because the sneaker is the actor. 4. he wins the tie and Gronk does not detect him. and Willpower on spiritual. Finally. The attack does two damage.4|Game Mechanics Perception (PER): This is used to detect things and to determine initiative. Edges recover fully at the end of each encounter. the player chooses the result of the roll and adds it to his pool of results. he finds himself about to .

all attacks using that weapon suffer -1 to each die result. and Subtlety. It also acts as a passive limitation on which weapons a character is proficient with. every character has an amount of Immortal Fate equal to his EMI. With this option. sleight of hand. and Stealth. Warding is a passive skill that determines what level of armor the character is proficient with. such as picking a padlock. When using a weapon with a Strength higher than the character’s Weaponry skill. and stage magic. climbing. and can also include an attempt to leave no trace. Athletics skills are Grace. Skills: Any time a character attempts a skill. or delicate control. the player rolls dice equal to that skill level as shown on his character sheet. Subtlety includes Legerdemain. he may immediately increase it to an equal amount. Foresight for the mental skill groups Experience and Training. a character suffers -1 to all physical aspect rolls per stone of the armor worn. Any Fate earned above his EMI is Mortal Fate. or shoving an opponent. Sabotage includes any attempt to manipulate a mechanical device. If he is beginning an adventure with Fate less than his EMI. Sabotage. or just plain uncanny luck. Running. Legerdemain involves any attempt to pick pockets.Game Mechanics |5 lose his last point of Sanity to a spiritual attack. the kind of thing that goes hand in hand with cinematic heroism. perform tricks of illusion. When wearing protective gear with a greater Armor value than his Warding skill. boobytrapping a container. Walking a tightrope. Streetwise involves any attempt to obtain information or find reputable contacts within the criminal underworld. Trade Skills can be any number of skills that involve learning a . bending bars. Militancy includes Weaponry and Warding. and escaping from a cell. coordination. setting a snare. complex dance moves. Grace is used when a character wants to perform a difficult act requiring balance. and is still lost when spent. Weaponry is used whenever attacking with an instrument of war. Militancy. and Might. Might is used when a character performs a brief feat of intense physical strength. Stealth is any attempt to move unseen and unheard. Trade Skills. the fickle hand of destiny. Experience includes Streewise. and tumbling through flaming hoops would all require a Grace skill attempt. Fate is meant to represent the favor of the gods. Stamina. Wildlands. disabling a device. and Willpower for the spiritual skill group Mysticism. choosing for it to be a 6. Immortal Fate Option: Some groups prefer cinematic heroism. balancing on one hand. such as lifting a boulder. and swimming all require a Stamina skill check. So he spends his one point of Fate and places an additional die on the table. Unskilled characters may spend appropriate edges on skill attempts: Grit for the physical skill groups Athletics. Stamina is used when a character is doing something that requires a long period of exertion.

he rolls four dice. and Masteries: These are additional traits other than skills that allow a character to accomplish something. as noted by (A) following the skill entry. and Technology. rounded down. including geography. but those additional dice only succeed on 6+. Necromancy is the perceiving and interaction with the spirits of the dead. Academic skills. He scores 5. Any character with a skill of 6 may include that skill in related skill checks. animals. Training includes Arcane. Abilities. Advanced skills may never be learned above half the level of the basic version of the skill. Abilities are natural traits that a character has by virtue of his race. 3.6|Game Mechanics marketable trade by apprenticeship. Note. Gronk has Grace 4. Or perhaps he slipped and had to continue dangling from it. Because at least one of his dice is a 5 or greater. Nethermancy is the manipulation of one’s own spirit. Advanced skills are always linked to a basic version of the same skill. Advanced Skills: Note that Necromancy is an advanced skill. such as Gardening. Academic skills are any number of skills that involve learning a sagacious subject by spending weeks. Spells. Mysticism includes any number of quasi-natural abilities that are developed through meditative practices that strengthen the soul and charge the body with extra amounts of vital spiritual energy. Spells are magical traits from an arcane understanding of elemental properties. and lost one of his swords in the near-fall. They may also never be learned except by direction instruction of someone who already possesses the level of advanced skill desired. that a failure does not always result in his falling off. and he is now wrestling with it. Arcane represents a character’s having studied an elemental school and learned to manipulate the natural world. none of these may be attempted unless they are already known. Power includes Mysticism. Necromancy. Wildlands covers all knowledge about the natural world. such as Blacksmithing. mastering an erudite body of knowledge that cannot be obtained except by direct tutelage. the basic skill is Nethermancy. In the case of Necromancy . and 2. he would have failed. a daring act with difficulty 5. Finally. and edges may never be used to attempt them unless they are already known or possessed. minerals. plants. 4. months. he succeeds. advanced skills are always rolled along with the basic skill whenever making a basic skill attempt. If he had rolled all dice lower than a 5. . or sometimes years. however. Perhaps the rope was actually animated. Adeptness. Adeptness is a synergistic trait that comes from expertise in a given field of knowledge. Unlike skills. foraging. or by trial-anderror. and is always recorded on the character sheet immediately after its basic skill. When attempting to walk a thick tightrope. Perhaps the twisted strands of the rope parted and his foot is now caught. and Nethermancy. It simply means there has been a complication. and navigation.

he rolls four 6-sided dice. Because at least one die was equal to or higher than the difficulty. the character who declared the attack goes first. Picking a flower is not. These additional dice cannot normally be removed from your pool. Gronk has Knowledge 4.Game Mechanics |7 Masteries are supernatural traits that a character learns through mystical training and decades of disciplined life. COMBAT Initiative: To determine turn sequence. Whenever his player is asked to roll Knowledge. Attacking is an action. players roll PER when combat begins. Go ahead and argue about it. Characters jump their height horizontally. The player rolled 5. Drinking a potion is an action. and climb at 1/10th speed. Circumstantial bonuses or penalties normally result in dice added to or subtracted from the pool. Sneaking: Characters sneak using the Stealth skill. Don’t like his decision? Find a new GM. but occasionally die rolls will be modified. Match dice just as if they were in combat. and 1. In both cases. Roll a number of dice equal to that trait’s value. 4. Gronk’s player has rolled four 6-sided dice for Knowledge. The highest success goes first. Actions: An action is anything that requires a pause in activity or some amount of concentration to perform. 2. The difficulty was 4+. bonuses and penalties are cumulative. When you must roll. half that vertically. match the second die. A number after a plus indicates that you may roll additional dice in a separate pool. HOW TO PLAY Rolling the Dice: The Godsfall RPG uses 6-sided dice. . Match dice. A number in parentheses is a trait’s modified value due to temporary effects. The character remains hidden if he has more successes than failures. and so on. MOVING Move: The Godsfall RPG does not concern itself with strict measurements of distance. Your goal is to roll one (or more) of your dice equal to or over the difficulty. If every die is a tie. such as AGL 4 (1) and Toughness 6+3. If tied. Delicate moves such as tightrope walking require Grace skill checks. Your GM gets the final say. Drawing a sword is not. full speed if amphibious. An opponent trying to detect a sneaking character rolls his PER. Some traits have multiple values. though occasionally he will keep it a secret. tiring moves such as climbing a cliff face require Stamina skill checks. Gronk succeeds. More successes sometimes cause a greater effect. such as being encumbered. Characters swim at 1/5th speed. Difficulty: The GM will give you a difficulty most times. the GM will identify a trait.

Remember Core Rule #3. Sneak Attack: Sneak attacks may be attempted if a character is hidden. This is a success because it is greater than the defender’s 1. Gronk has the skill Weaponry 3. They line up their dice from highest to lowest and match them. he draws a sword and throws it as his second action. Gronk has rolled his AGL and determined that he gets three actions. 2. he must discard the 1 and 2. He is also far out of throwing range from his enemy. Gronk rolls 4. 1.8|Game Mechanics On his turn. and 1. 1 against a defender’s 5. but he must then discard dice beginning with the lowest until he reaches the limit imposed by the weapon’s strength. His next highest roll is 2. 3. but is fighting with a dagger. which has the property [armor 3]. Gronk’s highest die is 4. The player thereafter rolls that many fewer dice when he defends. Because the dagger has Strength 1. But he took one point of damage. Any additional dice are discarded. He rolls his three skill dice when attacking and gets a 4. Damage: When hit. Strength: This is the maximum damage that can be dealt by a weapon in an attack. These three additional dice are rolled alongside Toughness whenever defending against a physical attack. He normally rolls six dice when defending against physical attacks. Gronk’s Toughness is 6. After the encounter. It is a success because it is equal to the defender’s 3. If the attacker’s die is equal to or higher than the defender’s. Repeat with each paired die. 3. and so the defender must only defeat the 4 to succeed at avoiding the damage. These cannot normally be damaged except under very unusual circumstances. that is a success. Melee . Gronk has dealt two damage with this attack. A player may roll his character’s full Weaponry skill. opponents roll dice against each other. he closes the distance. Armor/Focus/Auspice: Armor is added to Toughness when rolling for physical defense. For his first move. and Auspice to Sanity for spiritual. His fourth die is a 1. match attacker and defender dice one-forone. His Toughness becomes 6+3 while wearing it. Gronk wears Imperial Breaker armor. leaping over a rock on the way. 2. Starting with the highest die. His next highest is 3. Health recovers at a rate of one per encounter. Attackers roll Weaponry skill level. It is the first round of combat. while defenders roll health. so this die is ignored. Now that he is close enough. Attacking: In combat. returning him to 6. but the defender has run out of dice. or the attack Strength if a creature. Then he does the same again for his third action. Creatures with no skill always roll an attack’s strength to hit. so he now rolls five dice. It is a failure because it is less than the defender’s 5. Focus to Knowledge for mental. a character immediately subtracts one die from the relevant health for each defense failure. so his throwing swords are still sheathed. he recovers one Toughness. but they cannot be reduced by failures.

