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Everyday English 3

Student Worksheet

5 • Situation 5




2 points for each answer


omplete the sentences with the Present
Perfect Simple form of the verbs in brackets.


ircle the correct time expression to complete
each sentence.

1. I
much money today.

(spend) too

1. P 
aula hasn’t been to see the doctor … .
She really needs a checkup.

2. T 
her backpack again.


2. The patient took his medication … .

3. I
routine checkup yet.

4. B 
oth doctors
(take) my blood pressure already.

3. Have you … broken your arm?

5. C 
(suffer) from allergies until this year.

4. P 
eter and Jane were in an accident … .
Luckily, they weren’t injured badly.

6. T 
he hospital
(x-ray) the patient’s leg twice already.

5. We have been sick … . It’s probably the flu.

7. R 
ob and Fred
(fall off) their motorbikes many times.

8. C 
arol and I
(not sprain) our ankles.

6. … did the doctor x-ray your arm?


ircle the correct answer to complete each


1. … broken your leg? 

omplete the sentences with the Present
Perfect Continuous form of the verbs in

1. O 
ur family
(not exercise) much lately.

2. … taken my temperature?

2. Y 
(not study) this last month.

3. … have their injections?

3. M 
y cut
on and off all afternoon.

4. Ted hasn’t had the flu, … ?

4. My sister and I have the flu. We
(not work)
all week.

5. You have seen the doctor, … ?

6. J im and John haven’t had their flu shots
yet, … ?

5. S ince the doctor told me to take lots of fluids,
(drink) tea
every hour.

6. M 
ary and Jane
(not watch) TV all day.

7. F or five years, Richard
(suffer) from allergies.

8. M 
y husband and I
(practice) alternative medicine for a few years.

a. How have you

a. Why has she

(not have) a

b. You have

b. When did she

a. When have they b. When did they

a. has he

a. didn’t you

a. have they

b. hasn’t he

b. haven’t you

b. have we

a. yesterday

a. an hour ago

a. ever

a. six months

a. yet

a. When

b. yet

b. just

b. lately

b. last week

b. since Sunday

b. How


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Everyday English 3 Student Worksheet 5 • Situation 5 Test Module Name: 2 points for each answer E  omplete the questions with the words in C brackets. ( Mary / work) in a sports clinic since February. H  ow long have you been waiting for the ambulance? . My arm has been x-rayed already. Have you caught a cold? . S ue (take) her daughter’s temperature several times today. 1. . (you / see) a doctor regularly? ?  omplete the sentences with the correct form C of the verbs. (I / not talk) too long. (we / take enough) vitamins lately? 8. T  hey are still sitting in the emergency room. ? F 7. 1. 4. 5. The course 7. already (finish). 4. G Translate these sentences. ( Which medicine / the doctor / give her) for the last few months? ? 5. 2. 2. T  he athletes (exercise) the whole morning. 3. 1. I need to see a massage therapist. Use the Present Perfect Simple or the Present Perfect Continuous.  ? 6. TOTAL: / 100 Page 2 of 2 . ( Why / Bob’s wife / sit) in the emergency room all morning? 2. 6. have we? . We haven’t met yet. How long they (wait)? 4. have I? ? 8. J erry (study) acupuncture for the last six months. (Where / they / study) massage therapy all ? you ever (suffer) from allergies? ? the nurse (not give) you an 6. 3. I (sprain) a muscle in my leg. (How / you / feel) recently? ? 5. Use the Present Perfect Continuous. . M  y daughter had a routine checkup last month. I have been working in a sports clinic. The next one starts in July. hasn’t she? 3. Why injection yet? year? .