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Christian Courier

First Christian Church of Minneapolis (Disciples of Christ)

January 23, 2010

A Letter from Disciples of Christ Leadership
Inside the Courier: January 14, 2010
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
• A Look at the Brite I am writing this message on behalf of our General Minister and President,
Side, page 2
Sharon Watkins. Even though Sharon is on sabbatical, she has been keeping a
• Week of Compassion close eye on the situation in Haiti.
Update on Haiti,
page 3
Sharon and I request your prayers for the people of Haiti, for our Global Mis-
sion Partners, and our missionaries who need not only our prayers, but also our
• Anniversary Dinner resources. I also request your prayers for Dr. Glen Stewart, Regional Minister of
information, page 3 the Christian Church in Tennessee, who is in Haiti with a delegation from the
• February Calendar
Tennessee region.
page 4 At the time of writing, they are safe and have arrived at the U.S. Embassy in
• New board members,
Haiti. My understanding is that the U.S. State Department and the Tennessee
new budget for Congressional Delegation are working to arrange their return. At the same time a
2010, page 5 delegation from the Oklahoma and the Great River Regions are on the other side
of the island in the Dominican Republic. While they felt the earthquake, they did
On the Web:
not have any damage. In addition to these groups, I would urge you to pray for the Haitian communi-
Week of Compassion ties within the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). We have about 100 Hai-
updates tian churches. These are anxious days and moments for many of them who have
family and friends on the island. Charlie Wallace from New Church Ministries
List of Religious Agen- has traveled to be present with our Haitian churches in Florida.
cies offering aid to
Haiti As you can imagine, communication to and from the island is very limited.
Week of Compassion, Global Ministries and others have been using all of their
Letter from Regional
Minister Don Hiscox available resources and technology to connect with our missionaries and part-
on Haiti ners.
If you or your congregation can offer financial resources in support of our re-
lief efforts and our partners, I invite you to give online through:, or send a check to Week of Compassion, 130 E.
Washington St., Indianapolis, IN, 46204 with Haiti or earthquake relief in the
Memo. Week of Compassion has already sent an initial grant to Global Minis-
tries / Overseas Ministries in support of our missionaries and partners, as well as
Church World Service.
Week of Compassion and Global Ministries are trying to keep their websites
as up to date as possible and I encourage you to check them frequently.
Your partner in prayer,
Rev. Todd Adams, Associate General Minister and Vice President for Chris-
tian Church, (Disciples of Christ)
January 23, 2010
Page 2

A Look at the Brite Side

Assessing progress and offering
spiritual insights and challenges
your personal and congregational Whether it‟s change in the
purpose in God‟s Kingdom. I format and style of worship, in
certainly want to encourage that the physical settings of the build-
continued questioning, deepening ing, in the investment of time in
your trust in God to provide the mission and ministry, there is still
answers. (Though asking the the tendency to fall into habits of
Pastor Bob Brite
questions in the first place is the the past rather than embracing
important thing.) visions and imaginings of the fu-
ture. There‟s a natural tendency
Around the time of the Annual I also think that we‟ve brought
to want things the way they have
Meeting, someone asked if I our communication pieces up to
always been, but I will continue
would like to give my pastoral date and are regaining a sense of
to issue the challenge of resisting
assessment of congregational investment in mission and hands-
that tendency in favor of working
progress since I began my time on ministry; my thanks to Dennis
towards that which can be.
with you. I‟ll do so in the way of Sanders for providing a spirit of
offering what I call spiritual in- leadership on both those fronts. The primary question that
sights. We‟ve made some progress in needs to be answered in 2010 is,
evangelistic awareness and child- “What is the best thing FCC
First of all, all-in-all you are a ren‟s nurture and education, with Minneapolis can do and be for
group of beautiful human beings a ways to go on both of those advancing the Kingdom of God
who, I think, are honestly wres- fronts. in the Twin Cities?” I expect
tling with what your future is to that, by the end of this year, we
be in the wake of a declining The biggest hurdle you have
may have an answer to that ques-
past. yet to face is your own encultura-
tion, your resistance to change,
You have, in my opinion, that lies at the heart of the con- I‟d like to see YOU on Sunday,
worked at cultivating a deeper gregation‟s soul.
sense of spirituality since I‟ve Bob
been here, again, honestly ques-
tioning God and

