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_`` I\vI D\7_:_O_¨ ¨`v

:D`r7Ÿna \:``¸¨ ¡\`3 D_I`v DS
¨_1¨ \::\v7\ \:`s p\nv S7¸O` t¸S
:¨"S D: D\v_:_7 _`` 7`":¨ D`\:_I \¨rSŸ` t¸S
:D`nrv \:``¸¨ \:¸O: D\v_:_7 _`` 7`":¨
:I:1_I D`p`иS_a \:D`Iv DS _`` ¨¸I\v
:\¨Ÿ3p` ¨_1¨I ¨¸:r"I D`:¨ŸI_¨
:_¨_I_¨ "vr SvŸ: ¨ŸD¸I\ "7` "\7¸¨
:\`¸DŸO7¸S SvŸ: ¨_1¨I SŸI_` SŸI
Shir ha- ma’alos, beshuv Adonoy
es shivas t ziyon hayinu ke- cholmim.
Az yimalei sechok pinu ul’eshoneinu rina
az yomru va goyim higdil Adonai la' asos im eileh.
Higdil Adonoy la' asos imanu hayinu semeichim.
Shuva Adonoy es shivi’seinu ka- afikim ba- negev.
Ha- zorim be- dima be- rina yik’t zoru.
Haloch yeileich u' vacho nosei meshech ha-zara,
bo yavo ve- rina nosei alumosav.
A Song of Ascent s. When God brought Zion out of capt ivit y, we were like
people in a dream. At t he t ime, our mout hs were filled wit h laught er and our
t ongues wit h cries of j oy. At t he t ime it was said among t he nat ions, "God
has done great t hings for t hem. " God had done great t hings for us; we were
happy. Let our capt ivit y, God, be a t hing of t he past , like dried- up st reams
in t he Negev. Those who sow in t ears shall reap in j oy. The one who weeps
as he t rails t he seed along, will ret urn carrying his sheaves in j oyous song.
Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s
."¨¸I: `_D\I_¨ :¡rtr¨
.D¸7\: "_:\ ¨¸D_:r "¸¨ŸIr _`` Dv `¨` :¡`I\Dr¨
.D¸7\: "_:\ ¨¸D_:r "¸¨ŸIr _`` Dv `¨` :¡rtr¨
"¨¸I: `_D\I_¨\ ¡_:¸I_¨\ ¡_:¸¨¸r D\v¨I
.\"vr \:7_D¸Sv |\:`¨7S)
.\:` `¸ n \I\O I\ \" v r \: 7 _ D¸ S v |\:` ¨7 S) "\¨¸ I :¡`I\Dr¨
.\:``¸n \I\OI\ \"vr \:7_D¸Sv |\:`¨7S) "\¨¸I :¡rtr¨
:\rv "\¨¸I\ S\¨ "\¨¸I
Leader: Rabosai nevareich.
Ot hers: Yehi sheim Adonai mevorach mei- at a ve- ad olam.
Leader: Yehi sheim Adonai mevorach mei- at a ve-ad olam.
Bir ’eshus, maranan ve- rabanan ve- rabot ai, nevareich
( I f t en men present add: Eloheinu) she-achalnu mishelo
Others: Baruch (Eloheinu) she-achalnu mishelo uvi-tuvo chayinu.
Leader: Baruch (Eloheinu) she-achalnu mishelo uvi-tuvo chayinu.
Baruch hu u’varuch shemo.
Wash t he Mayim Acharonim ( aft er- wat ers) .
