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The configuration of ACL composes of two items, a SQL database and a file share. Should your firm
decide to relocate either of these, we have laid out the steps below to assist you through this process:
Enabling Remote Connections
On the new server you will need to ensure that Remote Connections are turned on in SQL so that users
have access to the server. To do this
1. Click on Start  All Programs  Microsoft SQL Server  Configuration Tools  SQL Server
Configuration Manager
2. Expand SQL Server Network Configuration  Select Protocols
3. Ensure that Named Pipes and TCP/IP are enabled. If they are not you can enable them by double
clicking on them.
4. If you enabled these protocols you will need to restart the SQL service. You can do this from within
SQL Server Configuration Manager  SQL Server Services  Restart SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER)
Note: When trying to connect to the SQL Server from a workstation, if you cannot connect via ACL, you
may have port 1433 (used for SQL communication) may be blocked by your Windows/Hardware Firewall.
Moving the Database
1. On the existing Server click on Start  All Programs  Microsoft SQL Server SQL Management
2. Expand Databases  locate the ACL database  right click on ACL  Task  Back Up.
3. Click on Add and select a local folder to save the backup to. Be sure to include the file extension
.BAK  click OK.

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tel: 416.363.1650 fax: 416.363.0361

KorbitecInc. Suite 910. Toronto. On the New server. Fill in the database name as ACL 8. 3. Ontario. 5.363. Choose From Device  select Browse  locate the database backup file and select it 9. Right click on Databases  select Restore Database.363. Click on Start  All Programs  Microsoft SQL Server SQL Management Studio Login to the appropriate instance of SQL Expand Security  Logins  right click on Logins and click New Login Click on Search The access to the database is usually given to the Domain Users group. In Windows Explorer. click on Start  All Programs  Microsoft SQL Server SQL Management Studio . 7.MIGRATING ACL TO A NEW SERVER 4. 4. You need to change the Object Types to include Groups and ensure the Location you are searching is the Entire Directory Type in Domain Users  Click Check Names and click OK _________________________________________________________ 8 King Street East.1650 fax: 416. M5C 1B5 tel: 416.0361 www. browse to where the database was backed up to and copy the database to the new server. 5. Check off the backup set  click OK Setting User Access 1. 2.

Check the ACL Database under the “User mapped to this login”  select acl_admin in the “Database role membership for ACL”  Click OK.0361 www. Suite 910. Select the ACL Database 6. but we find using the Domain Users group make it easier when new users are added to the .KorbitecInc.363. _________________________________________________________ 8 King Street East. Ontario. Toronto. 5.MIGRATING ACL TO A NEW SERVER Note: You can select another Windows Security group if you have one assigned to the litigation department.1650 fax: 416. Go to the User Mappings Page. M5C 1B5 tel: 416.363.

Moving the ACL File Share 1. Suite 910.363. Copy the entire ACL directory form the old server to the new location. Deploy the change to the file share to the workstations by utilizing the syntax below in the form of a batch file: “C:\Program Files\Korbitec\ACL\ACL. Updating your Installation Files 1.363. Install.exe” configure db DatabaseServerName ACL Note: 64-BIT users will need to change the above path from “Program Files” to “Program File (x86)”. Updates.exe” configure gfa <path>\ACL3 Note: 64-BIT users will need to change the above path from “Program Files” to “Program File (x86)”. Toronto. .bat Please note that support is a part of our ongoing service with your firm. Please review the 3 files below and update the paths accordingly.bat b. We ask that you do not hesitate to contact us! _________________________________________________________ 8 King Street East.MIGRATING ACL TO A NEW SERVER Updating Workstations To deploy the change in SQL Server to the workstations running ACL.bat c.0361 www.KorbitecInc. please utilize the syntax below in the form of a batch file: “C:\Program Files\Korbitec\ACL\ACL.bat or Master Install.1650 fax: 416. M5C 1B5 tel: 416. Ontario. A simple way to do this is a search and replace for the old SQL Server name and/or drive mapping/UNC a. Profile.