The defender has Toughness 4 and wears a chainmail shirt with Armor 2. a 0-stone weapon. Sneak attacks allow the attacker to choose which defender dice to apply each die to. Charging & Mounted Combat: Attacks involving a charge towards an opponent make use of the Might skill. or 3 would be raised to 4. SOCIAL INTERACTION Social Combat: Social combat works similarly to physical combat. so his attack roll is unmodified. the attacker uses the Civics skill. . any unmatched social attack dice are considered successes. a character with Civics 2 and EMI 4 would roll two dice for his skill. and must charge as his first action on a turn. he chooses how to match the dice. To reflect this. He rolls 1. except that instead of Weaponry. A dagger is a strength 1 weapon. His weaponry skill is 4. so he rolls four dice to attack and gets 5. 1. When defending against sneak attacks. His weapon encumbers by 3. He is using a dagger. but his die results are limited to a minimum of his EMI. and 3. a Str 3 weapon that weighs 3 stone. An assassin sneaks up to plunge a dagger deep into a target's back. depleted health (Sanity) recovers fully. 3. But he relies on AGL for Toughness. Defenders roll VIT in place of Toughness vs. Gronk attempts to sneak attack using a greatsword. He ignores the 6s and matches his 5 with the target’s 3. 1. Each roll must still be equal or greater than the defending dice. For example. He should stick to daggers. In the case of a counter. His move and attack are considered one action. you may wish to use this social combat option. The target rolls four dice to defend. ranged sneak attacks suffer no penalty. but can still work a crowd and effectively shame another person. 1 for his VIT. The character who initiates the social attack rolls his Civics skill as normal. so each roll suffers -3. 2. even matching multiple dice by adding their values together.Game Mechanics |9 sneak attack rolls suffer -1 to the result per stone of the weapon used. 2. and 1. The charge may be dodged using AGL. 1. Because the attacker is hidden. reducing the target’s Toughness to 0. 5. after social combat has been resolved and the encounter has ended. giving him a final result of 0. or may be countered with Might. and the target defends with his Sanity. A charging character must be within one move of his opponent. killing him with that one blow. though. He gets 6 and 6 for his armor. he may not use AGL. and any roll of 1. He must them make a second move action as a follow through. Unlike physical combat. instead using the highest of his VIT or PER. 4. 3. Charismatic Character Option: Some characters are unschooled. so he only uses the highest die (5) and discards the rest. any of the attacker’s dice that are unmatched are counted as successes. and he gets a +1 bonus to the Might die results. Also unlike physical combat. 0. His sneak attack deals three damage. The shame of losing face still lasts forever. sneak attacks.

In the worst cases. If the user aggressively pursues goals that are closely aligned with the spirit’s. The goals may be specific acts. when the user has acted in direct contradiction of the items desires. it will begin forming alliances with any nearby true magic items and cooperating to undermine him. For these groups. While this is. If the spirit’s goals have not been met. The item is not indifferent. Flaming swords will immolate while sheathed. unintelligent creatures will always attack until their Grit has been fully expended. Even greater than the loss of face to another character is the loss of face to an inanimate object. and will retreat quickly if their prey presents a decent threat. but rather a single use object. they could also have personalities. fog-weavers will suck precipitation towards the user when in a torrential downpour. These items have been crafted by necromancers as a vessel in which they can trap a tiny sliver of a departed spirit. consider the following option. indeed. it is not a true magic item. the targeting of an individual person. True magic items are rare in the post-apocalyptic world of the Godsfall. with which they may engage the owner or even other characters in social combat. Invoking the Spirit: To invoke the effect of a magical item. Assign each true magic item an EMI score and Civics skill. a manner of talking. The item will cause a -1 penalty to all die results involving the uncooperative item. If a user fails to act according to the true magic item’s wishes. magic. TRUE MAGIC ITEMS Some items contain within them a delayed effect spell. Then they will flee by the most expeditious means. a state of being. the item will act contrary to the user. Each magical item has a motivation as part of its stats. Uncooperative Magical Items: The fragmented spirits of the dead are fickle. . To reflect this. and it is this fragment that powers the magic item. a user must assuage its spirit. This fragment still possesses a small amount of sentience and will. It will also manifest its power at the most inconvenient times. that is represented by a failure to invoke a magical effect.10 | G a m e Mechanics Morale: Most combat against unintelligent creatures will not result in their total death. or any number of other things. the user may not attempt to manifest the item’s power. Rather. a favorite color. and auras of comfort will warm the character on hot days under a desert sun. omission of acts. Item Personality Option: Some play groups get more into the personal interaction of the characters than others. A creature that is denied a chance to escape will fight to the death. Because it is still prescient. that item will quickly become uncooperative. the spirit must be cooperative for the user to manifest its power. In addition to true magic items being obstinate spirits that require convincing in order to activate. the magical item will be cooperative. Predators prefer easy kills.

but the clearer mental image of the world may help players become more invested. some of these may no longer apply to the situation. Information may be revealed to players with proper skill checks. Yellow boxes contain additional information regarding that specific encounter. If you are using your own house rules. However.. Blue boxes contain additional information that will enrich player understanding of their environment. RULES These text boxes add information that can ease the burden of play by offering pointers. and advice about a situation that the group has just found itself in.g.G a m e M e c h a n i c s | 11 ENRICHMENTS The core text of the Starter Set adventures is meant to be as tightly written and streamlined in play as possible. You can ignore this. We suggest a difficulty of 6 for information that would be remote to a character’s background (e. with a difficulty dependant on their background. The information isn’t necessary for the adventures. For those players. and the encounter will still be a viable one. They were meant to be palette cleansers and quick one-off sessions. the yellow box will contain additional information that characters may reveal with successful Wildlands or similar skill checks. ENVIRONMENT These text boxes add information that can enrich your perception of environments your character is in. . down to 2+ for information that would likely be known (for example an Imperial Breaker’s knowledge of other Imperial military units). we have included text boxes with additional information. quick tips. often including information and description of a species. But if you choose to keep the encounter exactly as it is. an ogre warrior’s understanding of dragon burial rituals). or rewrite it entirely. even for these introductory type adventures. some play groups prefer deeper and more immersive settings. typically with additional back story about places or organizations. Green text boxes provide additional information and suggestions for running the encounter with the unaltered rule set. ENCOUNTER These text boxes add information that can enrich your perception of an encounter characters face. This information could be revealed to characters with appropriate history or similar skill checks.

DESCRIPTION Skryt rejects the traditional cobweb robes her kind normally wears. But druidic magic always evaded Skryt. 1 st. BACKGROUND The machandrian mastery of the elements is unmatched by any other race since the Godsfall. and will not be. may parry on any turn during which the staff was not. MOTIVATION More than anything. she embraces her horrific visage and allows every creature to see what she is. Her exoskeleton is a darker red-purple than others of her kind. granting Armor 1 SUMMARY Skryt is a hideous spidery thing who walks openly in the Wildlands. She grew up an utterly detested pariah in the Gloomwood and eventually left her kind. costs 1 Grit to use ACCOUTREMENTS Carapace Armor: [Armor 1.] Touch of Winter: [0 st. EMI 5+. rather than a racial trait. adds +1 to each result of any roll that would benefit from the presence of ice Guardian Staff: [Str 1. loves melee] crooked shepherd staff animated by a fragment of a famous duelist. Stamina 1 Militancy: Weaponry 2 Subtlety: Experience: Wildlands 3 Training: Power: - ABILITIES Exoskeleton: [Armor 1] Arachnoid: +2 Grace results involving balance. EMI 6+..SKRYT (her real name is unpronounceable) Machandrian Pariah (Fate: 3) ATTRIBUTES AGL 5 VIT 1 INT 3 DIS 2 PER 7 EMI 3 SKILLS Toughness 7+2 Grit 1 Knowledge 7 Foresight 2 Sanity 7 Willpower 3 Athletics: Grace 5. physical for 3 turns. 0 st. used to attack. Instead.. . and Might results to maintain footing and position Poison: [Str 1] Str 2 vs. Stamina results involving climbing. hates fires] thin silken glove animated by a fragment of an ancient elementalist‟s spirit. Skryt toils daily to demonstrate that to be good or evil is the personal choice of every individual.


half if straight up Iron Mantis Hurricane: [Mysticism 4+. He takes obsessive care of his sprouts and gets excited upon finding a new species that he may be able to transplant. BACKGROUND He spent his entire life as a monk tending the gardens in the hidden Temple of Heaven. but can be a furious hellion at need. Arasmas remains keen of sight and fleet of foot. 1 action] heal yourself for one point of any health by taking one point of damage to any other health ACCOUTREMENTS Elfish Staff: [Str 1. Recently. 1 action] run across water surface. He is calm and aloof and loves long and frequent naps. the Cloister sent him into the Wildlands to search for new plants with which to diversify their dwindling gardens.ARASMAS Elfish Monk of the Temple of Heaven (Fate: 1) ATTRIBUTES AGL 5 VIT 2 INT 3 DIS 4 PER 6 EMI 1 Toughness 6 Grit 2 Knowledge 6 Foresight 3 Sanity 6 Willpower 1 SKILLS Athletics: Grace 5. . DESCRIPTION Somewhat smaller and lighter built than even other tree-elves. MOTIVATION His goal is to obtain edible or medicinal plants without revealing the existence of the Temple. full turn action] make three attacks using one roll against a target‟s aspect of your choice Perfect Emptiness: [Mysticism 5+. up a wall. wandering tree-elf with a simple pack overflowing with sprouting herbs and flowering plants. or leap full move distance. His distant feline ancestry is especially pronounced in his face and long tail. 1 st] +1 AGL to attack with this as 3rd action Backpack: [1 st] mostly carefully packed sprouts SUMMARY Arasmas is a small. Stamina 2 Militancy: Weaponry 1 Subtlety: Experience: Gardening 1 Training: History 2 Power: Mysticism 3 MYSTIC MASTERIES Endless Cloud Walk: [Mysticism 3+.

