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RAVI AGARWAL (M.Sc.) 9913650950 / 9374727052

Marks: 36

CH.1 to 8( Numericals )
1 A charge Q is uniformly spread over a disc of radius

R, made from a non-conducting material. This disc is now rotated about its geometrical axis
with frequency f. Find the magnetic field generated at the center of the disc.
2 Q amount of electric charge is uniformly distributed on a ring of radius r. A sphere of
radius r is drawn in such a way that the center of the sphere lies on the surface of the ring.
Calculate the electric flux associated with the surface of the sphere.
3 A thin layer of 0.001 cm of copper is to be deposited on a plate of copper of 10cm 2 through
electrolysis. Calculate the amount of energy used if a battery of 12V is connected. Density of
copper = 9g/cm3, electrochemical equivalent of copper = 0.0003g/mol.
4 A wheel having n conducting concentric spoke is rotating about its geometrical axis with
an angular velocity , in a uniform magnetic field B perpendicular to its plane. Prove that
the induced e.m.f. generated between the rim of the wheel and the center is emf BR 2/2,
where R is the radius of the wheel. It is given that the rim of the wheel is conducting.
5 Two small and similar bar magnets have magnetic dipole moment 1.0Am 2 each. These are
kept in a plane in such a way that their axes are perpendicular to one another. The distance
between their centers is 2m. Find the magnetic field at the midpoint of the line segment
joining their centers.
6 Obtain the expression for the magnetic field at the midpoint on the axis of a solenoid with
n turns per unit length of length L, radius a and current carrying is I unit.
7 An A.C. source of 230V is connected in series with a 5H inductor, 80F capacitor and a
40 resistor.
(a) The resonant frequency.
(b) The impedence of the circuit and the value of the current at the resonant frequency.
(c) The rms value of the electric potential across the components of the above circuit.
8 A very long wire is placed perpendicular to the direction of horizontal component of earths
magnetic field. Find the value of current to be passed through the wire so that the resultant
magnetic field is zero at a point which is at a distance of 5cm from the wire. What will be the
magnetic field at a point at a distance of 5cm from the wire on the opposite side?
9 2.0A current is passing through the winding of a Rowlands ring. The number of turns on
the ring is 400 and the average circumference of the ring is 40cm. In this situation the
magnetic field produced in the material inside the ring is 10T.
Find (i) magnetic intensity

(ii) magnetization intensity

(iii) magnetic susceptibility

(iv) bound surface current (v) relative permeability

10 A conducting rod of 2 m length is held in east- west direction and allowed to fall freely
from the top of a tower 50 m high. During the free fall the rod remains horizontal. Find the
induced emf in the rod at a distance of 20m down from the top of the tower. Take g =
10m/s2. The magnetic field of the earth is 0.7 10-4 T. The angle of dip is 60.
11 Two wires of the same material having same cross sectional area, having length l 1and l2.
They are to be used as fuse wires. Prove that when currents through them will be equal,
they will start melting in the same time interval.
12 A 110V, 10W lamp has to be connected with an ac source of 230V and 50Hz. Calculate
the inductanceof the choke coil to be connected in series with it.


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