Can McJob imply somethi ng positi ve? 1. What is the situation?

McDonald’s is working on the push to get the word “McJob”, which implies denigration to the corporation, removed from the dictionaries. What are your objectives?
• • •


To remove the work from the dictionary. To change the public impression on the job as McDonald’s as“unstimulating, low-paid and with few prospects.” To rebuild McDonald’s image as a nice place to work. Who is your audience?

• • • •

Parents whose kids are McDonald’s potential employees. High-school or post high-school kids who are looking for jobs. Press and dictionary editors, who are able to “create” new terms denigrating the image of McDonald’s. Consumers who refuse to dine at McDonald’s for the reason that the corp. is exploiting the labor force.


What is your strategy? • Use employee testimonials, either video or blog, to say how they feel about working at McDonald’s. • Videotape the working surroundings and condition. • Press release reclaiming the seriuosness McDonald's about the rights of their employees. • Create the image that each McDonald's branch is like a happy big family. • Reinforce McDonald's community invovelement. What are your tactics?
• • • •


Distribute the testimonoials and video on youtube, my space and blogger. Press release on food or home magazines, like Martha Stewart Living. Place pictures of employees and employee activities in each branch. Hold events showing how McDonald's help the community's minority and dropouts to find a secured job.


How will you time the campaign?
• • • •

Videos posted right after this news. Press release come along with the on-line video posting. In two weeks, branches are "decorated" as kind of happy family place. In the fourth week, hold events locally natoin-wide.


How will you evaluate the campaign?
• •

See if the McJob word is taken out from the dictionaries. See the public opinion about working at McDonald's.

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A dead on a plane. 1. What is the situation?

British Airways flight attendants placed a corpse of a traveler who died right after the plane took off in a first class seat and did not notify the first-class travelers about this at all. The airline didn’t make any compensation to the travelers but simply told them to get over it.

2. What are your objectives?
• •

Repair BA's irresponsible and unthoughtful image. Convince consumers that BA is actually a caring airline that concerns about traveler's confort, needs and safety.

3. Who is your audience?
• •

Frequent travelers, especially business people. Primay business class and first class travelers.

4. What is your strategy?

Fire the flight attendants who took inproper action.

• • •

Use press release to apologize for the inconvenience and uncomfortableness this incident brought to the passengers and explain the situation. Publish a proper procedure if this situation happen again, and compare BAs with the action other airlines might take in this case. Campaigns both in TV and print that show the regret BA has about this incident and present the caring and great service BA provides.

5. What are your tactics?

• • • •

Presee release on main British press business people will read, London Times, Times, Sun, and Telegraph, as well as on world famous press, The New York Times, and Wall Street Journal. Press release on on-line news: Yahoo! news, Google news. Press release about the incident and what procedure moght be taken on British Airways magazine distrubuted on flight. Print ads on business magazines, Fortune, Business Week, and Times TV commercials on news channels like CNN, ABC, and NBC news and on knowledge channels like Discovery, National Geography and Travel channel.

6. How will you time the campaign? • The news for apology function should be released and lay off the related employees immediately. • Then follows the TV and print ads for apology in less than a week. • News on the procedures to take for this situation in the mid to the end of the second week. • TV and print ads showing the caring and nice service should be on in the fourth week. 7. How will you evaluate the campaign? • Compare the sales right after the incident and after the campaign. • Market research on the overall opinion the travelers and the business people have on the airline.