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219 Church St., Kohler, WI 53044


FEBRUARY 15, 2015 | 920-331-4904

Kohler grad Tyler Lewis steps into the
limelight with half-court shot
By Mary Struck, Publisher/editor
Tyler Lewis, a 2013 Kohler
graduate and second-year student
at the University of Virginia, sank
a half-court shot to win $18,000
from State Farm during ESPN’s
College GameDay pregame show
hosted by the university on January 31.
Tyler had 18 seconds to win, but
only needed 11, making the shot
on his fourth try which sent the capacity crowd of fellow students
and the ESPN crew into a frenzy.
Tyler, who was only the fifth person to make the shot during the
show’s history, bolted around the
gym and jumped on the scorer’s
table. Visit or to
see videos.
Tyler was chosen from among
12,000 students for the contest as
a member of the “Hoo Crew” committee, which is UVa’s student section spirit group. It was left up to
the Hoo Crew to pick the contestant, and they chose Tyler because
he had played well for them in intramural basketball. 
Tyler’s parents, Jim and Linda
Lewis, were on a plane in Orange
County, California preparing for
takeoff when Tyler was scheduled
to shoot. Linda said they were able
to see the shot on their iPad using
an ESPN app literally seconds before they were required to turn off
electronic devices.
The Lewis’s then had a layover
at Dallas Fort Worth airport and as
they were approaching the gate,

John Paul Jones Arena erupts after Tyler Lewis wins the State Farm half-court contest during ESPN’s College GameDay
pre-game show hosted at the University of Virginia on January 31. – Photos Kelsey Grant, The Cavalier Daily

saw Tyler on a big screen television. Linda said it was all surreal.
Jim’s advice to Tyler that morning before the contest was to be
gracious no matter what happened.
Within minutes of sinking the
shot, the Internet and social media
lit up with videos of Tyler’s moment. It even made ESPN Sports
Center’s Top Ten Plays of the Day.
One of the ESPN analysts asked
Tyler what his plans were for the
prize money, and Tyler responded
“Tuition, I guess . . .”
A Wisconsin Badgers game fol-

Tyler Lewis accepts check for $18,000 after winning the half-court challenge.
– Photos Kelsey Grant, The Cavalier Daily

lowed the show, and the announcers mentioned that Tyler was from
Kohler, Wisconsin as the cameras
switched to Badgers player Sam
Dekker (from Sheboygan) warming up. The announcers didn’t
know that Tyler and Sam had actually played against each other in
local basketball tournaments and
in high school games.
I had a chance to send Tyler a
few questions about his experience
and here are his responses:
On a scale of 1-10, how nervous
were you?
I was definitely nervous, but at
the end of the day, I was shooting
a basketball in front of all my
classmates. So it wasn’t a job interview or a final exam or anything
like that. I was doing something
that I loved, and it just happened to
be on national television. That
morning, while I was waiting in
the stands to take the shot, I’d say
my nervousness level was around
a 9. But when I walked out onto
the court, my nerves were overcome by excitement. While I was
taking the shot, my nervousness
was probably around level 5 or 6.
How did you celebrate?
Before taking the shot, I watched
some videos of the other students
who had made the shot in the past.

I found out that they really didn’t
celebrate the way I would have expected from college students who
just won $18K. So I knew if I
made the shot, I would go crazy
and try to embrace the moment
with the fans. After the shot went
in, I was overflowing with emotion. The crowd was so loud that I
didn’t even realize that Jay
Williams came in to give me a bro
hug. I just felt like taking a lap
around the court. I saw the scorer’s
table was empty and figured it
would be cool to get as close to my
classmates as possible.
Were you able to get any sleep
that night after all the excitement?
I got very little sleep that night.
My phone was ringing off the
hook, and social media was exploding. That night, I went downtown and one of my buddies
thought it would be fun to introduce me to every person who
walked by. He actually didn’t have
to do much introducing, as suddenly lots of people recognized
me. So my night consisted of taking pictures with lots of random
What were the strangest things
to happen to you after all the

The strangest thing was that
somebody made a fake Twitter account pretending to be me. I didn’t
have a Twitter account, but when I
realized someone was impersonating me, I quickly created one. I just
found it odd that someone would
actually do that.
To what do you credit your halfcourt shooting prowess? Have
you been able to do some court
time at UVa?
I remember back at Kohler High
School, when I would jokingly
shoot half-court shots after lunch
with Kyle Struck and some others.
Well, I guess that “practice” really
paid off. I actually found out that I
would be taking the shot the night
before, so I was able to go to the
gym and practice about 30 halfcourt shots. I only made like 2 or 3
of them, so I definitely was not expecting to make the shot on game
day. I also think that playing basketball in high school helped me
not get too intimidated by a crowd.

Kohler high
school seeking
soccer coach
for fall, 2015
Kohler High School is looking
for a Boys Varsity Soccer Coach
for the Fall of 2015.
Applications will be taken
through Friday March 20.
Please contact Doug Bocchini
@ or
(920) 803-7205 with any questions.

will be posted
The Kohler Villlager doesn’t
print letters to the editor or candidate endorsements in the print version, but they will be published on
The Kohler Villager Facebook
page and website. Email letters to

FEBRUARY 15, 2015



Feb. 21, Mar. 21 & Apr. 18


Hearthside Dinner

11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Sheboygan County’s premier early learning
program and facility.
Half Day Program; Full Day Program for working parents.
Ages 2 - 7


Make reservations in
the 19th century.
The sounds and smells of the 19th century come to life as stove and fireplace fires
are lit and guests chop and stir, season and roast, preparing their midday meal as
Betsey Wade routinely did for stagecoach travelers a century and a half ago.
For information and reservations, call (920) 526-3271. $45 per person

Diane Gorychka

Highway 23 in Greenbush WI •


Licensed Teacher Pre-K - 8th grade & Principal - WI DPI
Diploma - Association Montessori Internationale
Tel. (920) 459-7677
3103 WeHden Creek Road, Sheboygan WI

