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Objectives: What will the students know/be able to do as a result of this


Students will be able to recite some of the history on interracial marriage and
transracial adoption. Students will also be able to become active in the discussion of
transracial adoption and interracial relationships as a result of my lesson.

Teacher Goals: What strategies will you work on as a teacher?

The strategies I will work on, as a teacher, are to interact with the class often and try
to avoid lecturing them so much. I will ask frequent questions through my
PowerPoint slides and create an activity to do after the presentation is done.

For students:
Slides that will be posted to ELMS

For teacher:
Buzzfeed article

Introduction: How are you going to get the students to recall yesterdays lesson and
how it relates to what you are doing today? How will you capture student attention?

Introduction Time Frame
Introduction Activity Description
I will begin the lecture slides with asking students to take

out a sheet of paper. Write down 3 questions you have

about interracial relationships and transracial adoption. I

hope that I will be able to answer some of the questions

you wrote down in my presentation. If not, feel free to ask
3:30 p.m. to 3:40 p.m.
them at the end of the lecture. This activity will help get

their attention and prepare them for the lesson. Although

I am not an expert on the subject, I can definitely give my

viewpoint. I will also begin by defining terms that will be

used in the presentation. This will attempt to link todays

lesson with the lesson they are learning that week.

Instruction: Include time estimates for each of your activities and also plan for
regular checks for understanding.

Instruction Time Frame
Instruction Activity Description

3:40 p.m. to 4:05 p.m.

I will give a brief history of interracial marriage in the

United States:
Interracial marriage has been fully legal since
Anti-Miscegenation Laws
Alabama was the last state in the country to
overturn ban on interracial marriage in 2000
South Carolina was second to last in 1998

Give a few profiles of interracial marriages.
Mildred and Richard Loving
Ruth Khama and Sir Seretse Khama
Louisa and Louis Gregory

Show the Buzzfeed article to bring some comedic relief
to the presentation.

Show a map of interracial marriage in the United States
Why do you think non-Hispanic white/Hispanic
is the most common interracial marriage?
Prior to this slide, did you have a different
understanding of the most prominent interracial
relationship type?
History of Transracial Adoption in the United States:
Between 1968 and 1972, white adoptive parents
adopted 50,000 black and biracial children.
o Thought it was necessary due to increasing
number of black children in foster care
o Lack of black adoptive families
In the 1970s, transracial adoption gained in
popularity as the number of white infants
declined and number of prospective adoptive
parents continued to grow.
In 1972, the North American Council on
Adoptable Children at a national conference
issued a formal position opposing transracial
o Concerned that it would compromise the childs
racial and cultural identity

What are your thoughts on transracial adoption? For or
against it? Why?

Do you think it compromises a childs cultural and
racial identity?

Closure: How will you tie the lesson together and reemphasize the concepts
presented? How will you know if your students get it by the end of your lesson?

Closure Time Frame
Closure Activity Description
I would like each student to take time to digest
everything we discussed today and refer back to the
questions you scripted earlier. Try your best to answer
them. I will then ask volunteers to read questions they
4:05 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.
posed and the answers they derived from my lecture. I
will also allot time afterward for them to ask questions
that they may not have had the answer to. Either a
fellow classmate or I can answer it.