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Lufthansa Festival

of Baroque Music 2012
in association with Rolls-Royce plc

Contests, Competitions and the
Harmony of Nations
London | 18 May – 26 May
St. John’s, Smith Square
St. Matthew’s, Westminster
Westminster Abbey



Karsten Benz

Artistic Director

Lindsay Kemp

Founding Musical Director Ivor Bolton
General Director

Gudrun Gorner

Corporate Consultant

Bernhard Jung


Lucy Bending

Cover photo: Marco Borggreve

Lufthansa Festival of Baroque Music
18 May – 26 May 2012

Programme Editor

Mark Pappenheim


Nick Morrison

Public Relations

Victoria Bevan and
Rosanna Chianta at Albion Media


Alison Fox


Rita Zampese and Tess Knighton
Box Office: Tel. 020 7222 1061
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General booking opens 1 February 2012
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Westminster Westminster Abbey The Lufthansa Festival of Baroque Music is one of the premier early music events in Europe. Matthew’s. Smith Square St. ‘Under the imaginative direction of Lindsay Kemp. and still does.3 Contests. the glamorous international festivals or in our opera houses. Since its foundation in 1984 the Festival has maintained its name for the imaginative programming of little-known works alongside masterpieces of the Baroque. with an international reputation for its wide range of performances by soloists and ensembles from all over the world. John’s. the annual Lufthansa Festival of Baroque Music has always punched above its weight. say.’ The Times 2011 ‘As a concert series it can rank with anything on offer at. Competitions and the Harmony of Nations and this year’s programme is no exception.’ Financial Times Listen out for broadcasts from the Lufthansa Festival on BBC Radio 3.sjss.’ The Independent 2011 ‘Over 27 years the Lufthansa Festival of Baroque Music has brought dozens of superb foreign ensembles to London. Full details will be published in the Festival programme | 020 7222 1061 . To book: www. the Proms.

but they are all things in which music also happens to have an excellent track-record. and the sporting life is cheered on in a colourful programme of English ballads from voice-and-fiddle duo Alva and in L’Olimpiade. too.4 Contests. ensemble sava¯ . in the shape of Ensemble Meridiana and our Friday late-night performers. in a recital focusing on Bach and Marchand by American organ star Kimberly Marshall. Bach’s dramatic re-enactment of the mythical contest between Phoebus and Pan is brought to us by the Dunedin Consort & Players. In our opening concert revered Catalan viol-player Jordi Savall brings his multi-national orchestra for a tour through the principal musical traditions of the 17th and 18th centuries. Everything to play for. Cecilia’s Day in its own magnificent home. meetings of different cultures and a generous spirit of international co-operation are going to be in the air thanks to the Olympics. Competitions and the Harmony of Nations London will be a special place in 2012 – no-one could miss the fact. Artistic Director Lindsay Kemp www. while for a look at the bigger picture. in which the Early Opera Company brings together a pair of leading modern-day singers to revisit the battle for supremacy between two of Handel’s greatest operatic divas. Harmony’s honorary role in the shaping of the universe is invoked when the Choir of Westminster Abbey performs Handel’s sumptuous Ode for gentle competition and the general harmony of nations in a programme reflecting the cross-currents and complementary strands of European Baroque music. There are real 21st-century competition winners. Friendly rivalry. while two of the great stylistic unifiers of the period – Muffat and Couperin – are showcased in concerts by Harmonie Universelle and Musica ad Rhenum. then – I hope you can join us. and in our final concert. one of Vivaldi’s finest operas. here receiving its UK premiere. So this year’s Festival celebrates goodwill. Lindsay Kemp. Real Baroque competitions are remembered in Elizabeth Wallfisch’s programme inspired by the meeting of violinists Locatelli and Leclair.

uk | 020 7222 1061 . Jaap ter Linden and Albert-Jan Roelofs 15 ensemble savā di 16 Saturday 26 May Kimberly Marshall Early Opera Company Christian Curnyn 17 18 Festival Walk – Handel’s West End 19 Festival Tour – Baroque Greenwich 20 Ticket Discounts 21 Friends 22–23 Venues 24 Programme details are correct at time of going to press. James’s Baroque James O’Donnell 14 Friday 25 May Elizabeth Lufthansa Festival of Baroque Music page Friday 18 May Le Concert des Nations Jordi Savall Saturday 19 May Alva · Vivien Ellis and Giles Lewin La Serenissima Adrian Chandler · James Johnstone Sunday 20 May Ensemble Meridiana 6 7 8 9 Andrew Manze The Lufthansa Lecture 10 Musica ad Rhenum Jed Wentz 11 Tuesday 22 May Dunedin Consort & Players John Butt 12 Wednesday 23 May Harmonie Universelle Florian Deuter 13 Thursday 24 May The Choir of Westminster Abbey St. The Lufthansa Festival of Baroque Music reserves the right to alter the artists or programme in unavoidable circumstances. To book: www.