ĸĜÑ äļźńù¼ļ ŝƃƃ <êăꌼ®

ĸĜÑ ļşſ¼

ZŒ|ļŒêĉÖ |Œ ·Ĝō©ŗÄÄ

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<Z %HV ŗō BHC`+Z HV ŗƃ©ƃƃƃ
B.<Z© ·ŝƃÑĎ e ` Z.&C.C&

ŝƃƃ Z
ZŒ|ļŒêĉÖ |Œ


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ĸĜÑ 8¼¼Ĥ T|ŒļêĒŒ

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ŗÔƃƃ ZĪ şńêĉ¼ńń ļêŶ¼



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`Ē |ĤĤļĒŶ¼® ›ļ¼®êŒ Ī .ĉ›ùş®¼ń |ùù êĉ›¼ĉŒêŶ¼ń |ĉ® ļ¼|Œ¼ńĪ `|Ź© ŒêŒù¼© ù꛼ĉń¼© |ĉ® ϼ¼ń ¼ŹŒļ|Ī

FEBRUARY 15, 2015





OSCAR WARD, 1928-2015
The Furniture
Store as
Large as a
Football Field
Over 40 mattresses
on display.
Almost 1,000 different
fabric choices for your
Flexsteel furniture.

The most highly recommended bed in America


2133 Eastern Ave. Plymouth, WI

Monday - Friday: 9 am - 8 pm
Saturday: 9 am - 5 pm
Sunday: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Find us oline at:

Oscar Ward, age 86, of Kohler
died peacefully in his home on
January 26, surrounded by his loving family.
Oscar was born on September
19, 1928 in Soperton, Wisconsin,
the first of six children of Alfred
and Elsie (Price) Ward. After living in different parts of the country, including several years at Fort
Meade, SD, his family settled in
Milwaukee when Oscar was 9. He
graduated from West Division
High School in Milwaukee in
1947. During high school, he attained the rank of Eagle Scout and
was an accomplished musician,
being named to Milwaukee’s allcity band. He continued his education through coursework at
Milwaukee Area Technical College and Marquette University.
He married Louise Mae Lemmermann on September 1, 1951.
They lived in Milwaukee and
Menomonee Falls before moving
to Kohler in 1966.
Oscar had a 48-year career in
the food store business, starting at
age 15 when he began working 8hour days while still attending
high school. He trained as an apprentice meatcutter and later
moved to meat sales and management. In 1951, he was drafted and
served proudly in the U.S. Army
as a Veterinary Corps meat inspector at Camp McCoy and Fort
Sheridan. He later worked as a
salesman for Swift & Co. and as a
meat merchandiser for Roundy’s
before accepting the position of
Director of Meat Operations for

(John Bailey) Ward of beloved daughter Candace Ward
Piggly Wiggly stores in
Seattle, WA; eight Howell; his parents; and his broth1966. He retired from
grandchildren, Jen- ers Alfred and John Ward and sisPiggly Wiggly in 1992
nifer (Lee Gumienny) ter Joyce Lewis.
as the Vice President for
Howell and Thomas
An open house celebrating
Meat and Deli Opera(Sarah Wellington) Oscar’s life was held on February
tions. After retirement,
Benjamin 7 at Blackwolf Run in Kohler,
he worked part-time as
(Samantha Winslow) open to all friends, family, and
a starter/ranger at
Ward, Christopher and community members. Parking asBlackwolf Run for
Andrew Ward, and sistance will be available.
many years.
Sonja, Alexandra, and
A memorial fund has been esOscar was very active
Oscar Ward
Celeste Giordani; his tablished in Oscar’s name for the
in the community. Besister Connie (Bill) Klingler, Kohler School Foundation.
fore moving to Kohler, he served
For online condolences and adbrother Eddie (Judy) Ward, and
on the school boards of Willow
sister-in-law Phyllis Ward; and ditional
Springs Grade School in Lannon,
many nieces and nephews.
Wis. and Hamilton High School in
He was preceded in death by his
Sussex, Wis. After moving to
Kohler, he was elected to the
Kohler School Board, serving for
11 years including several years as
President. He was elected to the
Kohler Village Board in 1995 and
served for 13 years, including 8
years as President of the Village
Board from 1997-2005. He also
was a member of the Kohler PoCome to American Family Insurance and take advantage of our new lineup of discounts.
lice Athletic League and an officer
Contact me today for a competitive insurance quote.
in the Kohler Kiwanis.
Oscar had boundless energy and
Your dream is out there. Go get it. We’ll protect it.
many interests, including boating,
golf, Badger and Packer football,
Sue Breitbach Fenn Agency
community service, working in his
American Star Certified Agency
yard, and helping his neighbors.
Excellence In Customer Experience
He especially loved travelling
3626 Erie Ave
across the country to visit his children and grandchildren.
(920) 457-1950
Oscar leaves behind his wife of
63 years, Louise; his children
Michael (Kathryn Farinholt) Ward
of Baltimore, MD, Christine
(Mike Dietrich) Ward Giordani of
American Family Mutual Insurance Company, American Family Insurance Company,
American Standard Insurance Company of Ohio, American Standard Insurance Company of Wisconsin.
Stockton, CA, Jonathan Ward of
6000 American Parkway, Madison, WI 53783 ©2013 007390 – 6/13
New Delhi, India, and David


Judge Catherine Q. Delahunt has a
consistent record of conservative values.


• Presiding Judge City of Sheboygan
and Village of Kohler Municipal Court
• Delahunt Law Offices LLC, Kohler
• Gonzalez, Saggio and Harlan LLP, Milwaukee
• Carlson & Mentkowski SC, Milwaukee
• Assistant State’s Attorney of Cook County (Chicago), IL
• American Institute of Paralegal Studies, Instructor
• Chicago Center for Dispute Resolution, Mediator
• Circuit Court of Lake County, IL, Arbitrator
• Judicial Law Clerk, Hon. Arthur Dunne
Bar Admissions:

• John Marshall Law School, Chicago, J.D.
• University of WI - Madison,
Bachelor of Business Administration

State of Illinois 1986
State of Wisconsin 1991
U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois 1986
U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Wisconsin 1991
U.S. District Court, Western District of Wisconsin 1991
U.S. Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit 1991
United States Claims Court 1992
United States Supreme Court 1992

• Holy Name of Jesus and St. Clement Parish,
Pastoral Council/Finance
• Maywood, Vice President/Trustee
• Rotary Sheboygan Downtown President Elect
• Criminal Justice Advisory Committee
• Joint Municipal Court Advisory Committee
• Sheboygan Co. Bar Assoc., Past Secretary/Treas.
• Association of Women Lawyer's
• Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
• Women in Management, Sheboygan chapter
• National Ski Patrol, patroller
• Married to Kevin Delahunt, 5 children
"Judge Delahunt tells people what they need to hear, not
what they want to hear. I believe that Judge Delahunt
will serve the Sheboygan County residents well and be
an outstanding Circuit Court Judge.”

