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Hello once again! After receiving the first four business book summaries I sent you, I am sure you now agree with me that BusinessSummaries offers a lot in gaining knowledge and achieving your business potential. Your next book summary is a widely acclaimed book that has become a “must read” by some of the most influential individuals around the world. It is a favorite of companies such as BusinessSummaries who are serious in the pursuit for personal excellence. Your summary for the day is 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene.

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48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene Publisher: Viking Press Date of Publication: 1998 ISBN: 0670881465 No. of Pages: 448 pages [ PDF ] [Audio] [PowerPoint] [PDA] [ HTML ]

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You might be asking, “How can reading book summaries benefit me in the real world?” To answer that question, allow me to recount real-life scenarios and situations that were narrated to us by our subscribers. These are just a few of the stories sent to us by real-life people who got real-life benefits: 1. Sold $116,000 - After reading our summary on the book “How To Become A Rainmaker”, Samuel Rays changed the way he left voice mail to his clients and learned that clients accepting his offer for breakfast was a signal to buy. He eventually sold $116,000 worth of licenses for the financial software company he was working for. 2. Got A $15,000 Raise - Nicky Andersen, a law firm manager, got a $15,000 raise by just avoiding 3 of the 101 mistakes listed in the summary of “Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office 101”. Her most powerful tip - “Mistake #99: Playing the gender card” 3. Started A Business - After months of preparation, William Ricketts finally set-up his own company, Hi-Q Electronics, after reading the book summary on “Mind Your Own Business” 4. Got Hired - For Andy Monroe, he found the “Twenty-Three Tips For A Successful Job Hunt” portion of the summary “What Color Is My Parachute” very helpful in getting hired by IBM. Two months before he was laid off from another IT company.

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Q. If I sign-up for BusinessSummaries Pro now, how about my remaining 4 5. Kick-Started A Project - Maria Cruz, a QA specialist assigned in China weeks fr*ee trial? for a U.S. firm, was able to kick-start their company’s Six Sigma program Won't I lose it? by downloading and using the PowerPoint presentation of “The Power A. Absolutely not. A promise is a promise. Of Six Sigma” by Subir Chowdhury. That means we extend your Testimonials BusinessSummaries Pro subscription by 4 more weeks. In short, Don't take my word for it. you get a total 56 Listen to what our customers say. weeks subscription and not just 52 weeks! In the very same way that I shared with you the results of our customer feedback survey earlier, allow me to share with you some unsolicited testimonials from Q.So why should I both our subscribers and the authors of the books we summarized. subscribe now if I don't lose my Once again, we ask you to let our current subscribers be the judge. Of course, remaining fr*ee trial we still prefer that you judge us yourselves by subscribing today. anyway? A. If you sign-up now From our subscribers: for BusinessSummaries "Extremely efficient! I use the key concepts from the summaries for my Pro before the trial speeches. It saves me hours of research time." period ends, you get four bonus gifts. Your first bonus is a year's subscription to "Inside The Guru Mind" - a monthly

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Brian Tracy Bestselling author of TurboStrategy, Many Miles to Go and Focal Point Brian Tracy International

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