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BOARD FOR STUDENT PUBLICATIONS (2013-2014) Application Form for

Selection of Technical Editors/Journalists
NAME:Robin Malhotra

Entry No:2012TT10951
Discipline:Textile Technology

Mobile No .9871269578

Hostel Name & Room:Jwalamukhi(Attached)
Which position are you applying for?
If applying for position of Journalist, what is your language of proficiency for
writing or editing?
Answer the following questions compulsorily, precisely and with complete
honesty. The maximum word limit for the answers are given in brackets. If you
exceed the word limit then your application may be rejected.
1. Have you ever been associated with any activities of BSP earlier? Have you
attended any events organized by BSP? [100 words]
A. I haven’t had the opportunity to be associated with any BSP activities yet. In
spite of this,I’m familiar with the working of the BSP and am really interested
in their activities. It would be my honor and pleasure to be associated with this
prestigious club. I hope that my out-of-the box thinking will provide positive
input in conducting the club’s activities.
2. Have you ever been associated with any other writing/editing/technical
activities in any other student body and in what capacity? [100 words]
A. In my school(DPS Vasant Kunj) days, I used to write for the school student
magazine(called DIPSvision). I was mainly involved in writing tech articles/
reviews of various gadgets. It is my earnest hope that my experience will be
a positive influence when I take on the role of a journalist.

3. What makes you a good candidate for this position in your opinion? [100

A. Being an attachee, I bring a unique perspective about life at IIT Delhi. My
views are often unbiased and unadulterated as I don’t have any political
affiliations(hostel related or otherwise).
I have a good command over the English language and am able to express my
thoughts with eloquence.
There’s a saying,”Pressure creates diamonds”. I try to uphold that and tend to
not buckle under due to excessive workload
I also have a flair for writing articles of subjects that I care about. I try to be
Poignant while at the same time,being reserved and unbiased.
4. You do not have any incentive for hostel points and will be required to do
formatting or recording work which can be mundane. Why would you chose
to do such mundane work especially when this position doesn’t further your
political ambitions? [100 words]
A. As I’ve written before,I have a flair for writing and this platform will let me
express myself. I will also get the opportunity of interacting with various kinds
of people. It would also let me improve my communication skills.”The pen is
mightier than the sword”,they say after all.Finally,the BSP is a very prestigious
club and It would be honor and pleasure to be associated with it.
5.What are 3 most important issues that you would like to cover first after your
selection and why? [for Journalist] [200 words]
a) The issue of fraud in academics as it affects us all and is probably the one
thing in IIT that sickens me the most. If a student isn’t honest in his academic
life,how can a potential recruiter expect him to be honest about anything
b) The issue of politics in elections. Although the administration has taken
measures to reduce it’s role,it’s still the elephant in the room when it comes
to life in IIT
c) A comprehensive report about various events being conducted in IIT(house
days,BHM et al)
Submit the filled application form in soft copy to
by 5:00 PM , 8th April,