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My name is Donald. At the present moment I am engaged in a fruitless

It seems unlikely that I will have the opportunity to indulge in any
hich by its nature is more fulfilling. However, it seems to me quite
t indulging in moments of quiet speculation can be just as fulfilling
er activity.

activity w
likely tha
as any oth

So rather than try to explain why it seems better to sit in quiet speculation, I
have decided that it is better to simply dictate thereby allowing the reader to
peruse as he will through my probably quite rambling thoughts.
Being an admirer of Arthur Schopenhauer and Giacomo Lombardi, as well as the lit
tle known German Phillip Mainlander, I have determined that life is something wh
ich should not have been. However, unlike some other philosophers, I think it i
s unnecessary to completely deny the joys which life may bring.
Rather than believing that this is the worst of all possible worlds, or the best
of all possible worlds, I believe that though life is largely composed of suffe
ring meaning can be found. The question is how to find that meaning?
Since no one knows what occurs after death it is foolish to rely upon faith to s
upply meaning to your life. Because although modern day religionists feign find
ing comfort in their faith, the reality is that they are motivated by fear rathe
r than by any true belief.
So the key to finding happiness in this life lies not in fictitious religious be
liefs, but in the meaning we ourselves create. How do we create this meaning?

We create this meaning in our relationships with other human beings. But becaus
e we have forgotten that life is about the interaction between human beings, we
tend to forget that these relationships can be filled with meaning deeper than a
ny that religion might provide. So I propose to examine human relationships in
an attempt to discover how to restore the meaning in human life.
To that end I will examine four aspects of human life, with a particular focus o
n how these aspects relate to interpersonal relationships between two people.
The first aspect of human life that I will examine is perhaps the most confoundi
ng. I will attempt an analysis of love. By doing so I hope to show that, unlik
e Lombardi, I do find it possible to find meaning in an adult relationship with
a like minded individual.
And there are many places where we could look to attempt to determine what is th
e basis of a true relationship. Most religions have some kind of pseudo histori
cal stories of romance. The Bible, for instance, with Adam and Eve, Solomon and
Bathsheba, and Samson and Delilah. Or the Buddhist texts with Prince Siddharth
a and his lovely young bride. However these stories are usually meant to prove
a theological point rather than addressing the actual content of the relationshi
p. So I will not touch upon those in this essay. Instead I will use examples f
rom my own life.
I will begin with the two most recent examples. The first began September 6, 20
12. The second began October 30, 2013. It may be noted that that space of time
amounts to just over one year. One may wonder if such a short span of time is
adequate to make any detailed analysis. However I think it more important to fo
cus on the quality of the time spent, rather than the length of time spent. Dep
ending upon the circumstances, one year can be interminably long - or it can see
m like a mere moment. In my case the first example, although it lasted the bulk
of that year, seemed to end so quickly that it hardly seems believable. The se
cond example, beginning shortly after the end of the first, is still ongoing. T
oday's date, March 13, 2014, is just a few weeks shy of being five months from t
he beginning. However, that five months has been similar in every respect to th
e first example only in microcosm. And though the similarities are many, I will
show that although the first example should have been the one that lasted, it i
s in fact the second which is proving to be the most enduring.
The first example began with my meeting Li Jin. It seemed an unlikely pairing b
ut for whatever reason a deep relationship ensued. Prior to the beginning of th
e new month I would always think to myself: "This will be over before next anniv
ersary." And yet it never ended. I found that the longer we were together, the
less time Lee would want to spend with me. There was always a new excuse. It s
eemed that there were an endless amount of excuses. However I thought that thin
gs would change when circumstances allowed us to be together in person. In fact