When t hree or more men have eat en t oget her,
one invit es t he ot hers t o j oin in Grace Aft er Meals:
Psalm 126
Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s
D¸7\:¸¨ "7r \:`¨7S _`` ¨¸D_S "\¨¸I
\I\OI \"a D¸7\:¸¨ DS ¡_I_¨
D`r¸n_¨I\ "DnI ¡nI
.\"D_n D¸7\:7 `a ¨¸v¸I 7¸D7 Dn7 ¡D\: S\¨
\: ¸ 7 ¨_ D ¸ n S7 "` r¸ D 7\"_ :_ ¨ \I\O I\
.":_\ D¸7\:7 ¡\t¸r \:¸7 ¨_Dn` 7_S\
7\"_ :_ ¨ \r v ¨\I_ :_ I
7Ÿa_7 D:¨_Ðr\ ¡_t 7S S\¨ `a
¡\t¸r ¡`Dr\ 7Ÿa_7 I`Or\
.S¸¨¸I ¨v¸S \`¸D\`¨I 7ŸD7
:7Ÿa_¨ DS ¡_I_¨ ‡_`` ¨¸D_S "\¨¸I
\:`D\I¸S_7 ¸D7_n:¨v 7_: \:`¨7S _`` "" ¨"\:
\:¸DS3\¨v 7_:\ .¨¸I¸n¨\ ¨¸I\O ¨¸"rn "¨S
D`"¸I_: D`Ir \:¸D`"Ð\ D`_¨3r "¨Sr \:`¨7S _``
\:¨¸vII ¸Dr_D¸nv "D`¨I 7_:\
\:¸D"_O"v "D¸¨\D 7_:\
\:¸D:_"\¨v "`pn 7_:\
\:¸D:_:\nv "Dn_\ ¡n D``_n 7_:\
"`r¸D \:¸D\S D:¨_Ðr\ ¡_t ¨¸D_S¸v ¡\t¸r D_7`D¸S 7_:\
:¨¸:¸v 7¸DI\ D: 7¸DI\ D\` 7¸DI
Baruch at a Adonoy, Eloheinu melech ha- olam,
ha-zan es ha- olam kulo be- t uvo
be- chein be- chesed uve- rachamim
hu nosein lechem le- chol basar, ki le- olam chasdo.
Uv- t uvo ha- gadol, t amid lo chasar lanu
ve' al yechsar lanu mazon le- olam va’ed.
Ba' avur shemo ha gadol
ki hu El zan umi- farneis la- kol
u- meit iv la- kol u- meichin mazon
le- chol beriyosav asher bara.
Baruch at a Adonoy, ha-zan es ha- kol.
Blessed are you, Lord our God, Sovereign of t he world, who provides food for t he
ent ire world in His goodness, wit h grace, kindness and mercy. He supplies bread for
all living beings, for His kindness is everlast ing. Because of His great goodness, we
have never lacked food, nor will we ever lack it on account of His great name. For He
is God who nourishes and sust ains all, and is good t o all, and who supplies food for
all His creat ures which He creat ed. Blessed are You, God, who provides food for all.
Nodeh lecha Adonoy Eloheinu al she-hinchalta la-avoseinu
eret z chemda t ovah u- rechava, ve- al she- hot zeisanu
Adonoy Eloheinu mei-eretz mitzrayim uf’disanu mi-beis avadim,
ve- al beris’cha she- chasamt a biv’sareinu,
ve- al Toras’cha she- limadet anu,
ve- al chukecha she- hodat anu,
ve- al chayim chein va- chesed she- chonan’ t anu,
ve-al achilas mazon sha-ata zan um’farneis osanu tamid
be- chol yom uve- chol eis uve- chol sha' ah.
We t hank You, Lord our God, for having given an inherit ance t o our fat hers of a lovely,
fine and spacious land, and for having brought us out , Lord our God, from Egypt , and
for rescuing us from slavery, and also for Your covenant which You sealed in our flesh,
as well as for Your Torah which You t aught us, and Your laws of which You t old us, and
for t he life, grace and kindness t hat You have grant ed us, and for t he food which You
supply and provide for us const ant ly, every day, every season, and at every hour.
Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s
\:`¨7S _`` 7Ÿa_¨ 7_:\
"¸D\S D`D¨¸Ir\ "¸7 D`"\r \:n_:¸S
.":_\ D¸7\:7 "`r¸D `_n 7¸a `ÐI "rv "_¨¸ID`
¸DD_¨I\ D:¸I¸v\ ¸D7_D¸S\ I\D¸a_a
."¸7 ¡_D_: ¨v¸S ¨¸IŸO_¨ "¨¸S¸¨ 7_: "`¨7S _`` DS
:¡\t¸O_¨ 7_:\ "¨¸S¸¨ 7_: `` ¨¸D_S "\¨¸I
¸D`t¸:t D\r¸n¯O_¯ ¯_:\ D\:)tD_¯ ¯_:\ D\¯)I:_¯ ¯_:\ ¡¸p¯o_¯ ¯_:\ C`O1_¯ ¯_:
.¯¸¯`I_¯ ¡_t)tI ¯DDS\ `_a¯¯¸r `r`I .¯r_¯ ¡_rr_I C¯¸¯ C`r_ª_I ):`D\I¸S_¯
C`¯)¯`_¯ ¯¸a DS ¯I_S¯) :Ÿ¯¸¯_¯ ¯`rt_¯¯ tpI .:¸t¸¯¸¯ ¡¸r¸¯ C¯`¯_: ¯_r¸:ta
t¯Ÿn S)¯ ¯¸t¸: C`:t t¯Ÿn¯ ¯¸t¸: ¯¸t\¯tI ¯¸nS C\`I C`t_:\ ^_O ¡p_r ¯_:\ ¯_:_:r
DS ¸D¯_p¯p\ \D¸Y_: DS ¸D¯_o¯ C`I_¯¸¯ ¯`r¸n_¯I ¯¸D_S\ .r\I¸¯ C¸¯¸¯t) ¯¸¯¸S
.":¸¯ ¯_: \`_:¸I DS\ \D\S )¯¸D\ \tSŸ¯I \¯)r: \¯ ¸D\It¸¯_\ \DI_t¸n_r
On Chanukah, add:
On Purim, add:
Vi- al ha- kol Adonoy Eloheinu
anachnu modim lach umi-var- echim osach
yis’barach shimcha bi- fee kol chai t amid li- olam va- ed.