Valkyrie Bounty Hunter (Fate: 7)

Toughness 2
Grit 2
Knowledge 5
Foresight 3
Sanity 7
Willpower 2

Athletics: Grace 2, Stamina 1, Might 1
Militancy: Weaponry 2, Warding 1
Subtlety: Stealth 1
Experience: Training: Power: Nethermancy 2, Necromancy (A) 1

Animate Elements: [Nethermancy 6+; 3 actions] animate elements, may
be sustained while awake and aware, nethermancy suffers -1 penalty per
elemental sustained. Earth elementals have VIT 6, water PER 6, air AGL 6,
and fire EMI 6 and unarmed strikes are flaming. All other traits are 1.
Astral Projection: [Nethermancy 6+, channeled action] leave body and
travel in incorporeal form; her body is capable of and vulnerable to
physical and mental effects, her incorporeal form to spiritual effects
Wraithsight: [Necromancy (A) 3+] gain bonus to PER results to detect a
target equal to the target‟s EMI. This is a passive mastery.
Short Spear: [Str 3, 1 st,]
Mithril Dueling Armor: [Armor 2, 1 st]
Khiri is an angelic woman who tracks and captures escaped shades.
Vaguely human but radiant in poise and presence, Khiri is obviously
not native. Like all Valkyries, she wears an iconic pearlescent feather cloak.
Khiri was sucked into the Rift as a child and has no memory of her
home. She grew up in the Wildlands under the tutelage of other Valkyries.
Khiri wants to earn her place as a hunter of escaped shades.
Ultimately, she wants to return to her native home in the heavens..

Much of her height comes from long. learning to live at one with the world around her. and Might results to maintain footing and position Poison: [Str 1] Str 2 vs. DESCRIPTION She is as tall as any man. She returns monthly to update her findings. physical for 3 turns. thin legs. patch of moss] +2 to Stealth skill Blizzard: [Arcane 3+. but tries to hide her wicked temper. . MOTIVATION She is piously scouting strongholds of technology in the Wildlands. cobweb] ignores armor. Stamina results involving climbing. Nemeton. 1 action. 1 action. target suffers -1 action per success ACCOUTREMENTS Spiderweb Clothing Staff: [Str 1. 3 wolf eyes SUMMARY Tyk is a robed spider-person that moves with unnatural quickness. ranged Spiderweb: [Arcane 2+. Her creepy spider web robes hide most of her body. The High Inquisitor recently sent her into the Wildlands on a secret mission. but quite spindly. 1 action.] Purse of Reagents: 8 patches of moss. and assertive. She is talkative. serious. costs 1 Grit to use ARCANE SPELLS Mosspad: [Arcane 4+. wolf eye] Strength 3 for 2 turns.TYK (her real name is unpronounceable) Machandrian Druid of the Society of the Leaf (Fate: 2) ATTRIBUTES AGL 7 VIT 1 INT 3 DIS 3 PER 5 EMI 2 SKILLS Toughness 7+1 Grit 1 Knowledge 5 Foresight 3 Sanity 5 Willpower 2 Athletics: Grace 7. 1 st. Stamina 1 Militancy: Subtlety: Experience: Streetwise 1. 5 cobwebs. BACKGROUND She grew up in the sacred druid city. Wildlands 2 Training: Arcane 3 Power: - ABILITIES Exoskeleton: [Armor 1] Arachnoid: +2 Grace results involving balance. deals no damage.


making dwarves nearly immune to mental attacks. 2 st] Throwing Hammer: [Str 2. mental attacks. He truly fears the ultimate death and extinction of his kind. DESCRIPTION As gruff and melancholic as any dwarf. Thrym grew up on the Sky Mountain. Warding 1 Subtlety: Legerdemain 1 Experience: Streetwise 1. ignores Armor] Thrym typically begins a fight by throwing this (range: 1 move) SUMMARY Thrym is one of the few dwarves left who still walks the earth. Stamina 2. He is short and thick. Might 2 Militancy: Weaponry 2. MOTIVATION Thrym desires nothing more than to find a possible home for his kin. +3 to Knowledge results vs. Their books are still susceptible to physical damage. BACKGROUND Born during the cataclysmic Godsfall. 1 st] Axe: [Str 2. Might 1+ to throw. per Knowledge to non-dwarves). ACCOUTREMENTS Armor [Armor 1. Wildlands 5 Training: Technology 1 Power: - ABILITIES Book of Memory: [weightless (1 st.THRYM Dwarfish Scout for the Sky Mountain (Fate: 1) ATTRIBUTES AGL 2 (1) VIT 4 INT 5 DIS 6 PER 3 EMI 1 Toughness 4+1 Grit 2 (1) Knowledge 6 Foresight 5 Sanity 3 Willpower 1 SKILLS Athletics: Grace 2 (1). Thrym has a proud heritage. and possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of the Wildlands. Thrym sometimes balances that with vigor in his search for a suitable location for the dwarves to settle.. physical attack results of 6 against a dwarf cause both mental and physical damage] This huge book records all thoughts and experiences as they happen. His own father helped design the Frame and install it over the Rift to seal it. but volunteered to return to the ground and help search for a new home for the dying dwarves. . 2 st. weathered and world-weary.


may only fly if her AGL is not reduced by encumbrance. She prefers the freedom to wander at will. Stamina 2 Militancy: Weaponry 2. mostly because she remains uninterested in any regime. but takes obsessive care of her wings. She has made a decent living as a courier and occasional storyteller. ornaments.] 20 arrows Backpack: [3 st. tinderbox. must rest for number of turns flown before flying again Songbird: [EMI 5+. 1 st. 1 st.SHRIKE Tengu Wildlands Courier and Storyteller (Fate: 3) ATTRIBUTES AGL 4 (3) VIT 2 INT 3 DIS 5 PER 4 EMI 3 SKILLS Toughness 4+2 Grit 2 Knowledge 5 Foresight 3 Sanity 4 Willpower 2 Athletics: Grace 4 (3). full turn action] +1 to next Storytelling roll per success ACCOUTREMENTS Leather Armor: [Armor 1. She wears aged. Her pack is filled with all manner of strange and foreign novelties from the Wildlands. worn. which she is somewhat vain about. DESCRIPTION She is perpetually cheerful.] Longsword: [Str 2. BACKGROUND Shrike has been wandering the Wildlands her entire life. 1 st. calligraphy set. she accepting harsh events with a feathered shrug. Wildlands 3 Training: Power: - ABILITIES Avian: may fly for VIT turns. . aged traveler gear. Warding 1 Subtlety: Experience: Storytelling 2.] Longbow: [Str 2. filthy gear of modest quality. She is on good terms with the headman of every settlement she has visited. basic tool kit. ranged] Quiver: [1 st.. myriad trinkets.] thick bedroll. and baubles from distant isolated settlements (most of which actually do have some purpose) SUMMARY Shrike is a gentle tengu content to simply wander the WIldlands. MOTIVATION She has never called any place home.


BACKGROUND T‟Luke. 1 st. whip. multilayered clothing. These additional dice only succeed on 6+. Stamina 2 Militancy: Subtlety: Legerdemain 6. . and his giggly. standoff] staff tipped with myriad colored streamers of satin and woven leather. like all krrryl in the Wildlands. never discusses his background. scatter-brained manner of speech helps obscure what is actually a geniuslevel intellect. but not necessarily a very good one. This is not an additional action. MOTIVATION He is primarily concerned with entertaining enough to earn a living. ACCOUTREMENTS Jester Costume: [weightless] motley outfit and cockscomb replete with jingle bells and flowing sashes.T‟LUKE Krrrylian Jester of the Carnival of Fools (Fate: 3) ATTRIBUTES AGL 6 VIT 2 INT 6 DIS 3 PER 3 EMI 1 Toughness 6 Grit 2 Knowledge 6 Foresight 3 Sanity 3 Willpower 1 SKILLS Athletics: Grace 6. He is never seen without his makeup and costume. Failing that. such as shows involving stage magic and parlor tricks. Stealth 1 Experience: Entertain 2 Training: Power: ADEPTNESS Grace Adeptness: add Grace to skill attempts involving precise movement. He often skips about rather than walking. Entertaining is a living. These additional dice succeed on 6+.] mock scepter tipped with a puppet head of a jester SUMMARY T‟Luke is a nomadic jester who performs shows for food and lodging. Legerdemain Adeptness: add Legerdemain to all other skill attempts that would benefit from trickery and distraction. 1 st. This is not an additional action. he can often steal what is not given to him. his race is not obvious. such as nimble melee attacks and entertainment with acrobatics and dance. or gymnastic ribbon Bauble: [Str 1. DESCRIPTION Covered from head to toe in motley. +1 to results of all Entertain attempts Maypole: [Str 1. and sneak attacks. may be used as a staff.