4 Concerto grosso in G major.9 in C major (after Domenico Scarlatti) La musica notturna delle strade di Madrid One of the great stars of the early music world brings his own orchestra.30pm St. Op.6 Friday 18 May.6 No. £30. No.lufthansafestival. a hand-picked line-up of leading players from many . for a concert which itself reflects the marvellous diversity and cross-fertilisations of European Baroque music. 7. Britain and Spain. it promises a colourful start to our celebration of international harmony. John’s. ‘Establishes a new gold standard for early music.1 Concerto No. Smith Square Le Concert des Nations Jordi Savall viola da gamba & director Le Concert des Nations Jordi Savall European Union Lully Biber Cabanilles Corelli Handel Avison Boccherini Le Bourgeois gentilhomme – suite Battalia Suite imperial Concerto grosso in D major. £15 Friends drinks See p.22 for details www.’ Gramophone Tickets £40. From Lully’s dance music for Molière’s Le Bourgeois gentilhomme to Biber’s riotously inventive Battalia to concertos and suites from Italy. £20.

searching through the vast legacy of printed verse and music compilations. Peter’s College. as well as forgotten sports such as stoolball. ‘A gutsy tour-de-force. vehement playing. Abigail Williams.’ Sing Out ‘Beautiful. St. cudgels and quarterstaff. or ‘miscellanies’.sjss. Oxford. Westminster Pre-concert talk – A Very British Exercise Dr. to find long-lost songs offering insights into 18th-century attitudes to such timeless diversions as wrestling.30pm | 020 7222 1061 .7 Saturday 19 May. Free ticketed event Alva To book: www.30pm. Westminster Alva Vivien Ellis Giles Lewin voice voice & fiddle The Sporting Life Voice-and-fiddle duo Vivien Ellis and Giles Lewin make a welcome return to the Lufthansa Festival for another specially researched programme of ballads and popular tunes. cricket and horseracing. explores the background to Alva’s programme. and Principal Investigator for the Digital Miscellanies Project. For 2012 they take up a sporting theme. Lord White Fellow and Tutor in English at St.’ Daily Telegraph Tickets £15 (unreserved) Buy a ticket for both concerts on 19 May and receive a voucher for a free glass of wine 3. Matthew’s. boxing. Matthew’s.

£18.8 Saturday 19 May. £25. a love tangle set against the background of the ancient Olympic games? Clearly Adrian Chandler . such precision. and yet such rollicking good fun … It’s a winning combination. John’s. Smith Square Mhairi Lawson Sally Bruce-Payne Marie Elliot Anne Marie Gibbons Rachael Lloyd Stephen Gadd Jonathan Gunthorpe La Serenissima Adrian Chandler James Johnstone Aminta Argene Licida Megacle Aristea Clistene Alcandro violin & director harpsichord & director Vivaldi L’Olimpiade UK premiere (concert performance) Vivaldi’s operas are becoming ever more popular. and who better to entrust with its UK premiere than Adrian Chandler’s award-winning ensemble. so could we consider going through a festival of Baroque music in London in 2012 without presenting Vivaldi’s dazzling setting of one of the most frequently used opera librettos of the 18th for details La Serenissima www.’ Classical Candour Tickets £35. 7. £15 Buy a ticket for both concerts on 19 May and receive a voucher for a free glass of wine Friends drinks See p.00pm St. soaked as they are in the vivid and vibrant music of the Red Priest? ‘La Serenissima play with such finesse.

