Blessed are You, God, King of t he Universe

Who made us holy wit h His commandment s
and commanded us t o kindle t he Shabbat light .
Can dl e- L i ght i n g Can dl e- L i ght i n g Can dl e- L i ght i n g Can dl e- L i ght i n g Can dl e- L i ght i n g
DS\ `_:¸I DS\ `v`S DS\) `D\S ¡:\nDv `_D\I¸S `¯¯S\ _¯¯S _`` ¯`:¸o¯ ¡\Y¸¯ `¯`
O` I\O O` ª_ n ¯ S¸ ¯ v ` ¯¸ a ¯\ \: ¸ ¯ ¡ D D \ .`¸ I\¯ Ð ¯¸ a D S \ |` O S D S \ ` I¸ S D S \ `_ D\: I
.O`r¸n_¯\ ¯¸:\v` D_¯ÐoI \:¯ÐoD\ .¯¸a¸¯I\ ¯¸IŸ\O ¡\¯atI \:¯atD\ .O`a\¯¸S_\
¯¯_:¯ `:a_t\ .\:`:`I ¯D_:`av ¡av_D\ .\:`D¸I O`¯v_D\ .D\¯\¯: D\a¸¯I \:a¯¸ID\
v¯ŸÐ :_¯t DrS `v:_S .O`¯¯S `S¯` _`` `I¸¯\S O`:\I:\ O`r¸a¸n O`:¸I `:I\ O`:¸I
DaS¯r ¯¸aI\ O`I\O O`v_:_rI\ ¯¸¯\D¸I O¸¯\:¸¯ DS O`¯`Sr\ O`ÐI¯ _``¸I
¯n¸¯\ ¯¸ÐI¯\ ¯¸¯¸v D\atI DSŸt_¯ D:¸I `D_:nD DS :_rv S_:¸S .S¯\I_¯ D_¯\I_:
:¡r¸S .¯¸:v_\:\ ¯`:¸o ¯S¸¯\ ¯:_\ O¸¯\:¯ ¯Ia` S¯v \:¯: ¯S¸¯\ \:`D\OS ¯¸S¯\
May it be Your will, Lord my God and God of my fat hers, t o be gracious t o me
( and t o my spouse, children, parent s) and t o all my family; grant us and all
I srael good and long life; remember us for good and blessing; consider us for
salvat ion and compassion; bless us wit h great blessings; make our household
complet e, crowning our home wit h t he feeling of Your Divine Presence dwelling
among us. Make me wort hy t o raise learned children and grandchildren, who
are wise and underst anding, who love and fear God, people of t rut h, holy and
at t ached t o God, who will dazzle t he world wit h Torah and goodness and service
of God. Please hear our prayers, in t he merit of our mat riarchs Sarah, Rebecca,
Rachel and Leah, and ensure t hat t he glow of our lives will never be dimmed.
Show us t he glow of Your face and we will be saved. Amen.
S peci al P r ay er f or A f t er L i ght i ng t he Candl es
Light t he candles, and t hen recit e t he blessing:
_`` ¯¸D_S ¯\¯¸I
O¸¯):¸¯ ¯¯r \1`¯¯S
\`¸D)YrI \1¸V¯p ¯V¸S
.D¸I_V ¯V ¯1 p`¯¯_¯¯ \1_\Y\
Baruch at a Adonoy
Eloheinu melech ha- olam
asher kid' shanu be’mit zvo’sav
ve- t zivanu lehadlik ner shel Shabbos.