- Chief William Rutten
Police Chief, Village of Kohler

"I highly recommend voting for Catherine Delahunt for
Sheboygan County Circuit Court Branch 4 because of
her fair and thoughtful application of the laws to everyone."

- Mayor Donald O. Pohlman
Mayor, City of Plymouth

Judge Delahunt with her family

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Judge Delahunt, Dr. Paul A. Gruber, Treasurer

VOTE: Tuesday, Feb. 17TH

ENDORSED BY judges, attorneys, elected officials,
community leaders, law enforcement and citizens like you.
JUDGE DELAHUNT is the independent candidate with
broad-based support.


FEBRUARY 15, 2015




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Dr. Maria Montessori (Italy)
Montessori Charter School
grades 1-6 now available!

1907 N. 20th St., Sheboygan
M-F 6am – 6pm

3 Dealerships, 2 Locations, 1 Goal to be Your Dealer

8th Annual Kohler Schools chess
tournament to be held February 28
The 8th Annual Kohler
Schools chess tournament will
be held Saturday, February 28 at
the school at 333 Upper Road,
Kohler from 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
The tournament format includes
K4 and K8 divisions. Six round
Swiss G30. WSCF membership is
not required.
Awards will be: K4-3 – team trophies, individual trophies to top
five players, and medals to all. K83 – team trophies, individual tro-

phies to top five players, and
medals to all
Entree fee is $10 per player
for advance registration, $15 onsite registration.
Check-in will be from 8:00 to
8:30 a.m. Round 1 begins close to
9:00 a.m. Onsite registration for
round 1 ends at 8:40 a.m. Pre- registrants arriving after 8:30 a.m. and
on site registrations arriving after
8:15 a.m. can enter the tournament
round 2 with a 1/2 point first

round bye. Please check in as
early as possible. For advance
registration, register online at before 11:00 p.m. on February 26.
Registration fee will be paid at
the tournament. Make checks
payable to Kohler Student Activity
Lunch will be available for purchase on-site.
At least one designated adult supervisor must be present at all

times during the tournament to
oversee your school’s team, or individual participants who are in K
through eighth grade. Bring pencils and clocks if you have them.
Questions: Contact WSCF at
or 262-573-5624 or Mike Sebald at
Chess Notation: Strongly encouraged for those students third
grade and older.
Inclement Weather: Go the

event page for this tournament on
the day of the tournament after
7:00 a.m. to see if the tournament
has been postponed, delayed or
WSCF is a 501(c) 3 non-profit
dedicated to promoting Chess as
an educational tool for students
throughout Wisconsin.
WSCF 2819 W. Highland Blvd
Milwaukee, WI 53208, 262-5735624.

Great Marriages Service Club, raises
more than $152,000
The Sheboygan Service Club,
along with their partner charity
Great Marriages, raised over
$152,000 in one evening to benefit
not only Great Marriages, but also
27 other charities in our County.
In addition, the contributions donated provide college scholarships
to high school graduates who have
demonstrated a commitment to
their education and community
service work.
Dana Bemis, President of the
Sheboygan Service Club said,
“This is the highest level of support we have ever raised in one
night at our Gala event. Because of
the efforts of all the women in our
organization, our honored guests,
and the efforts of Great Marriages,
we were able to give to other organizations that were selected at
record levels as well.”
The Sheboygan Service Club is
a not-for-profit group whose members each volunteer for a six-year
term to give back to the commu-

nity. The group has affected multiple organizations in our County
throughout its 83-year history
through service to improve the
lives of citizens in Sheboygan
County. Since its inception, the
SSC has involved more than 600
women and raised over $1 Million
dollars with over 2,500 hours a
year in service and fundraising activities.
Great Marriages was selected
for its proven work with the community to support marriages and
help reduce the divorce rate. Deb
Wolniak, Executive Director, said
“Although the divorce rate occurs
in 53% of marriages in our County,
couples who come to Great Marriages and complete the Prepare
and Enrich Mentoring Program report not only that they are staying
together, but they are finding renewed hope and growth in their relationship. We hear it over and
over again. So many couples
headed to divorce court, or just

looking for enrichment (even after
45 plus years of marriage) are now
seeing renewed hope, passion and
growth in their marital relationship.
The grant awarded to Great
Marriages will go directly toward
programming. The updated schedule for 2015 includes new ways to
date your spouse (Date Nights),
social programming, classes and
retreats. Wolniak continues, “Our
hope is that people from all ages
and stages join us to grow their relationships, including singles, dating, engaged, and married. We
even have a conference for those
who have blended families due to
remarriage or marrying again after
the loss of a spouse.” The schedule can be viewed on the website
Events tab.
Dana Bemis invites others who
want to apply for the 2015 grant to
submit their proposals by March
31, 2015 to qualify for considera-

tion. “It is wonderful to be able to
serve with women from around
our County who care so deeply for

those in need, support causes that
create positive social change, and
encourage generosity.”

