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Carmen Yong Kar Mun

Year 10

Do you think that the Treaty of Versailles was fair?

I think that the Treaty of Versailles was unfair because it was harsh and violence could not do any good.
The treaty could and would cripple Germany in terms of wealth, economy, power and many more.
Germany indeed should be punished but not too harsh as it could cause another war to break out.
Germany should not be the only one accepting the blame for the war because it may also be AustriaHungary's responsibility for the war. Some Germans even thought that it was Russia who started the
war. It is not wholly Germany's fault but also Britain's fault.
The reparations that Germany had to pay were absurd. Not only it would cause starvation to citizens of
Germany, it would also affect Germany's pride. With Germany's economy already affected as a result
from the war, they had to pay the costly reparations. If Germany's economy is affected, food will be
scarce and then people would go through starvation. I think it was unfair that Germany would loose all
of its colonies and tenths of its territories through the terms of the treaty. I do not know how Germany
was to pay the absurd reparations with its entire colonies given toe the winning side and losing tenths
of its important territories like Rhineland and Saarland.
Besides that, it was not fair for Germany who had to reduce its armaments. This would not make them
unprepared if there was an upcoming war. They would be helpless and could not defend themselves
with such little armaments. Every country could join the League of Nations except Germany. They had
to show themselves as a peace loving country. I am clueless about who was going to see if Germany
was a peace loving country or not. This was unfair for Germany and Germany felt insulted, as they were
not allowed to join the League of Nations.
I think that the treaty of Versailles was pointless, as it did not satisfy any of the Big Three who were
Lloyd George, Clemenceau Georges and President Woodrow Wilson. I don't see how the treaty of
Versailles would benefit every country involved when both Allied Side and Central Powers did not feel
happy with the treaty. Woodrow Wilson thought the treaty was harsh and did not get the selfdetermination and long lasting peace he wanted. Lloyd George was not happy with the treaty as it was
harsh and this could mean that Britain may lose a trading partner, which would lead to lesser jobs for
British people.
Lastly, Germany's colonies that had self-determination made Germans felt angry. They were angry that
Germany could not have self-determination while others could. Through the terms of the treaty, the
map of Europe was revised. Germany lost many of its land to new founded countries like
Czechoslovakia and many more. This made Germans to be separated from Germany. I think it is really
unfair for Germans to lose their rights to be a part of Germany. The Germans would have a hard time
adjusting themselves to a new country, which means new culture, language, people and others. I also
think the Treaty of Versailles was unfair for the innocent citizens of Germany who had no intentions for
any war. Germany's government and leaders should be death with, not the innocent citizens of