In our prayers We pray for the country of Haiti suffering amidst the devastation of
their 7.3-magnitude earthquake and the many severe aftershocks. Reports
from our mission partners speak of toppled buildings, flattened communi-
Gracious God, we ties, a great loss of life and the sound of wailing filling the air. We pray
lift up these persons for those whose homes and livelihoods have been destroyed and whose
in our prayers, ask- loved ones have died. We ask for wisdom, provision and protection for
ing the blessing of our mission partners and others seeking to minister to the Haitian people
your Grace and out- in these chaotic circumstances. At home, we pray for continued healing
pouring of your Love for Deb Murphy, Mary Lou Cain and Barb Dean; for Bob Brite‟s sis-
upon them. ter Ruth; for Dennis Sanders’s father; for our all our homebound
members, especially Helen Smith and Lois Swenson, Amen. (Note:
Michele Benyo of Feed My Starving Children wrote parts of this prayer.)
Page 3
Christian Courier

Jan. 24 marks Laity Sunday Annual FCC Anniversary Dinner to be Feb. 14

January 24 is Laity Sunday, and
the service will be led by members We will celebrate FCC‟s 133rd birthday on Sunday, Feb. 14, with
of our Transition Team. The ser- worship in the Fellowship Hall followed by a potluck dinner honoring
mon time will be given over to the people who have been members of our congregation for 50 years or
Skip Wolverton, Tom Curry, and more as well as the new members of our congregation. A brief pro-
Bobbie Hall to offer their spiritual gram will follow the dinner, featuring musical entertainment and a dis-
reflections on congregational life play about 1960 from the Archives.
in the wake of our current transi-
tions. (Though we hear that Pas- An entree, rolls and beverage will be provided for $5 per person or a
tor Bob might be sneaking in a maximum of $15 per family. Everyone is asked to bring his or her fa-
musical offering; he just can‟t vorite vegetable, salad, or dessert to share. For those unable to bring
keep his hands out of the worship food, a contribution of $8 per person is suggested.
pie, can he?) Reservations must be made by Noon on Monday, Feb. 8. Please
make your reservations by indicating the number for dinner in the at-
Diaconate Meeting Jan. 24 tendance book at worship on Sunday morning Jan. 31 or Feb. 7 or by
New and current Diaconate mem- calling the Church Office. Child Care is available by reservation only.
bers will have an important orga-
nizational meeting on Jan. 24 fol-
lowing worship. Schedules for the
year will be set, so all Diaconate FCC goers are invited
members are asked to attend this A Word of Thanks
to attend Hesser’s produc-
meeting with their calendars.
tion of The Lion in Winter
Many thanks to all who
Mission Day at Community Brian Hesser, who grew up going contributed to the wonderful
Emergency Services to FCC and is Garry Hesser's son, Advent booklet--we will
Saturday, Jan. 30, is a work day is Directing-Producing an out- plan to do that again during
for FCC folk at Community standing cast in The Lion in Win- 2010 Advent. Also special
Emergency Services, 1900 11th ter at the Gremlin Theater, 2400 thanks to the participants in
Ave. S., a block up from Franklin University Ave in St Paul, just the Advent lighting services,
Avenue (E. 19th St. & 11th Ave S). east of Highway 280 and KSTP- and to all who helped deco-
Our labors of love begin at 9 am. TV on University Avenue. rate and undecorate the
sanctuary & halls.
“Questions of Faith” Treat yourself to a winter break
Sunday on January 31 and get a "2 for price of 1" dis- Continued „thank yous‟ to
During the sermon time on Jan. count [$12 per ticket before the the members who willingly
31, Bob will be doing “Questions discount for seniors and $15 be- agree to be Worship Leaders
of Faith.” Index cards will be fore discount for others] and sup- and who deliver the Child-
provided in worship bulletins; if port one of our own young adults. ren's Messages.
you have any questions about faith Just tell them you are from "First
life, church life, theology, or mis- Christian Church" to get the 2 for --Worship Committee
sion, write them down AT THE 1 discount.
and Bob will pick them up and use Performances run through Satur-
the sermon time to respond to day, Jan. 30; Thursday, Friday,
those questions. Saturday, Sunday each week and
Monday, the 25th, all at 7:30 p.m.
Page 4 January 23, 2010
Regular Worship Hours
9:15 Church School Classes
February, 2010
10:30 Worship
First Christian Church
11:45 Fellowship Time in Lounge