sjss.30pm Festival Walk – Handel’s West End See p. Ensemble Meridiana has won first prizes at several major earlymusic competitions since its formation only five years ago. exuberant and original. John’s. 4. France. whose delight was to take the national styles of Italy.19 for details To book: | 020 7222 1061 . For us they journey into the eclectic musical mind of Georg Philipp Telemann. one of the 18th century’s most personable composers.9 Sunday 20 May. Smith Square Ensemble Meridiana Dominique Tinguely recorder & bassoon Sarah Humphrys oboe & recorder Sabine Stoffer violin Tore Eketorp viola da gamba Christian Kjos harpsichord Ensemble Meridiana Europe Reconciled – Trios and Quadros by Telemann Consisting of instrumentalists from five different’ Göttinger Tageblatt Tickets £15 (unreserved) Buy a ticket for both concerts on 20 May and receive a voucher for a free glass of wine 1. Germany and Poland and mix them into a distinctively new and refined manner of his own.30pm St. ‘… humorous.

Smith Square The Lufthansa Lecture Andrew Manze Andrew Manze The Pursuit of Excellence – A Call to Arms Andrew Manze is known to many for his captivating and daring performances on the Baroque violin. In the fourth annual Lufthansa Lecture he examines the state of Baroque performance at a time when more and more ‘modern’ musicians are aware of historical issues and ever higher performing standards are demanded of Tickets Free ticketed event For texts of previous Lufthansa Lectures by Sir Nicholas Kenyon.lufthansafestival. 6. and explores the relationships between iconoclasm and tradition. John’s. even though today he is a conductor working primarily with modern . knowledge and intuition. Robert Hollingworth and Laurence Dreyfus please visit the Festival website www.10 Sunday 20 May.15pm St.

£10 Buy a ticket for both concerts on 20 May and receive a voucher for a free glass of wine Friends drinks See p. Couperin had a lifelong interest in combining the two great national styles of the Baroque. the French and the Italian. ‘Music of days gone by that today goes straight in to the heart and feet. There is also a rare chance to hear Collin de Blamont’s sensual and playful cantata depicting Venus’s conquest of Sunday 20 May.30pm St. ou L’apothéose de Corelli  L’impériale (Les nations) Although usually seen as one of the great representatives of the French Baroque. as if it were a pop concert. £ | 020 7222 1061 . John’s. 7. some of which are heard here in colourfully realised performances by Jed Wentz’s superb ensemble.’ Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Tickets £28.22 for details Musica ad Rhenum Jed Wentz To book: www. Smith Square Andréanne Paquin Musica ad Rhenum Jed Wentz soprano flute & director Les nations – Couperin the Internationalist François Couperin François Couperin Collin de Blamont François Couperin François Couperin La Françoise (Les nations) Douzième Concert (Les goûts-réünis) La toilette de Vénus Le Parnasse. £22. His efforts found clearest expression in the exquisite trio sonatas of Les nations and Les goûts-réünis.

Smith Square Susan Hamilton Clare Wilkinson Thomas Hobbs Nicholas Mulroy Robert Davies Matthew Brook Dunedin Consort & Players John Butt soprano mezzo-soprano tenor tenor baritone bass-baritone director Dunedin Consort & Players John Butt The Contest of Phoebus and Pan Bach Bach Bach Brandenburg Concerto Honour and Happiness.201 ‘Geschwinde.lufthansafestival. while in BWV207.30pm St.207 ‘Vereinigte Zwietracht der wechselnden Saiten’ Cantata No. ihr wirbelnden Winde’ (The Contest of Phoebus and Pan) John Butt’s award-winning vocal-and-instrumental ensemble from Scotland – specialists in fresh performances of Bach’s music on an intimate scale – bring two of Bach’s vivacious but rarely heard secular dramatic cantatas to the Lufthansa Festival. celebrate the installation of a Leipzig professor. John’s. no less. the figures of Industry. £ . 7. which features familiar music from the Brandenburg Concertos.’ BBC Music Magazine Tickets £35.3 Cantata No.12 Tuesday 22 May. BWV201 explores the clash of new and old aesthetics represented by the Ovidian figures of Phoebus and Pan. £25. £15 Friends drinks See p.22 for details www. ‘No performance could better justify small-scale Bach than this convincing marriage of scholarship and inspiration.

