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Rebecca J. Simmons North Denver Notions

July 7, 2006

hike, bike, boat, golf, go kart, mini golf, rock climb, ride the lift free, try the “Diggler,” GPS treasure hunt Copper Mountain Condo for Rent Highland Neighbor Owned • Telemark Lodge Unit #310

Copper is COOL in the summer!

This Telemark Lodge studio sleeps up to six people. There is a set of bunk beds situated in the entryway across from the bathroom. The living area contains a queen Murphy bed and a queen sofa bed. This unit comes equipped with a full kitchen, a full bath with jetted tub, a TV/VCR, and a window bench with view of the Ten Mile Range. The Telemark Lodge offers many amenities: a common indoor Hot Tub with shower facilities on the third floor. Heated indoor parking garage, ski lockers, ice machine, laundry facilities, vending machines, and an elegant lobby with fireplace and lots of space to play games, visit and relax. It is located a short 3 minute walk to the slopes of Copper Mountain, the new Village at Copper Mountain, and the Union Creek family ski center.

Summer Season Rates: Apr 17-Nov 17 Fri., Sat. $120.00/night Sun.-Thurs. $90.00/night

Great full week rates Fri check-in to Fri check-out $550.00

Call Tina at 303-480-1574 & leave message, or e-mail

Check out our website:

Your Favorite breakfast and lunch spot now serves great Cocktails from our Premium Well, Boutique and Specialty Spirits, and Wines & Beers from around the world. A great Happy Hour special each day of the week, with the same attention to quality you’ve come to expect from us at Gallop Café! Our renowned Bloody Marys & Snit, Margaritas and MOJO Mojitos! All are more fun on the Gallop Patio! Join us for glorious Summer on the patio... for Happy Hour, for Brunch, or Small Plates & Cocktails under the umbrellas at Gallop Cafe... ...your neighborhood crossroads of the world!

