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Children Health & Education Foundation (CHAEF) was registered in
August 2002 as an NGO. The objective of the Foundation was
based on the promise that large Specialty Hospitals were being
built at exorbitant cost to manage end-stage diseases, whereas at
a fraction of this cost, these diseases could have been detected,
prevented and treated in a primary Health Care Facility. This was
based on over 18 years of experience of my dedicated services 6
years at the LRBT, Indus Hospital (IMHT) and 11 years at
Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital where I witnessed that
blindness could have been prevented and cancer could have been
treated at extremely low cost at a Primary Health Care Centre if
detected early and if left undetected or untreated at the initial
stages, would certainly lead to Kidney failure, Terminal Cancer,
Blindness, Heart Disease the list is endless.
We would also like to inform you that the Foundation with the help
of 43 Primary Health & Mobile Medical Vans has to date treated
diseases over 11.0 million of 7.3 million poor patients visited us
with medicines absolutely FREE.
The schools both Primary as well as Secondary being run by
CHAEF are providing quality education to poor children of Pakistan.
Where as a new program of IQRA Scholarship has been started for
the students having loan facility for higher education.
Children Health & Education Foundation is providing the basic and
fundamental services and support in KPK, Punjab, Balochistan and
Sind provinces to the poor people including Mother & Child
services and needy women of Pakistan at their doorstep (List
attached). We request to all the compassionate humans
to donate to CHAEF for any one head category or as

Zakat/Donation so that CHAEF could achieve the said noble goals

with certainty.

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Keeping in view the present terrible scenario of terminal diseases

especially CANCER, I tried to build a second Cancer Hospital at
Karachi for which I had obtained 20 acre land and constituted most
powerful Board of Governors of Pakistan. Where as unwavering
commitment and as a result I laid down the foundation of a big
cancer hospital at Lahore, by donating of Rs.1,000,000/(Rupees One Million only) where unrivaled services would be
available to all the cancer patients whatever the stage would be. I
am endeavoring for this big cause by shouldering the
responsibilities of being Chairman of this foundation that is aiming
at building this hospital.
Besides this, CHAEF with the help of valued philanthropists has
recently installed 202 water hand pumps in the villages of Sindh
and Balochistan. This has resulted in significant reduction in water
borne diseases like gastro. CHAEF has also spent over Rs. 20
million to help the flood victims during 2010 & 2011 and
established a Medical Camp Hospital at Tharparkar followed by
Mobile Medical Van traveling and treating patients in about 5000
k.m. area in a month time in different villages around Tharparkar.
Thanking you,
Kind regards.

Syed Naeemul Hassan

Chairman & CEO
Cell: 0300-8202828 Email: ,
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Suite # SF-2, Plot # 17-C, Zamzama
Commercial Lane-2 DHA Phase V, Karachi.
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