Ka- kasuv, ve-achalt a ve- savat a u-veiracht a
es Adonoy Elohecha al ha-aret z ha-t ova asher nasan lach.
Baruch at a Adonoy, al ha- aret z vi- al ha- mazon.
So for everyt hing, Lord our God, we t hank You and bless You -- may Your name be
blessed by t he mout h of all living beings, const ant ly and et ernally. As it is writ t en:
"And you shall eat , and be sat isfied, and bless t he Lord your God for t he good
land t hat He gave you. " Blessed are you, God, for t he land and for t he food.
On all days, cont inue:
D`t¸:t D\r¸n¯O_¯ ¯_:\ D\:)tD_¯ ¯_:\ D\¯)I:_¯ ¯_:\ ¡¸p¯o_¯ ¯_:\ C`O1_¯ ¯_:
\`_ :¸ I) ` S_ :\r t_ n ¯\¯_ : ¡ ¯Ÿ a ¡_ :¸ n\` ¡ I )¯ _ ` D D_ r ` r` I .¯ r_ ¯ ¡_ r r_ I C ¯¸ ¯ C` r_ ª_ I ):` D\I¸ S_ ¯
` p n r C¸ ¯` I_ :_ ¯ ¯) ¯ D¸ ¯\D C¸ n` a t_ ¯ ¯ ¯ S¸ ¯ t ` ¯ O_ : ¯_ : ¯¸ :¸ t ¯¸ ¯ ¡_ \_ ` D)a ¯_ r ¯¸ ¯ r¸ : t a
D S ¸ D : _ ¯ C¸ I` ¯ D S ¸ D I _ ¯ C¸ D¸ ¯¸ Y D : I C ¯¸ ¯ ¸ D ¯ _ r¸ : C` I_ ¯¸ ¯ ¯` r¸ n_ ¯ I ¯¸ D_ S \ .¯ :\Y ¯
C` S r O) C` O_ : r ¯_ ` I C` I_ ¯ \ C` t¸ ¯_ n ¯_ ` I C` ¯\I : ¸ D ¯ _ D¸ r .C¸ D¸ r p : D S ¸ D r _ p_ : C_ :` ¯
¯\¯_ : C t ¸ D` t¸ : ¯ ¯) ¯ D¸ ¯\D ` p D\: ¯_ ` I C` ¯ r \ C` p` ¯_ Y ¯_ ` I C` : ¸ t ¯) C` ¯\¯ O ¯_ ` I
¡ a ¯_ n _ S \ .¯ r_ ¯ C\`_ ¯ a ¡¸ p ¯ o) ¯¸ ¯\¯ : ¯¸ :)t D ¸ D` t¸ : ¯ S¸ ¯ t ` ¯ O_ : ¯) ¯ r¸ ¯\: I t\¯¸ p \
D\¯ Y_ n I D\¯ : )p` ¯ ¯ ¯ \ ¯ t¸ ¯ p r D S )¯¸ ¯ O \ ¯ ¯¸ a` ¯ D S )1 o) ¯ D` I ¯` I ¯ ¯ ¯` :¸ I )S ¸ I
.¯\¯_:_¯ ¯rt¯ ¯¯_¯¯) D\¯\¯¯ )¯S ¯¸a:¸n `r` D_:\rt ):I¸p\ ¯t¯¸p
Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s
¯O¸: ¯S¸¯v` ¯¸: \:`¯¯S _`` On_¯
¯¯\Ia ¡¸avr ¡\ªY ¯¸:\ ¯¯`: O`¸¯¸v\¯` ¯¸:\
¯n`vr ¯\¸¯ D`I D\a¯_r ¯¸:\
.\`¸¯¸: ¯rv S¸¯Ð:v v\¯¸Ð_¯\ ¯\¯_:_¯ D`¸I_¯ ¯¸:\
\:O:¯¸o \::\t \::¯ \:`I¸S \:`¯¯S
\:¸¯ n_\¯_¯\ \:n`\¯_¯\ \:¯a¯¸a\
\:`D\¯¸Y ¯¸ar ¯¸¯¯r \:`¯¯S _``
\:`¯¯S _`` \:a`¯Y__D ¯_S S_:\
.O¸D¸S_\¯_¯ `¯`¯ S¯\ O¸¯_\ ¯¸v¸I D_:D_r `¯`¯ S¯
¯¸ I¸ n ¯¸ ¯ \ ¯¸ v\¯ Ð_ ¯ ¯¸ n\D o_ ¯ ¯¸ S ¯ O_ ¯ ¯ ¯_ ` ¯ O S ` a
:¯:_\ O¸¯\:¯ O¯¸a: S¯\ v\I: S¯v
¯`D\YrI \:`¯¯S _`` \:Y`¯¸n_¯\ ¯Y¯
¯ t_ ¯ v\¯¸ Ð_ ¯ \ ¯\¯_ :_ ¯ D¸ I_ v_ ¯ ` :` I v¯ O\` D_ \ Y r I\
¯`:¸o¯ S\¯ v\¯¸Ð\ ¯\¯_: ¯t O\` `a
¯:\Y¯ D_\Yra ¯¸I¸¯_SI \I _n\:¸¯\ \I D¸Iv¯
\:`¯¯S _`` \:¸¯ _n`:¸¯ ¯:\Y¯I\
.\:D¸n\:r O\`I ¯n_:¸S_\ ¡\:_`\ ¯¸¯¸Y S¯D S¯v
¯¯`: ¡\ªY D_r¸n:I \:`¯¯S _`` \:S¯_¯\
¯v¯¸Ð ¯`: O`¸¯¸v\¯` ¡_`:II\
:D\r¸n:_¯ ¯¸:¸I\ D\:\v`_¯ ¯¸:¸I S\¯ ¯¸D_S `a