Pictured Pastor Abraham Loya (Board Member), Tom Rice (Treasurer), Jocelyn
Medrek (Assistant Director), Jerry Baumann (Board Member), Jeanette Martinek (Board Member/Advisory), Hal Ribich (Board Chair), Deb Wolniak (Executive Director), Dana Bemis (President of Sheboygan Service Club) and her
children Katherine, Elizabeth, and Caroline Bemis, along with Kathleen Eaton
(Treasurer, SSC), and Janine Chesebro (Vice President. SSC). – Submitted photo

FEBRUARY 15, 2015





Cedar Grove-Belgium Elementary receives
most votes at Gingerbread Festival
KOHLER, Wis. – The Kohler
Foundation has announced the
winners of the 18th Annual Gingerbread Festival competition. The
overall highest vote-getter was
Cedar Grove-Belgium Preschool
under the direction of the AM and
PM Preschool teacher Nan Hokanson. The children created a “Castle
in the Clouds.”
From Thanksgiving until New
Year’s Eve, 46 gingerbread creations of all sizes and shapes were
displayed at the Waelderhaus in
Kohler, and more than 7,500 visitors voted for their favorite designs.
Among the other creative entries
were Super Mario Land, The City
is Safe for Christmas, Game Night
in Gumdrop Land, Elsa’s Ice
Tower, Peppermint Hotel, Winter
Candy Land, notable Wisconsin
sports stadiums, and several
adorable winter cabins. Prizes,
based on tallied votes, were
awarded in six categories.
The first-place winners in each
category were awarded $500.
They include:
*Pre-school: Cedar Grove-Bel-

Jim Schermetzler

Mike Daniels

Photo by Kohler Foundation

gium Elementary (Mrs. Hokanson’s AM/PM classes) “Castle in
the Clouds”
*Grades K-2: Kohler Elementary
(Mrs. Roeber’s 2nd/3rd grade
class) “Christmas at the Wonka
Candy Factory”
*Grades 3-5: Kohler Elementary
(Mrs. LaDuke’s 4th grade class)
“Miller Park – Home of the Milwaukee Brewers”
*Grades 6-8: St. John Lutheran
(Jodi Lindsey) “The Cosy Cabin”
*Grades 9-12: Cedar Grove Belgium High School (Mrs. Dreher’s

Kathy Nonhof

Brian Homiston

Terri Stewart

Home Economics class) Lambeau
Field – Vikings v. Packers “The
*Community Groups: Lake Country Academy (Mrs. Remington’s
Girl Scout Troop #8643) “Wonderful Wizard of Oz”
Second-place winners earned a
$250 cash prize. They include:
*Pre-school: Montessori Children’s House (Krista Krause)
“Tree House”
*Grades K-2: St. Elizabeth Ann
Seton School (Emily Melin) “O
Little Town of Bethlehem”
*Grades 3-5: Oostburg Elementary
(Katiri Helmeid – Art Teacher)
*Grades 6-8: St. John the Baptist
(Mrs. Friend’s 7th Grade Math
Class) “Sugar Beach”
*Grades 9-12: Sheboygan Falls
High School (Vickie Meyer)
“Frosty’s Cottage”
*Community Groups: RCS Empowers (Mary Winscher) “The
Music Man”
Third place honorees and recipients of a $100 award were:
*Pre-school: John Michael Kohler

Meg Trager

Fred Stone

W6184 Sumac Rd, Plymouth
• 5 Acres of wooded rolling land & 2 ponds
• 3,800 sq ft home, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths
• Mother-in-law quarters w/2 bedrooms
• Huge private deck, 2nd floor laundry
• Formerly a dog kennel grooming business
• 1.5 Car garage, space for extra parking
#3865 $239,900
Fred Stone 980-1370

525 Pine Tree Rd, Kohler
• Well Maintained with character & charm
• Oversized living room, 1st floor den
• Family room addition with bay window
• 3 large bedrooms, good closet space
• Over 1800 Sq Ft, Quaint reading nook
• Shared driveway but has it’s own 2 car garage
#3862 $168,900
Jim Schermetzler 912-1982

W5910 Sumac Rd, Plymouth
• Beautiful quality built home on 10.45 acres
• Nicely landscaped, pond-fish stocked and sandy beach
• Living room & family room with fireplaces
• 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 baths, office, deck & patio
• Lower rec room and wet bar
• Out buildings, horses permitted
#3860 $449,900
Brian Homiston 889-9439

powers (Jenika Fettig) “UP”
For more information about the
Waelderhaus, upcoming events,
and for photos of all the Gingerbread creations in this year’s Festival, visit
or find Kohler Foundation on
The Waelderhaus is managed by
the Kohler Foundation, a private,
non-profit foundation that supports
the arts, education, and preservation initiatives.

We’ve Made Some Changes!
Now it’s even easier to shop
our wide variety of machines,
sewing and quilting notions,
threads, and supplies!
Stop in and see what 37 years
of sales and service can do for you!
860 Monroe St. Sheboygan Falls

(920) 467-3135
Mon 9:30-3:00;
Tues-Fri 9:30-5:30; Sat 9:30-1:00

John Brigham

Village Realty & Development Brokerage, Inc.
The Shops at Woodlake Kohler
795B Woodlake Road
Kohler, WI 53044
(920) 457-1075 or toll free (800) 351-4371

1430 N. 7th Street, Sheboygan
• Wonderful architectural details, old world charm
• Lovingly restored, beautiful renovated kitchen
• 3 Bedrooms, 1.5 baths, 1st floor family room
• Near Lake Michigan, New garage in 2010
• Formal living and dining areas, fireplace
• 2nd Level Sun room along backside of home
#3846 $149,900
Kathy Nonhof 254-4784

Arts Center Pre-school (Keely
Phippen) “Light House”
*K-2: Kohler Public School (Mrs.
Bley) “Just Kidding Around”
*3-5: Kohler Elementary (Ann
Bartelt) “Retro McDonalds”
*6-8: Sheboygan Falls Middle
School (Mrs. Fiorini’s Enrichment
Group) “Fisherman’s Paradise”
*9-12: Cedar Grove Belgium High
School (Mrs. Dreher’s Home Economics Class) “Santa’s Workshop”
*Community Groups: RCS Em-

514 South Pier Dr, Units #2-3, Sheboygan
• Two condos available w/slight variations in floor plan
• All condos have 2 bedrooms & 2 baths
• Quality cabinetry, granite & tile throughout
• Balconies to enjoy amazing views of harbor, river & South
Pier district
• Located above a retail opportunity
• All condos have secure entry and elevator access
#3547 $169,900
#3548 $249,900
Brian Homiston 889-9439

