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Recently Published: Intellectual Capital

in Organizations

Intellectual Capital in
Non-Financial Reports and Accounts
Edited by Patricia Ordoez de Pablos, University of
Oviedo, Spain and Leif Edvinsson, Lund University, Sweden
Series: Routledge Advances in Organizational Learning and
Knowledge Management

December 2014: 229 x 152: 316pp

76 illustrations
Hb: 978-0-415-73782-1 | 85.00
eBook: 978-1-315-81778-1

Part I: Knowledge-Based Resources as the Basis for Competitive
Advantage for Countries and Regions 1. Identifying Knowledge-Based
Factors Supporting Regional Development. Theoretical Frameworks
and Systems of Indicators Giovanni Schiuma and Antonio Lerro 2. A New
Theory of Value: The New Invisible Hand of Altruism Thomas J. Housel,
Wolfgang Baer and Johnathan Mun Part II: The Importance of Measuring
Knowledge-Based Resources 3. Towards Measurement of Intangible
Capital: Assessment of the Methods Presented by Baruch Lev Pirjo Sthle
and Sten Sthle 4. Intellectual Capital Disclosure and Market Valuation
Abdifatah Ahmed Haji and Nazli Anum Mohd Ghazali Part III: Intellectual
Capital Reports in Europe 5. Intellectual Capital Statement as a Strategic
Management Tool The European Approach Markus Will 6. The
Overview of IC Reporting Models within Serbian Industries Sladjana
Cabrilo 7. Shaping New Managerial Models for European Universities:
The Impact of Reporting and Managing IC Susana Elena Perez, Karl Heinz
Leitner, Giustina Secundo and ilvinas Martinaitis Part IV: Intellectual
Capital Reports in Asian Institutions 8. A Knowledge Management
Approach to Intellectual Capital Reporting in Hong Kong Rongbin W.B.
Lee and Jessica Y.T. Yip 9. Reporting on Intangibles: A Recent Survey from
Japan Tadanori Yosano 10. IC in Japan: Governmental Guidelines,
Financial Market Perceptions and Company Practice Ulf Johanson and
Chitoshi Koga Part V: Intellectual Capital in Latinamerica 11. Innovation
and Intangibles: The Challenges of Brazil Marcos Calvalcanti and Andr
Pereira Neto 12. Evaluating Intangibles Assets and Competitiveness in
Brazilian Firms: The BNDESs Approach Helena Tenrio Veiga de Almeida
and Joao Paulo Carneiro H. Braga Part VI: Asian versus Western
Approaches on Intellectual Capital Reports 13. Varieties of Capitalism
vs. Varieties of Soft Regulatory Theories: A Discussion on the Case of
Intangibles Reporting in Japan and Germany Laura Girella and Stefano
Zambon Part VII: Trends and Challenges for Intellectual Capital Reports
14. Trends and Challenges of Future IC Reporting: Experiences from
Japan Jun Yao and Erik Bjurstrm 15. Trends and Challenges for
Intellectual Capital Eunika Mercier-Laurent

This book reviews the development of the field of

intellectual capital reporting, including core concepts, latest
developments, the main components of intellectual capital,
how a statement is built, and key indicators of each
component. Chapter contributors analyze experiences from
a variety of pioneering companies and institutions around
the globe in measuring intellectual capital, including case
studies from educational and research institutions, and
provide crucial transnational comparisons.
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