Racheim Adonoy Eloheinu al Yisrael amecha
ve- al Yerushalayim irecha ve- al Tziyon mishkan kevodecha
ve- al malchus beis Dovid mi- shee- checha
ve- al ha- bayis ha- gadol veha- kadosh she- nikra shimcha alav.
Eloheinu avinu ri' einu zuneinu parne’seinu
ve- chalk- ileinu ve- harvicheinu ve- harvach lanu
Adonoy Eloheinu meheira mi- kol t zaro- seinu.
Ve- na al t at z- richeinu Adonoy Eloheinu
Lo lidei mat nas basar va- dam ve- lo lidei halva' asam,
ki im le-yadcha ha-meley'ah ha-pesucha ha-kedosha veha-rechava,
she- lo neivosh ve- lo nikaleim le- olam va- ed.
Have mercy, Lord our God, on I srael Your people, on Jerusalem Your cit y, on Zion t he
home of your glory, on t he kingdom of t he house of David, Your anoint ed one, and on
t he great and holy house t hat is called by Your name. Our God, our Fat her, look aft er
us and feed us, give us a livelihood and support us, relieve us, and quickly provide a
respit e from all our t roubles, Lord our God. And please, let us not be dependent , Lord
our God, on any gift or loan from a human being, but rat her on Your hand t hat is full,
open, holy and generous, so t hat we should never feel embarrassed or ashamed.
On Shabbat , add:
Ret zeih ve- hachali’t zeinu Adonai Eloheinu be- mit zvot echa
uve-mitzvas yom ha-shevi’i ha-Shabbos ha-gadol veha-kadosh ha-zeh.
Ki yom zeh gadol ve- kadosh hu lefanecha
lishbos bo ve- lanuach bo be- ahava ke- mit zvas ret zonecha.
Uvi- ret zoncha haniyach lanu Adonai Eloheinu
she-lo t ehei t zara ve-yagon va-anacha be-yom menucha-seinu.
Ve- hareinu Adonoy Eloheinu be- nechamas Tziyon irecha
uve- vinyan Yerushalayim ir kodshecha
ki at a hu ba’al ha- yeshuos u- va’al ha- nechamos.
Be pleased, Lord our God, and st rengt hen us t hrough Your commandment s, [ espe-
cially] t hrough t he commandment of t he sevent h day, t his great and holy Shabbat .
For t his is indeed a great and holy day for You; t o rest and be at ease, wit h loving
concern for t he command of Your will. So may it please You t o grant us rest , Lord our
God, wit h no t rouble, or unhappiness, or dist ress on our day of rest . And show us,
Lord our God, t he consolat ion of Zion, Your cit y, and t he building up of Jerusalem,
Your holy cit y, for you are t he Mast er of redempt ion and t he Mast er of consolat ion.