548 Sir Howard Cir., Kohler
• Well maintained 2-Story Contemporary home
• 5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, first floor laundry
• Office and sunroom overlook the lake
• Master suite bath w/jetted tub and WI shower
• Exposed Lower, media & exercise rooms, office, 4th BR
• Cedar siding, composite decking, well landscaped yard
#3815 $724,900
Jim Schermetzler 254-0861

1546 Falcon Way, Sheboygan Falls
• 3 Bedrooms, 2 full baths
• Kitchen with new counters and flooring
• New carpet, freshly painted
• 2 Car attached garage
• Deck and large back yard
• Why rent when you can own!
#3878 $124,900
Meg Trager 207-9228

3105 N 13th St, Sheboygan
• 3 Bedroom, 1.5 bath Ranch Priced to Sell
• Nice sized living areas
• Cute dinette area and updated kitchen
• Full 2 car attached garage
• Wonderful neighborhood
• Walking distance to schools and shopping
#3874 $89,900
Kathy Nonhof 254-4784

429 Church St, Kohler
• 3 bedrooms, full bath with jetted tub and shower
• Sun filled family room with cathedral ceilings
• New roof in 2013, All new mechanicals
• Conveniently located adjacent to Kohler Schools
• Close to American Club and Kohler Water Spa
• Broker Owned
#3870 $179,900
Jim Schermetzler 254-0861

1224 Camelot Blvd., Sheboygan
• Great south side 3 Bedroom, 3.5 bath 2-Story
• Large living and dining room combination
• Family Room with gas fireplace, eat-in kitchen
• Fresh paint and carpet throughout
• Oversized yard with deck and patio
• New roof in fall 2013
#3876 $189,900
Jim Schermetzler 254-0861

239 Settlers Trail, Sheboygan Falls
• Set on The Bull with spectacular views
• Great room with vaulted ceiling & skylights
• Two way fireplace, kitchen with SS appliances
• 3 Bedrooms, 2 full and 2 half baths, bonus room
• Special lower level entertainment center with bar
• Sunroom with hot tub, upper balcony
• Beautiful patio with outdoor kitchen
#3859 $895,000
Mike Daniels 946-0034

4925 Dennwood Dr, Sheboygan
• Sprawling home, Lake views from every room
• 2.5 acres on the bluff of Lake Michigan
• Over 6,150 sq ft of living/entertaining space
• Private master bedroom suite
• Indoor pool, sauna, library room
• Four fireplaces, flagstone floors
#3871 $950,000
Terri Stewart 912-4303


FEBRUARY 15, 2015






Independently Owned

Office: (920) 457-2306 Ext. 107
Direct: (920) 783-2107
Fax: (920) 457-2328
Home: (920) 458-8315
Toll Free: (800) 569-6801
Sheboygan Sales Office
2500 Kohler Memorial Drive
Sheboygan, WI 53081

Prevea Health Center
1526 N. Taylor Drive ■ Sheboygan
(920) 457-2100

Pediatric and adult otolaryngology/ENT
Allergy Testing and Treatment
Minimally Invasive Sinus Surgery


Lawn care is next topic in
Master Gardener Lecture
Series Tuesday, February 17
Bruce Schweiger, manager of
the UW Turf Diagnostic Lab in
Madison will discuss low maintenance lawns and the do’s and
dont’s of spring lawn care. His two
topics explore myths and commonly held turfgrass maintenance
ideas that can be more detrimental
than advantageous to quality lawn
management. He will explore irrigation techniques, renovation
ideas and the early spring mad
rush to grow grass that can all be

damaging to home lawns. He will
also explore how environmentally
beneficial proper turfgrass maintenance can be to our environment.
The talk is open to the public
and will start at 6:30 p.m. in
UWEX room 5020 on the UWSheboygan campus. Due to construction, access to this area is
through the Brotz Family Science
Center located on the campus East
Parking Lot. For more information call Sue at 458-1848.

Grace UCC - Kohler Ash
Wednesday Service at Grace
UCC – Kohler
Submitted by Grace UCC in
Grace United Church of Christ
invites the public to join them in an
Ash Wednesday service of worship
on February 18, at 7:30 pm. Ash
Wednesday is the beginning of the
Christian Season of Lent, a time of
lengthening days and a time for
lengthening our time with God.
The Senior Choir, under the leadership of Mrs. Audrey Braatz, will
provide an inspirational anthem at
the service and Rev. Tom
Schroeder will take us through a
journey from ashes to renewal.
This service is an ideal time to
come to learn how God shapes our
lives and moves us to strive for

even greater things.
On Sunday, February 22, Grace
UCC will celebrate the First Sunday in Lent
with the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Grace celebrates open
communion and invites all who
wish to commune with God and
fellow Christians to join us in this
celebration. In keeping with the
openness of Communion Grace offers gluten free bread in our service. The public is welcome to join
us in this celebration at either the
8: a.m. service of one at 10 a.m.
The 10:00 service will also be
enhanced with music from our Sr.
and our Children’s choirs.

Prevea Ear, Nose & Throat

Edward Smith, DO

Rita M. Gast, CRS, GRI
Associate Vice President


Thursday, February 26, 2015, 5:30-8:00 p.m.
at the Kohler Schools Gym Lobby
$5.00 to taste all chili and cast a vote.
Sample middle/high school coaches’ chili recipes and vote for your favorite!
The coach with the winning recipe receives 50% of the proceeds for that team.

Sheboygan County seeking thoughts
and suggestions regarding
recreational amenities
Sheboygan County, with the
help of its Recreational Facilities
Management Advisory Committee, is interested in gathering the
thoughts and suggestions of the
public relating to the parks, trails,
and outdoor recreation areas
throughout the County. The
County is asking for the help of its
residents to provide their perspective by taking a short survey.
Survey takers are asked questions such as how satisfied they are
with the recreation opportunities in
their own communities and Sheboygan County, as well as what
they think can be improved. These

opportunities can include the park
next door, the lake used for fishing,
the supply of preservation areas for
bird watching, or the multi-use
trails for bicycling, among others.
The results will be incorporated
into the 2015 Sheboygan County
Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation and Open Space Plan. The
Plan is an important tool for the
County since it is a requirement for
certain grant funding, which can
be used to help pay for new recreational opportunities or maintain
existing opportunities. Based on
the public’s viewpoints gathered
from the survey results, goals and

specific projects will be incorporated into the 2015 Plan.
The survey is available online at on the
Planning & Conservation Department page. They are also available
in hard copy form, which can be
mailed upon request.
The survey should take approximately five to ten minutes to complete. For any questions, contact
the Sheboygan County Planning &
Conservation Department at 920459-3060

FEBRUARY 15, 2015


Where are
they now?

