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he 4L80E has been a pretty

strong unit since 1991. Over the
Figure 1: Grooved Band
years weve built quite a few of
these transmissions with no problems, but every now and then
one comes back that slips in reverse. All the forward shifts are
The first thing we check is line pressure and line rise.
This one checks out good. Then we pull the transmission and
tear it down, and the only thing we find wrong is a burnt band.
So what happened?
This could be a parts mismatch problem, because there
are two types of rear bands for the 4L80E:
The early band has a grooved lining (figure 1).
The late band has a smooth lining (figure 2).

Plus there are two types of band surface areas on the reaction
carrier assembly.
The early reaction carrier assembly is grooved like the
band (figure 3).
The late reaction carrier assembly is smooth like the late
band. (figure 4).
The early, grooved band can be used on either reaction
carrier assembly, but the late, smooth band can only be used
on the late, smooth surface reaction carrier
If you use a late band on an early reaction carrier, youre
looking for trouble. It might work fine for a little while with
no load, but with any kind of load it will slip and be back.
Now that we know which band goes with which reaction
carrier assembly, this is were the problems starts. If you need
to replace a grooved band, youll need to replace the carrier
assembly too, because the only new band available is the late,
smooth band.


by Mike Brown

Figure 2: Smooth Band

Figure 3: Rev Drum Rough

Figure 4: Rev Drum Smooth

GEARS July 2005