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Certified Mulligan Practitioners Examination

27th & 28th April 2015

Mumbai, India

Capri Institute of Manual Therapy

179 Jagriti Enclave, Karkardooma, Vikas Marg
Delhi, India. Pin: 110092 Ph:- +91 9312430264, 9810265641 email:-

It is a pleasure to announce that the examination for Certified Mulligan

Practitioner (CMP) will be held in Mumbai, India from 27th to 28th April 2015 for
the Physiotherapists trained in Mulligan Concept from India & other Countries.
Only those who have completed the DPT / BPT from a reputed, recognized
institution and all three modules of Mulligan course from a certified MCTA teacher
are eligible to apply for this CMP examination. Clinical Experience with Mulligan
Concept is highly recommended. It is the expectation of the Mulligan Concept
Teachers Association (MCTA) that individuals who have taken the recommended
course and have clinical experience with the Mulligan Concept should be
successful with the examination process. The examination consists of multi-level
testing with written, viva & practical components designed to assess the clinical
knowledge and skills developed by the practitioner throughout the course
curriculum. The CMP Examination will be taken by two examiners.
The purpose of conducting CMP examination and recognizing such clinicians is two
fold: As a referral source for clinicians and for the patients seeking treatment from
physical therapists who have achieved a recognized level of competence in the
Mulligan Concept. The process of CMP credentialing will assist clinicians who are
interested in having their knowledge based skills and competence in the Mulligan
Concept evaluated, by providing a peer review/examination process. It is
anticipated that the individuals with CMP credentials will have improved
treatment outcomes.

Clinicians, who have attended the course, but not practiced it

and have not, used Brian Mulligan 5th or 6th edn. text as a
clinical resource and guide for developing further
understanding and skills in the Mulligan Concept, may find the
CMP credentialing exam very challenging.

NOTE: Individuals who qualify the CMP exam are NOT

entitled to teach the Mulligan Concept.
Upon successful completion of the examination process
these clinicians will be recognized as Certified
Mulligan Practitioner CMP (a reputed qualification as
Manual Therapists) and their names will be listed on the
official website of Mulligan concept
and will be referred / recommended to
clinicians and the general public seeking treatment from
physical therapists who have achieved a recognized level of
competence in the Mulligan Concept.
Preparatory Class:

The dates (24th, 25th, & 26th April) and the venue (Juhu, Mumbai) for 3
days preparatory class will be confirmed to the regd delegates.

Exam Dates & City:

27th April. (9.00AM) Theory exam

27th to 28th April Practical exam

List & sequence of candidates with their practical exam date & time will be
posted at on 2nd April at 5 PM. Please bring your own
writing board / hard board & black pencil, pencil sharpener & eraser for theory
exam. However all belts, straps, Tapes, Mobilisation pads, pillows, towels, bed
sheets, scissors, measuring tapes, Goniometer, reflex hammers etc. will be
provided at examination center during practical exam only).



Examination Fee:

Rs. 12000/- (INR) for Indian Physiotherapist

$ 300/- For NRI & Foreign Physiotherapist

How to pay fee:

By Cheque (IN ICICI BANK):- Deposit your full fee Rs. 12000/(Nonrefundable) by cheque only in any branch of ICICI bank in your city. Fee
by cheque must be deposited in favor of: Capri Institute of Manual
Therapy, A/c no: 033005001742 RTGS/NEFT/IFSC code: ICIC0000330.
Bank: ICICI bank, Branch: Anand Vihar, Delhi 92 (Please note this Cheque
can be from any branch of any bank within city & need not be from ICICI
bank only).

By NEFT/ RTGS in ICICI Bank:- Transfer your full fee Rs. 12000/(Nonrefundable) by NEFT from any of your account through internet
banking. Details are as follows:
Bank Name: ICICI Bank
Branch : Anand Vihar, Delhi 92.
Account Name: Capri Institute of Manual Therapy
Account No.: 033005001742
Type of account: Current Account
By Cash:- You can also deposit fee by cash along with other documents at
any of our centers only or in ICICI bank as per details given above. Please do
not forget to get transaction ID from your depositing ICICI bank after
depositing your fee in cash, as we will not be able to trace it without the
transaction ID.

By Demand Draft:- Send your fee by Bank DD in Favor of: Capri Institute of
Manual Therapy, payable at Delhi. Please send it along with other
documents as hard copy by post or courier to: Capri Institute of Manual
Therapy, 179, Jagriti Enclave, Karkardooma, Vikas Marg, Delhi, India PIN:92.

Note: Please mention your name & phone number at remark column of bank site
while transferring your fee. Please also note down your transaction ID after
transferring your fee. This will help us in tracing your fee easily.


In Juhu, Mumbai, Will be confirmed to the regd delegates

Fee is inclusive of:

A) 3 days revision class.
B) Examination fee.
C) Certification (Only to qualified CMPs)
D) Trophy (Only to qualified CMPs)
E) Collar PIN of CMP (Only to qualified CMPs)

Last date to apply:

No last date, Only first 30 applications will be accepted on 1st come, 1st serve basis.
(This includes applications from entire India & other countries)

Documents required:
1) Completely filled application form with 2 passport size coloured photographs (USE
2) Photocopy of all certificates of Mulligan courses attended.
3) Photocopy of Degree / Diploma (BPT / DPT qualification).
Submit your online application to

Upon final approval / processing of your application, you will receive a packet of
information related to the exam. Please note that only 30 applications (from all
over India & nearby Asian countries) will be accepted on 1st come & 1st serve
basis. Incomplete / late applications will not be considered for CMP exam and will
be returned back with entire fee.
All the required documents with fee must reach us on or before 1st April 2015
Please feel free to ask any query on 09810265641 OR 09312430264.

Wish you a very bright & successful career!

Application Form

Certified Mulligan Practitioner Examination Application

(USE CAPITAL LETTER ONLY, all fields must be filled)
Name: ________________________________________________________ Recent Colour
Regd. No. (Given by Capri) _______________________________________ Passport Size
Qualifications: _________________________________________________ Photo
Name of the Institution Qualified__________________________________
(Only qualified Physios from a recognized institute is eligible)
(You Must Have Done All Modules of Mulligan Concept by a Certified MCTA Teacher)
Ph: (Res.) _______________________ Ph: (Mobile) ____________________________________
Ph: (Work) ________________________ Email: _______________________________________
Work Address___________________________________________________________________
Fee Detail: Rs. 15000/- only. D.D. / Cheque No. _______________ Bank: ___________________
Details of Upper & Lower Quadrant Course (1st & 2nd Modules)
Instructors Name ________________________________________________________________
City & Date _____________________________________________________________________
Details of Follow-Up Course (3rd Module)
Instructors Name ________________________________________________________________
City & Date _____________________________________________________________________

Signature of Applicant
With Name, Date & Place.