Some Example Competencies & Supporting Behaviors

Accountability Makes no excuses and takes full responsibility for own actions Can be counted on to do what he/she says is going to be done Follows up personally and monitors progress to ensure that things stay on track Holds self and others accountable for keeping commitments Exhibits attention to detail Communication Ensures that information and ideas are owing in all appropriate directions Shares information appropriately and openly Is accessible and receptive to both good and bad news Conveys information in a clear manner; ensures that others understand Asks for input, listens actively and makes sure others’ opinions are heard Maintains composure and exhibits humility when expressing opinions and ideas Teamwork Works in concert with others toward shared goals Exhibits cooperativeness Participates in and supports positive con ict resolution Collaborates cross-functionally Puts needs of team over personal needs Creativity Supports an environment that is conducive to new ways of doing things Exhibits curiosity and open-mindedness Displays a willingness to take risks Suggests new ideas in response to and in anticipation of business needs Leadership Acts as a mentor and empowers others to do their best work Identi es opportunities to make needed change; acts as a catalyst Uses persuasion and in uence to connect others Helps others keep things on track Gives honest and helpful feedback, supports the success of others Celebrates success and gives credit to others

Creating Career Paths for UX Professionals - IA Summit 2008

Kristen Johansen

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