¨Y¸¨`\ ¨S¸¨`\ _:`:_`\ SŸI_`\ ¨¨_:_` ):`D\I¸S `¨¨S\ ):`¨¨S
):`D\I¸S ¡\¨?t\ )::\"po) )::\¨?t ¨?_:`\ "p¸o`\ :_O¸v`\
"v"¸p ¨`: D`_¨¸v)¨` ¡\¨?t\ ""I_: "\¸" ¡I _n`v¸O ¡\¨?t\
¨¸I\O¨ ¨¸O`¨o¨ "`:¸o¨ ¨S¸¨v` D`I "O_: ¨¸a ¡\¨?t\
D\`I D\¨¸v¨) D`ª_n¨ D`O¸n_¨¨) "Dn¨) ¡n¨
¡\¨¸ a I_ ¨ D ¨ Y_ :_ ¨ :_ n ` :` r t_ ¨ D\a D_ ¨ :_ n D\: I¸ t_ ¨ :_ n D\X_ r_ ¨ :_ n t " Ÿ n_ ¨ tSŸ ¨
.¨¸?¸¨I¨ \I ):"p¸o) .¨¸I\O¨ \I ):`¨¨S _`` ):¨?_t .¨:_¨
D`O¸n_¨\ ¨¸:)v` ¨_I"I) .D`ª_n¨ \I )::`v\¨\
):`:`: "`¨S `a )::`v\¨\ ):`¨¸: Dn_¨\ )::¸n\ D)n
.¨¸D¸S D)n_¨\ ¡):_n "¨O ¨S `a
Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s
On Rosh Chodesh and fest ivals, add:
Our God and God of our forefat hers, may t here arise, come, arrive, appear, be favored, be heard, be considered, be reminded
a remembrance and considerat ion of us and t he remembrance of our forefat hers, and t he remembrance of t he Messiah,
son of David Your servant , and t he remembrance of Jerusalem, cit y of Your holiness, and t he remembrance of Your ent ire
nat ion of t he House of I srael before You, for deliverance, goodness, grace, kindness, mercy, life and peace on t his day of:
Rosh Chodesh / Festival of Matzot / Festival of Shavuot / Festival of Sukkot / Eighth Day of the Azteret Festival / Remembrance (Rosh Hashana)
Remember us on it , Lord our God, for goodness, and consider us on it for a blessing, and redeem us on it for life. And in t he
mat t er of redempt ion and mercy, have pit y and be gracious t o us and have mercy on us and save us, because our eyes are
t urned t o You, for You are God, gracious and merciful.
Eloheinu, ve’Elohei avoseinu, ya’aleh, veyavo, veyagiah, veyerat zeh,
veyishma, veyipaked, veyizacher zichroneinu ufik’doneinu vezichron avoseinu
vezichron Mashiach ben Dovid avdecha, vezichron Yerushalaim ir kodshecha,
vezichron kol amcha beis Yisrael lefanecha lifleit ah, let ovah,
lechein, ulechesed, ulerachamim, lechaim uleshalom beyom:
Rosh haChodesh | Chag haMatzos | Chag haShavuos | Chag haSukkos | haShemini Chag haAzteres | haZikaron
ha’zeh. Zachreinu Adonoy, Eloheinu, bo let ova, ufak’deinu vo livrachah,
vehoshi’einu vo lechaim. Uvidevar yeshuah verachamim
chus vechaneinu, verachem aleinu vehoshi’einu ki eilecha eineinu
ki El ( melech) chanun verachum at a.
.\:`r_`I ¨¸¨¨rI v"Ÿp_¨ ¨`: D`_7¸v\¨` ¨:I\
.¡r¸S .D`¸7¸v\¨` \`¸r¸n_¨I ¨:\I _`` ¨¸D_S "\¨¸I
D¸7\:¸¨ "7r \:`¨7S _`` ¨¸D_S "\¨¸I
\:¨3\` \:7¸S\: \:S¨\I \:¨`"_S \:a7_r \:`I¸S 7S¸¨
.7S¸¨v` ¨:\¨ \::\¨ IŸp_:_` v\"p \:v\"p
D\`_\ D\` 7¸DIv 7Ÿa_7 I`OO_¨\ I\O_¨ "7O_¨
.\:¸7 I`O`` S\¨ I`Or S\¨ I`O¨ S\¨
"_:¸7 \:7r:` S\¨ \:7r\: S\¨ \:¸7¸r: S\¨
¨¸n¸73_¨\ ¨¸7¸3_¨ n_\¨7\ D`r¸n_¨7\ "Dn7\ ¡n7
D`r¸n_¨\ ¨¸7¸a7_D\ ¨¸D_:¨_s ¨¸r¸n: ¨¸:\v`\ ¨¸D¸¨I
:\: ¨ D_ n ` 7_ S D¸ 7\: 7 I\O7¸ a r\ I\O 7¸ D \ D\7¸ v \ D` `_ n \
U-veneih Yerushalayim ir ha- kodesh bim’heira ve-yameinu.
