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Chapter I

The major problems faced by the manager of CHS Inc. are about the
supervision and operations of their company. The two of the Board of
Directors said that they are both practicing their individual professions so,
the manager cannot expect anything form the two. In contrast, Mr. Jaime
himself had a problem too because he can only spend at least once a week
to supervise CHS operations. And yet none of the three had any training and
experience regarding supervising in business operations.
To solve their problems they found out that a senior person who has an
experience regarding marketing should be hired in order to supervise the
field sales personnel. And also four other friends of the incorporators will be
invited to put up investments in the said firm. Those four friends will
complete the 7 directors needed. As we see, the entire staff is too small for a
corporation but in the case of the said firm; staff should not exceed 10
persons including the General Manager. But before that, Mr. Jaime should
first prepare a proposed organization and staffing plan and wait for the
approval of the group before he can proceed to any recruitment of personnel.
If the plan will be approved by the other 2 incorporators of the said company
we can therefore conclude that the business will be successful in their first
operations because a senior person who has an experience regarding
marketing will be hired, additional investments will be added and the entire
staff will be completed.

Chapter II
Statement of the Problem


In this case, one of the most stated problems is to promote the
product lines and to distribute in Metro Manila Area. To be able to
capture the major share of local market in order to adopt the

contract of five years and extendable for another five years.

Another thing is to provide well-trained key personnel which
would position the Sneider Lines through servicing for over 150








inventories of product at all times.

The two American brands were providing the same suture line.
This must be a competition between their brand and to the other


The two major American Brands are almost likely the same in
quality product compared to Sneider products. But only the
American brands are well-known supplier on hospitals while the
Sneider Co. is quite unknown in the Philippines.


Short term problems refer only to a short solution or need to be
consulted to other. Long term problems are quite difficult to solve
or deal with and needs more elaboration to settle and study the
fact most.


In managing a business especially when it comes to operation,
an incorporator must be aware of the consequences or links that
will lead or guide to adopt the good strategy and passive ways to
become a successful business partner.

Chapter III
Cause of the Problem
Detailed Analysis
The three of them was newly hired in the business world.
Promotional activities are one of their problems.
- Since they are new to the business world, they have problems
regarding the promotion of the products. None of them had
any experience regarding marketing. To be able to capture a
major share for the company they must hire a person who
knows promotional activities or knows business world very

well. In that case if they will hire a person like this it will solve
the problems.

A person needed for the business who has an experience

especially in sales and marketing
- If the company will hire a person who has an experience
regarding marketing supervisions it will solve their problems
about the key personnel to position in 150 hospitals. They
really need to hire person who has this skills so that they
dont have any problem for the distribution of supplies in the
The two American brands were providing the same suture
- Since the two American brands are providing the same line,
there will be a competition between the two. Its another
problem to the three because none of them had any
experience about marketing and they cannot spend their
whole time in their business and now there are competitors
waiting for them.
Autocratic model
Model is power with a managerial orientation of authority. The
employees in turn are oriented towards obedience and dependence on the
boss. The employee need that is met is subsistence the performance result is

The autocratic model depends on power. Those who are in

command must have the power to demand you do this-or else,










be penalized. In an autocratic environment the managerial orientation

is formal, official authority. This authority is delegated by right of
command over the people to it applies. Under autocratic environment
the employee is obedience to a boss, not respect for a manager. The
psychological result for employees is dependence on their boss, whose
power to hire, fire, and perspire them is almost absolute.
If the manager of the CHI Inc. will use this he can conclude to the
two that they should spend at least 2-3 hours of their time for the
business. Since he was the General Manger of the company he should
know his power to dictate because he has the authority to do it.

Chapter IV
Recommended solution, Implementation and Justification
The alternative solutions which the company may do are:
Hire an experienced person regarding business operations
If possible recruit 2 more directors to complete the directors lineup and;


The First possible Solution
The Advantage of the first solution






is the assurance for the companys growth because if they will hire an
experience person who knows everything about marketing a business
it will grant them a success in their first business operation.

The Disadvantage

We know that it is an experience person maybe it will demand for a big

salary which is too costly for the company because they arent sure if
the business will be successful because there are other company with
the same line.
The Next possible solution
The Advantage

Its advantage is that it will complete their Board of Directors list and
additional investment will be put up in the business. Their capital will
be enough to supply the needs and expenses of the company for their
The Disadvantage

But the thing is what if those 2 people are also practicing their
individual profession? Just like the two incorporators they cannot also
spend their time for the business. Its another problem for the
manager. They cannot depend their business to the newly hire, he
must have a companion.

The Last Possible Solution

The Advantage

If all of the incorporators will spend their time to the company it will
solve all of their problems because their major problem is their time.
If they pursue to have an individual time-management they can do
business meetings to improve their business operations.

The Disadvantage

But what if they didnt have any time to spend for the business? What
should they do? It is a big problem for them because they cannot
engage in a business without spending their time and knowing what is
happening in their business.
As an additional solution maybe the incorporators should have a
meeting first. Just like what I mentioned earlier, No business can start their
operations without spending some of their time to discuss something for the
business. Its not also an acceptable excuse that they are practicing their
individual professions so they cant spend some spare time for the business.
If that is the case they should withdraw their money in the business because
always remember that in every business you should not only invest money.
You should invest both money and effort. The CHI In. must have an urgent
meeting to discuss and solve all of their problems and to take some
precautionary actions regarding to their business operations.

Chapter V
External Sourcing
The recommended solution or plan regards to their problem is to spend
at least 2-3 hours a day in the business if possible. All of them should spend
their time in the company because a company cannot stand on its own. They
should all cooperate for them to become successful and to eliminate their
competitors. If the company will really hire a person who has an experience
regarding marketing supervisions it will lead them to a success because this
man knows everything in business.
The theory of Human Relations Movement of Elton Mayo maybe used
because it denotes a Social Man who does not work only for money but
also working for his friends. In the case of CHI Inc. if they will really recruit
their 4 other friends they can easily manage the company because their
already know the attitude of each other very well. If all of the directors will
spent their time to the business they can monitor the day to day activity of
the business. We think this theory is the best because the 3 incorporators
will recruit their 4 other friends in the business which a social man also says
that A man can produce more output even if the light is illuminated
because he is with his friends or companions. So if the incorporators will
really recruit their friend they can manage the company accordingly because
as I said earlier they know each other very well. Since they are all friends
maybe all of them has the same perspective or objectives and goals for the
business. Working with your friends is the best because all of you are

brainstorming meaning to say each of you is giving ideas. The business will
be successful in their first operations and to the following operations if all of
them would spend their time and effort for the company.