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The Entry of Islam to Cirebon

A story from Pasundan country, precisely in the area of Cirebon in West Java. An
incident that was never lost in time. Once when the people of Cirebon was hit by
a prolonged drought. All the people screaming and crying. They walked here and
there, looking for a drop of water which is very meaningful.
Some people are working hard digging the ground to find the springs.
People 1

: Dig it! Come on, dig the land ...!. in a minute, the water will come

People 2

: Over the years our fields have sticken by a drought


: Oh Lord! Give us a clue, so we can get water for our lives.

People 4
: O God ...! You said you would send a messenger to make us happy.
But where, where is the proof. God! You liar!
Suddenly came along dashing human figure, dressed in a robe to bring the
teachings of the Sunnah. He is Raden Syarif Hidayatullah. All the people were
surprised of his coming. They assumed that he was the messenger from the God.
People 2
: Stop ...! Let's stop ...! apparently God has sent someone to release
the curse of our village
People 3
my wish.

: Oh God! Thank you. You are which I worship that have been grant

People 1
: (approached Sharif) Welcome Sir. Are you a messenger of God to
free up the curse in our village?

: Mister, what do you mean?

People 1
: Over the years we strived for our welfare, but we never found
happiness. Is it true that you are the messenger of God?
: I'm not a messenger of the Gods as you say. I am just a traveler
who was passing. My name is Sharif Hidayatulloh.

: Ha ....... .... (stunned for a moment)

3 People
: Did you hear ...! He is not a messenger of God as what you expect.
Then it may not be able to free up our country from drought, pests and diseases
that destroy entire plants so that crops will fail.
People 4
: During the days we dig this land, searching for water sources, just
to moisten our throat. But there is no drop of water here.

: Maybe Allah has not permitted.

Rakyat1234 : Ha, ....... Allah, ...... (wonder) who is he ?

: I see you have been trying hard. But you forget that we are weak
human. Therefore we must pray to Allah. Because Allah is the creator of the sky
and the earth and all its contents. Only Allah that worthy of our worship.
People 4
: I do not know what you are talking about. But do you think that we
have not done it? We have done many kinds of offerings and ceremonies, but
where the proof is.

: If you ask Allah, Insya Allah, your wishes will come true.

People 1
: For the sake of the welfare of our people and in accordance with
our prayers to the Gods. "Anyone who can bring water in this area then we will
be obedient to him. We will follow the the teachings of you, after you can prove it

: Well, I will try.

(facing the Qiblah while praying. And then put his hand on one of the rocks)
People 1234: Water coming .........., water, water .........water comes ........, ...... ha
ha .....
Alhamdulillahirabbil'alamin prayer Syarif Hidayatullah granted by Allah. Water
gushing very heavy, people are very happy. People who used to worship the
Gods flocked to Islam, following the invitation of Sharif Hidayatulloh. Hence the
Islamic religion began to enter and thrive in Cirebon and the surrounding area.