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this profile outlines the conceptual models. briefly making reference to some of the systems. skills and equipment offered by GlobaCon which is a 100% black female owned company. as well as the specialist resources. construction. Our pricing structures are most competitive and may be customized for specific budgets. This Business Profile also markets GlobaCon as a company and presents information that will enable service providers to have no doubt in engaging the services of this well established and credible Company to perform work in the fields specified under “ Services Offered “ in this Business Profile. processes and work flow systems used by GlobaCon to manage any construction related work or projects irrespective of size or magnitude. GlobaCon is a giant empowerment company that offers a full spectrum of “End-to-End Solutions”. processes. projects and allied services that will be of value to clients.A BRIEF HISTORY GlobaCon is a credible and formidable broad-based black economic empowerment company in the country. In addition. impeccable track record. capabilities and strengths of the company. resources. . civil.

Mrs. directional drilling and optic fibre floating.INTRODUCTION KEY TEAM MEMBERS Mrs. surface re-instatements. which can be entrusted with urgent customer needs and projects of any size. . The areas of specialty GlobaCon include inter alia. Fabrication and Construction industries. magnitude and scope . responsible and a dynamic businesswoman. specialist resources and technical resources. Civil Engineering. which remain unsurpassed in the industry being form the previously disadvantaged group (Asian Female) her main objective is to become a formidable primary service provider in the Telecommunications. She is a highly respected. The Chief Information Officer of GlobaCon is Mr. He has entered the industry at a very young age and has succeeded through his determination. motivated and a vastly experienced individual. The Chief Financial Officer of GlobaCon. Moodley is a successful businesswoman and possesses exceptionally strong leadership qualities. GlobaCon is expanding steadily due to the expertise. growing rapidly from being initially a 4th tier sub contractor to ultimately becoming one of the leading Service Providers in the broad-based economic empowerment segment. GlobaCon has offices both in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng providing a comprehensive range of telecommunications and civil services. He has also entered the industry at a very young age and has succeeded through his industry knowledge. underground and overhead construction. Singh who is an energetic. Moodley began trading as sole proprietor in 2008 and establishing GlobaCon in 2010. Moodley who is a young. The company has since established auxiliary relationships that function as suppliers and sub-contractors to other large Telecommunication Companies which are presently the main Master Service Providers in the telecommunications industry. The Chief Operation Officer of GlobaCon is Mr. vibrant and ambitious individual. management skills. splicing and testing. In essence. Engineering fabrication. it is a company that is rapidly building a reputation.characteristics.

honesty. customers and surrounding communities. With the co-operation of each employee GlobaCon will sustain the highest levels of performance and service benchmarked against the philosophy of “best-practices” and standards. GlobaCon is committed to a clean.MISSION STATEMENT EMPOWERMENT • • • • • • Empowering our Company with on-going strategic planning and proactive thinking. Empowering our business networks and strategic alliances. fairness in our business relationships including full compliance with all legislation. contractors. Developing People with disabilities Employing individuals from the disadvantaged and designated groups Empowering Youth and Women. Empowering and growing our staff. safe and healthy environment for its employees. quality and environmental matters. By-laws. integrity. . To timeously serve our clients and manage a wide range of projects (large and small) and to perform our duties with the highest levels of professionalism. safety.

. including the provision of value-added services TRAINING The Company has definitive plans to grow and advance in accordance with the needs of the industry. responsive to the needs of clients and customers and promote service & customer excellence at all times.VISION • To become a formidable nationwide broad-based black economic empowerment company. hence we have clearly defined training and development plans as well as Equity target that ensure training and development of persons employed by our company. • Providing assistance and a platform for other emerging female owned businesses. especially employees who were denied such growth and learning opportunities in the past. OBJECTIVE To competitively position and ensure that GlobaCon remains a leading and credible company in providing turnkey solutions for infrastructure construction projects to all their clients and customers.

Mbotho . Moodley Chief Operations Officer Chief Financial Officer Chief Information Officer P.ORGANOGRAMS Managing Director R. Moodley A. Boka R.M Administration Manager Wayleaves Manager K. Pillay Civils P. Ciangram Specialist Civils P. Manager Planning Manager B. Ballim J. Donjeang Optic Fibre P. Narainsamy M. Sewack H. Steenkamp M. Singh Project Administrator Accountant SHEQ Manager D. Khan Procurement Manager T. M S. Govender B. M Business Dev. Moodley R. Moodley Logistics Manager I.

safety violation or any other form of unethical behaviour amongst our colleagues. sub-contractors and suppliers. pledge to conduct ourselves and execute our duties by: • Striving to achieve customer service excellence as our Company’s overriding philosophy. Diligently avoiding being compromised through conflict of interest. we at GlobaCon . transparent an honest approach while applying sound judgment and objectivity in all our services. taking special cognizance of SHE provisions of the OHS ( Occupational & Safety Act ) • • • • Displaying a professional. • Comply with all prescribed legislation. misconduct. . Continuously seeking an unparalleled level of teamwork and co-operation in achievement of our objectives. customers. theft. Applying an unquestionable level of integrity and sincerity. • Creating and maintaining a safe and productive working environment. committed. employees.BUSINESS VALUES To achieve our Vision and Mission. By-Laws and regulations of South Africa • Adopting a zero tolerance for fraud.

