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ControlPoint Application Software



Arrives transformational technology architecture called EdgelessMedia is based on the reality that in the cloud connected world,
devices perform extended functions which are not limited to the geometry of the box, nor within the physically defined schematic
connectivity of the box. Instead, devices also function as gateways to the whole wide world by performing functions that are outside the
box. Arrives EdgelessMedia concept follows the tenet of Formless Function and significantly reduces the problem of equipment and
cable sprawl which is inherent in the physical installation environments.
The Arrive ControlPoint edition application software links to Arrive Edgeless Media Server (EMS), a Management Resource Platform
and readily provides a unified control interface for your things such as video displays, audio devices, video conferencing, room lighting,
content management, and web browsing; as well as extended control over software applications which are running on Arrive devices
such as Microsoft Lync client software. The application is embedded in Arrive ControlPoint touch screen control consoles, and can also
be installed on 3rd-party devices such as user provided tablets. It works seamlessly with Arrive FacePoint devices and the central Arrive
EM Server without the need for local programming or configuration unlike other legacy control systems.
The Arrive ControlPoint is user friendly, providing intuitive and convenient user interfacecustomized for the environment using Arrive
EMS as the central provisioning tool.


Arrive ControlPoint App


ControlPoint Application Software

Key Software Features

FF Works seamlessly with Arrives central EM Server without the need for local programming or configuration unlike legacy control
systems. Allows to add the participants to join through the Microsoft Lync 2013 client.
FF With Arrive EMS, it provides the full configuration as well as the graphic user interface design centrally, and pushes the user
interface to Arrive ControlPoint an example of true Cloud based control. Controls can be customized to individual venues or
applied en masse to several typical and similar rooms from the Arrive EMS. Enhances employee productivity, empowers remote
workers and reduces communication costs.

Provides convenient control user interface to manage: Microsoft Lync software client including directory, calling, connecting and
video call management functions such as microphone mute, volume controls, camera selection, display and view management,
PC Functions, Cloud and Network Content Management, Wireless and Wired BYOD Management,AV Controls, Virtual Desktop
and Virtual Keyboard and Mouse functions.

Minimum Requirements
Operating System

Android 2.3 or higher

Server Software

Arrive Edgeless Media Server EMS

Collaboration Device

Arrive FacePoint device


FF Minimum 512 MB RAM

FF Minimum 1 GB free space

Purchasing Information
Model No.



Arrive ControlPoint Application Software License- can be loaded on client provided Android or Windows


CarePoint Foundation Software Service Support (CFSS) - 12 months of suppor provides upgrades & remote
technical support for the duration of the support agreement, renewal required annually -Refer to CFSS-1 section
of Ver. CFSS-ASAP-0101-15 for details on service support, or visit


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