Name of Kohler Grad:
Kim (Cook) Loose
Current residence:
Appleton, WI
Year graduated from Kohler
High School: 1989
Occupation: Restaurant
Fondest memories growing up
in Kohler:
Homecoming float building

Name of Kohler Grad: 
Debra (Messner) Martin

Current residence: Jackson MO
Year graduated from Kohler
High School:
Realtor/Broker Manger
Fondest memories growing up in
Kohler was a wonderful place to
grow up. always safe and clean.
Good friends and lots of memories
from school plays, madrigal and
pool time. Going back to Kohler
now as an adult makes me appreciate the unique environment that
it is still today. Gorgeous homes,
manicured lawns and picture perfect in so many ways.
What was most memorable about
attending Kohler Schools, and
how did the education at KHS
help this grad attain their goals?
While I chose not to attend college, I felt my education was great
preparation for my future. I feel I
am articulate and appreciate the
small school environment Kohler
Career, family, hobbies, etc.:
I work with my husband Jeff and
daughter Jessica in Real Estate in
Cape Girardeau/Jackson Missouri
for the past 16 years. We have two
children, Jess & Julie (who attended Kohler through 8th Grade).
We have three grandchildren: Eli
and Ani Goodwin (children of Jessica Martin/Goodwin. Lauren Malone is the daughter of Julie Martin.
We love spending time with our
family, we enjoy an occasional
cruise and time spent with friends.
To complete the alumni survey,
visit and click
the “Alumni Survey” navigation




Kohler resident celebrated fifth year
of launching state’s only free,
children’s book festival
By Stephanie Dlugopolski
For much of her adult life,
Kohler resident Jo Ann Dent has
been immersed in books – physically and professionally. But when
she started putting her own
thoughts together five years ago
about creating a local children’s
book festival, she didn’t realize
she was crafting her own next
chapter. This article takes a look at
the early development of the Sheboygan Children’s Book Festival
and the inspiration behind Wisconsin’s only free children’s book festival, which celebrated its fifth
anniversary this past October.
The idea. And plenty of
Jo Ann recalled how inspired
her young students became after
they interacted with a professional
author or illustrator. “It was a great
thing to witness, seeing the power
these book creators had in inspiring the students to read, imagine,
write, or draw,” she recalled.
But those author visits were taking place in Milwaukee, at a private school where she served as
assistant librarian. When she later
became the coordinator at the Literary Council in Sheboygan
County, Jo Ann gained a new appreciation for the links between
family literacy and reading development in young children. “In that
role I really identified how critical
the connection is for children to
develop a life-long love of reading. And I realized that nothing
like a large-scale community book
festival existed here, which I felt
was a large gap.”
Then she asked herself, what
was the likelihood someone else
might organize a children’s book
festival in Sheboygan? “We don’t
have an independent book store,
which is usually the organization
that brings authors into town. Sheboygan really didn’t have many
opportunities to bring youth and
families together in celebration of
books and reading.”
Her husband, Tom, could see
how passionate Jo Ann was about
the idea of a children’s book festival, and shared his wife’s curiosity: Would this make sense outside
their home?
Gaining Steam & Support
Inspired by the Wisconsin Book
Festival in Madison, Jo Ann met
with their leadership to understand
what might be involved in organizing a children’s book festival in
her community. She was advised
to talk to other Sheboygan County
organizations that shared her mission of encouraging young readers. Jo Ann met with the Eastern
Shores Library System, the Sheboygan Area School District,

Children’s Book Festival CoChairs Karin Menzer, Tom Dent (festival steering
committee) and Jo Ann Dent (festival founder and co-chair).

Mead Public Library, Bookworm
Gardens and the John Michael
Kohler Arts Center. She wrote a
concept paper and shared it with
her potential collaborators. She
was told by each of these organizations, that her idea to create a
free children’s book festival was a
fit with their respective missions,
and how could they help?
So in 2009, planning for the first
Sheboygan Children’s Book Festival began, with great support from
many areas: a major grant from the
Wisconsin Humanities Council,
monetary and staff marketing support from the JMKAC, funding
from the Mead Public Library
Foundation and a half dozen local
family and corporate foundations.
Numerous individuals and local
professionals also volunteered
their time. Karin Menzer, youth
services manager at Mead Public
Library, agreed to serve as co-chair
with Jo Ann. And her husband,
Tom, shares his marketing and
digital expertise, and ongoing encouragement.
“This is what we feel makes the
Sheboygan Children’s Book Festival so successful,” says Jo Ann.
“It’s a true collaboration among all
who share a mission. This festival
doesn’t live with any single organization, and we’re all committed to
efficiency in sharing our areas of
A Recipe for Success
Some of the best and brightest
authors and illustrators have presented at the Sheboygan Children’s Book Festival. The festival
brings 12-15 award-winning authors and illustrators to the festival
each year.
Five Caldecott Award-winning
illustrators presented at the 2013
festival, while Newbery Award
and National Book Award winning
authors have also appeared. The
significant increases in attendance
each year tell the festival’s planning members that they’re on the
right track. The festival attracted

