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Odontogenesis FC MCQ

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The structure depicted at the arro
w is a: a) primary dental lamina b)
secondary dental lamina c) succes
sional lamina d) vestibular lamina
e) extensional lamina

The bud, cap and bell stages of odontogenesis refer to the sh

apes of the: a) dental papilla b) alveolar mesenchyme c) oral mese
nchyme d) oral epithelium e) alveolar bone

The stellate reticulum is located at

which region? a) a b) b c) c d) d e)

Which of the following pairs is mismatched? a) stellate reticulum o

dontoblasts b) enamel organ ameloblasts c) dental follicle cemen
toblasts d) periodontal ligament broblasts e) alveolar bone oste

The space indicated by the arrows

is? a) enamel matrix b) membrana
preformativa c) stratum intermedi
um d) predentin e) dentin

The rst MINERALIZED tissue to be deposited at the dentinenamel j

unction (DEJ) is: a) enamel b) enamel matrix c) dentin d) predentin
e) dentin and enamel, simultaneously

The cells at the arrows represent?

a) odontoblasts b) ameloblasts c) i
nner enamel epithelium d) outer e
namel epithelium e) cementoblasts
Which of the following statements is FALSE? a) enamel deposition o
ccurs on a dentin substrate b) the membrana preformativa denes
the future DEJ c) reciprocal epithelialmesenchymal interactions are
required for tooth development d) predentin is deposited during th
e appositional stage e) failure of the primary dental lamina to regre
ss can lead to formation of enamel pearls

c) successional lamina

d) oral epithelium

a) stellate reticulum odontoblasts

b) membrana preformativa

c) dentin

c) inner enamel epithelium

e) failure of the primary dental lamina to regress can lead to forma

tion of enamel pearls

Odontogenesis FC MCQ
Study this set online at:

Which of the following CANNOT be

seen in this image? a) vestibular la
mina b) stellate reticulum c) memb
rana preformativa d) extensional l
amina e) preameloblasts

During odontogenesis, neural crest cells do NOT produce which cell

type? a) cementoblasts b) ameloblasts c) odontoblasts d) osteoblast
s e) broblasts

Which of the following structures h

as been mislabeled? a) stratum int
ermedium b) dental papilla c) mem
brana preformativa d) outer enam
el epithelium e) stellate reticulum
Hertwigs root sheath is comprised of? a) inner enamel epithelium a
nd stratum intermedium b) stellate reticulum and stratum intemediu
m c) outer enamel epithelium and stellate reticulum d) inner ename
l epithelium and odontoblasts e) inner and outer enamel epithelium

The arrowed cells represent? a) a

meloblasts b) odontoblasts c) stella
te reticulum d) inner enamel epith
elium e) stratum intermedium
Which of the following INCORRECTLY describes tooth root formation
? a) root formation is initiated after crown completion b) root matur
ation may take up to three years c) cells of Hertwigs root sheath d
evelop into root odontoblasts d) Hertwigs root sheath denes the a
pical foramen e) root dentin is deposited prior to cementum

What would NOT be found at this s

tage of odontogenesis? a) odontob
lasts b) osteoblasts c) neural crest
cells d) enamel organs e) dental fo

d) extensional lamina

b) ameloblasts

c) membrana preformativa

e) inner and outer enamel epithelium

e) stratum intermedium

c) cells of Hertwigs root sheath develop into root odontoblasts

a) odontoblasts