Stamina 2 Militancy: Subtlety: Sabotage 1. he keeps his necromancy a secret. creepy relics SUMMARY Mukor is a thin. He has already discovered many sites. . Stealth 1 Experience: Streetwise 1. battlefields. razor teeth. MOTIVATION Knowing others are horrified by his ways. Moody and melancholic. The Bishop sent him into the Wildlands to locate new barrows. swim at full speed MYSTIC MASTERIES Animate Corpse: [Nethermancy 6+. he gets morbidly excited when he finds a gravesite. burial mounds. and speaking in guttural whispers. ACCOUTREMENTS Haversack: [1 st] maps of burial sites.MUKOR MANY-FINGERS Merman Necromancer of the Banshee Bog (Fate: 5) ATTRIBUTES AGL 3 VIT 2 INT 5 DIS 5 PER 1 EMI 5 Toughness 3 Grit 2 Knowledge 5 Foresight 5 Sanity 5 Willpower 1 SKILLS Athletics: Grace 3. may maintain control of animated corpse freely on subsequent turns. and twitching fins give him an unsettling visage. but his Nethermancy skill suffers -1 per corpse animated as he splits his spirit. DESCRIPTION Mukor seems more dead fish than living being: pale scaled. and graveyards with fresh corpses to collect. Long claws. BACKGROUND He grew up studying the mausoleums of ancient fallen kingdoms. slimy merman who broods over his bone collection. Wildlands 2 Training: Power: Nethermancy 5 ABILITIES Teeth & Claws: [Str 1] Amphibious: hold breath indefinitely. 2 actions] animate a corpse with all stats 1 by splitting off sliver of consciousness and inhabiting a dead body. but is always interested in finding more to add to his maps. gaunt faced. weird talismans.


CHORSLAD Elfish Black Dragon Pirate (Fate: 1) ATTRIBUTES AGL 5 VIT 3 INT 2 DIS 6 PER 4 EMI 1 Toughness 5 Grit 3 Knowledge 6 Foresight 2 Sanity 4 Willpower 1 SKILLS Athletics: Grace 5. this armor marks the wearer as a member of the Black Dragon Pirates SUMMARY Chorslad is an elf pirate trying to make his way back to his fleet. 1 st] rare and unusually effective.spent many years with the Black Dragon Pirates. BACKGROUND Chorslad. MOTIVATION He desires nothing in the world more than to return to his fleet and his piratical ways. Dominated animals cannot normally be convinced to engage in self-destructive behavior. . but he doesn‟t feel as competent at anything as he does with sailing. but are otherwise cooperative. He was captured in a failed raid and imprisoned in Emperor‟s Stand. and strength with an uncanny affinity for animals. 1 action] may engage a mammal in social combat to convince it to do his bidding for a number of turns equal to his highest Civics result. Stamina 3 Militancy: Weaponry 2. Elfish by ancestry. he relentlessly pursues anything that he decides is his prey. Sailing 2 Training: Power: Animism 1 ANIMISM MASTERIES Wild Dominion: [Animism 3+. There might be other jobs that he could do in the meantime. Warding 2 Subtlety: Experience: Civics 1. He has recently finished serving his sentence for thievery and been released. quickness. ACCOUTREMENTS Sword [Str 3. DESCRIPTION Years with the Black Dragon Pirates have shaped and molded Chorslad into an aggressive. sailing the Southern Seas in black frigates animated by the spirits of dragons. 2 st] Sea Serpent Scale Armor: [Armor 2. bronze-skinned warrior who combines experience.


-1 to weaponry die results if thrown) SUMMARY Gronk is an aging ogre soldier with a bandolier of throwing swords.GRONK Free-born Ogrish Imperial Breaker (Fate: 1) ATTRIBUTES AGL 4 (1) VIT 6 INT 3 DIS 6 PER 1 EMI 1 Toughness 6 Grit 4 (1) Knowledge 6 Foresight 3 Sanity 1 Willpower1 SKILLS Athletics: Grace 4 (1). 0 st. shaggy manes. he spends his free time in the Wildlands. the only free-born ogre tribe in the world. Most ogres became laborers. Stealth 1 Experience: Wildlands 1 Training: Power: - ACCOUTREMENTS Potion of Health: [Arcane 2+. Like other ogres. level 4. His freeborn origin is obvious. while freeborns are hairless. Warding 3 Subtlety: Sabotage 1. His tribe was freed from enslavement by the Empire. . 4 st.} 7x Ogrish Greatsword: [Str 3 (5 to hit). following rumors of slave-born ogre tribes to free. Stamina 2. Slave-borns have long. ready to explode into violent action at any moment. Might 4 Militancy: Weaponry 3. Gronk joined the elite Breakers. thickly built. He knows that revolutions make enemies. 2 st. MOTIVATION Nearing the end of his 14-year term of service.. they swore an eternal blood-debt. Might 1+ to use] he is fond of throwing these (range: 1 move.] heals 1 point of health of choice per success rolled Ogrish Breaker Armor: [Armor 2 (3 to defend). so he keeps his goals a secret. BACKGROUND He is a member of the Plainswalkers. DESCRIPTION Gronk looks every bit an ogre: freakishly tall. an all-ogre commando famous for raging tempers and breaking defensive fortifications. As payment for Imperial blood spilled in freeing them. he has a boiling temper that is barely held in check. for reasons nobody has discovered yet.


Like most of his kin. Malak is tall (almost freakishly so). The Everstorm is treacherous.. Stamina 1 Militancy: Weaponry 1 Subtlety: Experience: Herbalism 3. and languid (very freakishly so). until the Godsfall. The divine presence of the Sleeping God had crept into that mountainous region and reduced it to a chaotic nightmare of deadly storms. though it was simply a desert for most of his life. Leechcraft 6 Power: - ADEPTNESS Leechcraft Adeptness: add Leechcraft to all other skill attempts that would benefit from medical knowledge. . MOTIVATION Malak is looking for a suitable place to live.. These additional dice only succeed on 6+. but he is still considering returning to the beautiful desolation of his desert homeland. such as a precise melee attack. range 1 move when thrown] Desert Robes: [weightless] +1 free Grit per turn to resist the adverse effects of a desert environment SUMMARY Malak is an elfish apothecary who has fled the violent Everstorm. BACKGROUND Beyond the Godsrest crater is the violent desert region known as the Everstorm. DESCRIPTION Like all sand-elves. This is not an additional action. But he is certainly not accustomed to the abundance of life. 1 st. thin (freakishly so). Wildlands 1 Training: Alchemy 3. he recently abandoned the Everstorm in search of a safer place to call home.MALAK Sand-Elf Apothecary of the Everstorm (Fate: 3) ATTRIBUTES AGL 2 VIT 1 INT 7 DIS 7 PER 1 EMI 3 Toughness 2 Grit 1 Knowledge 7 Foresight 7 Sanity 3 Willpower 1 SKILLS Athletics: Grace 2. ACCOUTREMENTS Javelin: [Str 1(3 to hit). he is accustomed to preserving energy at all cost. but he feels crowded in the Wildlands. This is where Malak was born and raised. Raised in a desert. for food is anything but abundant. The Wildlands certainly have more predictable and survivable weather patterns.


Dorian has led a cerebral life. Like all his peers.] dozens of maps of the Wildlands. he served as a page. but talkative if relaxed. . Wildlands 1 Training: Technology 4 Power: - ACCOUTREMENTS Elfish Clothing Orcish Axe: [Str 2. MOTIVATION He secretly scouts the Wildlands for rumors or signs of First Ones ruins. 2 st. several books on First Ones ruins.] target suffers -1 action on his next turn per success Archaeotech Surveyor: [Technology 5+. like all orcs. Str 3. He is uncomfortable in crowds. and he knows it. His eyes are bright and bespeak a cunning mind. unidentified First Ones artifact. squire.DORIAN Orcish Knight of the Academy of Science (Fate: 1) ATTRIBUTES AGL 2 (1) VIT 3 INT 6 DIS 5 PER 4 EMI 1 Toughness 4 Grit 2(1) Knowledge 6 Foresight 5 Sanity 4 Willpower 1 SKILLS Athletics: Grace 2 (1). He‟ll never be a circus acrobat. Stamina 3 Militancy: Weaponry 2 Subtlety: Sabotage 1 Experience: Civics 3. mundane gear SUMMARY Dorian is a technologist who is secretly mapping the Wildlands. DESCRIPTION Thought tall and thickly furred. He has yet to find a suitable ruin for his first dig. BACKGROUND Dorian was born into the Academy of Science.] draws a basic map of the surroundings out to 1 mile in 3 turns Backpack: [2 st. 1 st] defender Armor is -1 against this weapon Archaeotech Shockrod: [Technology 6+. He surprises most with his exquisite hygiene and refined speech. 1 st. and yeoman for years before earning the right to lead expeditions. He dogmatically believes that only members of the Academy are enlightened enough to be trusted with archaeotech and fully subscribes to the belief that common folk should never be allowed to use archaeotech.