1 2 3 4 5 6
8 pm- AA 7 pm- Worship 9 am Nikkei 9 am Handcrafters 7:30pm 9 am- Men’s
Committee 6:00 Lectionary Conducting Group
Bible Study Recital, 9:30 Downtown
6:30 Bell Choir 7:00pm Grief Group
7:45 Chancel (Sanc.)

7 8 9 10 11 12 13
7 pm Carter 12 n Disciples 5:30 Finance 9 am Handcrafters 9 am- Men’s
Circle @ Ministers mtg. Committee Group
Sandy Mor- 6:00 Lectionary 9:30 Downtown
gan’s Bible Study Grief Group
8 pm- AA 6:30 Bell Choir
7:45 Chancel

14 15 16 17 18 19 20
FCC Worship in 8 pm- AA 9 am Mpls Re- Ash Wednesday 9 am Handcrafters 9 am- Men’s
Fellowship tired Teachers 9 am Nikkei 6:30 pm— Group
Hall 7 pm FCC Board 6:00 Lectionary Christian 9:30 Downtown
Anniversary Meeting Bible Study League (FH) Grief Group
Dinner 10am Laura
follows Worship Worship & Choir Lynn/ Naomi
rehearsal times Circle
TBA 6 pm Dinner for
St. Stephens

21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Food Pantry 8 pm- AA 6:00 Lectionary 9 am Handcrafters 9 am- Men’s
Sunday Bible Study Group
12 N Elders 6:30 Bell Choir 9:30 Downtown
Meeting 7:45 Chancel Choir Grief Group

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 17, 2010, and continues until Holy Saturday (the day be-
rd th
fore Easter), April 3 . Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday, March 28 , and continues through
st nd th
Maundy Thursday, April 1 , Good Friday April 2 , and Easter, April 4 , 2010.

Elders Worship Leader Bus Driver Diaconate

Feb. 7 Barb Creighton Mike Brady Mike Hesano Even Team
Ardie Armstrong 651-645-6758
Feb. 14 Warren Westphal Max Hurlocker Mike Morgan Even Team
Russ Griffin 612-926- 9384
Feb. 21 Janice Brady Jennifer Redmond Mike Hesano Even Team
Mike Brady
Feb. 28 Mike Brady Mike Hesano Mike Morgan Even Team
Janice Brady
Page 5
Christian Courier

2010 budget, new board members approved at Jan. 10 meeting

Congregation members attending the annual meeting on
Projected 2010 Income
Jan. 10 voted to accept the slate of new leadership posi- Projected member income $225,000
tions presented by the nominating committee and to ac- Visitor Gifts 2,500
cept the 2010 budget as presented by the Finance commit- Loose Offering 1,200
tee. Other Income 150.000
The budget includes an item for a new worship service. Christian Education 350
Interest Income (Endowment) 10,000
Allocated monies will be used for music, marketing and Rental Income 28,000
interns to help develop and publicize the new service,
which Pastor Brite describes as “a new church start within Total Projected 2010 Income $417,050
the church.” Interest money from the sale of the building
is being used for this project. Projected 2010 Expenses
Salaries $200,379
Three new trustees were elected: Max Hurlocker, Deb Worker‟s Compensation 2,000
Murphy and Pat Carter. Administrative 13,696
New Elders this year include Mike Brady, Ardie Outreach 27,000
Armstrong, Deb Murphy and Janice Brady. Christian Education 2,500
New Diaconate members are Jennifer Redmond, Ri- Evangelism 2,000
Membership 1,200
chard Decker, Barb Rusinak, Rick Rusinak, Sandy Mor- Worship 28,275
gan, Shirley Draine and Nancy Curry. Property 90,000
2010 Special Worship Project 50,000

