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Role Profile

Job Title: SAP Training Manager

The key outputs
of the job
List in priority
order if possible,
typically 8-10
NOT a task list
Any requirement
for organizing &
planning including
own work and the
allocation of
Typical decisions
made and if they
are advisory or
responsible for
the outcome

Internal & External

Identify the most
significant ones
Attach a preferred
suppliers list if
Detail which
networks the
jobholder will be
part of e.g.
finance, category
Knowledge, Skills &

The Training Manager will:

Develop and deliver the Training Strategy & Plan
Tailor the Core training toolkit to reflect local
Develop a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for the local
target audiences and incorporate within training plan
Manage the localisation of the Core training materials,
ensuring they include local business, legal & fiscal
requirements while still aligning to the overall
programme template
Manage the translation of Core training materials
either using an external translation company or hiring
an in-market translator
Produce ad hoc translations, translation validation and
quality assessment and ERP related activities that will
support the project team
Identify resources to deliver end user training both
during SAP deployment and for steady state
Manage the creation of a training schedule ensuring
that all training is completed in a timely manner and
that all users have attained sufficient competency to
perform their roles post go-live
Manage the end to end delivery of training to the
identified end user audiences
Manage any training-related risks, issues and
dependencies and escalate to the overall change lead
as appropriate
Monitor usage and maintenance of training client and
associated local data necessary to deliver training
Ensure training plan is fully integrated and aligned to
overall change implementation plan
Global IT Department
Key leadership stakeholders Finance directors, MDs
Key partners for service delivery, IBM, others as required
Networks Regional Leadership Teams
Global IT community & MDs
The Training Manager will have minimum 5 years of

Experience Needed:
o List any
required to do the
o Be specific about
the experience
o Focus on type of
experience not
the time served

experience in either a technical training or in a learning

and development environment. This should also include
2- 3 years of experience in a Change Management
environment and experience of at least 2 full SAP project
lifecycles. Previous experience of global SAP
implementation, including emerging markets is essential.
While technical skills are important, the key to success
lies in understanding what it takes to initiate, implement
and participate in a substantial organisational change
initiative. Solid understanding of training and development
processes, including trends in people development,
related technology learning tools and
understanding of external resources in training and
development Experience of shaping major training initiatives
that have an impact in an international
environment Experience in instructional design and/or adult
education Must possess the ability to work effectively and
collaboratively across interdisciplinary teams to
complete tasks to meet team objectives as
necessary Good written and oral communication skills
Exposure to IBMs Ascendant Methodology
Availability to work outside of normal business
hours as needed, as is ability and willingness to
travel on a global basis.
Manages self and others in accordance with the
Company policies.


Ambassador of the Change programme

Proactively shares knowledge with all levels of the


Communicates the vision, objectives and benefits of

the programme to all levels within the organisation

Proven ability to quickly learn a new organisation, its

culture and how things get done

Positive and professional persona and be respected by


Good problem-solving skills and be capable of

engaging in discussions with employees at all levels to
identify business problems in detail and propose

Is approachable and quickly builds credibility and trust

with both management and employees to represent
their views in developing business solutions in both
processes and systems

Strong and effective communicator listening and


Challenges where appropriate and be developed in

techniques for identifying both problems and solutions

Job Context & Special

Explain any
special features or
context in which
the job operates
Detail any
language or
1. SAP Training Management
2. SAP Implementation knowledge
3. Networking
4. Negotiating
5. Adjusting to change
6. Vendor Management
7. Organizational Change Management

Proven Strength
Proven strength
Proven strength
Proven strength
Proven strength
Proven strength
Proven strength