Tuesday - Saturday until 7:30 PM Sunday & Monday until 5:00 PM

For Happy Hour info or to place TAKE OUT orders, call: (303) 455- 5650

Little known quirky thing about But isn’t that what we want for me: I have this strange fascination our children? For them to learn with paper towels. from our mistakes? Isn’t that why It’s not widely known, but I have we went through them to begin a difficult time getting out of that with, so they wouldn’t have to? I’m aisle at the grocery store. Plain not even sure I’ve learned from all white just won’t do. The print and my mistakes, but someone ought pattern has to be just to, right? I want to be right and needs to comable to explain to my Mommy plement my décor, yet, daughter Gracie the not too matchy-matchy. complexity of marriage. Diaries I prefer towels that don’t While I’m not sure I have juvenile patterns or even know all that, I comic strips on them, want to at least be able to conbut I don’t want badly drawn veg- vey that this marriage thing is a etables, either. I’ve been known lot harder than it looks. I cringe to move 20 or 30 rolls around, sometimes when we read those searching the back of the shelf for books together. You know the ones, just the right design. Sometimes I fairy tales and princess stories. A catch myself standing there for 10 few twirls around the dance floor, or 15 minutes wonderand Cinderella falls in ing, “why can’t I just love? One date and a move on? Why does my glass shoe, and they’re search for the perfect getting married? Please. paper towel have me froLet’s talk about some of zen in aisle 12?” her baggage – includI think it stems from ing an evil stepmother my first marriage, when and abusive stepsisters. our newlywed trips to Mark my words; those the grocery store would two had a royal theraend up in a marital tiff pist somewhere along when I selected the more Rebecca and Gracie. the way. expensive, printed rolls There are a slew of and my ex would cringe and pick these stories for big girls, artfulthe cheapest plain white roll. Now, ly called “chick flicks.” Plotline is I think, in a strange way, I deserve “heart of gold girl” who prays for those paper towels. I’ve earned the love every night, gets guy, loses high-end Bounty rolls with the guy, ends up with rich guy. Think sophisticated fruit, or, my favorite, Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. the dancing autumn leaves (only in Or remember lines like, “You had the fall, of course). There is another me at hello” or “You complete me.” teensy part of me that thinks it’s a This is what shapes some people's nice way to stick it to my ex and his ideas of love. No, honey, a rich guy ridiculously frugal ways – just kid- will not drive into your low-class ding, just kidding. We’ve all moved LA neighborhood in a limo with on. My former marriage, my former a dozen roses and save you from life, isn’t something I try to hide. It your life of prostitution. Sigh. I lasted two years; we were too young already see Gracie’s little mind at and thankfully, there were no chil- work when we read fairy tales and dren. We gave each other our stuff she sees the infamous “princesses.” back and split up the stuff we got Her eyes light up when we read the together – and that was that. I’m part about the “beautiful dress” pretty much an open book when it and the glass slipper. It’s brilliant comes to talking about my “starter marketing. Did you know there is a marriage.” That’s the current termi- whole Princess Posse now? They’ve nology for divorce. Sometimes I will grouped them together like a girl mention it in a conversation. band. There are posters, pajamas, My husband has a great line he toys, candy, even a Princess calenlikes to throw out whenever I say, dar. Should it concern me a bit that “my ex” or “my first husband” and Jasmine faintly resembles the cover he’s within earshot. He quips, “You of Britney Spears' last album? I do were married before?” with a dead- want Gracie to have some of the pan look on his face. It always gets fluff, some of the little girl “bling.” a good laugh. Our daughter is only I like a good tiara now and again. three-and-a-half, so there’s no need How do I allow for the fancy of to share my “life before Daddy” sto- childhood, but not dilute her ideas ries just yet, but I often wonder how of love? Do I tell her now about I will tell her this. It’s not with any Prince Charming? I want a more shame or any regret. It’s just that I balanced Cinderella. I have a sign want it to be one of those things I in my shop that defines my kind of reveal in a “moment” between us. I fairy princess. It says, “Cinderella picture it being one of those moth- goes to the ball ...and takes it to the er-daughter moments, you know, net.” Now that’s my kind of girl. maybe where she’s in her fickle I hope I’ll recognize the moment. late teens and in love with her high I hope I’ll have words to explain school sweetheart, convinced they’ll my experience and that Gracie will marry. I’ll share my story of once know a little more about me when I upon a time, and somehow my past tell her. Marriage is a funny thing. mistake will enlighten her. It will It’s fragile and vulnerable and not be that “aha” moment, and it will perfect, and sometimes it doesn’t change the course of her life when last “’til death do you part.” That’s I share it. Right. It sounds like a good, I’ll have to remember it. Now, Lifetime television for women movie how to tell her about my days in even as I write it. college... ***

2401 West 32nd Avenue at the corner of 32nd and Zuni


06-0524 2006 July 7,phone zone



7:59 AM

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BREAK OUT of your comfort zone...

Nokia 6101




GET MORE ® 1000









WESTMINSTER 303-428-3400
5690 W. 88TH AVE. WESTMINSTER 80031





7735 W. LONG DR., STE 8

14500 W. COLFAX AVE., #120

ARVADA, 80003



06-0524 (06/06) Limited time offer subject to change. CREDIT APPROVAL/ADDITIONAL COSTS: Does not apply to pre-paid. Credit approval and $35/line activation fee required; $200/line early cancellation fee applies. Regulatory Programs Fee (not a tax or government-mandated charge) of 86¢ per line/mo. applies; additional taxes and fees may add 6-28% to your monthly bill. Minutes over monthly allotment are 40¢ per additional minute. Partial minutes are rounded up for billing. SERVICE COVERAGE: Service is not available everywhere. For full details, see Coverage Maps available at or at a T-Mobile store. ABNORMAL CALL PATTERNS: Call duration and/or your continued eligibility for any rate plan may be limited or terminated for (a) consumer protection purposes or (b) abusive conduct or abnormal call pattern(s). See TMobile’s Terms and Conditions (including mandatory arbitration), available at, for cancellation policy, international longdistance, roaming and messaging rates, and additional details that may affect this offer and additional rate plans, and other information and/or contact T-Mobile Customer Care, at 1-800-937-8997, with questions concerning any T-Mobile offer or rate plan. T-Mobile is a federally registered trademark, and the magenta color is a trademark, of Deutsche Telekom AG. Whenever Minutes, FamilyTime and Get More are federally registered trademarks of T-Mobile USA, Inc. © 2006 T-Mobile USA, Inc.