The company’s main business values are as follow:• Client satisfaction • Superior service • Integrity • Innovation • Business focus • Working hard. but efficiently and effectively • Be proud and enjoy what we do . which satisfy the requirements of all customers. Values its association with its clients as well as its suppliers and associates and aims to maintain standards.CODE OF CONDUCT GlobaCon is dedicated to building long-term relationships with customers through quality service and customer support.

checks and strategic planning is done on a biannually. evaluations.COMPANY INFRASTRUCTURE LOCATION AND COMMUNICATION MEDIUM Our offices are ideally located at 27 Lothian Road .the Company has adequate Storage facilities to store all material supplied and proper computerized control will be maintained . ADMINISTRATION The administration management of the Company is centrally controlled and managed from 27 Lothian Road. Pomona. MATERIAL HOLDING In addition to our workshop situated at 98 Seaward Road. Equiped with fast and easy Internet access. Durban and 96 Maple Road. Durban . In addition. Durban . E-mail address and fax facilities. The Company regularly purchases new and relevant software to centrally manage the growing administrative and supply-chain processes incumbent on the Company from time to time. Redhill. Redhill.The Director and senior management undertake regular Audit Checks and staff meetings to ensure that continuous improvement is sustained as well as regular monitoring. Gauteng. Kempton Park. each senior foreman and field staff of the Company has their own electronic communication mediums supplied by our Company HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE The Company owns the latest computers. hardware and software in order to complete their work in the most efficient and organized manner. Clairwood.

5 TON Bakkeie x 2 Whacker / Rammer x 4 .TOOLS and EQUIPMENT Forklitt x 1 8 TON Crane Trucks x 2 8 TON Crane Trucks x 2 4 TON Trucks x 2 Cable / Duct De-coiler x 3 Floating Machine x 2 Splicing Machine x 4 Tool Trailers x 3 JCB TLB x 2 Directional Drilling Ditch Witch Trencher x 2 1 TON Bakkie x 6 Auger Machine OTDR Testing x 2 0.

incl Road.Surveying Planning Construction Drawings Wayleave Applications Project Management Meeting and Reporting to Clients 6 Months inspection and 12 Months Final Acceptance Survey Trenchline. As Built Drawing and Pack WE OFFER A FULL TURNKEY SOLUTION FOR ALL INFRASTRUCTURE CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS Material Handling. Splicing and Termination Of Fiber Optic Cables Surface Restoration. Paving and Landscaping CIVIL SERVICES OFFERED . Site Handover. Client and Council Sign Offs Floating. Concrete. Bridge and Railway Crossings Quality Control. Incl Asphalt. Transportation and Delivery Trenching and Installing Ducts.

we are able to deliver most of the needs of our customers and also superior quality excellence in our offerings. The company’s emphasis will be on providing a complete range of specialized services based on having a thorough knowledge and understanding of the industry and of the equipment on the present market segment. we are able to provide a service far beyond that of competitive business. With highly experienced and well informed staff within our management team and our expertise in the telecommunication industry. .NATURE OF BUSINESS GlobaCon believes that by concentrating on two market segments. namely Telecommunications Infrastructure and Civil Construction.

This provides funds to non-profit organizations such as homes for underprivileged children and churches in particular. Our management and staff are further committed to uplifting the poor and disadvantaged group and to initiate a BEE program by initiating a special development program to develop people and train them to become independent. A diverse yet valuable contribution at the Workplace would be made. to help identify the gap between the skills available and the skills that will be needed in the future. Monitoring and evaluation of the AA and employment equity process should take place on a regular basis. Our end result will be a system which is representative of and responsive to the needs of the company and the entire South African community. Train and Develop potential workers/persons previously regarded as disadvantaged for further employment. Implement a skills audit involving all staff. quality and accessibility then the Concept of AA rings hollow and becomes meaningless. GlobaCon has incorporated a program whereby a percentage of its profits is awarded to social responsibility.EMPLOYMENT EQUITY POLICY SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY PROGRAM HUMAN RESOURCES CHANGE MANAGEMENT PROCESS Include a strategy to assist staff in acquiring the necessary skills and implement our Skills Development Plans to support government’s National Skills Development Imperatives. Unless there is Effective Affirmative Action in the quantity. . EMPLOYMENT OF CASUAL LABOUR To Utilize Local Casual Labour from the disadvantaged areas. to help identify the gap between the skills available and the skills that will be needed in the future. Manage change effectively by involving all staff. Conclusion : We believe that if AA is implemented correctly it would bring about a healthy environment of people with a diverse background since each would have learned or developed skills in a different way.

The health and Safety of all our employees is paramount to GlobaCon. • Developing responsible in-house standards where no regulations exist. . Company vehicles and Mechanical Aids such as Compressors. With the co-operation of each individual. Our Company has a detailed Safety Plan which outlines Safety Procedures – this safety plan is available on request but too detailed for inclusion in this Business Profile. The Company’s Health and Safety programme was compiled and designed to control and minimize accidents and injuries to all our employees. and equipment within the company. • Identifying. GlobaCon will maintain a healthy. Health and Environmental Management of its employees and activities of utmost importance.SAFETY POLICY The management of GlobaCon regards the safety. safe and secure environment for all employees to continually improve to his/her full potential. tools. targets and measures. Ground Compactors and Generators are serviced regularly. Management is committed to the following:• All Laws/Rules that are governed in Identifying. “Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations 85 of 1993” • Regular safety. rectifying and consulting unsafe/unhealthy services. health and environmental consultation and communication. • Reviewing of safety. health and environmental standards. rectifying. • To analyze and record high risk areas within the working place. health and environmental objectives and management programs. and consulting unsafe/unhealthy services. to ensure that vehicles and mechanical aids operate at their optimum efficiency to reduce noise and exhaust emissions. • Regular safety and quarterly safety checks on all Vehicles. • Complying with relevant legislation. • Planning of new and more effective safety.

• Embracing change and improvements • Maintaining QMS records. targeting zero complaints. . and employee performance by continuous improvement of processes and development of personnel. We are committed to the integration of the Quality Management System into all aspects of our business activities and will strive to ensure that our services do not adversely impact on the health of our employees. service. • Taking appropriate actions with respect to:• Corrective Action • Preventive Action • Remedial Action • Risk management FINANCIAL STATUS AND RISK ASSESSMENT Our financial status health at GlobaCon is solid and we do not pose any risks to our service providers. This is the most important criteria for the screening of all possible sub-contractors that we engage. both in financial terms or in terms of our operational and technical capacity and resources. • Achieving a customer satisfaction level that becomes to be benchmark against in the industry. which will result in a viable business by pursuing the following: • Conforming to expectation of our Customers. environment and the community. • Continuous improvement of all Quality Management System business processes.QUALITY POLICY As the Director of GlobaCon– I am committed to ensure the following: GlobaCon– is committed to the achievement and maintenance of the highest quality standards for. • On time delivery. OBJECTIVES We commit to a return on investment.

• Project actions are agreed and monitored. adjust project plans. measures. encouraged. • Effective planning for all-size projects – The Total Planning Cycle • Planning Large Projects . • Checks. audit results. analysis of data and corrective our perception of customer and service provider satisfaction and preventive actions continuously improve the quality management system. and enabled. motivated.Gantt Charts • Critical Path Analysis. resources.Using Planning and Management Methodologies   Also used where applicable the company uses the techniques of Stakeholder Analysis and Stakeholder Management. plans and project planning used by our Company include the following processes:• Precise specifications are agreed upon for all work. • Projects are planned . • Project Teams are managed. inform. . are done on a continuous basis. quality objectives. tools. activities.time. review project progress. process.PLANNING & PROJECT MANAGEMENT USED BY GLOBACON Project management. and financials. review and reports on project performance are completed   Other planning tools and processes used by our Company to run projects successfully include inter-alia the main and overall project planning which are: • Estimating time accurately • Scheduling all projects • Time planning for small and medium sized projects . team. Resulting information is recorded in the management review minutes. • Project plans are communicated to the specialist technical project teams. • Completed projects. CUSTOMER FOCUS CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT Our Company’s management will ensure that customer requirements are determined and being met through the use of a customer feedback processes with the intent of improving Our Company through their company’s quality policy.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver excellent quality and high standards on all projects undertaken.   Our Business Profile is self-explanatory. our company is an empowerment Company with influential networks in the market-place. but re-affirms that GlobaCon offers the best services in compliance with service provider requirements. We are confidant that we can deliver superior services. The Company has an excellent track record in the Telecommunications industry and some of our major projects are recorded in our company profile. and the company will not compromise on any aspect of the services it offers to client’s at the most competitive price. . As mentioned previously.CONCLUSION GlobaCon has an excellent track record in addition to the resources and expertise to meet specific outsourcing and infrastructure construction needs of any assignment irrespective of the size or magnitude of work.

Durban 96 Maple Road Pomona. VAT Number TAX Number 2010/096450/23 4580257451 9026966227 Tele Office BBE Status Director E-Mail Cell Number 031 822 2868 Level One Mrs Rajeshree Moodley Patricia 072 604 2726 E-Mail Cell Number Box 55305 North Beach 4063 Company Reg. Kempton Park P.CONTACT DETAILS Physical Addess Head Office KZN Physical Addess Office JHB Postal Address 27 Lothian Road 083 385 0060 .

HEAD OFFICE KZN 27 Lothian Road . Kempton Park 1619 Johannesburg SA P. Durban 4051 Kwazulu-Natal SA OFFICE JHB 96 Maple Road +27 (0) 31 822-2868 patrica@globagroup.O Box 55305 North Beach 4063