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Graphic Organizers - Evaluate

Graphic Organizers
1. to determine or set the value of amount of; appraise: to evaluate property. 2. to judge or
dtermine the significance, worth, or quality of; assess; to evaluate the results of an
experiment (Webster's. p 670).
gauge, assess, appraise; identify; classify, class, categorize, catalog, sort, group, factor;
estimate; rate, rank, value, place or set a value on, prize, appreciate; size up or take one's
measure [informal], measure (Chapman, 1977).

Evaluating Use to show positive, negative, and interesting attributes of a subject, concept, topic, solution,
etc., in order to determine the nature of the outcome and whether it will be worth continuing or not. Assign
subjective point values to each attribute (1 to 5 and + or - points based on the significance of the attribute),
then total (de Bono, E., 1992).
It sounds weird, but I have made significant decisions using this in conjunction with tossing a coin. If I call
heads and it comes up heads and that's what I want, I make my decision. If, however, I decide to change my
mind and go two out of three, it shows me what I really want to do. The coin toss only works after you have
weighed your choices and need to make the final decision. See: Synectics, Venn Diagram, Compare/Contrast
Matrix, Questions, T-Chart, Ranking, & KWLH



Graphic Organizers - Evaluate

Predicting/Evaluating Use to help students activate prior knowledge. It is a group instruction activity that
serves as a model for active thinking during reading.
K - Recall what group KNOWs about the subject.
W - Determine what group WANTs to learn.
L - Identify what group LEARNed as they read.
H - HOW we can learn more (NCREL, 1988)
(D. Ogle, 1986) See: Synectics, Venn Diagram, Compare/Contrast Matrix, PMI, Questions, T-Chart, &

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Graphic Organizers - Evaluate

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