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Chapter 1


The used of manual processes in business has decline since the

rise of computerized and automated systems. In fact, nowadays, the
use of computer-based business system has become prevalent all
throughout the developed and developing countries around the world
due to the increased productivity and efficiency of data processing. In
the case of Goldilocks bakeshop in Km.38 Pulong Buhangin Sta.
Maria, Bulacan they are currently using the manual sales and
inventory system wherein computing for these are done manually.
However, in dealing with these transactions, accuracy, reliability and
speed of human skills in performing these transactions are limited
because clerical errors are often inevitable. Because of these, they
accepted our proposed system. With the Goldilocks Bakeshop, the
tracking of sales, controlling of inventory, recording of products,
calculating of numerical data and searching, sorting and filtering of
item will translated into an automated process, which considers speed
accuracy, orderliness and maintainability of the system.

Project Context
The project entitled Goldilocks Bakeshop Sales and Inventory
System is automated sales and inventory system that deals with recording
necessary details on the customer, products purchased, price and date while also


generating receipt








and reports of inventory. The main problem in the

manual sales and inventory system is that all the transactions are taking
more time. Another problem is the manual inventory of products and sales.
Computerized sales and inventory system can used to simultaneously
track sales activity and inventory, it can give more reliable monitoring in
every day transaction; this system provides high level of security for the

data leaking because only the authorized people can use the system.
This system provides greater accuracy in stocking and product
management. In addition, it reduces time for making inventory reports
in terms of their everyday operation. Moreover, they can analyze the
best and least selling of their product. This system provides consistency
in terms of their business operations. By using this system, the business
owner can ensure that all orders, reports and other documents relating
to inventory are accurate and uniform in presentation.
Purpose and Description
The proponents analyze the findings in system evaluation to improve
and apply the suggestions of the respondents to the proposed system.

An automated sales and inventory system is software that allows

companies to better manage their inventory systems.

They increase

companies productivity and sales while decreasing their cost and time spent
to conduct an inventory count manually. As technology grows and businesses
expand it is becoming more and more obvious that having manual processes
to perform tasks are no longer to the companys advantage. Related to this,
the researchers aimed to help the company owner and staff to have an idea

that if they want a competitive edge over companies automating is the way to
The theoretical framework shows the Input-Process-Output of the
proposed system. The existing system is a manually operated; it covers a
manual process of transaction such as ordering and purchasing products,

stocks inventory, manual making of daily inventory and sales reports, and
printing calculator for generating receipt. In the proposed system, the
manual sales and inventory system will be improved by automating the
whole system to make it more efficient and reliable.
The proponents analyze the findings in system evaluation to improve
and apply the suggestions of the respondents to the proposed system. In the
system design stage, the proponents formulate a systems interface and
layout. In system development stage it includes coding and testing of a
system and the output is the *sales and inventory system and that will be
evaluated by the respondents.

//A sales and inventory system is a software-based business solution

used to simultaneously track sales activity and inventory. It is developed
to maintain details of every stock by the company to reduce time for
making inventory reports in terms of everyday operation. The company
can be easily make changes of their product quality and quantity. It is
developed in such way that even new users can also operate the system
easily, it can add, edit and delete account. The calculations made quickly
and the records are directly saved into the database that can be
maintained for longer period. It can optimize efficiency in recording each
factor in the exchange. The system can generate invoice/receipt and
report, search a particular item, add, edit and delete items, in the

inventory list and additional feature of this is the low stock indicator for
more efficient and accurate output.
Bakeshop chains have been using a manual sales and inventory
system for the past many years. Due to increase number of products, the
employee has difficulty in tracking sales activity and making inventory
General Objective. The main objective of the system is to develop a
sales and inventory system that can help to reduce the time spent in
calculating sales and auditing inventory of a bakeshop.
Specific Objectives.

Specifically the project sought to accomplish

the following:
1. To understand how the existing (present) system operates;
2. To determine the problems encountered in the existing (present)
3. To develop a software application that would be:
a. lessen the expenses of company specifically in salaries
expense by hiring only a limited number of people.
b. quickly respond for the query of a customer and allow
them to get accurate and timely information.
c. easily view the sales of the product every day.
d. simplifies the managing of stocks and sales
e. build a system that automatically generate
computerized reports and receipts.
f. Through its updated inventory, the company will be
able to determine the product needed to be re-ordered

g. give an opportunity for the customer to reduce the

time spends in purchasing the products
h. automatically output in an easy way
i. build a set up configuration for the user
j. build an easy update on the information in the

build a system that will help the users to search a

product information in an instant way

l. provide easy and fast product inventory
m. provide a database that can handle



information in the library

n. accurately add, delete and update the inventory
based on the sale details
o. build system that supports *admin and cashier?

4. To











implement; and
5. To endow with an implementation plan for the proposed
software/ system.

Sales and inventory system can improve accuracy and reduce

error. It can simplify physical audits by printing detailed reports of
inventory and speed up auditing process.