John’s.’ Diapason Tickets £28. As well as sonatas from one of his most important collections.sjss. £10 Harmonie Universelle Florian Deuter To book: www.5 in G major (Armonico tributo) Florian Deuter’s Cologne-based string ensemble explores the gentle charms of one of the great unifying figures in Baroque music. £15. Georg Muffat. 7. who took it as his life’s work to encourage ‘the harmony of many nations and an amiable peace’ in music. Op.2 in G minor (Armonico tributo) Chaconne from Phaëton Passacaglia in G major Sonata da camera a 3 in G major. ‘Sensual and catchy … seductive freshness and Italian and Austrian composers whose works influenced him.30pm St. £22.12 Harmonia a 5 in B flat major Sonata a 5 ‘Tausend Gülden’ Violin Sonata in D major Sonata No. Smith Square Harmonie Universelle Florian Deuter violin & director ‘Far from the Tumult of Arms’ Muffat Lully Pasquini Corelli Schmelzer Bertali Muffat Muffat Sonata No. we hear music from some of the | 020 7222 1061 .13 Wednesday 23 May.2 No.

James’s Baroque in one of Bach’s most joyous choral motets and in a richly varied and colourful St. sees the building’s famous choir join St. Cecilia’s Day ode that harnesses the talents of two giants of English literature and music: Dryden and Handel. Sophie Daneman sings Handel’s delectable solo motet. £18. £25. from Heav’nly Harmony Bach Handel Handel Motet: Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied. £30. scene of many great national events. £15. In between.00pm Westminster Abbey Sophie Daneman soprano Thomas Hobbs tenor The Choir of Westminster Abbey St. ‘This is cathedral choral singing at its finest and most inspiring.lufthansafestival.14 Thursday 24 May. Cecilia’s Day The annual visit to Westminster Abbey. £10 (no view) *(very limited availability) BWV225 Motet: Silete venti Ode for .’ The Daily Telegraph Tickets £40*. James’s Baroque James O’Donnell conductor Sophie Daneman The Choir of Westminster Abbey From Harmony. 7. Silete venti.

12 Capriccio ‘Prova del’ intonatione’ It is said that.’ Musical Pointers Tickets £28.6 No. and here Elizabeth Wallfisch and distinguished friends take the idea further in a celebration of cutting-edge chamber music from both sides of the Alps. however. ‘Professional Baroque music-making at the highest level … A memorable concert given with huge commitment and assured | 020 7222 1061 .org.00pm St.15 Friday 25 May.5 No. John’s. when the two great violinists Jean-Marie Leclair the Elder and Pietro Antonio Locatelli played on the same bill at a concert in Kassel in 1728. Smith Square Elizabeth Wallfisch Jaap ter Linden Albert-Jan Roelofs violin cello & viola da gamba harpsichord Le Grand Concours – France Plays Italy Uccellini Louis Couperin Stradella François Couperin Geminiani Leclair Locatelli Locatelli Sonata ottava in D minor Prélude non mésuré in A minor Sinfonia No. Op. the former played ‘like an angel’ and the latter ‘like a devil’. Op.4 Violin Sonata in D minor. 7.23 in B flat major Quatrième Concert in E minor (Concerts royaux) Cello Sonata in A minor.sjss. Op.5 No. £22. The occasion was also seen as a ‘battle’ between their respective national styles. £10 Buy a ticket for both concerts on 25 May and receive a voucher for a free glass of wine Albert-Jan Roelofs and Elizabeth Wallfisch Jaap ter Linden To book: www. £15.6 Violin Sonata in B flat major.

Strozzi and others into an intimate miniature operatic world where emotions from lust to furious rage are distilled to their scorching essence. 9. ‘Prepare to be moved and . ensemble sava¯ di have captivated audiences throughout Europe with their performances of 17th-century vocal music. to which their imaginative presentation style has brought new intensity.lufthansafestival. For their Lufthansa Festival debut they weave duets and arias by Monteverdi.16 Friday 25 May.30pm St.’ Early Music Today Tickets £15 (unreserved) Buy a ticket for both concerts on 25 May and receive a voucher for a free glass of wine ensemble savā di www. John’s. Rovetta. Smith Square ensemble savā di Kristı̄ ne Jaunalksne Ulrike Hofbauer Marie Bournisien Lufthansa Late soprano soprano harp Zefiro torna – Miniature Operas from 17th-century Venice Since winning the Early Music Network International Young Artists’ Competition in York in