Baruch ata Adonoy, boneh be-rachamav Yerushalayim. Amen.
And may You build up Jerusalem, t he holy cit y, speedily in our lifet imes.
Blessed are you, God, who in His mercy builds up Jerusalem. Amen.
Baruch at a Adonoy, Eloheinu melech ha- olam,
ha- Eil avinu malkeinu adireinu boreinu go' aleinu yot zreinu
kedosheinu kedosh Yaakov, ro' einu ro' ey Yisrael
ha-melech ha-tov veha-meitiv la-kol shebechol yom va-yom
hu heit iv hu meit iv hu yeit iv lanu.
Hu gemalanu hu gom’leinu hu yigme’leinu la- ad
lechein le-chesed ule-rachamim ule-revach hatzala ve-hatzlacha
beracha viyshuah nechama parnasa ve-chalkala ve-rachamim
ve-chaim ve-shalom ve-chol tov, umi-kol tuv le-olam al yechas’ereinu.
Blessed are you, Lord our God, King of t he world, Almight y who is our Fat her, our King,
our Might y One, our Creat or, our Redeemer, our Maker, our Holy One, t he Holy One of
Jacob our Shepherd, t he Shepherd of I srael, t he King who is good and does good t o all
- - Who each and every day has been good, is good and will be good t o us. He gave,
gives, and will always give us grace, kindness and mercy, wit h relief, deliverance,
success, blessing, salvat ion, comfort , livelihood, sust enance, mercy, life, peace and
everyt hing t hat is good. And may He never let us lack anyt hing t hat is good.
Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s
.":_\ D¸7\:7 \:`7¸: "\7r` S\¨ ¡¸r¸n_¨¸¨
."¨¸S¸I\ D`_r¸v_I "_¨¸ID` S\¨ ¡¸r¸n_¨¸¨
D`¨\" ¨\"7 n_I_Dv` S\¨ ¡¸r¸n_¨¸¨
D`n¸3: n_3:7\ "_:¸7 \:¸I ¨_S¸sD`\
.D`r¸7\: `r7\:7\ "_:¸7 \:¸I ¨_"_¨D`\
."\I¸DI \:D:¨_Ð` S\¨ ¡¸r¸n_¨¸¨
\:¨S_\_3 7_:r \:": ¨\Iv` S\¨ ¡¸r¸n_¨¸¨
.\:3¨_S7 D\`rr\p \:D`7\` S\¨\
¨¸I¨r ¨¸D¸¨I \:¸7 n_7v` S\¨ ¡¸r¸n_¨¸¨
.\`¸7¸: \:7_D¸Sv ¨t ¡¸n7v 7_:\ ¨I_¨ D`_I_I
¨\D_t S`I_1_¨ \¨_`7S DS \:¸7 n_7v` S\¨ ¡¸r¸n_¨¸¨
.D\r¸n:\ D\:\v` D\I\O D\¨\vI \:¸7 ¨v_I`\ I\O_7
Ha- rachaman hu yimloch aleinu le- olam va' ed.
Ha- rachaman hu yisbarach ba- shamayim uva- aret z.
Ha- rachaman hu yisht abach le- dor dorim
ve- yispa' eir banu la' ad u' le- neit zach net zachim.
ve- yis- hadar banu la' ad ule- olmei olamim.
Ha- rachaman hu yefar ’neseinu be- chavod.
Ha- rachaman hu yishbor uleinu mei' al t zavareinu
ve- hu yolicheinu komemiyus le- art zeinu.
Ha- rachaman hu yishlach beracha meruba
ba- bayis ha- zeh ve- al shulchan zeh she- achalnu alav.
Ha- rachaman hu yishlach lanu es Eiliyahu ha- navi zachur
la-t ov vee-vasser lanu besoros t ovos yeshuos venechamos.

♦ May t he Merciful One rule over us forever.
♦ May t he Merciful One be blessed in heaven and on eart h.
♦ May t he Merciful One be praised for all generat ions, and may He be glorified
t hrough us forever and ever, and may He be honored t hrough us et ernally.
