Lincoln County School District No. 2 Board Minutes March 13, 2008 6:30 p.m. Cokeville High School 1.

Board Chair Leonard Wilford called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. Board members present included:Robert McKim, Leonard Wilford, Donna Ivie, Karyn Hoopes, Barry Fullmer and Randy Thompson. Reynold Johnson was absent. Attendance log attached as a separate file. Invocation offered by Jon Abrams. Robert McKim made the motion at 6:33 p.m. “moves that the Lincoln County School District Board of Trustees go into executive session for the purpose of considering personnel matters, and matters concerning litigation to which the school district is a party or to which the school district may be a party”. Motion carried. The Board met in executive session for the purpose of considering personnel matters, and matters concerning litigation to which the school district is a party or to which the school district may be a party, and property issues. No action was taken. Randy Thompson motioned to return to open session at 7:32 p.m. Motion carried. Barry Fullmer motioned to adopt the agenda removing Consent Agenda Section 1. Motion carried. RECOGNITION 6. • • • • The following individuals were recognized by the Board: Rodney Teichert – 1st Place – State Wrestling – 3-time state champion Marty Linford, Darren Moody – Coaches – 1st Place 2A State Wrestling Kebra Kallstrom, Camille Petersen – 2A All-State Basketball Camille Petersen – Bob Carey Award



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FACILITIES UPDATE 7. Superintendent Jon Abrams reported on: • A preliminary walk was conducted for Etna and Thayne Elementary. The district is working with VCBO Architects and DWA Construction identifying finishing details and concerns. • The new track and synthetic playing fields at SVHS continue to move forward in design and construction management selection. • Afton Elementary is continuing to move forward with Nelson-Bodily Architects. The state is resolving the outstanding difference in funding. The design process was conducted through a large collaboration process, which

contained members from the public sector and educational faculty in all facets. DELEGATIONS/REPORTS 8. Report on Cokeville schools – Principal Keith Harris reported Cokeville is committed to being better, and he believes, that as a school we have an obligation and ability to be better. One area that they are trying to be better at is reaching all students. Along with the traditional approaches, new strategies have been implemented at each level: • At the elementary school RTI has been implemented to address the needs of struggling learners. • At the Jr. High the schedule has been adjusted to allow for a daily reading course for 7th grade students. • At the High School a remediation program for students struggling with math concepts has been implemented. Cokeville High has also become a pilot site for the Ascend math program. • At all levels, there is commitment to continue to improve in efforts to reach all students. BOARD INFORMATIONAL ITEMS 9. The following informational items were discussed: • Enrollment • NSBA Convention – Orlando, Florida • Method for selling property – Deb Wolfley, CPPA from Wolfley Auction & Appraisal Service explained the highlights and advantages of having an auction for the two school buildings and land located in Etna and Thayne. • Financial/Student Achievement review – Superintendent Jon Abrams presented a financial overview graphing the increased difference in the MAP model public education funding. The district’s TerraNova scores and WyCAS/PAWS from fiscal years 1999-2001 to 2006-2007 were presented. PUBLIC COMMENTS 10. Ethan Call addressed all in attendance: “I stand before you this night of mine own accord, and I feel that my remarks will have some appeal to every citizen residing within this school district – as well as to people across this country.” …“Many of these public offices are filled by the vote of the people, and the people expect something in return.”…“The people expect the elected officials in these public offices to the follow the rules and regulations in place within their domain of office. This is why the citizens of this great county vote: they hope those people they vote into public office will hold in trust those rules and regulations in place.” CONSENT AGENDA 11. Section 1

The board discussed the following consent agenda items: • Approval of minutes of the February 6, 2008 meeting • Payment of bills • Alternative calendar for Cokeville • Approval of textbook for CHS, SVHS, and SCLC (11th grade American History) Donna Ivie motioned to approve the above listed consent agenda section 1. Motion carried. 12. Section 2 The board discussed the following consent agenda items • Approval of Personnel Action New Hire New Hire New Hire Transfer Transfer Transfer Resignation Name Devin Szymanski Diane Robbins Michael Thompson Adam Robbins Trevor Buchanan Brandt Clark Kathy Schooner Position SLP- Fellowship Year SLP Jr. High Track From MES to HES-3rd Grade From HES to Elem. Spanish From HES Spanish to SVHS History Sp. Ed. Aide School CHS


Karyn Hoopes motioned to approve listed consent agenda section 2. Motion carried. NEW BUSINESS 13. Board meeting for May will be moved to Wednesday, May 7th. ACTION ITEM RE-CAP 14. The district is to bring the administrative team together and build plans that would help the district in a focused directive accommodating for a one, three, and five year business plan. The meeting adjourned at 9:03 p.m. _______________________________ Donna Ivie, Clerk


_____________________________ Leonard Wilford, Chairman