Her programme reflects the rivalries and friendships of Baroque organ music in works by J. ‘A multi-faceted musician who pushed the organ to its limit with her virtuosic demands … A royal performance by one of our royalty!’ The American Organist Tickets £15 (unreserved) Please note that the seating for this concert is in the gallery. The World The Klais organ at St. so here is a chance to hear it put through its paces by a distinguished American concert organist.19 for details To book: www. Kimberly Marshall. John’s.30pm Festival Walk – Handel’s West End See p.00am Festival Tour – Baroque Greenwich See p.30pm St.20 for details 1. 4. Smith | 020 7222 1061 .sjss. has only occasionally been heard at the Lufthansa Festival. John’s. Smith Square Kimberly Marshall organ Kimberly Marshall Bach v.17 Saturday 26 May. S. Buy a ticket for both concerts on 26 May and receive a voucher for a free glass of wine 11. Bach and Louis Marchand – the two were once lined up to play in competition until Marchand took flight.

Admeto and Alessandro. and even Handel’s best attempts to provide them with precisely equal parts could not prevent their animosity boiling over into a fight on stage! This programme includes arias from Handel’s Ottone. £15 Buy a ticket for both concerts on 26 May and receive a voucher for a free glass of wine Friends drinks See p.22 for details Rosemary Joshua Christian Curnyn www. John’s.30pm St. and by Hasse and Porpora. aided by one of the risingstar conductors in the Baroque opera world. So notorious was their competition that a play was written about them. as well as readings from contemporary sources. £25.’ The Times Tickets £ Mhairi Lawson . ‘The Early Opera Company is rapidly establishing itself as one of the best purveyors of Handel in this country.lufthansafestival. Francesca Cuzzoni and Faustina Bordoni. £18. take on the roles of the great rival divas of Handel’s London operas of the 1720s. Smith Square Rosemary Joshua Mhairi Lawson Early Opera Company Christian Curnyn soprano soprano harpsichord & conductor Handel and the Rival Queens Two feisty modern-day sopranos. Christian Curnyn has as infallible a sense of tempo and musico-dramatic shape as the composer himself.18 Saturday 26 May. Giulio Cesare.

Haymarket. The ticket price includes entrance to Handel House Museum. Haymarket Handel House Museum Handel made London his home from 1712 until his death in 1759. Maximum number per walk: 25 To book: www. The nearest underground station to the theatre is Piccadilly Circus. will begin in Haymarket at the site of the composer’s early operatic triumphs and wend its way though St. SW1Y 4QL.19 Lufthansa Festival of Baroque Music Extra Events © Matthew Hollow Festival Walk – Handel’s West End King’s Theatre. Tickets: £12 from St. Smith Square Box Office (see booking form for details). The walk and tour of Handel House Museum will take approximately 100 minutes. which we shall | 020 7222 1061 . 1. Our Festival Walk. James’s and Mayfair to his home in Brook Street.sjss. Please note: tickets cannot be bought on the day. a period during which the West End became the fashionable enclave it remains to this day. Sunday 20 May.30pm Saturday 26 May. 1. Please bring your ticket and hand it in to the guide. led by a Blue Badge Walks begin at the entrance to Her Majesty’s Theatre. John’s.

John’ the tour. Smith Square Box Office (see booking form for details). whose regular service from Embankment Pier to Greenwich Pier takes 27 minutes. Greenwich Park features the work of. Starting from Greenwich Pier. and Sir James Thornhill’s majestic Painted Hall within the Hospital. close to Greenwich Pier. will include Inigo Jones’s exquisite Queen’s Maximum number: 50 The most enjoyable way to travel to Greenwich from Westminster is by boat. and painter Sir James Thornhill. so we recommend taking the Thames Clipper. Thames Clippers are part of Transport for London and are eligible for Oyster Card users. Saturday 26 May. www. Tickets: £12 from St. led by a Blue Badge Guide. SE10 .tfl. the grand design of Sir Christopher Wren’s Royal Hospital for Seamen. Timetables and fare information can be obtained at www.lufthansafestival. The tour will take approximately 100 Please note: tickets cannot be bought on the day. Greenwich Our Festival Tour visits a World Heritage Site described by UNESCO as the ‘finest and most dramatically sited architectural and landscape ensemble in the British Isles’. among others. 11. The ticket price includes entrance to the Painted Hall. Greenwich Pier can also be reached easily by foot from DLR Cutty Sark and Greenwich Overground station. three great Englishmen: architects Inigo Jones and Sir Christopher Wren.20 Lufthansa Festival of Baroque Music Extra Events © Bill Bertram Festival Tour – Baroque Greenwich Queen’s House The Painted Hall.00am The tour begins by the statue of Sir Walter Raleigh at the entrance to ‘Discover Greenwich’. Please bring your ticket and hand it in to the guide.

