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Mozart was five years old when he wrote his first piece.

Did you know how many pieces of bamboo were used in the
construction of the Bamboo Organ of Las Piñas?
“The bamboo pieces used were cut during the proper season to
insure durability. For the same reason, they were buried beside the
sea for half a year to treat them against weevils. Nine hundred fifty
pieces of bamboo were used in the construction of the organ.”
(Source: Bañas, R. C. (1975). Pilipino Music and Theater. Quezon
City: Manlapaz Publishing.)

Did you know that the lyrics of the Philippine National Anthem had
versions in three languages?
The national anthem composed in 1898 remained without words until
Jose Palma wrote the poem Filipinas, which was used as the anthem’s
lyrics in 1899. In the 1920s, the American colonial government
commissioned the translation of the original Spanish lyrics into English
and the product of which was officially adopted by the Philippine
Commonwealth in 1934. In 1956, the Filipino translation by Ildefonso
Santos and Julian Cruz Balmaceda was officially proclaimed. Some
revisions were still made in 1962, the product of which is the version
which is now sung publicly.

Did you know that Maria Carpena was the first Filipino recording artist?
Maria Carpena, known as the first Filipino recording artist and
sarswela star, recorded Ang Maya for Victor Records in 1913. She did
the recording with the Molina Orchestra, at a makeshift studio in the
Manila Hotel.
(From CCP encyclopedia of Philippine art, vol. 6)

and Guillermo Tolentino. The song recognized as "the best-selling single of all time" was released before the pop/rock singles-chart era and "was listed as the world's bestselling single in the first-ever Guinness Book of Records (published in . the equivalent body of the US RIAA is thePhilippine Association of the Record Industry (PARI). the PARI has its own set of rules. was also a musicologist and considered one of the three best guitarists in the country during the American period? A man of many talents.000 copies.000 copies were paid for and bought by ABS-CBN. In 1918. historian. de los Santos was a lawyer. The first pop video was Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. released in 1975. the holiday perennial "White Christmas" (1942) by Bing Crosby is the best-selling single worldwide. 20. He succeeded Trinidad Pardo de Tavera as director of the Philippine Library and Museum in 1925. bibliophile. According to Guinness World Records. Of course.000 copies can be easily bought out by the recording company. He was also a gifted musician—a great pianist and guitarist.000 copies. I merely allege. it is plausible that the 20. he was designated technical director of the Philippine Census by Governor-General Francis Burton Harrison. he was considered one of the three outstanding guitarists of the Philippines. writer. and it awards platinum status if the album has sold 20. and were probably given for free during Wowowee or whatever noon time variety show they have. In the case of Jovit Baldivino. Here in the Philippines.000 copies for a platinum album? That’s a far cry from the global standard of 1 million. a renowned sculptor. and antique collector. while serving as fiscal for Bulacan and Bataan. with estimated sales of over 50 million copies. Now. During his time. Those 20. The other two were General Fernando Canon. a revolutionary hero. The PARI awards a gold status to an album if it has sold 10.Did you know that Epifanio de los Santos (whom EDSA was named after).

 SHARE 9. Love (La La). intended to launch her second album.” Shaw sings — and she isn’t.) The song’s vague generalities (“headphones” rhymed with “brownstones”) are somehow not as bad as its specifics.” Fergie Don’t call it a comeback — because Fergie’s new single. surely. “Brooklyn Girls. . And the “la la la” refrain is more saccharine than celebratory. about a borough that is not.” Catey Shaw Newcomer Shaw stirred up ire across Kings County — and the internet — with her song about Brooklyn.” she sings.1955) and—remarkably—still retains the title more than 50 years later. has hardly made us nostalgic about what made the singer great.A. an island. 2. written as though she’d never been. 2014 View as Gallery  SHARE 10. “L. in fact. referring to a bodega cat. There’s no specificity whatsoever as the Black Eyed Pea just lists place names (Kansas City and Manila in consecutive lines) like a middle schooler cramming for the geography bee. Pass." Top 10 Worst Songs  TIME Staf Dec. (“Tonight we run the island. “They all want to catch our kitty.

” Iggy Azalea easily could have released a worthier song from her debut studio album The New Classic — but instead. a tip for Snoop: “Wiggle” does not rhyme with “little bittle. “Wiggle” by Jason Derulo feat.  SHARE 6. “Summer. “Black Widow. don’t distract enough. Rita Ora For the follow-up to her blockbuster summer single “Fancy. she pushed out the lazy and derivative “Black Widow. harp noises and stray electric guitar notes are a little much for an otherwise generic banger. but his lyrics. SHARE 8.” Calvin Harris There’s something a little contrived about releasing a song called “Summer” right before the titular season arrives. Snoop Dogg “Wiggle” was doomed as soon as what sounds like a discount store recorder starts to play at the beginning of the song.” Iggy Azalea feat.” Derulo asks.  SHARE 7. “How do you fit all that…in them jeans?” Asked and answered by the Black Eyed Peas in 2005.” left on the cutting room floor of Katy Perry’s Prism sessions (likely because it bears a striking similarity to Perry’s superior “Dark Horse”). which read like Twitter’s @GuyInYourMFA parody account taking a stab at a pop song. Also. The lyrics didn’t help: “I got one question. but what makes the song grating in the winter now is its anthem ambitions combined with the way Harris kitchen-sink’s it: twinkling pianos. Harris might have gotten away with it had he recruited one of his A-list pals for some guest vocals.”  SHARE . The addition of the faceless British import Rita Ora does little to distinguish the song from the other pablum crowding radio.

The song’s popularity is fading just in time for “Lips Are Movin. Its bouncy. too-bright beat and rappedstraight-through-the-nasal-passages delivery made each scan through Top 40 radio into a minefield. worse.” Trainor’s sound-alike second single.  SHARE 4. self-aggrandizing in a manner that feels unearned.  SHARE .” Meghan Trainor Trainor caused some offense by mocking “skinny b—-es” for being undesirable and framing body-positivity as something to fake so that boys will like you — but “All About That Bass” has yet more fundamental problems. “Sun Daze” still sounds like what would happen if Florida Georgia Line made a disastrous attempt at writing a song for Miley Cyrus (and then recorded it after Cyrus rejected it for being even too low brow for her).” Jessie J The British chanteuse’s next single shows off all the qualities that have stood between her and lasting success: It’s wildly oversung.5. A song about how one’s undaunted by mistakes in the public eye seems delusional when sung by someone with no persona to speak of.” Florida Georgia Line Although there’s nothing prohibiting country artists from kicking back and having a good time. “All About That Bass. “Masterpiece.  SHARE 3. “I sit you up on a kitchen sink / stick the pink umbrella in your drink” wins the I Just Threw Up in My Mouth Award for worst innuendo of 2014. “Sun Daze. and.

ranging from. “Literally. the band name Magic! is ridiculous — but “Rude” makes the list not only for its sanitized reggae-fusion sound but because the lyrics make no sense at all. “Rude.'” Sexism is still alive and well.” Heartbreaking? Definitely. I Can’t. I Can’t. the dad says no. in a song that features frat guys yelling at sorority girls to “shut the f*** up” when the women won’t take tequila shots and hook up with their female friends.” Play & Skillz. But “rude.” Magic! Yes. . Lil Jon and Enertia McFly were the artists behind “Literally. probably isn’t right.” an adjective usually reserved for people texting in a movie theater.” The credited artists on the song are Play & Skillz. The lyrics only get worse from there. I can tell by the way you walking.  SHARE 1. but you annoying me cuz you’re talking” to “I don’t wanna hear. Correction: The original version of this article said Redfoo. “You got a big ole butt. to which the singer replies. featuring Redfoo.2. “Why you gotta be so rude?” This act just isn’t “rude. The song chronicles the story of a man who asks his girlfriend’s father for his permission to marry her. Enertia McFly The execrable “Literally I Can’t” glorified rape culture at the exact moment when students. Lil Jon. Cruel? Perhaps. activists and the White House were pushing universities to re-examine their policies dealing with sexual assault on campus. ‘No.