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A little bit of everything for ya
The metal mousetrap looking thing is a gobo holder.
The colored lens in a strip light is called a rondel.
The effect of a rippled rondel is made to make the focus of a light fuzzier.
The kind of socket that looks like a light bulb plug-in is called an Edison Plug.
A barn door is used to change the shape of a light.
A scroller is a light that has a long multi colored gel that scrolls around and gives you the
color you want.
A fiber optic curtain is a type of drop that allows you to change pictures on it.
A strobe light is a light that turns on and off quickly.
The first moving lights were Vari-Lights.
A divergent mirror is a mirror that moves the light around in a certain direction.
Know about the ER. Know about the yoke. Know about the shutter.
The ER has a Plano convex lens.
An ER has an Ellipsoidal reflector.
The part of a lighting instrument that has the shutters is called the gate.
The part the holds the lens is called the barrel or the lens housing.
The instrument that has a lens that moves looks like 3 box deal. You can make it s a 6x9
or 6x16 etc.
A flat field in regards to lighting is to where the intensity of the light is the same.
Sled moves light forward and back in a Fresnel

The lens in a Fresnel is a Fresnel lens.

3-prong twist locks are cool
The crock pot looking light is called a beam projector.
The cylinder dealie in a beam projector is called a light baffle. It cuts down on flare from
the instrument.
A spherical lens bounces the light in every direction.
The Parabolic bounces it striaght out into parallel lines.
The parabolic reflector built into the lamp is called a par-can.
Pin spot is a type of instrument that looks like a hair dryer. Its a pretend thing to hold the
Quartz lamps are better than incandescent lamps are better because they burn longer and
it is a lot truer light.
A boomerang on a follow spot allows you to shutter from one color to another.
An iris on a follow spot brings the light closer in and wider apart.
There are 4 qualities of light, they are intensity, color, distribution (which includes angle
and quality of the light [Fresnel sharp, par can dull]) Movement is the other one.
The functions of light are several and number and visibility is where you see what the
lighting designer wants you to see, I.e. like a spot on a group of people, but not on the
rest of the woods. You can make a stairway longer and brighter, or change the color.
Another function of light is to show time of day, and mood & day. Another is depth and
dimension, focus and unification.
Sidelight makes things look taller and skinnier.
The primary colors of light are red, green and blue.
When two different lights that have complementary colors on it would have white light
on it.
Two things that are important that are specific to a comedy are to make the actors look
attractive and to have bright light and to use even light.
Childrens show lights are to use bright happy colors and bold and saturated colors.

The Stage Manager is in the Actors Equity Union.

A Master Electrician heads up the scheduling of crews, getting the distribution from the
designers and to check what the designers want when they come to check. They supervise
the crew. They take the light and hanging plot and hang the lights, and do a rough focus.
Two major things a company manager is planted into auditions and takes crew to buy
Prodution managers is someone who supervises the various technical crews and works
with the director on schedules and sets up deadlines with all the crews, may do some
purchasing. Makes sure everyone can do their job and that things get done on schedule.
Set & Lighting designers need to take a test to get into a union or can be given one. So
can Sound Designers and costumers and scenic artists.