John’s.or second-price tickets for 5 or more concerts in one booking and you can become a Friend of the Festival enjoying a 20% discount and other benefits.sjss.21 Lufthansa Festival of Baroque Music Ticket Discounts Friends of the Lufthansa Festival Buy top. • Discounts cannot be combined. For details. Westminster • Westminster Rescard holders Notes • Discounts are not available online except the 10% Friends of St. Multiple-concert discount Buy tickets at any price for 4 or more concerts in one booking and receive 15% off the full price. see pages 22– 23. All other discounts 10% off the ticket price for: • groups of 10 or more • registered disabled and companion • visually impaired • students • children (under 17) • registered unemployed • Friends of St. John’ | 020 7222 1061 . Matthew’s. Smith Square discount. To book: www. Smith Square • Friends of St. Three-concert discount Buy tickets at any price for 3 concerts in one booking and receive 10% off the full price. • The Festival Walk and Festival Tour do not qualify for discounts.

John’s. 19. at St. Smith Square . 22 and 26 May • a complimentary festival programme. Wednesday 9 May. those who join before 30 March will also be credited on the Friends page in the programme • 2 tickets to a by-invitation concert with the European Union Baroque Orchestra on ‘Europe Day’.22 Lufthansa Festival of Baroque Music Friends of the Lufthansa Festival Friends of the Lufthansa Festival enjoy • priority booking • 20% off ticket prices • complimentary post-concert drinks with artists after evening concerts on 18.

• Ticket purchases subsequent to your initial booking will also enjoy a 20% reduction – simply confirm that you are a Friend of the Lufthansa Festival when making your telephone booking.23 Lufthansa Festival of Baroque Music Friends of the Lufthansa Festival To become a Friend • Simply buy top.or second-price tickets for 5 or more concerts in one booking. • It is not possible to join the Festival Friends online.sjss. It’s easy to join • Book by post or telephone 020 7222 1061 any time from Wednesday 25 January – a week before general booking opens – making it clear that you wish to become a Festival Notes • Your complimentary festival programme and post-concert drinks will be available on production of your Friends membership card. To book: www. • Membership of the Friends lasts for one year – re-registration required for the 2013 festival. One Festival programme per | 020 7222 1061 . • The Festival Walk and Festival Tour do not qualify as concerts for the purposes of becoming a Friend and are not eligible for discounts. • You will then receive a 20% discount on concert tickets and be sent a Friends membership card.

off Millbank.24 St. In the streets around St. Smith Square. Interval drinks and post-concert suppers may be ordered at the bar before the start of the concert. John’ in association with . Victoria (Victoria.lufthansafestival. John’s and St. 11. 24. James’s Park (District and Circle lines). Circle and Jubilee lines). Transport Tube: Westminster (District.00– 2. Smith Square at 20 Great Peter Street. Matthew’s. In the evenings and on Sundays there is usually space to park locally. Lunchtime: open on weekdays Matthew’s parking meters and Residents parking are in operation during the day (Monday– Saturday) until 6. 148 and 211 for Westminster Abbey National Rail: Victoria. a light supper menu and licensed refreshments. There is NCP parking in Horseferry Waterloo and Charing Cross © John Salmon Car: All venues are within the congestion charging zone.30pm on concert evenings (one and a half hours before the concert on Saturdays and Sundays) for buffet and à la carte dining. Matthew’s is located within 5 minutes’ walk of St. between Medway Street and Chadwick info@lufthansafestival. Smith Square. John’s. District and Circle lines) or Pimlico (Victoria line) Buses: 3 & 87 to Millbank. and only a short walk from Westminster tube station and Parliament Square. 88 to Marsham Street and 507 & C10 to Horseferry Road for Lufthansa Festival of Baroque Music www. John’s Open from 5. St.45pm Tel: 020 7222 2779 | stjohns@leafi. John’s and St. Bar & Restaurant in the Crypt at St. St. In the area around Westminster Abbey there is nowhere easy to park. is situated not far from Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament.