COMICAL COMIC BOOKS - MORNING Scullery runs over to the door Smolder was just pulled into and Steve follows her. SCULLERY (frantic) Did you see who pulled him in? STEVE No, but I saw what pulled him in. Scullery tries opening the door but it's locked again. SCULLERY What's that suppose to mean? STEVE You know how in old cartoons when somebody's on a stage and the audience starts booing them. SCULLERY Not really but go on. STEVE Well, a guy in one of the wings reaches out with a hooked cane of some kind and uses it to pull that somebody off the stage. That's basically what happened. SCULLERY Well that's really odd-Scullery tries opening the door again and this time it opens revealing a solid wall. SCULLERY And that's even odder. STEVE See I told you it was an evil door! SCULLERY

It's just a trick of some kind. Scullery runs her hands along where the door frame meets the wall. SCULLERY Crap! It's solid... wait a second! Scullery shuts the door and then opens it again. It's still a solid wall. STEVE Cool! It's kinda like the wardrobe in The Chronicles of Narnia. Scullery shuts the door and opens it again. Still a solid wall. Scullery does it three more times and finally sits down with her back against the wall. A couple tears run down the side of her face. SCULLERY (quietly to herself) He bugs the hell outta me sometimes but we were... are partners. We're suppose look out for each other. Steve crouches down next to Scullery. STEVE If it makes ya feel any better you can have anything in the store 10% off. CUT TO: INT. WORLD BEHIND THE DOOR Smolder stands in a very dark room. SMOLDER Why's it so dark? Oh wait, it's because the Sun exploded right? FERVOR (O. S.) Your inside. If the sun exploded you wouldn't be able to tell. Smolder sits down on the floor.

SMOLDER That's true. Plus everything would be frozen like a delicious otter pop. FERVOR flicks a light switch on. A singe hanging light bulb SUDDENLY lights the room revealing it to be a large broom closet. It's damp and dingy. The light bulb swings back and forth. Fervor is a tall man wearing dark clothes and he has long dark hair. SMOLDER I guess I should've expected this. FERVOR So you remember? SMOLDER Oh sure I remember. How could I forget? (pauses) I said, how could I forget? FERVOR I can't answer that. SMOLDER That's too bad because I forgot. (pauses) What're we talking about? Fervor groans and starts to pace. FERVOR Do you remember meeting me briefly when you were in Bend, Oregon three years ago? SMOLDER If you used to be a small mexican woman who blessed donuts on the side of the street then I may 'ove. FERVOR We met at something called ARGH-Con. SMOLDER Oh yeah, now I remember. It may

just be the brain damage talking but weren't there tacos running all over the place. FERVOR (sighs) Unfortunately there was. Those little bastards ended up destroying the entire convention hall. SMOLDER That's how my brain damage I got. FERVOR Not exactly. You see, your brain isn't damaged. It's just been altered. SMOLDER And you're the one who altered it. Fervor stops pacing, turns to Smolder, and crouches down to look him in the eye. FERVOR How'd you know that? SMOLDER I have my ways. Fervor stands back up. FERVOR Well I guess that's not important right now. The reason I altered your brain was to prepare you. SMOLDER Prepare me for what? FERVOR I can't tell you. SMOLDER Why? FERVOR

I honestly don't know. I was hired to do it by something. SMOLDER Does this "something" have a name? FERVOR Felix Callkadawn. SMOLDER That sounds like the name of a person. FERVOR Well it's not. It's the name of a place. SUDDENLY the SOUND of marble cracking fills the room. FERVOR Oh crap! I wasn't suppose to say-Fervor disappears. SMOLDER Finally! Smolder gets up off the floor, walks to the door, and grabs the knob. CUT TO: INT. COMICAL COMIC BOOKS - AFTERNOON Scullery stands in front of the open door staring at the solid wall. SCULLERY Smolder, I'm trying this one more time and if you don't walk outta this door I'm gonna cancel your subscriptions ta Modern Bride and CosmoGirl. Scullery closes the door and steps back. Something hits the other side of the door. SMOLDER (O. S.)

(loudly) Ouch! (casually) Oh right, your suppose to turn the knob. The door knob turns and the door opens revealing Smolder. He walks out of the room and closes the door behind him. SMOLDER (dusting himself off) What time is it? (looks at Scullery) What's wrong? A couple tears run down Scullery's face as she hugs Smolder. SMOLDER Are you crying? SCULLERY No, my ah... my eyes are just sweating. SMOLDER Yeah, it's pretty hot in here. CUT TO: INT. THE SEQUENTIAL DETECTIVE AGENCY - NIGHT Scullery and Smolder are sitting at opposite sides of the desk in their office. SMOLDER And that's what happened... well except for me getting in a slap fight with the president of France. SCULLERY If I lead a normal life I'd say you're full of crap. SMOLDER Well I haven't gone ta the bathroom for a while so I probably am.

SCULLERY Eww! SMOLDER So whadda we do? SCULLERY From what you said it doesn't sound like we can do anything. We'll just have to play the waiting game. SMOLDER I hate that game! The SOUND of somebody walking up the stairs can be heard and then the door swings open. DORIS rushes into the room. She's wearing an overcoat and a large hat. DORIS (frantic and out of breath) Please, you've got ta help me! Smolder and Scullery both stand up. Scullery shuts the door while Smolder approaches the woman. SMOLDER What's wrong? DORIS It's about my boss! I've just discovered something terrible about him! Scullery pulls a chair over to Doris. SCULLERY Here, sit down and explain. Doris sits down on the chair. DORIS I'm a secretary at ARGH Pictures-SMOLDER The local movie studio?

DORIS Yes. SCULLERY Wait, I don't remember there being a movie studio in Portland. SMOLDER (to Scullery) Are you implying our potential client's a liar? SCULLERY No but-DORIS Anyways! I'm the secretary to the head of the studio. I'd never actually seen him in person until tonight. I've talked to him over the intercom many times but... SCULLERY But what? DORIS But... I walked into his office unannounced because the script for the dancing coke can movie had just arrived. He told me to bring it to him as soon as it came. I thought it'd be okay if I just brought it right in but... SCULLERY (angrily) But what? SMOLDER (to Scullery) Scullery please! This woman has clearly been traumatized. (to Doris) Come on woman, out with it! DORIS (upset) Normally when I bring him things

his chair's facing the window behind his desk. This time it wasn't... I've never been so terrified in my life! SMOLDER Is he a troll of some kind? DORIS No! (screaming) He's a shoe box! Outside the window lightning flashes and the SOUND of thunder fills the room. Doris starts crying. Smolder crouches down next to Doris and puts his arm around her. SCULLERY (doubtful) What? SMOLDER (to Scullery) She said he was a shoe box. Come on Scullery, try ta keep up. FADE OUT: THE END