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USWGO Mail- Your gonna get it

https://mail.google.comlmail/u/OI?ui=2&ik=3b8027ea52&view=pt&cat. ..

Brian Hill <admin@uswgo.com>

Your gonna get it
sallysamsong@tormall.org <sallysamsong@tormail.org>
To: admin@uswgo.com

Sat, Apr 20, 2013 at 11:58 PM

Your gonna get it....We know what your tryin to do .... You'll regret ever
being an investigative news reporter.... Youll regret what you just
did .... better watch your back Brian .... DONT REPORT ANY MORE ARTICLES OR

1 of I

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9/5/2014 9:34AM

From: <johnsnatchz@tormail.org>
Date: Sun, Apr 7, 2013 at 5:30AM
Subject: You better watch out••••••••
To: admin({iluswgo.com
You better watch out Brian•..We are watching you ...Having child porn
planted on your hard drives and computer was only the beginning and we
will set you up for violent sex crimes if you don't watch your back. •. Have
fun becoming a sex offender..•Police won't believe you no matter how much
evidence you have that you been set up we know some people in the SBI who
will make sure you are convicted. You will be shut up by being a sex
criminal. Your friends Alex Jones, Dan, James, Sean, Alex, and others are
next••• BeWare!

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Jul-; t 0.

intintidatE.'d and booted from to\\1-n council when asking a

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b)/ lYCan 0. tilll 1£ dltl

i.Rve a corrrneot

F"Rd ~t 8n:llf! D. Hers Arlides. &Jikling the Police Stale,



0. Hill

Nqta· Jbil b IU II'MJid sjocl ADbfl am cpming fprJb .lbQyt wb.M lp..,.., tp !D1 Of 'qytM tlw Rp"•iaglpmtJpd•

«!Wnd tbct •u as nil Qui! dQQ) tnw ftpc:l!lng.,_UPdU! as tbtJ rnuW tp 'Pl!M an,r siggit!qnt 1pqt1
r.t:prils *14 . . . . . . , Qtiuna rcliiC!ngU. NQM 2012 lw I am yp lcr in!lryirn •ncl I l!fam.iy IbM ev~QtbinQ I 1.Q is

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as jl D m• 414¥ IOd rnpprwiljtllJ tQ IIAQB an:tU*JI that dpnn) IM1I dgbt. I msnt bdl people wb• Mpptntd
while it Is frnh in D'lJ mind allhougb Ibis bq bcwn ...... MrJ 1;a1m aftltr tbtt drJh ba beWl mW aaJ fur the poD" Ire
lll*ilina QIJ •bde a u IQQ!sina tq • nr IQ CQIJW aftlr muc» 1 am Iarina low •n4 wbbh fbia M 1Md.3 dlrl ildJ'l
dls !ncjdl!!at. Rnnemtar 01)' wlltJ!p taJOrl b jlQI MJ atlf81!d rapprt We QOix I birt! dJ!ddod tp •Ill pn tt!js

1hc trylb

~~ 1nt&rud8ed .aad booted lr011110V.• o:-llw._ ~ • ~10111l. S\lo'OU ,\llmull\'l' ~·~

Case 1:13-cr-00435-WO Document 30 Filed 09/10/14 Page 5 of 5

M :t!ound .Jul)· ~tt. :;.(112 durng !Ill! Ma)o'Od:lfl Town Cot~~ed me~tmg,

ttungs go r•cn• b:ld to ... or~

:tt the liaWfl council meo!!lmg, Mrl

:Ill I drl .115 a retX>rll!r "''35 ask NC Stllle 51!!'1'1310! Phi !'>l!!ger a t;ve<$'k:l!> before the c1Jrcl al pollee io<'c~ me out whu:t'i 15 '" ~tle -n~

I 901 reCO!'dl!d. Sometlo0111 I fet:O<'dl!d autliD wt~11 tle oop lorOI!d me out 1t>e wl>ale tl'lt!.' ;mtl e·mn left .11 remluk ~o h<~ve 1111 with !he
t~w WD!Id Or;Mtr


tii'I"II!S before gl!'!tmg my stulr. Tt-.ere *·.ns no

au.iio of the CXII> enbrnid311'1g me thougtl WI atle:W I gat a

recorcir!g at part a! She whale ordeal.
F'•~ ovj,lle ~e ~ lMI!re around and lem..mq 'l'le

cop t<*l me ti'"lllt

IN~len l'le session doses I am suppm.e 'o k!~ out af then! so

they car> !'1liW! !her lli'Tvate rr~e~~~.~n;~ befote lite "ll!l!llllg a entlll!!l!f do'!letl. 1 3dn't kna..., aU tl'lal so I slloJid not Mil!.' bM'f'l ttemtt!ll ~e

a atmnal Tl"ten ol course thr cop wenllurlhm m t'l'\3kmg su,e I ntwttr go up In !I.Uile Si!lnalor Phi Bc!tgl!t to Mil ~11m a~-

a.., to the stall! senatot 'illtlh a amera (Like I was n tt>e Mong lor !hall. IDid me ~ ""-e those cev

Then minuti!<S 1311!! 'Ahl!n I - s Qllin9 Ia explat!ID lhl! olfecer •hat I have type I tlntlk! diabetes, "e ntetrupted me then st:wted
me ltlltt lhl! way I was 9l)ftg

counciiiTMH!ling ..,oros on TV wf'll!fe someone comes ll4.CI qudll)' 1:0 stlool
t>..im fasllo tlCI somelhi'I!J lert:lle to tlim or

1!'•1!!1"1 !lO


politiclll offloal. ~oo ac:JI!d as ltlclugt'l I was CDIT'Int} up Ia

!SaT!eltleng that tiH1!r3lens 11is i~. HI! !llbd ltlll\ r,r li'IINI'S ltlat I drl'l'l !!haw ltlo~~t I

w.as tntendtng 10 !lO 11'1111 bul !lren he star'll!d say1ng to me tl"llll ill go up !Ia ltl~ stale senmtor hke 11'1011 agan l'1t! Mil push ml! bac::l< or
SOOtett>inqlil>.e lhllt.. B.asil:all~ he


ganna Ioree m11 biiCk u II lam gonna hu•tl'nm


90 lnlo a bill oMIJ'ID4JI an 10. Thai

'lllfliS 1'1e

way 1'11! was IICbng anti benq close to me. dose to my spac:e. Tht!n I told 1-em I Jl"OfT'ISe I 'illon'l oo 1'1011 aq.an !hen he badq!!rl!d me 11

llti!t bll mote then I SAid I Mtt SOirV ;snd 5.-l scoulli hemet then lte bx:ked all. Trten -.tJrn In)' mom came .., lo tt'oe town 1'131 omce


" " - - - - - - ---

IIIPPft)prlatt! editor.

~-"'"'~OIIV'rrpon"~<~nu_m_~~~-'1_01:1~-~~ll:•~-"-~ ....~~~-·oo•r.ul~-~o_t~~.t~ll


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