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The violence of war can be diluted with love (Expansion of 2011)

When there was no time, cause, season, theory and reason, there was existence of love which is
the most powerful and beyond everything. Human is pack of feelings; hatred begets war and war
is consumed by love. Love is the most insurmountable emotion which has done miracles since
time _it has brought wars into peace and hatred into affection. Indeed, violence of war can be
diluted with love.
When Arab tribes were spreading violence of wars _hatred and aggregation were giving outlets
to wars fire. There, Prophet Mohammad PBUH with whiff of love extinguished wars fire. He
brought flow of love and brother-hood in every heart of Arabians which wiped all hatred and
brought sympathy. War was weakened by eternal force of love and war was blown away; like a
rotten leaf is flown away by tempest.
As a diamond is needed to cut mirror same love is needed to parish war. When war stands with
war, then, violence reaches at its peaks. Two same sides of magnet ever repel each other and
make distance. So, a war is not solution for war. One has to change ones side to attract each
other and that side is of love _only can be done by love. As universal saying is, Love begets
Love and humanity is essence of all religions of world. Religion is solution for entire humankind and soul of religion is love. Love which breaks walls of hatred and brings ever flowing
peace _It eradicates all differences. Violence of war was ever conquered by love; it is being
conquered and will be conquered. As Virgil said, "Love conquers all."
Great Nations win without fighting.
Probably no nation is rich enough to have both war and civilization, make your choice we cannot
afford both.
(Albert Ellis)
Great nations cannot fight to cause sour wounds on surface of mother earth as:
Greatness lies in peace.
Prosperity lies in peace.
Peaceful nations leading the globe.
Peaceful nations a demand not a deed.
Greatness cannot be achieved by fighting.
Fights...humans betrothing humans.
To befriend an enemy is to finish an enemy.
Victories of force....short lived.
Winning without fighting is long lasting.
Great Nations that won without fight...A glance at history
Arabs...establishment of Muslim rule and changed dimensions.

Scandinavian Nations..... Germany, Finland etc.

Establishment of Pakistan.
Only Peace can make progress.
China..... a sleeping giant.
Malaysia...Robust economy
Srilanka, Finland, Switzerland.
Fights can cause downfall of nations;
Fall and decline of great nations: Paul Kennedy
America....fighting webs entangled and engulfed its economy.
India wasting its potential.
Peace is constructed not fought for.
why do nations fight?
when suppressed and oppressed (Egypt, Syria,)
when justice fails to deliver (Tunisia, Kashmir).
when minorities are injured (Myanmar).
Establishment of peaceful nations: dire need of globe
Green planet getting red...
Love humanity indiscriminate of caste and creed.
Let,s not wage wars in name of Peace
Let true Democracy deliver
Address the problems of humanity
Let us establish the great nations to heal the wounds of mother earth.
If a nation wants an everlasting winning, it has to win without fighting as great nations win
without fighting.

Come close, remove your sandals from your feet as the place we are standing is the holy