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Nikon D750

Menu Settings
Sorting out the menu settings

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Winston C. Hall

Nikon D750 Recommended Menu Settings

1. Playback Menu Playback icon
The items in this menu are primarily used to perform a task such as Delete or Copy
image(s), so there arent any settings to recommend except for Playback display
options. Select the options that you would use when reviewing an image. The items
in bold are the options I use in my workflow.

Playback folder
Hide image
Playback display options
o Focus point
o None
o Highlights
o RGB histogram
o Shooting data
o Overview
Copy image(s)
Image review
After delete
Rotate tall
Slide show
DPOF print order

2. Photo Shooting Menu Camera icon
Reset photo shooting menu:
Storage folder: 100
File naming: DSC
Role played by card in Slot 2: Back Up
Image quality: NEF (RAW)
Image size: N/A
Image area
o Choose image area: FX
o Auto DX crop: OFF
JPEG compression: Optimal quality
NEF (RAW) recording:
o Type: Lossless compressed
o NEF (RAW) bit depth: 14-bit
White balance: Select the preset based on the lighting situation
Set Picture Control: NL - Neutral for NEF (RAW) that will be post-processed
Manage Picture Control: N/A
Color space: sRGB
Active D-Lighting: OFF
HDR (high dynamic range): OFF
Vignette control: OFF
Auto distortion control: OFF
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Nikon D750 Recommended Menu Settings

Long Exposure NR: OFF

High ISO NR: Norm
ISO sensitivity settings
o ISO sensitivity: 100
o Auto ISO sensitivity control: Off
o Maximum sensitivity: 6400
o Minimum shutter speed: 160
Remote control mode: 2s Delayed remote
Multiple exposure: Off
Interval timer shooting: Off

3. Movie Shooting Menu Movie Camera icon
Reset movie shooting menu: --
File naming: DSC
Destination: Slot 1
Frame size/frame rate: 1920x1080; 30p
Movie quality: High
Microphone sensitivity: Auto sensitivity
Frequency response: Wide range for nature, Vocal range for people
Wind noise reduction: On for nature, Off for indoor
Image area:
o Choose image area: FX
o Auto DX crop: Off
White balance: Daylight for outdoor, Auto for indoor
Set Picture Control: Flat if the movie will be color corrected. Otherwise
Manage Picture Control: N/A
Movie ISO sensitivity settings: 400
o Auto ISO control (mode M): Off
o Maximum sensitivity: 6400
Time-lapse photography: Off

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Nikon D750 Recommended Menu Settings

4. Custom Setting Menu Pencil icon

Reset custom settings: N/A

a: Autofocus
a1 - AF-C priority selection: Release
a2 - AF-S priority selection: Focus
a3 - Focus tracking with lock-on: AF 3 (Normal)
a4 - Focus point illumination
- Manual focus mode: On
- Dynamic-area AF display: On
- Group-area AF illumination: Outline
a5 - AF point illumination: On
a6 - Focus point wrap-around: Off
a7 - Number of focus points: AF 51
a8 - Store points by orientation: On
a8 - Built-in AF-assist illuminator: Off

b: Metering/exposure
b1 - ISO sensitivity step value: 1/3
b2 - EV steps for exposure cntrl: 1/3
b3 - Easy exposure compensation: OFF
b4 - Matrix metering: Face detection on
b5 - Center-weighted area: 12mm
b6 - Fine-tune optimal exposure: N/A

c: Timers/AE lock
c1 - Shutter-release button AE-L: Off
c2 - Standby timer: 6s
c3 - Auto meter-off delay: 6s
c4 - Self-timer
Self-timer delay: 10s
Number of shots: 1
Interval between shots: 0.5s
c5 - Monitor off delay: 1 Minute
c6 - Remote on duration (ML-L3): 1m

d: Shooting/display
d1 - Beep
Volume: Off
Pitch: Low
D2 - Continuous low-speed: 4 fps
D3 - Max. continuous release: 100
D4 - Exposure delay mode: Off
D5 - Flash warning: On
D6 - File number sequence: On
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Nikon D750 Recommended Menu Settings

D7 - Viewfinder grid display: Off

D8 - Easy ISO: Off
D9 - Information display: AUTO
D10 - LCD illumination: Off
D11 - MB-D16 battery type: LR6
D12 - Battery order: MB-D16

e: Bracketing/flash
e1 - Flash sync speed: 1/250*
e2 - Flash shutter speed: 1/60
e3 - Flash cntrl for built-in flash: TTL
e4 - Exposure comp. for flash: Entire frame
e5 - Modeling flash: On
e6 - Auto bracketing set: AE & flash
e7 - Bracketing order: Under > MTR > Over

f: Controls
f1 - OK button
Shooting mode: RESET
Playback mode: Zoom on/off -> 1:1 (100%)
Live view: RESET
f2 - Assign Fn button: Viewfinder virtual horizon
f3 - Assign Preview button: Preview
f4 - Assign AE-L/AF-L button: AE-L (Hold)
f5 - Customize command dials: Default
f6 - Release button to use dial: Off
f7 - Slot empty release lock: Lock
f8 - Reverse indicators: 0 +
f9 - Assign movie record button: Off
f10 - Assign MB-D16 AE-Lock (Hold)
f11 - Assign remote (WR) Fn button: Off

g: Movie
g1 - Assign Fn button: Off
g2 - Assign preview button: Index marking
g3 - Assign AE-L/AF-L button: AE/AF lock
g4 - Assign shutter button: Take photos

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Nikon D750 Recommended Menu Settings

5. Set Up Menu Wrench icon
The items in this menu are used to perform a task such as reformat memory cards
or clean the sensor, so there really arent any settings to recommend. The menu
items in bold are ones that I recommend adding to your workflow:

Format memory card
Save user settings
Reset user settings
Monitor brightness
Monitor color balance
Clean image sensor
Lock mirror up for cleaning
Image dust off ref photo
Flicker reduction
Time zone and date
Auto image rotation
Battery info
Image comment
Copyright information
Save/Load settings
Virtual horizon
Non-SPU lens data
AF fine-tune
Location data
Conformity marking
Firmware version

I would also recommend customizing the U1 and U2 settings. For recommended
settings for U1 and U2 see my tutorial for setting up the user settings.

6. Retouch Menu
With the items in this menu you can process/adjust images in-camera.

7. My Menu
This menu can be used for creating your own custom menu or for listing the most
recent settings.

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