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5-10 minutes)
Prepare your body for movement with a progressive routine of activation, warm-up,
stretches and form running. These activities can be general movement activities that get
blood to muscles and are fairly low impact. The physiological concept is to turn on your
nervous system and have muscles contract or do their job at the right time, with the right
muscles doing the right movement in the right pattern.
High knee walk and hug
Backward lunge walks
* Inchworms- Second worlds greatest stretch. Stand tall with feet together. Bend at the
waist and touch hands to ground with minimal knee bend. Walk hands away from body as
far as you can control - hold 1 sec. - then walk feet to hands trying to keep legs straight.
Repeat 4 more reps, then reverse inchworm backwards. Walk feet behind you keeping
hands stationary - hold - then walk hands to feet. Repeat 4 more times.
*World's Greatest stretch Four stretches together (high hamstring into groin/glute,
hamstring /calf and end with hip flexor)
- Begin the exercises standing, hug RIGHT knee to chest
- Into RIGHT leg lunge step forward, both hands to ground beside right foot instep, drop
right elbow toward ground, hold 4sec - Then keep both hands on the ground and bring hips
back as you try to straighten your legs with your front toe up. Hold for 4 count.
- Then drop back (LEFT) knee to ground, raise arms overhead like touchdown, lean toward
your right side while gently pushing hips forward. You should feel a stretch in your left hip
flexor. Hold for 4 count. Relax. Repeat with left leg forward. Do 3-5 reps for each leg.
Standing quad stretch
Airplanes one-leg hamstring stretch
Walking Lunges with Rotation
Hurdle Walks from the side (Over, Over, then under) hip/groin/glute stretch
Quick skipping
High knee run
Butt kicks
Lateral shuffles
Backwards run (also excellent workout to strengthen quads)
BASE STRENGTH EXERCISES (1-2X per week) (15-30 min)
1. Clams Lie on your back with a mini-band around your knees. Keep your knees at 90
and feet off the ground. Clam open your knees by keeping your feet together and hips
stationary. Do 5-10 reps. With a HOLD for 5 seconds. You should feel it in your
glutes/core. Go slow and controlled.

2. Bicycle Holds Lie on your back. Keep your knees at 90 and feet off the ground. Try to
straighten one leg while keeping your other leg up at your chest. HOLD for 5 sec. Switch.
*3. Hug Knee-Hip Lift - Lie on your back in sit-up position, hug right knee to chest and hold.
Left knee is flexed and foot is flat on the ground close to buttockskeep toe up. Push
through your left heel to 'hip lift' off the ground. Squeeze your glute (butt muscle) when hip
lifting. You may only come off the ground a few inches. Focus on keeping knee to chest,
push through heel and squeeze glute. Hold for 1-2 seconds.
*4. Split Squat - Stand in a lunge step (Right foot fwd and Left leg behind you) and then
put hands behind head. Squat - bend and flex back knee (left) down to an inch off the
ground. The front (right) leg will flex and the knee should not go over or beyond the
laces/toes as you squat. Keep head up-chest up as you squat. You will feel a stretch in the
back quad.
5. Single-Leg Squats stand on a 4-6 box or phone book/stair. Hips go back FIRST and
then bend knee naturally. Concentrate on keeping knee stabile as possible.
6. Mini-Band Walk Routine use mini-band tubing or bands around ankles.
7. Walking Lunges lunge step forward with right leg keep upper torso erect and then pick
up left leg and balance on right and then lunge step forward with left leg.
8. Elbow Bridges (Planks) lie on stomach and hold yourself up on your forearms and toes
keeping your back straight. You can increase the difficulty by walking your elbows forward.
Hold position for 10 - 30 seconds. Repeat 5 to 10x. DO NOT HOLD BREATHE! Then go onto
your side and hold your self up on a single forearm with feet on top of each other. Hold for
10 20 seconds.
9. FourCorner Drill / Single Leg Balance Reach Envision you are in the middle of a square.
Standing on a LEFT leg reach across your body with right leg to left front corner come back
to standing tall then reach to RIGHT corner. Return to tall position then reach to back LEFT
corner. Return. And then Right corner. Repeat 5x through. Then switch balance leg. You
can also reach with your hands while you one-leg balance. Squat down and reach across
your body to your left with your RIGHT hand. Slowly return back to standing. Then repeat
using LEFT hand reach across body to the right.
10. Body Weight Squat Stand feet shoulder width apart. Use a bench if needed. Sit to
thigh parallel to the ground and stand up slowly. Make sure to push through the heels.
1. Seated hamstring - (replaces outdated hurdler's stretch) Seated on the ground, both legs
straight out in front of you. Keep chest up and back straight as possible, then lean and
reach toward feet. DO NOT FLEX FORWARD or BEND BACK. Hold for 15-30 seconds. Then,
Right leg straight, flex left knee and bring sole of left foot to upper inside of right leg. Reach
BOTH hands as far down right leg keeping them equal and try to bring center of chest to
right knee. Keep chest up and back straight. Hold 15-30 seconds. Switch legs. Repeat.
2. Side lying quad stretch - (replaces outdated standing stretch) Lie on your left side and
grab your right ankle. Pull your right heel to your buttock and try to bring your right upper
thigh back as far as you can stretch. Hold for 15-30 seconds. Switch legs. Repeat.

3. V-Stretch Seated legs out straight at 10 and 2 oclock. Keep toes up and knees
extended. Keep chest up and back straight as possible, then lean and reach toward middle
of feet. DO NOT FLEX FORWARD or BEND BACK. Hold 15-30 sec.
4. Butterfly Stretch (groin) Seated knees flexed, feet into groin, soles of shoes facing each
other. Press knees toward ground to get a stretch for inside of thigh/groin. Hold 15-30 sec.
5. Glute Stretch (Piriformis) - pigeon pose form yoga
6. Standing Calf/Lower Leg Stretch - Against a wall, fence, or tree. Right foot toe up and
heel as close to the wall as possible. Then slowly try to bring right knee and hip over the
right ankle. Keep leg straight. Then do the same stretch, but before bringing knee/hip over
ankle, flex and bend knee - then move forward over the ankle to stretch. This should illicit a
stretch in your achilles/lower calf area (soleus).





Worlds Greatest Stretch hug knee, lunge step, hamstring, hip flexor stretch

hug knee

lunge step hold four sec

Hamstring side view


Hip Flexor stretch hold four sec

Michael Lagomarsine, MS, CSCS, USAW

Head of Strength and Conditioning
Boston University Athletic Enhancement Center

Front view