3,200 attendees in its first year
(2010) and that number jumped to
7,100 in 2013. In addition to more
than 50 public festival events over
three days many of the authors
also visit local schools. In 2013,
eight of the festival’s authors and
illustrators visited 16 schools
throughout the county, reaching
nearly 4,000 students. For the
2014 festival, a group of homeschooled students will have this
opportunity as well, with the historical Wade House hosting the
visiting author and students.
Funding from the SCBF’s sponsors and donors makes it possible
for the festival to fund most of the
costs for these school visits. Sheboygan County schools pay about
$450 for an author/illustrator visit,
which is far less cost than if the
school organized an author/illustrator visit independently. And, because the festival organizes all
aspects of the visit, schools can
participate without a big investment of their staff time. For the
families taking part in any of the
3-day activities, no fees are
charged. “Our goal is to always
keep this festival accessible to
anyone and free of charge,” said Jo
More than two dozen activities –
from art and writing workshops,
storytelling, bedtime concerts, and
author/illustrator collectible trading cards – fill the weekend
agenda. The festival’s activities
take place at three beautiful venues: the botanical garden built
around children’s literature called
Bookworm Gardens, Mead Public
Library in the city’s downtown,
and at the John Michael Kohler
Arts Center, also downtown.
“The SCBF has many great
things going for it,” said Matthew
Cordell, a children’s author and illustrator. He and Julie Halpern –
his wife, who’s also an author –
presented in 2012 and since then,
have returned as participants with
their children. “Sheboygan is

small and quaint but also has so
much happening culturally. The
participating venues are of exceptional quality and every year, the
guest authors and illustrators are
top notch. And the planning and
organization are so well tailored.
It’s incredibly heart-warming to
see the community and surrounding communities rally around this
festival and children's books.”
Tom couldn’t agree more with
Matthew’s comments. He’s not
only proud of the collaborative
spirit that’s made the festival what
it is today, he’s quite proud of Jo
Ann. “It’s been so fun to see her
grow,” says Tom. “She had an idea
and sold it, which was really outside her comfort zone. Now, she’s
a project manager, strategic
thinker, grant writer, event planner,
and making wonderful community
connections. She’s acquired all
these new skills and I’m proud of
The Next Chapters
As the festival’s momentum
continues to build, Jo Ann, Karin,
and Tom have extended their vision. How do they sustain a volunteer-driven, free book festival for
children in Sheboygan County,
and perhaps broaden the reach?
They called together a strategic
planning committee, established a
mission and vision, and are applying for IRS 501 (c) (3) non-profit
status, which will also allow the
festival to apply for and accept
new funding sources.
It’s important to Jo Ann, Karin
and Tom, and everyone involved
with the festival, that Sheboygan
is seen as a community that supports children and reading. “It’s
gratifying to see so many others
get behind this and see youth get
excited about reading and imagining. I feel very fortunate this festival has had the support it has. It’s
very rewarding to be involved in
something that has this type of impact.”
Author Amy Timberlake echoed
Jo Ann’s enthusiasm. “Festivals
are great reasons to come into an
area and be reminded that there's
fun stuff to do in your own community. Not only does this festival
put authors and illustrators in front
of kids in their schools, it gets kids
excited about – and involved in –
the weekend activities.”
Planning is underway for the 6th
annual SCBF. The theme will be
“A World of Wonders,” highlighting invention, imagination, and
the scientific spirit in books for
children and teens. Mark your calendars now for October 9-11, 2015
and visit for more information.


FEBRUARY 15, 2015




For the 30th Year, American Club is
Given AAA Five-Diamond Award

The Midwest’s only recipient of Association’s top honor for three
straight decades
The American Club has once
again been awarded the American
Automobile Association’s highest
honor, its famous Five-Diamond
rating, a distinction described as
signifying “the ultimate in luxury
and sophistication.” This is the
30th consecutive year The American Club has received AAA’s premier prize, and it remains the only
resort-hotel in the Midwest to receive the accolade.
The American Club is one of
two resorts in the Kohler Co.
Global Hospitality Group, and it
provides guests with a wellrounded selection of worldrenowned championship golf
courses, outstanding spa experiences and myriad superb dining
options. The Immigrant Restaurant, located within The American
Club and known for its intimate
setting and creative use of locally
grown ingredients, was granted the
Association’s prestigious Four Diamond Award.
“We aspire to provide every
guest with an outstanding, memorable experience,” said Michael
Belot, General Manager of Destination Kohler. “To do that day in
and day out since 1985 is a real accomplishment, and we are very
proud to have maintained such a

consistently high level of service
for so long.”
The American Club was initially
built in 1918 as a dorm for immigrants who had come to work at
the Kohler factory across the
street. On an imaginative leap of
faith, the Kohler Company set out
to transform the red-brick Tutor
property into a luxurious resort
hotel in 1981, and today it is recognized as one of the most premier
resort destinations in the country.
Offering elegant rooms outfitted
with the finest KOHLER plumbing
products, along with tile and furnishings from the Kohler-owned
companies of Ann Sacks, McGuire
and Baker, The American Club
maintains what AAA recognized as
“impeccable standards of excellence.”
In addition to myriad dining options and sophisticated conference
facility, the resort also boasts the
luxurious Kohler Waters Spa. This
soothing sanctuary offers an extensive menu of unique treatments
that make use of the company’s
state-of-the-art plumbing technologies, as well as a relaxation pool
and glass-enclosed rooftop deck.
In addition, The American Club is
renowned for its award-winning

Whistling Straits and Blackwolf
Run, which have hosted two PGA
Championships, the U.S. Senior
Open, two U.S. Women’s Opens
and is home to the upcoming 2015
PGA Championship and 2020
Ryder Cup.
The Immigrant Restaurant was
also highly regarded by AAA and
secured a Four-Diamond rating, a
distinction awarded to only 2.5
percent of the nearly 30,000 AAAapproved restaurants. The American Club’s flagship restaurant, The
Immigrant Restaurant, is renowned
for its modern cuisine and the
unique intimacy provided by its six
small dining rooms, each one decorated in the distinctive style of the
first Europeans to settle Wisconsin:
French, Dutch, German, Normandy, Danish and English.
The AAA Diamond ratings
started in 1937 as a way to provide
accurate travel information to
members; today it rates more properties than any other ratings entity.
Each year, AAA sends professionally trained inspectors out to conduct unscheduled evaluations and
anonymously assess over 59,000
properties. Those properties
awarded Five-Diamonds represent
less than half of one percent of all
hotels visited by these inspectors;

an elite club with fewer than 200
members throughout the United
States, Canada, Mexico and the
Caribbean. The American Club is
one of only 2 establishments that
has maintained its Five-Diamond
rating for 30 years or more.
For reservations, please call

800-344-2838 or visit for more information. Stay up to date on news and
happenings on Facebook and on

Horse & Plow News

The Horse & Plow and Larry’s Distributing congratulate The End
Zone with Antonio Freeman Show grand prize winner Michael Zimmerman. Zimmerman, a Village of Kohler Resident, received a grand
prize package including four suite tickets to the Packers home playoff
game. Congratulations!