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North Denver News 1/2 pg 01/23/06


July 7, 2006

Actual vantage point from the 4th floor east

Loft style condos
Lofts in the Highlands District with a view…
The bold design and spacious living offered by AYR Lofts make for an exclusive and exciting new project unique to Denver.

from the

(One Block West of Zuni on Speer – North on Firth)

Contemporary Loft Style Residences From the low $200’s

(303) 433-1878

Act now for Pre-Construction Pricing!

low $200’s

Southwest Gardens

Another Project By:

Your Local, Independent Garden Shop
4114 Harlan Street in Wheat Ridge

w w w . d e n v e r h o m e b u i l d e r . c o m 303-423-5606
Beverly Newton North Denver Notions
If you have few green toma- should be in well drained soil. Day toes on your vines it’s not your lilies are tougher. Plant ‘em and fault. Tomatoes have very narrow forget ‘em. The next one was ranges in which they also made for us. It’s will set fruit. Blossoms Down the coreopsis or tickseed. will fall off is temperatures drop below the garden path Any member of this family is just right and low 50’s at night or go over 90’s in the daytime. I guess has no diseases or pests. Tall you know what happened in June. sedum is another perfect plant for Eggplant, a distant cousin, has the our region. Doesn’t mind our sun, same problem. Cauliflower doesn’t has no pests, and performs in poor like our summer sun and seldom soil. The fifth was peony. Get an early makes a head. Gardening in our state requires more than skill. One blooming peony when choosing one for your garden. You are less likely needs a lot of luck. Everything we plant likes to to lose flowers to cold than you are have good air circulation around to the sun. Late spring sun cooks the blossoms. I have it. Crowded plants do a single pink, a double not do well. Good air white and a late bloomcirculation keeps the ing red one. The red temperatures down. one’s blossoms always Recently a magaget scorched by the zine called Garden sun. Peonies don’t like Gate ran a nationwide being moved. Neither poll to find out what do they like partial were perennial favorshade so I’m stuck. ites across the nation. Iris was sixth and As usual, some of this was to be expectthese we can grow ed. Almost everyone but some do poorly. has them. Seven and It could be they didn’t eight were columbine ask anybody who and coral bells both of lived in mountainous which grow well for us. regions. The two top winners were day lily and hosta. These plants like partial shade. Next was bleeding heart. I’ve Daylilies, of course, do well but hostas are borderline. To bloom never been successful with this they need cool morning sun and plant and I don’t see many in other lots of water. They bloom in May. gardens either. Tenth was brunnea, commonly If you garden in sand you would have to water every day. Hostas called forget-me-not. This plant don’t like clay either as their roots loves full shade but tolerates some

less than 5 minutes from North Denver

Southwest Gardens

Your Local, Independent Garden Shop
4114 Harlan Street in Wheat Ridge 303-423-5606
morning sun. It blooms in the spring before the sun reaches full intensity. The true forget-me-not is myosotis but brunnea so closely resembles it that the two are often confused. This plant is sold as anschusa myosotidiflora, a native of Siberia. It will grow better if bought as a rooted plant. Seeds are hard to germinate. A member of the borage family, its tough and bug free,--in essence a survivor. I recommend it. The Adams County Fair flower Show is August 3 and 4 at Adams County Ad. Bldg. Garden Clubs and Master Gardeners of Adams County are presenters. Entries should be brought Aug. 2 from 8:30 a.m. to ll:00 a.m. Show is free to all. ***
Come to Denver Water’s Xeriscape Demonstration Garden at the Denver Water Administration Building, 1600 W. 12th Ave. to join us in celebrating the 25th anniversary of water-wise gardening with Xeriscape. Saturday, July 22, 8 am - 2 pm Sunday, August 6, 8 am - 2 pm Master gardeners and conservation experts will be available to answer your questions or provide ideas for your yard. