Business Communication Chapter-1

Communication: Communication is derived from the Latin word “communis” which means common. So, communication means commonness with other person. However communication includes in addition to commonalty, the concepts of transmission, meaning and information. When all the above features are combined together, then communication takes a precise shape in the form of transmission of commonly meaningful information. This communication is the bridge through which to exchange of thoughts , ideas, facts, opinion, emotion and information between two or more people is done to create mutual understanding and confidence. It acts as a life-blood to the modern business world and without it the “ the Age of information” cannot be thought of it. A communication occurs when there are three things or aspects: 1) Communicator or sender 2) Channel 3) Communicatee or receiver X and Y are two friends, X lives in England and Y lives in Bangladesh. X makes a phone call to Y. Here X is the sender , Y is the receiver and telephone is the channel. Therefore communication happens according to the following diagram.
sender Telephone


According to Peter Little , “communication is the process by which information is transmitted between individuals and /or organization so that understanding response results”.
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Business Communication
Chapter 1


So from the above discussion, communication is the way or task to exchange or transmit any data, information, message, opinion,idea, facts to create a meaningful picture among the pesons involved in any situation, activities or environment.

Business Communication
Chapter 1


Business communication: Communication applied to the business is world is
called business communication. Business communication is the specialized branch of general communication. In a broad sense ‘the process of exchanging any type of notice, instruction, request, recommendation, perception, and the linking of a person or a number of persons within the organization or outside the organization, with view to inform them of any business data, decisions, instructions, objectives, etc. and expecting feedback from the receivers to secure action by the receiver. According to Prof. J. Haste communication occurred between two or more business for organizing and administering business efficiency is business communication.

Effective communication Effective communication is one when both the sender and receiver of the message perceive the message in the same sense. Message to be perceived in the same sense must be audience centered. This means that audience consideration is the key factor for all effective communication. According to information theory communication is most effective when are (1) coded clearly and unambiguously ;(2) transmitted without the addition of noise distorting the message (3)received without loss of any part because of channel overload and (4) decoded accurately so that the original information is perfectly duplicated. To Griffin, “Effective communication is the process of sending a message in such a way that the massage received is as close in meaning as possible to the message intended. For making the clear conception, we can consider the following example: 1. Today’s temperature is 100c 2. It is a dreadfully cold today. The first statement is very clear in meaning. There is no scope to interpret the day’s temperature in different ways (degrees). But the second statement is less clear than the first one because the word “difficulty” is a related and it can mean different things to different people