Mike Zimmerman (#66) and family members: Traci, Todd, and Kelly DeAmico.

Demonstration Kitchen Series 2015
Saturdays through April 25, 11am and
2pm, $35
Join the chefs of Kohler in The
Demonstration Kitchen on Saturdays‚
January through April. Home chefs have
the opportunity to interact with classically trained chefs and taste a variety of
cuisine while exploring the tastes of
Kohler. Reservations are encouraged;
call 1-888-293-7337 for information
and scheduling or visit
Afternoon Tea
Saturdays through March, 1-3pm
The Wisconsin Room
Enjoy a traditional afternoon tea with a
variety of specialty foods and treats.
Adult tea options start at $24 and Kid’s
Tea is $14. Call 1-888-974-5431 for
more information and reservations.
Italian Family Feast Tuesdays
Tuesdays through March, 5-9:30pm
Bring your family and friends to Cucina
on Tuesdays and enjoy a Traditional Italian Family Style Dinner featuring: shareable family-sized portions including an
Appetizer, Salad, Pasta and Dessert.
Adults - $21 per adult; Children Ages 612 - $9 per child; Children 5 and under
Taking Shape Exhibit
Through April 12
ARTspace: A Gallery of the John
Michael Kohler Arts Center
Form is a prime consideration in the
work of 8 U.S. artists using a variety of

media. This exhibition features work by
Kate Cusack and Barbara Heinrich (NY)
and Richard Judd, Bill Lemke, Ted Lott,
Alex Mandli, Tom Rauschke and Julie
Sutter Blair (WI). All work is available
for purchase.Please call 920-452-8602
for more information.
A Red Carpet Event!
Thursday, February 19, 2015
Kohler Waters Spa
With the Academy Awards right around
the corner, we invite you to feel like a
celebrity and experience a night of services and expert advice that will leave
you ready to walk down the red carpet!
Join us February 19 as we partner with
experts from MoroccanOil and offer four
mini services including hair treatments,
manicures, facials and make-up applications! Choose two services, enjoy a
glass of wine and leave feeling like you
just won an Oscar!
$45 per person includes choice of two
25-minute mini-services, Spa “Swag”
bag, Spa Access between 4-8pm and
$30 credit to apply towards any MoroccanOil product purchases during the
event (minimum $50 retail spend). In
addition, for this one night only, spend
$200, and receive a Kohler Waters Spa
tote containing special offers and a selection of travel & full size products $100 Value!
Advance reservations are required.
Please contact Megan Hoffmann at
920-451-2160 or to re-

serve your appointment. Space is limited. Registration fee is non-refundable
and non-transferable for special events.
Fowles Wine Dinner
February 19, 6pm, $75 per person
First generation winemaker Matt Fowles,
a lawyer turned winery owner with a
strong belief in gourmet farm-to-table
cuisine, hosts an Australian Wine Dinner
in the comfort of The Wisconsin Room.
Fowles will walk through a selection of
their “Food Wines”; wines made with
the purpose of pairing with food, perfectly paired with signature restaurant
selections. The price for hotel guests to
enjoy this exclusive dinner is $75. For
reservations call 1-800-344-2838.
Three Day Lenten Seafood Sale
Feb 19-21
Woodlake Market
Fill your freezer or buy it fresh with
amazing seafood specials at Woodlake
Market. For more information call
Kohler Comedy Classic
February 20-21, Nightly Shows from 810pm
The Great Lakes Ballroom at The American Club
Destination Kohler welcomes a six-pack
of nationally touring comedians for two
nights of laughter at the inaugural Comedy Classic Weekend. Guests can take
in one night or two nights of laughs and
fun with six nationally touring comedians- 3 comedians performing each
night - including Keith Albertstadt‚ who
has performed on The Late Show with

David Letterman‚ and Rocky LaPorte‚ a
finalist on Last Comic Standing. Set in
The American Club Great Lakes Ballroom, this line-up of laughs offers the
perfect medicine for the winter blues.
Public tickets available for $25 and
hotel packages start at $94 per person
per night featuring exclusive opportunities such as cocktail seating with table
side service and an invitation to the
Comedy Q&A Panel on Saturday afternoon. For more information call 1-800344-2838. Tickets available online at
For more information, pricing details
and to register call Sports Core at
920-457-4444 or online at for more
TRX Training Winter Session II begins the week of February 16.
Wheels & Wine: Friday, February 13
from 6-8pm
Kids Night Out: Friday, February 13
from 5-9pm
Kids in Motion: Saturday, February 14
from 9-10am
Kids on the Move: Saturdays from
Salon at Sports Core: February
Purchase a 50-minute pedicure and
receive a free polish of choice.

Hinterland Specialty Release Beer
February 26, 6pm, $50 per person
The Horse & Plow
Please join Dave Malcom from General
Beer and Hinterland Brewery out of
Green Bay, WI as we showcase some
of their specialty limited release beers
paired with a 5-course meal created by
the chefs of The Horse & Plow.

Special workshops and events will
resume in June. For more information, pricing details and to register
call Yoga on the Lake at
Yoga for EveryBODY - Wednesday,
February 4 from 7-8:15pm
Friday Night Lights Chakra Flow
with Tara Nolan - Friday, February 6
from 5:30-7:30pm
A New Year’s Resolution! With Tara
Nolan - Saturday, February 7 from
Explore Your Core Sunday - Sunday,
February 22 from 2-4pm
Overcoming the fear of Inversions
and Arm - Saturday, January 24 from
Yoga Basics - Sunday, January 25
from 2-4pm