They have been summoned by a senior member of the Mercenary Guild. He has an almost avian look about prospective employer & learn about the job . dozens of devilish otherdimensional entities flooded through the Rift and rampaged across the Wildlands. That creature hunted humans nearly to extinction. the fortress built on the ruins of a pre-Godsfall city. I’ve a matter of some urgency and can no longer rely on the good graces of the Emperor to see it tended to. but our caravans have come under attack. One such demon marauder ravaged the ruins of an old city that had crumbled in the Godsfall. My name is Handler. HANDLER . The last living knight rallied humankind and took a stand in those ruins. A curious man flings the tent flaps aside and strides purposefully to the head of the table where they are seated. The Guild has been testing a secret new route to the Westmill farms over the Eagle Rock pass. The man is old in an elfish sort of way. “Thank you for coming. The demon’s inert body was placed on a tall stand to commemorate the saving of mankind. and the city of Emperor’s Stand was founded The characters have gathered in a tent on the outskirts of Emperor’s Stand.” . He defeated the demonic thing in personal combat. the brave knight became the Emperor. He sweeps his magnificent cloak aside and sits.36 | T h e THIEVES of EAGLE ROCK I. When a Guild board member needs the characters’ help. but his features are sharper and his build lighter.decide how the group will attempt to solve the problem EMPEROR’S STAND In the aftermath of the Godsfall. it is sure to result in a decent wage.

sometimes called the Snake. is how he makes the trip to the THUNDER RIDERS Westmill farmlands faster than other caravans. Handler’s mastery of that winding road over the haunted Eagle Rock pass. working for him. for obvious reasons. the rough wealth to maintain a twisty road that leads up and over the standing army. Though certainly capable guards and the city watch. charity. and loved in the Empire for Emperor and his ideals is a consistently tithing 10% of profits to forgone conclusion. the Mercenary But the caravans have recently come Guild has a monopoly on under attack again. “The oddest part of the puzzle is I’ve heard rumor the cavalry was relieved by the Thunder Riders before the attacks began anew. I will pay the sum of 90 silver loaves for the discreet finding and capturing or killing of these thieves. The Emperor immediately dispatched a The GUILD platoon of light cavalry from the City The Empire lacks the Watch to patrol the Snake. The merchants. The elite Thunder Riders are a fierce heavy cavalry his caravans will be forced to take the of crusading warriors who Twilight Road south around the have tamed and trained Dragonleap Range like the other rhinos as mounts. His caravans crossed and Breaker infantry are full-time soldiers. a standard day’s wages is two. and the Guild and the war to their liking to help run. He remains humble. That seemed to have taken care Thunder Rider cavalry of the problem. he informed the Emperor. The Guild then contracts these to the Imperial Army Handler has much business to tend to.T h e T H I E V E S o f E A G L E R O C K | 37 Handler goes on to explain how. So. and he cannot wilderness scouts. He is also famous for securing the Wildlands south of the Emperor’s . He would rather contract a third party to take care of this pedestrian matter for him so that he can tend to matters that cannot be addressed by others. If unable to make the pass. To fill unharmed for many weeks after that. of investigating this matter on his own. he founded the Empire in but players shouldn’t feel bad about the ruins of the old city. the gap. Emperor himself was the last of their company when Handler is fabulously wealthy. Their devoted loyalty to the industrious. caravan imagine why. Only the pass. when a caravan was slaughtered expertly. I am reluctant to take this to the Emperor. in times of war … if the with other caravans to coordinate. Emperor is in their favor guards to hire and train.” Ninety loaves is a decent sum.

Handler will also Still. and/or one bonus Foresight if the negotiator comes up with a reasonable cause for higher pay. one coin can be SUPPLIES: Handler provides a turned in to the Treasury crude map that gives little detail about in exchange for grain from the Snake. and will attack with Civics 3 versus the so much of it is overgrown. character’s Sanity. and funding construction on a chain of inns. it against the character’s Civics skill. human nations. the Godsfall. and hasn’t been cared for. but you may choose to grant one bonus Willpower for this encounter if the negotiating character can come up with a compelling reason for Handler to hire this specific group. NEGOTIATING: If the players want to negotiate with Handler for a WESTMILL FARMS higher fee and you would like to play it out as social combat. there is more produce to be had on these plains make full use of his Willpower and than in all of the other Foresight in this encounter. On the grain standard. Granary. after lands in the Empire all. He is. . By the end of the fifth day they should be down in the foothills just above the Westmill prairie and will be able to see the expansive farms before them. They will arrive at the pass on the third day.38 | T h e THIEVES of EAGLE ROCK Stand. each an The SILVER LOAF easy day’s march away from each other along the road. Rock. inexperienced in negotiating fees. a wise old merchant lord and not combined. stretching to the distant horizon. On the second day they will made having this currency cross a river and climb above the tree standard possible. he is keen on maintaining his the Royal Granary enough trade secrets. building the Twilight Road to the Westmill farmlands. The map indicates they for one loaf of bread will pass through the northern edge of a Handler’s securing of the forest and enter the mountains on the Twilight Road to Westmill first day. after which they will drop back down into the tree line. Though Handler will defend with his Sanity 6 the land is still fertile. review the rules for Before the Godsfall. the social combat and find out which Westmill farms supported a huge portion of the nearby character is going to do the talking. The characters will have little leverage. He also sits on the board The standard of currency within the Empire and in of directors for the Guild and can get the nearby settlements is the characters regular work if they impress Imperial loaf. which line and into the snowy peaks of Eagle likely saved the Empire. Minted after him in this endeavor. this silver coin TIME TABLE: Handler is keen is secured by the Royal to get thing started as soon as possible.

to thieves. When other so many enemies that another few won’t caravans began making the same trip. ignoring any pitiful cry for mercy. conditioned the spiders to ignore the Handler led expedition caravans by hanging wind chimes and after expedition south from the city. and offer them smoked fish to take with them for their midday meal. Most players will choose to do this. draconian food rationing enacted by the Emperor as part of his attempts to secure trade. and then sneak attack with general travel. After manner of marauding all. funded the construction of PREPARING: Handler won’t be a network of inns along resistant to paying a portion of the fee up the trail. He and the GM asked for full stats for made this trip dozens of times. Handler has from the Westmill farms. he crossed through the ATTACK: If the players are goothills and turned north dumb enough to engage Handler in battle for an equal number of (don’t laugh. A small fire crackles through the night to keep them warm. He will throw a became safe enough for smokeseed. The dailu caravans that now will squander the money and ask for follow his route have more. Upon waking. The TWILIGHT ROAD ACCOMPANIED: If the players The Dragonleap Mountains request to accompany the next caravan. . this man tamed the Wildlands and monsters before the route built the Twilight Road. Handler matter to him.T h e T H I E V E S o f E A G L E R O C K | 39 SOLO: If the players decide to investigate the disappearances on their own. He will short work of to create a road. in which the front partly because he owns half the caravans could rest and shops in town. Bloodwood. He’s killed out a trail. this happened in a playtest days to reach the farms. Caravan crews are the very edge of the Dragonleap range. separate Emperor’s Stand skip the spider encounter. and cheese. they find he is a deadly predatory wildlife and all opponent with no fear of combat. Emperor’s Stand suffers from the defined road. OVERNIGHT: The group is invited to sleep on straw pallets on the floor or in a loft. he’ll finish it. Handler will feed them a hearty breakfast of rye bread. ale. There is little available for purchase anywhere in the city. his them. blue lanterns on the wagons and past the haunted. constant travel stamped They started it. besides fundamental necessities. play the adventure as it is written. past the naked Such a pedestrian trick hasn’t worked on peak of Bald Mountain. Though he did not originally intend his dazzleblade. Though it is the capital of the trampled out a wellEmpire. slaying bandits and Handler). many days travel. Then uninteresting commoners with all stats 2. There is no chance they restock their supplies. leafless slaughtering creatures that approach. though.