♦ May t he Merciful One grant us an honorable livelihood.
♦ May t he Merciful One break t he yoke from our neck and lead us upright t o our land.
♦ May t he Mer cif ul One send a plent if ul blessing t o t his house and t his t able
at which we have eat en.
♦ May t he Merciful One send us Elij ah t he prophet , who is remembered for good,
who will bring us good t idings of salvat ion and comfort .
Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s
\:`7¸:\ C¨`7_: \"C_7` C)¨¸C_I
C)7¸t D¨rtr7 S¨Dt D\?r
\::t` `¨7Sr ¨¸D¸"Y\ _`` DSr ¨¸?¸¨I S¸t:\
:C¸"¸S\ C`¨7S `:`:I I)O 7?t\ ¡n S¸Yr:\
¨ I_ ¨ D ` _ I_ ¨ 7_ :_ I |`¨\D `I¸S) D S " ¨¸ I ` S)¨ ¡¸ D¸ n_ ¨¸ ¨
¨ I_ ¨ D ` _ I_ ¨ D_ 7_ :_ I |`D¸¨\D `OS) D S )
C ¨¸ 7 ¨ v_ S 7¸ a D S ) C¸ : ¨_ r D S ) C¸ D` I D S ) C¸ D\S
`7_:_I/`DvS) DS)) `D\S "¨¸I` S)¨ ¡¸D¸n_¨¸¨
`7 ¨v_S 7¸a DS) |`:¨_r DS)
)1`D\I¸S )?¨¸ID1v \Da )1¸7 ¨v¸S 7¸a DS) )1¸D\S
"¨¸I` ¡a .7Ÿa 7ŸaD 7Ÿa_I ·IŸD_:_`) D¸nY` C¸¨¸¨I_S
·¡D¸S ¨_DSŸ1) ¨¸D7v ¨¸?¸¨II ."_n_` )1¸7a )1¸D\S
Ba- marom yelam’edu aleihem ve- aleinu
zechus she- t ehei le- mishmeres shalom.
Ve-nisa veracha mei-eis Adonoy u-tzedakah mei-Elohei yisheinu.
Ve- nimt za chein ve- seichel t ov be- einei Elohim ve- adam.
May a plea be heard on high, for t hem and for us, a merit for t he securit y of peace.
And may we receive a blessing from God and right eousness from t he God of our
salvat ion. So may we find favor and underst anding in t he sight of God and man.
Harachaman, Hu yevarech es ( avi mori) ba’al habayis hazeh,
ve’es ( imi morasi) balas habayis hazeh,
osam ve’es beisam ve’es zar ’am ve’es kol asher lahem.
Harachaman, Hu yevarech osi ( ve’es isht i / ba’ali) ,
ve’es zar ’i ve’es kol asher li.
Osanu ve’es kol asher lanu, kemo shenisbarchu avoseinu,
Avraham, Yit zchak, veYa'akov: bakol, mikol, kol, ken yevarech
osanu kulanu yachad bivrachah sheleima venomar amen.
Guest s say ( at one’s parent s’ t able add parent heses) : May t he Merciful One bless
( my fat her, my t eacher) t he mast er of t his house, and ( my mot her, my t eacher) t he
lady of t his house, t hem and t heir household, and t heir offspring and all t hat is t heirs.
At one’s own t able: May t he Merciful One bless me ( and my wife/ husband, and chil-
dren) , and all t hat is mine.
All cont inue: [ May He bless] us and all t hat is ours, like our forefat hers Abraham, I saac
and Jacob were blessed “ in everyt hing,” “ from everyt hing,” and “ wit h everyt hing” —
so may He bless us, all t oget her, wit h a complet e blessing. And let us say, “Amen.”
On Shabbos: May t he Merciful One grant us a day which will be a Shabbos in it s ent iret y, and rest for et ernal life.
Harachaman, Hu yanchileinu yom shekulo Shabbos
umenuchah lechayei ha’olamim.
On Rosh Hashana: May t he Merciful One inaugurat e for us t his year for goodness and for a blessing.
Harachaman, Hu yechadesh aleinu es hachodesh hazeh letova velivracha.
Harachaman, Hu yechadesh aleinu es hashana hazos letova velivracha.
Harachaman, Hu yanchileinu yom shekulo t ov.
Harachaman, Hu yakim lanu es sukkas Dovid hanofales.
On Rosh Chodesh: May t he Merciful One inaugurat e for us t his mont h for goodness and for a blessing.
On Fest ivals: May t he Merciful One grant us a day which is good in it s ent iret y.