Total Projected 2010 Expenses: $417,050

Week of Compassion update on relief efforts in Haiti

Church World Service and knowing that we are doing

Christian Aid offices are ready something. We are already
to serve as a base for receiving there, thanks to our amazing
emergency items. ACT mem- partnerships. We are not help-
bers report that buildings re- less. Together, we can do so
main very fragile and continue much. God is there, too. Even
Week of Compassion is already to collapse. Rain has com- in the rubble. Let us keep the
on the ground in Haiti, working pounded the situation of the faith. Thank you for your cou-
through the largest global al- million people without shelter. rageous compassion at such a
liance of Christian humanita- United Nations has launched an time as this.
rian agencies, Action by appeal for $562 million in-
Churches Together (ACT). tended to help three million from Rev. Amy Gopp,
people for six months. Secre- Executive Director of Week of
In the chaos of aid distribution, tary General Ban Ki-moon de- Compassion
ACT Alliance members, in- scribes the situation as one of
cluding Church World Service the worst humanitarian crises in More updates from Week of
(CWS), are managing to get decades and implored for calm Compassion can be found on
food, temporary shelter, water, in the beleaguered capital their website:
cleaning materials, and exper- http://www.weekofcompassion.
tise to the Haitian capital. In the midst of this horrific tra- org/updates/
gedy, we can be comforted in
Bi-Weekly Calendar Reflections on the Word
Sunday Worship at 10:30 am From Lectionary Gospel for 1/24

Before Worship (9:15 am): “He has sent me to proclaim re-

Art of the Covenant Class Hearthstone Class lease to the captives and recov-
Bible Study Class Prayer Circle ery of sight to the blind, to let
the oppressed go free, to proc-
After worship: Fellowship Hour 11:45 am laim the year of the Lord‟s fa-
vor.” --Luke 4: 18b-19
This Week at FCC Next Week at FCC
Sunday, Jan. 24 Monday, Feb. 1
Jesus shows where he stands on
Laity Sunday Transition Team meeting 7:00 pm enslavement: not, “obey your
Diaconate meeting following worship AA 8:00pm masters,” but release captives,
Monday, Jan. 25 Tuesday, Feb. 2
and let the oppressed go free.
AA 8:00pm Worship Committee 7:00 pm This is true freedom—not en-
slavement to tradition, but heal-
Wednesday, Jan. 27 Wednesday, Feb. 3
Lectionary Study group 6:00 pm
ing, release, and freedom in
Nikkei 9:00 am
Bell Choir 6:30 Lectionary Bible Study 6:00 Christ.
Chancel Choir 7:45 Bell Choir 6:30
Thursday, Jan. 28 Chancel Choir 7:45 Lord, let your servant go in
Handcrafters 9:00 Thursday, Feb. 4 freedom and release, to proclaim
Saturday, Jan. 30 Handcrafters 9:00 the glories of your name in the
Men‟s Group 9 am Sat. Feb. 6 year of your favor. Amen.
Downtown Grief Group 9:30 Men‟s Group 9:00
Downtown Grief Group 9:30 --Chris Wogaman


A Thoughtful Church in the 2201 1st Avenue South
Heart of the City
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Ministry Team Address Service Requested
All Members of the Congregation
Robert Brite, Interim Minister
Dennis Sanders, Associate Minister
of Diversity and Mission
Chris Wogaman, Office Manager
Bill Stump, Director of Music
Rick Bowman, Building Manager
James Barnett, Pianist
Serena Carlson, Nursery Attendant
Martha Harris, Courier Editor
Telephone: 612.870.1868
Prayer Phone: 612.870.0984
Fax: 612.870.1860

Christian Courier is published bi-

weekly. Send items and ideas to
church office or to Martha Harris
by Fri., January 29, for next issue.