] Archaeotech Elixir: [Technology 4+. Str 1. lasts 1 turn Shatterstone 3x: [Arcane 3+. Wildlands 3 Training: Leechcraft 1. Technology 2 Power: - ACCOUTREMENTS Archaeotech Dazzleblade: [Technology 3+. 0 st. that wouldn‟t hurt. 0 st.] short range. . well. Str 2. and his eyes are large and glow in dim light. Str 2(5). 0 st. BACKGROUND Handler famously tamed the wilderness around the Dragonleap range and pioneered the Twilight Road from the Westmill farmlands to Emperor‟s Stand during the Long Winter.] Razorleaf 5x: [Arcane 3+. DESCRIPTION Handler is krrrylian. Stamina 4 Militancy: Weaponry 2 Subtlety: Sabotage 1. his tail was not docked at birth.. His ears are larger and more pointed like than elves. level 2. level 2. level 3. 0 st.] creates cloud of smoke 3 moves in diameter. a rare race distantly related to the feline elves. weightless] short range Skeleton Key: [Arcane 5+. 0 st. Stealth 1 Experience: Civics 3. defender suffers -1 to Toughness results SUMMARY Handler is the richest and most influential being in Emperor‟s Stand.] hold breath indefinitely Elfish Mithril Dueling Armor: [Armor 3. He has a reputation for firm but patient negotiations and generous charity within the Empire. 1 st. 0 st. And if he happens to get filthy rich along the way. and for being a deadly and utterly merciless combatant outside it. 1 action] heal 1 Toughness Archaeotech Wheezer: [Technology 5+.HANDLER. +3 to Stealth skill for anyone inside the cloud.] open any lock Smokeseed 2x: [Arcane 5+. level 1. MOTIVATION Handler truly wants to see the races of men flourish once again. Unlike most of his kind. HERO of the EMPIRE Krrrylian Co-director of the Mercenary Guild (Fate: 15) ATTRIBUTES AGL 5 VIT 4 INT 6 DIS 7 PER 6 EMI 4 Toughness 6 Grit 4 Knowledge 7 Foresight 6 Sanity 6 Willpower 4 SKILLS Athletics: Grace 5.


have been poisoned. Anyone succeeding evolved. and is even enough for the wagons to traverse one at a time. and in any order. Any character Machandrians are one new type. but doesn’t the machandrian spiderbother them. It doesn’t appear to There are many types of spiders in the Wildlands. There is no spider in the web. but the truly massive web spans the entire clearing and looks big enough to trap a deer. and sentient spiders have SPIDERS. target. the Dragonleap If the group attacks. The narrow path provides certain footing. society in the Dragonleap They make a frantic rush for the juiciest range. new struggling to free itself. and is But since the Godsfall.42 | T h e THIEVES of EAGLE ROCK II. They are arrives on the following turn in search of exceedingly fast and a potential meal. SPIDERWEB. The DRAGONLEAP SPIDERS . They live in the succeeding at PER 5+ notices the dark dismal murky Gloomwood outlines of giant spider webs dotted with beneath the woven branchsilk-wrapped prey overhead and hears a roads of the ancient elvish skittering tap-tap-tap. they find a spider the size of Another type is the giant a large dog eating a webbed deer.traverse the spider-controlled Eagle Rock wilderness The low trees of the foothills give way to taller. With a sizzling they have discarded their hiss. one spider spiders are larger than per character hears the ruckus and other spiders but have the same physiology. Once highly territorial. people. but their bodies ambushing from the giant webs high in are poorly equipped to the trees. at PER 4+ hears a creature hungrily slurping at a fresh kill. In fact. . Unlike clearly not scared of them. webs are not surprised. the spiders leap down. Their trapsolitary nature and have like mandibles twitch hungrily. the woods. yet. there appears to be SPIDERS an eagle caught in it. If they investigate Kingdom of Skies. labored wheezes.follow the Snake out of Emperor‟s Stand to the west . They attack by twitchy. thicker trees as the caravan winds through towards the pass. and their begun establishing a breath comes in loud. It is Dragonleap spider. still clutching a rabbit in its talons. The party sees a huge spider web stretched between two trees. The following encounters may occur on day 2 in any combination. The weather grows noticeably colder and the trees darker. Characters who noticed those handle the gigantism. The taller peaks ahead are like a forest of frosted spears stabbing straight into the heavens.

recover a secondary effects. Arasmas may difficulty of 1. deals no damage. For example. break during which they can bind To reflect this. target suffers -1 action per success. Down in the valley below Bald Mountain. From this high up. The Twilight Road is an unmistakable streak that disappears to the south. right up to the edge of the Twilight Road. If the characters kill or escape The skills in The Godsfall from the spiders. sometimes a wounds. The impossible spire of Bald Mountain rises up into the clouds if they follow the Dragonleap ridgeline. VIEW. 2. the haunted Bloodwood spills out to the east. attempt at a higher CAIRNS. . and 6. and rocks removed from difficulties of 4. this is a secondary effect. or 3 may also treat the wounded. so that only wounded character. 5. stones are obviously not natural. These piles of Leechcraft. Note that this is different from Adeptness. including knocked over. the view of the entire valley is spectacular. the difficulty is may attempt one Leechcraft 3+ per increased accordingly. He may Gardeners may have knowledge of medicinal attempt one Gardening 6+ skill check herbs. so it is reasonable to per wounded character. typically +3. target may free himself by spending 1 action for each of his failures to remove the sticky webbing Any character succumbing to poison is dragged into the canopy webs SECONDARY EFFECT and wrapped up for a later feast. The flame goes out if the pile is manner. wipe the thick gobs of spider skill may be attempted for gore from their weapons. Hard bends are difficulty in place of marked by tall cairns. Malak these cases. He is able to allow a Gardening skill heal one Toughness per success. the cairn don’t glow independently of it. In the in which a character evening gloom the characters notice always has the opportunity that they glow with a flickering blue to use a skill in a broader flame. they may take a quick RPG are intended to be very broad and inclusive.T h e T H I E V E S o f E A G L E R O C K | 43 GIANT DRAGONLEAP SPIDERS ATTRIBUTES AGL 7 VIT 3 PER 4 Toughness 7 Grit 3 Sanity 4 ABILITIES Venomous Bite: [Str 1] Strength 2 physical poison for 6 turns Entangle: [Str 3] ignores armor. He may heal one secondary effects with a Toughness per success. and catch their breath. though for him be attempted. In arrows.

the group can just make out the Imperial Army encamped at the edge of the Raging River. Their scales range from deep red to copper to dark rusty brown. the Dragonleap range turns east and stretches to the horizon. Many believe they have passed into legend. Dragons are very solitary creatures. BRIDGE. appearing no larger than a thumbnail. The dragon flies off to the west and disappears into the distance.44 | T h e THIEVES of EAGLE ROCK DRAGONS Dragons are the largest and most feared predator in the world. So this may be taken as a good omen … or perhaps a bad one. This river feeds the moat around Emperor’s Stand. Khiri automatically notices it as a brilliantly glowing creature. To the east. which grows only in these mountain forests. anyone succeeding at PER 6+ notices the unmistakable silhouette of a dragon far overhead. Few people have ever seen a dragon. These massive reptiles grow to be the size of the largest draft horses. they have extremely high body temperatures. In truth. and the older a dragon gets the longer the scales grow. Dragons do little to correct this belief. just barely at the edge of sight. Dragons are heavily scaled. There may be something living beneath the bridge that calms the water. and each one rules over an area of nearly 100 leagues square. It is much farther than any weapon can reach. Around the bridge the water is gentle and calm. Nor has anybody witnessed the natural death of a dragon. Perhaps . Their necks are short and ripple with thick muscles. and downhill it careens over a cliff and crashes thunderously far below. WINTERBERRIES. where the Sleeping God slid to a stop and waits to be awakened. To the north. A character succeeding at Gardening 4+ finds a brilliantly colored mountain winterberry bush. The rapids feeding it are powerful enough to crush an ogre. Somewhere in those mountains is the Godsrest. and so can then breath out scalding hot air that can blister and split another animal’s skin. It has exceptionally flavored berries that are ripe to pick. DRAGON. and then depart the world as adults.dragons.years. Enormous bat-like wings give them a limited ability to fly. with thick bodies and four massive clawed legs. and on the other side. Legends say that dragons breathe fire. There may be runes carved into the bridge legs to preserve it. It may be calmed by any number of things. past Emperor’s Stand. so that the oldest dragons have skin that more resembles a coat of spikes. They seem to appear as fully grown adults. the Kingdom of Skies and Gloomwood. They reach the crude bridge arching over the Dragonleap River. Climbing up the Snake. Nobody has ever seen a dragon nest or witnessed a dragon born. The water flowing under the bridge seems to slow to a crawl. and their sinuous tails make up over half of their total length. live for hundreds of .

T h e T H I E V E S o f E A G L E R O C K | 45 you have your own reason. .

It is unheard of for vassals to come to court empty handed.” TREASURE. More subjects ta pay tri … tribune … tri-tribule … trib … ta pay „omage ta da king! „Ave ya brought some‟ing juicy ta eat? Larder‟s a bit low. A troll has claimed a known to possess amazing healing. lie strewn far to the north. Even kings can be shamed into submission. wit‟ winter comin‟. MORT the TROLL KING . they tend to be aggressive. Let those players discover for themselves that he really isn’t a king. He wears a circlet of twisted with the Troll-King of the Eagle Rock Wilderness . Power-players may attack or try to trick him out of his kingly treasure. branches. the self-styled Troll King of society where wounds Eagle Rock. probably from the tree in his lap. sitting on a crude throne of aren’t a concern. and how to treat him Water cascades from high up in the mountains. I do „pologize for dat. He is a vigor. but twisted roots still curl from its head. The trees are thinning TROLLS and snow is thicker on the mountains. they stupidity. and even more dangerous If they explore the cave. dangerous curiosity. He cradles it as if it’s an object of great power and importance. consider granting 1 bonus die to a negotiating character who comes up with a particularly witty or embarrassing turn of phrase. That’s fine. If they don’t offer him tribute (for example. unusual physical cave hidden by the waterfall. and the pile of rocks his lofty throne. its trunk smoothed of questions later. TRIBUTE. He holds a small fists first and asking tree in his lap. nearly (but not totally) mindless beast.choose whether to befriend the troll. “„Ello „ello „ello. Mort imagines itself to be the king of this desolate cavern. If your group wants a more interactive experience. and that the only treasures to be had are filth-encrusted skeletons. .46 | T h e THIEVES of EAGLE ROCK III. Growing up in a meet Mort. Mort is distressed. Gnawed corpses. from mountainous regions mostly just skeletal remains. They are about the shores. He’s also embarrassed that he can’t entertain them in a manner expected of SOCIAL COMBAT Social combat can be as simple as rolling the dice. freshly picked winterberries). swinging piled rocks and bones. Trolls are a primitive and The party passes a pool at the base of a simple race of huge men half-frozen falls.