On Sukkos May t he Merciful One raise up for us t he fallen sukkah of David.
D¸I_t \¯at C\` ):¯`n:_` S)¯ ¡¸r¸n_¯¸¯
.C`r¸¯\:¸¯ `ª_n¯ ¯¸n):r) .
.¯¸a¸¯I¯\ ¯¸I\O¯ ¯r_¯ t¯Ÿn_¯ DS ):`¯¸: t¯_n` S)¯ ¡¸r¸n_¯¸¯
.I\O \¯at C\` ):¯`n:_` S)¯ ¡¸r¸n_¯¸¯
.D¯¸o\:_¯ ¯\¸¯ D_aD DS ):¸¯ C`p_` S)¯ ¡¸r¸n_¯¸¯
.¯¸ a¸ ¯ I ¯ \ ¯¸ I\O ¯ DSŸ r_ ¯ ¯_ :¸ v_ ¯ D S ):` ¯¸ : t ¯_ n ` S)¯ ¡¸ r¸ n_ ¯¸ ¯
Guest s say ( at one’s parent s’ t able add parent heses) :
At one’s own t able:
All cont inue:
:\`¸S¨`7 ¨\Dn_r ¡`S `a \`¸v\"p _`` DS \S¨`
:I\O 7¸ D \¨ D n_ ` S7 _ ` ` ` v ¨\" \ \I :¸ ¨ \ \v¸ ¨ D` ¨` Ð a
:\"D_n D¸7\:7 `a I\O `a _``_7 \"\¨
:¡\3¸¨ `_n 7¸D7 _:`Iv_r\ ""_` DS _nD\s
:\n_OIr _`` ¨_`¸¨\ ``_I n_OI` ¨v¸S ¨I:_¨ "\¨¸I
`D`S¸¨ S7\ `D:_p_t D_: `D``¸¨ ¨_:_:
:Dn¸7 vp_Ir \:¨_t\ I_t:: p`"_3
:D\7¸v_I \O_: DS "¨¸I` _`` ¡D` \O_:7 tŸ: _``
\a7_r D\:\v` |7`":_r - 7\nI) 7\":r
:D¸7\: "_: \:¨_t7\ "\¸"7 \n`vr7 "Dn ¨vŸ:\
D\7¸v ¨v_:_` S\¨ \`¸r\¨rI D\7¸v ¨vŸ:
:¡r¸S \¨rS\ 7S¸¨v` 7¸a 7_:\ \:`7¸:
_n`v¸O_¨ D\r`7 \:a_t` S\¨ ¡¸r¸n_¨¸¨
.S¸I_¨ D¸7\:¸¨ ``_n7\
Ha- rachaman hu yezakeinu lee- mos ha- moshiach
ul- chayei ha- olam haba.
May t he Merciful One make us wort hy of t he days of t he Messiah
and t he life of t he world t o come.
On all days, cont inue:
Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s Gr ace A f t er M eal s
Migdol ( weekdays: Magdil) yeshuos malko
ve- oseh chesed lim- shicho le- Dovid ule- zaro ad olam.
Oseh shalom bi- meromav hu ya' aseh shalom
aleinu ve- al kol Yisrael, ve- imru amen.
He brings about great vict ories for His king and shows kindness
t o His anoint ed one, t o David and t o his descendant s forever. He
who makes peace in His high places, may He bring about peace
for us and for all I srael. And say, Amen.
Yeru es Adonoy kedoshav ki ein machsor liyrei' av.
Kefirim rashu ve-ra'eivu ve-dor-eshei Adonoy lo yachseru chol tov.
Hodu la’Adonoy ki t ov ki le- olam chasdo.
Posei' ach es yadecha u- masbia le- chol chai rat zon.
Baruch ha-gever asher yivtach ba'Adonai ve-haya Adonoy mivtacho.
Na' ar hayit i gam zakant i ve- lo ra' it i
t zaddik ne' ezav ve' zaro mevakeish lachem.
Adonoy oz le-amo yitein Adonoy yevareich es amo va-shalom.
Have awe of t he Lord, you who are His holy ones, for t here is not hing lacking
t o t hose who st and in awe of Him. Young lions may suffer want and hunger,
but t hose who seek God will not lack any good t hing. Give t hanks t o God, for
He is good, for His kindness is everlast ing. You open Your hand and sat isfy
t he desire of all t hat lives. Blessed is t he one who t rust s in God, t hen God will
be his securit y. I was young and I have become old, and yet I never seen a
deserving man who was dest it ut e, wit h his children begging for bread. May
God give st rengt h t o His people. May God bless His people wit h peace.