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Tutoring Program

The Tomorrow Foundation Youth and Children’s Settlement Program in Melbourne aims
to provide tailored support primarily to refugee and migrant children aged between 5-18.
Refugee and migrant children face many obstacles upon arrival in Australia. Tomorrow
Foundation Settlement Program seeks to provide a safe and welcoming environment by
administering the appropriate care and support needed for these vulnerable individuals.
Tomorrow Foundation recognises that there are many obstacles faced by refugee
children upon arrival. Such obstacles significantly affect resettlement. The following
issues need to be effectively addressed:

English language skills

Recovery from trauma

Navigation of government services
Prevention of social isolation

Tomorrow Foundation seeks to prevent the risk of homelessness, family breakdown,
poor health, drug and alcohol use, crime and reliance on income support by providing a
safe and supportive environment for refugee children.
Through Tomorrow Foundation’s direct developmental programs, we can effectively
address these critical needs. The foundation’s objective is to establish a direct
relationship with each refugee child we support and their families.
The programs will include:

Tutoring programs

Material aid, such as school necessities

Mentoring and support networks

Extra-curricular activities (with a primary focus on art and music)
Access to community based sporting programs

Social outings

Guidance to parents on child development and related issues

Dealing with cultural differences

Employment opportunities

This initiative will ensure that material and occupational needs are addressed, and that
broad environmental factors are considered. Tomorrow Foundation seeks to prioritise
the well being of children, such that a sense of agency, value and identity can be
developed within the broader Australian community.

You will be placed with the same student each week so that you can build a relationship with that student and monitor their progress. and to which academic year level of difficulty. Attend quarterly group tutoring session When? 3. This will ensure all tutors will gain knowledge and skills in the following areas: ! ! ! ! ! ! The traumatic experiences of individuals who have fled wars and oppressive regimes Principles of good working relationships with clients who have experienced torture and trauma The impact refugee youth and children experiences have on their learning and wellbeing Cross-cultural considerations Tutoring strategies Provide you with a more in depth understanding of your role as a tutor Process of becoming a volunteer tutor: 1. If willing to commit to becoming a volunteer tutor you will be interviewed and undergo a background check 3. All tutors will need to complete training that will be held out of work hours. Fill out an application form and send through to Attend training 4.4.15pm on Wednesdays and/or Thursdays beginning the first week of Term 3 (either Wednesday the 16th of July or Thursday the 17th of July) Where? Footscray North Primary School Minimum commitment period? Two school terms (6 months) . Commence participation in weekly tutoring sessions 5.15 .   TUTORING PROGRAM   Our tutoring programs aim to provide academic support to resettled refugee children. the Tomorrow Foundation Youth and Children Refugee Settlement Program is a vital initiative necessary to ensure that 2. recognising that these services are essential to the wellbeing of refugee children. and young people alike. migrant children and at risk children aged between 5-18. With no other direct specialised service available within Victoria for this age group. English and mathematics.Tomorrow Foundation aims to provide a humanitarian approach to resettlement. Each individual tutor can specify what they feel comfortable tutoring students in. will be able to participate fully in the future economic and social life of the Australian community. We tutor students in ESL. and students are encouraged to bring along any homework they need help.