T h e T H I E V E S o f E A G L E R O C K | 47 a king. .

nor would he understand the significance if he were told. made a lucky choice for his home: the haunted pass in the Eagle Rock wilderness.] These are actually curtains. it opened a gaping crack.MORT Troll King of the Eagle Rock Wilderness ATTRIBUTES AGL 4 VIT 7 INT1 DIS 1 PER 5 EMI 2 Toughness 7+1 Grit 4 Knowledge 5 Foresight 1 Sanity 5 Willpower 2 SKILLS Athletics: Grace 4. Many of his kin were hunted down by mobs with torches and pitchforks. SUMMARY Mort is a troll who fancies himself the King of Eagle Rock. MOTIVATION He imagines he is the king of this wilderness. That his vassals are drooling stinky animals never occurs to his feeble mind. but don‟t tell Mort that. DESCRIPTION Mort is small for a troll. but is still larger than the biggest ogre. and patchwork armor made of spider parts. and nose indicative of his mountain heritage. For shame. . 6 st. Mort knows it‟s a crown. eyes. Might 5 Militancy: Weaponry 1 Subtlety: Experience: Training: Power: - ABILITIES Regeneration: heal 1 Toughness per round Scaly Skin: [Armor 1] ACCOUTREMENTS Royal Crown: Simpler minded folks may mistake this for a crude wreath of pine branches. His clothing is an eclectic mixture of silken finery that looks suspiciously like curtains. The howling creatures obliterated his tribe and the survivors scattered. releasing hordes of cackling things from some nether realm. He has a thick scaly hide and the huge ears. Royal Scepter: [Str 1 (6). a scepter. BACKGROUND When a piece of the sky fell to the ground near Mort‟s ancestral home.] A tree. though. He only knows that mobs leave him alone. Mort. He doesn‟t know it‟s haunted. What‟s in a name? Royal Garb: [1 st. Stamina 3.


It is obvious to anyone watching that Mort is quite experienced in skinning. “Dis „ere makes da web. He’s says so as he leads POISON along the goat trails in the thick forest gloom. though not the attack that delivers it. . Concentration. “Been a while since I „ad me a decent quiche.” He has no fear of the spiders and hunts them regularly.” REFUSAL. Mort is confused. Characters who are poisoned multiple times suffer the cumulative effects of all of the poisons. INFORMATION. eh? Nut‟n‟ like a fresh crunchy spider leg kabob „ot off the fire ta warm da innards. Don‟ s‟pose ya got any cream or cheese?” If the characters fought the spiders. Poisons work similarly to a weak attack.50 | T h e THIEVES of EAGLE ROCK Mort then gets a grand idea. “S‟pose we could go ta da Kingswood an‟ „unt for dinner. Truly creative and forward-minded players will ask about the goings on in the pass. He takes damage accordingly and then rotates the poison counter die to indicate one less turn of poison. gutting. We prefer green. At the beginning of the poisoner's turn following the turn in which he delivered the poison. Though the troll doesn’t seem to know much about what goes on further up The Snake. Legs‟re good eats. They are his primary source of food. Rather than simply inflicting physical damage. Miss dose. No good ta eat. they are an ongoing effect for a number of turns. Who visits a king and refuses the honor of hunting with him … in his own forest! What a bunch of strange visitors. the poisoned character rolls a number of dice for the strength of the poison along with the appropriate health. but they have unique effects. he does have a few morsels of information to offer. and Auspice are useless against poison. light an‟ fluffy. He will quickly bid them good day and hurry them out. „specially wit‟ a bit o‟ venom ta spice „em up. Mort is thrilled at the huge feast waiting for him. He carefully ties the legs into bundles with leather strings and happily carries them back to his throne room. Armor. not wishing to waste any more time on a bunch of clearly unschooled riff-raff with no understanding of royal etiquette. but Fleshcrafter Slissik pays good gold for „em. The easiest way to keep track of poison damage is to set a uniquely colored die in front of the poisoned character. He cheerfully suggests that they go back down The Snake to “his” forest and hunt for dinner. and harvesting spider parts. If the characters don’t attack and refuse his offer of hunting together. He will offer these up freely if they have been friendly. I always say. but he’d give anything for a chunk of cheese and some cream.

as if frozen in animator. they find that the caravan has been picked over. Shadespeaking is a the narrows and burns noses and ears. There is no chance that Mort was involved. One stumble could characters have the actual send someone sliding down a slope and ability to speak with the off a cliff edge. It will do the caravan no good to be protected by overly jumpy guards. If they traveled with a life via Nethermancy are caravan. but I stopped this immediately. if they didn’t figure it out before.. Some of the older guards began circulating stories to the younger recruits about banshees.” IV. there is nothing untoward here. I have assured them no other source of the roar has been found but the strength of the wind echoing off the mountains. At the highest point. Nothing can be learned wagons jut up from the icy ground like from these corpses. Don‟t sound like da friendliest o‟ places. Dose calva … ca-carv … crav … dose „orsemen wot came from da city went dere. . Skeletal arms reach is actually questioning the up from beneath the snow. as giant ribs. difficult mastery to learn. The characters may be interested in a note about the lanterns and chimes. which have long come from this haunted pass.investigate the wreckage of the last caravan . Reading it reveals that the trip was going well. but I’m not certain they believe me. The wind howls through dead. the drivers point it out. Why the robbers left it behind is anybody’s guess. The shattered remains of the something like a puppet.T h e T H I E V E S o f E A G L E R O C K | 51 “Da pass? I don‟ go up dat way. Tall frosty mountains rise high to NETHERMANCY each side. The EAGLE ROCK PASS . control the corpse.survive the encounter with the Thieves of Eagle Rock The caravan climbs above the tree line and into the rocky peaks of the pass. and what their food stores were at the end of each meal. The Snake is most Remember that none of the treacherous here. mid resurrection. But I „ear roars an‟ terrible „owls comin‟ from up dere. “Besides the ghostly howls. Deep in the snow under a wagon is the caravan journal. Long shards of crystalline ice anyone who questions them dangle from the tips. clearly the work of something intelligent. If they only splitting their own are alone. Upon investigation. the character with the highest spirit and using it to PER notices it. „Aven‟t „eard anyt‟ing o‟ dem since dey passed t‟rough my kingdom.” There are daily notes of who took which watch. they find the remains Those characters with the ability to raise a corpse to of a caravan.

ATTACK. then they attack without warning. Our wagons are now afforded plenty of space. as well as any other character that specifically examines the bones for weapon marks or makes a PER 6+ check. NOTE: these are from the sawtooth edges of the Shark’ Teeth blades. If the group traveled with a caravan. done with it. though it isn’t a howling or roaring such as they have heard before. One more trip like this. Mukor notices. The horses are still spooked by the spiders’ scent. I can only conclude that those horrid spiders have begun to associate the blue lanterns and whistling chimes with danger. and they are eager to be the Westmill farms from Emperor’s Stand. and the more superstitious folks say it is the call of the eagle spirit that jealously guards the frozen pass. Shrike and T’Luke could take this opportunity to entertain the caravan and raise their spirits. the character hears noises surrounding the camp. if he rolls a lower PER check than the assassins roll for Stealth. . “The lanterns and wind chimes have worked splendidly. most people just think it's the whistling of the high moutain winds screeching through the jagged mountains that were reshaped by the Godsfall.52 | T h e THIEVES of EAGLE ROCK EAGLE ROCK PASS Eagle Rock is named after a huge.” Other than that. There have been no attacks. However. monolithic outcropping that. with the side trips and from the trip to and from investigation. They twisting road that leads look forward to reaching the Westmill through the pass could farms tomorrow. the and camp as the sky grows darker. It’s been a slower trip potentially cut two days than normal. If the assassins successfully sneak up on the camp. Farmchildren circulate stories about giant ice spiders that can paralyze you with their scream. resulting in impressive profit margins. nothing can be discerned from the corpses. roll a die to determine on whose watch the next event happens. There is one assassin per character in the party. It is clearly not the wind. In the recent months. looks like the head of an eagle against the pale blue sky. at least from down in the Westmill farmlands below. rocky. In reality. If they set up a rotating watch. In the middle of the night. screeching howls have begun echoing through the pass. and I believe that unguarded caravans will become possible. but with enough encouragement they were convinced to continue. either. He may investigate or rouse the other characters. that one of the skulls has strange scratch marks in it. which is unusual while passing the spiders. the caravaners want to stop Whatever the truth is.

nearly starving. and they is. with a single shout. or he may wake all characters depends on how cold it is. characters caught Encourage the group to wait outside suffer -3 to their AGL. characters suffer -2 to their AGL. In the frigid Eagle Rock traveled with another caravan. They stand a good adventure should be considered to have had chance of getting lost in the darkness. assassins. even the hardiest If the character standing watch characters to set their goals aside for a time and seek (assuming there was one) detects the shelter. Because the characters are immobilized (as well ADVERSE WEATHER as the normal rules for sneak attacks) Weather can be a powerful they may not use their AGL for motivator. and get +2 to their appropriate to survive the results as they are intimately familiar with frigid mountain pass. He has one turn during which he can act Any character caught out before the assassins enter the camp. Characters who want to penalty is cumulative over give chase find the trail difficult to follow. after all. When killed. can convince must use their VIT instead. The weather is growing colder by the minute and snow is coming down more Characters on this heavily than before. The assassins will roll they have brought clothing Stamina to escape. and so assassins. the area and have prepared and rehearsed escape routes. they aren’t reckless.T h e T H I E V E S o f E A G L E R O C K | 53 The assassins will begun the attack by attempting a sneak attack against the sleeping characters. the until morning. all characters suffer caravaner will panic and become 1 to their AGL for the duration of their time at hysterical on any PER result of 1. At the very least. They should wait for day. a pass. Cold weather. How fast it begins to affect him action. fair warning about the Roll PER to continue following the fleeing adverse weather. When half climates or if ill-prepared of the assassins are incapacitated or for the pass. the cold weather. They especially. night. the characters should be made aware that they are ill-prepared for the frigid night temperatures at the mountain pass. special care to prepare for They are. each 12-hour period. combat begins immediately. Toughness against these attacks. He in cold weather will begin may quietly wake one other character per to suffer ill effects. In all cases. or have additional assassins lying in wait. In colder However. You may even add some insidious traps that the assassins set before attacking. the others break off the attack and the temperature drops to drag their companions’ away. They deadly freezing lows at quickly disappear into the night. . If he wakes all and how well insulated he characters with a shout. the pass unless they take The assassins are aggressive.

DESCRIPTION The Shark‟s Teeth assassins dress in the skins of leopards and snowcats. lined on each side with razor-sharp teeth. until pulled out with an action. they discovered a previously hidden fortress-city near the pass. Stamina 3 Militancy: Weaponry 2 Subtlety: Stealth 2 Experience: Training: Power: - ACCOUTERMENTS Shark‟s Teeth Sword: [Str 2. feathers. MOTIVATION The assassins are concerned mainly with gathering enough supplies to survive another long trek in search of a more hospitable hideout. a Black Dragon pirate captain and a gifted nethermancer. . though their paint supplies have been all but used up. Lodged teeth cause an additional Strength 1 hit every turn.SHARK‟S TEETH ASSASSINS Thieves of Eagle Rock ATTRIBUTES AGL 5 VIT 3 INT2 DIS 2 PER 4 EMI 1 Toughness 5 Grit 3 Knowledge 4 Foresight 2 Sanity 4 Willpower 1 SKILLS Athletics: Grace 5. decorated with claws. and they made it their own. this time hopefully to a more hospitable hideout. ignoring armor. and few of the assassins escaped his reckless and vengeful crusade against their guild. They can still easily be identified by their eponymous weapon. They have only recently begun to launch raids again in an attempt to gather supplies for a second move. After the Godsfall. The Lord‟s fury could not be stayed. Then they made the mistake of crossing the infamous Lord of the Bones. Those who survived traveled far to the north and disappeared into the Eagle Rock wilderness. They frequently paint their hands and faces. BACKGROUND The Shark‟s Teeth Assassins were some of the most feared cutthroats and murderers-for-hire in the world.] each attack roll of 6+ causes a tooth to lodge in the target. SUMMARY These assassins are the descendents of an old guild that once called the Emerald Islands home. and other talismans of wild strength. 0 st.


There are bloody smears monitor. +3 for The players may decide that the triple canopy jungle). the easiest way is to let Shrike or Arasmas scout out the route and set pitons for them. but there is no sign of should be increased where climbing gear.. Blood is red. He Tracking birds through the won’t be impressed. Like all can connect the dots. He’ll agree to a air and fish through the payment of five silver loaves each for sea should be considered impossible except under services rendered. the Following the trail of blood isn’t applicable skill should be hard. Otherwise. than rolling a simple success or failure. He’ll also spread word of their mediocre work. much from them in the future. Rather. it the Snake and vanishes into a cliff side. and won’t expect unusual circumstances. The thieves obviously for example).56 | T h e THIEVES of EAGLE ROCK V. 6+ for a raccoon. threat is over and return to Handler. For both identify this as the iconic blade of those who prefer to play out the Shark’s Teeth assassins. difficulty should be lower Shrike or Arasmas can scout for larger creatures (1+ for an elephant. success or failure of the The trail leads up the pass. indicates how accurate A PER 4+ success reveals that the blood your attempt was to follow doesn’t disappear into the cliff as much the tracks perfectly. failure causes a Strength 1 hit as the character loses his grip and smashes against the rocks . The as it disappears up the sheer cliff. then turns off tracking doesn't not reflect an absolute. If they want to scale the cliff. the climb is a Stamina 3+ double move action for 3 turns. The difficulty went this way. Snow is white. all the way up. They Wildlands.follow the thieves‟ trail to a dead end at a cliff face . the assassins are much easier to follow.find a way into the secret passage that leads to the thieves‟ city After the sun is high enough in the morning to see the trail of blood. an ancient the tracking process rather order wiped out decades ago. The SECRET PASSAGE . Did they climb free-hand tracks would be less apparent (+1 for a prairie. In each case. If TRACKING the players search the area for remnants Tracking can be as simple of the battle they find an assassin’s or as complex a process as dropped sword. 3+ for a the sheer face. the freshly snowfall from the night before. while carrying their comrades? +2 for heavy growth. even with the dynamic processes. If they do this. Mukor and Chorslad can your group prefers. the climb is a Stamina 5+ double move action for 3 turns.

reducing them to smoking piles of The cave is expansive and free rubble. a merman whose Grit to be able to move the stone. A sliver of light and the even plants. but only Gronk or Thrym hero is the Lord of the possess the combination of Might and Bones. indeed. manually. occasional gust of an icy wind is the only hint that the cave is about to let out into the surface again. they can see that it was. for the necessary. livestock. What they see there confounds the senses. The greatest of the five Black Dragon Mort. is a city. protected the fortress. children. If actual name has long been neither are in the party. revealing the location of the ships with magical dragon secret entrance that the thieves use. women. But no clue as to their fate has come that the thieves moved this rock north since the Godsfall. And then they see it. The ogre / nethermancer to boot. bathing the city in a dull eerie glow. talker named Manô Niho. Tall crystalline obelisks rise high and clusters of huts like giant seeds are gathered around each tower. the assassin leader. the Lord fought and defeated dwarf / troll braces himself. they could ask forgotten. It takes four The Shark's Teeth Assassins consecutive truly heroic Might actions to lived in the Emerald Isles move the boulder. The party can easily find the thing left: men. wing sails. a vile and heaves at the boulder with trembling and bloodthirsty beastmuscles.T h e T H I E V E S o f E A G L E R O C K | 57 The bloody trail leads to a small puddle of blood on a ledge. but on the other side an icy trail leads down the mountainside. pets. and up a ramp into the city … WE’VE STARTED IT … YOU GET TO FINISH IT! . in a hidden valley surrounded by icy peaks. gives a grunt. The boulder groans and rolls. killing every living entrance. Down below. the Lord of traps or treasure. A thick wall rings the city. The cave opens up high on the peak. No roll is Their end is a popular story among mermen. but their methods cannot be discovered by sight or magic. Note that Dorian has a piece of pirate captains who sail archaeotech that would be particularly the seas on great black useful here. The characters cannot off the southern coast. and a bloody SHARK’S TEETH handprint on a huge boulder in front of ASSASSINS them. A beam of daylight guides them through the cavern and to an exit on the other side of the mountain. cooperate. there is only room for one at a where magnificent cities time to find purchase. The boulder looks like it could cover the entrance to a cave. His ship then blasted the hiding the entrance to a narrow cave. and led his brigands into the the massive boulder. Only secrecy. and hundreds of glowing white icicles dangle from every building. Behind. It is unthinkable once thrived. keeping the driving snow at bay. way through. fortress walls. across the chasm. and a powerful MOVE THE STONE. Finally. A deep chasm disappears into the depths of the earth to one side.

and where the children of men are livestock. Help the Guild prove its ability to secure the city and surrounding lands. COMING JULY 2014 .A shadowy menace haunts the streets of Emperor’s Stand. where neither Thunder Riders nor Imperial Breakers can go. Most of their garrison is away in the Imperial Reach. Join the Bloodwood Expedition to fight this menace. Bring them home. encamped somewhere along the Raging River with the rest of the Imperial Army. skulking through the ruins and ambushing those unfortunate enough to be caught out at night. Raid the ranch. Rescue the prisoners. and fleshy. they have been bred to be more docile. Delve deeply into the dark caverns beneath the haunted Bloodwood. Discover the wretched truth behind the kidnappings. For generations since the Godsfall. The watchmen are overwhelmed. participating in the Emperor’s latest crusade. Something has been stalking about at night. controllable.

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