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Founder: Henry Gissenbier on 13.10.1915 in USA.

First Chapter in India at Calcutta in 1949.
JCI is a worldwide federation of young leaders and entrepreneurs with
more than 2 lakhs active members and millions of alumni to create
positive change.
JCI creates better leaders who create better societies.
JCs are young active citizens all over the world. Living, communicating,
taking action and creating impact in our communities.
JCI is a non-profit organization of young active citizens.
JCI develop skills, knowledge and understanding to make informed
decisions and take action.
JCI has a 100 year history.
JCI Mission:
To provide development opportunities that empowers young people to
create positive change.
JCI Vision:
To be the leading global network of young active citizens.
100 Years:
JCI celebrates its 100 th year anniversary. 100 years of positive change.
200,000 + JCI members.
5,000 + local organization.
100 + National organizations.

JCI slogan:

Be Better

JCI Values:
We believe
That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life.
That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations.
That economic justice can best be won by free men through free
That government should be of laws rather than of men.
That earth's great treasure lies in human personality.
And that service to humanity is the best work of life.
- Bill Brownfield

JCI is an organization of Opportunities.


Leadership, Communication, Human Relation, etc.

Management Managerial skills


Service projects


Global friendship


Economic and Business development.

JCI World Presidents from India

1. Kumar P Gera
2. Shine Bhaskaran.
Leaders developed by JCI

Laurent Dana-Fologo - Founder of Union of Africa, Minister of Information,

Culture, Youth & Sports (1986)

Lindon B Johnson

- 36 th President of USA.

Richard N Nixon

- 37 th President of USA.

Gerald R Ford

- 38 th President of USA.

Jimmy Carter

- 39 th President of USA.

John F Kennedy

- Former President of USA.

Raijiro Ilattori

- President of Hattari Seiko Ltd.

Yasuhiro Nakasone - 73 rd Prime Minister of Japan.

Taro Aso

- Prime Minister of Japan.

Poul Schluter

- Prime Minister of Denmark.

Jan Kizysztof Blelecki - Prime Minister of Poland.

John Swan

- Prime Minister of Bermuda.

Jacqers Chirac

- Prime Minister of France

Leaders developed by JCI India

o Madhav Rao Scindia- Former Minister of India.
o Murli Deora

- Former Minister of India.

o Ravi Naik

- Former Minister of India.

o Ashok Gelot

- CM of Rajasthan.

o H Korakhiwala

- Chairman, Wockhardt Group.

o Adi Godrej

- Chairman, Godrej Group

o Munjal

- MD, Hero cycles Ltd.

o V. R Muthu

- MD, Idhayam Groups.

o Shanthi Duraisamy - MD, Sakthi Masala.

JCI Programs
Need BLOOD- Cal Jaycees
Clean India drive
Salute the Silent Worker
Vidhya Dhaan
Empowering Youth
NALANDA-National Academy of Leadership and Administration
ABLE- Academy of Business Leadership

JASMINE-Jaycee Academy of Smart Initiatives for Empowerment

ASPAC-Asia Pacific Conference
ID-Individual Development Training programs
NLTS-National Level Talent Search Examination
Medical Camps
Business Conferences
JCI India Foundation Scholarship program
UN Millennium Development Goals
JCI India Training Ladder
EPS-Effective Presentation Skills
CAPP-Chairmanship and Parliamentary Procedures
Zone Trainer Workshop
National Train the Trainers Seminar
JCI Training Ladder
International Graduate

International Training Fellow