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By John Paily
The crux of spirituality tells us that we are created in Love and enlightened
with Truth to uphold Justice. To know the Love that created us, we need to
transcend the mind to connect to the consciousness and intelligence within.
This would take us to a time within the womb, where we were created,
nourished, protected with care and delivered with immense pain. Our logical
mind exploring our root in time cannot transcend beyond this point of black
hole that creates. The spiritual knowledge of ancient thus teaches us to see
our parents as God. The crux of spirituality thus teaches us to connect to the
consciousness and intelligence, live a life of Love, connected to the parents
and walking the path of Truth and Justice thus strengthening one self and the
family and various hierarchy of society.

Our mind cannot go beyond the black hole in which we are created. Here it
encounters two paths or Schrdingers cat in a box scenario. Further
enquiry is left to chance and uncertainty. We see trillions of worlds branching
at this point. Thus, scriptures say we cannot seek Truth and God by our mind
but He comes to us by Grace for a Divine purpose at an appointed time.
When scriptures says that we were created in the image of God and we were
given dominion over earth and heavens, invariably means we humans at one
time knew the Truth or the Spirit or Light that created us. This knowledge is
known as spirituality. The history speaks of Higher Knowledge that existed
around the world. This knowledge was lost in time, as many religions formed
and sects of people began to emerge who seated God the Spirit outside us in
temples and made us slave who are incapable of connecting to the
consciousness and intelligence. We humans today are in search of this lost
Modern Scientific world emerged as an opposition to religious oppression.
This as we know has ended up in singularity and black hole, where energy
and information gets lost. Scientist are failing to perceive the reality and
truth beyond this singularity. They have invented strings, parallel and
multiple worlds, and have emerged with new interpretation of cosmic
creation [Ekpyrotic Scenario]. However, the scientific world is failing to
comprehend their inventions sensibly and put them together in simplistic
way such that common man can understand it. The partial knowledge
science gave us has led to technologies. These technologies have become
tools of destruction in the hands of evil minds. The evil minds are breeding
as never before. Consequently, we are digging our own grave stressing earth
and cosmos to its limit. We are witnessing the aftermath of this stress in a
visible way around the world at all realms. There is gloom every where
However, in the depth of this dark period, I see Light and hope of a Golden
Age where humanity awakens to Truth to enter Golden Age. I see this future,
not by logical scientific mind, but an intuitive mind, which by call surrendered
unconditionally to Higher Mind and by Grace gained New Life and
Enlightenment. Today I see simplicity behind complexity that science and
regions have created. I visualize strings and parallel world, Ekpyrotic
Scenario that is manifesting into Big Bang from a point, through which the
whole cosmos is transforming and initializing full filling the two basic laws of
energy and matter conservation. I see universal time cycle as time

According Max Planck, the structure of space-time is a quantized infinite

scalar Flower of Life lattice. In other words, space itself is made of discreet
super tiny tiny tiny packets of energy: the smallest little vibration that the
electromagnetic spectrum does. These quantum particle vibration is also is
understood as information. These tiny packets are what you could think of as
the "pixels" that make up the universe and since they are not square, but
spherical, they are actually called "voxels". We need to visualize this as
spirals. That can compress and carry huge amount of energy. Max Plancks
Ultraviolet Catastrophe does tell us the possibility of unimaginably huge
amount of energy and information being packed to an infinitely small pixel.
This means the big bang creation and expansion from a small point is a
reality. However this reality can only be perceived when we visualize
universe and living as the ancient east understood it. Universe is cycle of
knowledge and wisdom or Living Light unfolding and enfolding. For more
information read -