I'll skip the graphical semiological anaylysis of written language for now and my current study and focus on the glottal stop and the language tables to talk about life, consciousness, and our planet as well as others. so. on to planetary physics, biology, and some chemistry thrown in to explain us and our planet, our inhabitance in it and it's existence in our solar system. i am not an expert on astrophysics so I can't tell you much more than that. Nor can most humans, besides the fact that there are 8-9 planets depending on whom you ask, the 9th being a dwarf planet, Pluto, the 8th being the planet Eris. we are made of mostly water. 60% water by mass or so, to be exact. personal quantum entangled information... telepathy, emotionopathy, kinopathy, sonopathy. are these possible? that's not what I'm here to answer. I'm here to explain how things work. things micro (atom in human body vs human vs world vs solar system) you figure out the rest. so, atomically, at the nano-scale, we start with nanotube-like structure, usually made up of a metal or carbon. mostly iron, carbona and calcium. these are metals or conductive substances when molecules and substances are made up of these at the nano level (solely nano level for carbon) and greater. iron in the blood is also conductive for EM energies. This includes cosmic ray energy to electricity on a grand scale. calcium is conductive for EM energies as well. This includes cosmic energies and as well ionic-level electrical activity. carbon is conductive for any energy, in large amounts as graphene or other low-atom-thickness layers and in molecular forms, it can be used as a better conductor than metals. (gold, et cetera) the skeleton in the body is made up of mostly calcium. the blood in the body is made up of mostly iron.

the cells in the body, both bone, blood and otherwise have nanostructure. this nanostructure can be seen as a quantum energy conductive network, where at the smalles level energies flow pumping mitochondrial structures to power cells and perform other activities. in these cells DNA is compared and recompared in cellular mitosis and miosis to produce more cells. at the DNA level, chemicals are produced in exact sequence by a cell, comparing it to a series of chemicals held by a chemical and ionic bond in the form of deoxy-rybo-nucleic acid and as well mRNA and RNA are found and used to form, shape and message between cellular structures. comparison between these reminds me of redundant sensory and intake manifestations in the body such as nostrils, eyes and ears. the mouth and anus and urinary ecxretion/reproduction organs are highly imporant to survival as an individual. As well, the limbs, both legs and arms are redundant, if lucky one may be replaced by a tool or one may use a device to supplement it's loss, also if lucky. If you lose and arm or a leg, you will likely die before medical treatment. these acids are highly volatile in comparison with cellular water and thus very influened by EM fields and pressures, as well as pressures internal to the body and on a environmental (planetary) scale, such as atmosphere, heat, pressure and other influences that are minor. the earth itself on which we inhabit is made of metals at the base, center, we humans being at about 98 degrees average on the surface thoughout our body. The temperature that water turns into vapour is 200 degrees farenheit when averaged. This temperature varies at different parts of the earth with differing atmospheric pressures. the average temperature on land on the earth is 56 degrees farenheit and the lowest humanly recoreded is 129 degrees farenheit and the highest around 140 degrees farenheit. (the words temperature and farenheit make me laugh, one is archaic and the

other german for fair-measure). the earth's core is around 10000 degrees farenheit at it's solid core, 4000 miles below the earths surface ranging outward to around 7000 degrees farenheit at it's outer reaches, and it's density is 10g/cm cubed and 13g/cm cubed. This core is made of iron and nickel. These are elements Fe and Ni. The crust is made up of oceanic and continental materiel, mostly igenous (as in conglomorations of different elements making up rocks and minerals). Likely calcium, on the earths surface is due to buildup of calcite and also due to breakdown of iron and nickel from the earth's core in formation to the outer surface of the earth as calcite and thus in life in plants and animals via ionic interchange, whether digestion or through breakdown of higher atomic mass elements into lower. iron is also predominant, especially in us, the highest species on the planet. Evolved and intelligent and food chain are relative to the wishes of the perspector from the perspector's view. Some value intelligence, others strength and other traits. The mantle is 7-1800 miles below the surface of the earth and between 2500 and is made up of igneous substances, varying of every element on the period tables, including pockets of the gaseous elements. The surface is... well, if you're human you know what the surface is like. Cosmic rays and EM radiations causing the Earth to continue it's spin, as well as other elemental forces from other planets and the sun in the form of ionic interchange due to amount and mass of elements in each planetary body, not including the sun, which is mostly hydrogen and helium in very large amounts, in a decaying reaction and very massive, much like the earth is in a decaying reaction called time, this, at a greater rate, is fusionic breakdown. Compared to the Sun's temperature of 9000 degrees at the center and 1,800,032 degrees. This radiative force and as well conductive force on a quantum and small particle level creative a generative force that roil out in waves, as the earth and other planets roll from a planetary to planetary

perspective and from a sun-central persective have planetary orbit. That's it. That's us. Same with other planets. Energy + Decay = materiel, organism and cells, et cetera ad relative until you have creatures; plants and animals. Considering ourselves animal and not plant. Life is also a relative term. I consider the smallest unit of consciousness to be at the materiel level and then the organismic, as virii and bacterium and then cells, ad relative until we get to humans and whales, the most intelligent and communicative and active primary species on land and the most intelligent and communicative and active primary species in ocean. With this model of life and consciousness, does the exertive ionic and below forces from the sun and the planet bind us both to the planet polarly, as calcium and hydrogen are lower elements than that in the core and crust. The breakdown of the materiels below the surface and on the surface produce tons of hydrogen, oxygen, helium, , carbon, sodium, caclium with iron left over and electrical current and electromagnetic fields being generated, which electrical current is but a portion on the whole of these electromagnetic fields, not a byproduct; electricity is merely and interactivity force as seen from the human to human perspective, and at the ionic level is as real as the polar force that binds matter together from the breakdown caused by atomic decay by energy. This produces atomic elements and are moved by electromagnetic spectrum energies. This producing the effect time, whereas with distance only in an spin, which is all that is relevant to human life, negates time-space leaving merely space and existant matter. Without time this negates decay and leaves illustratively morphological matter.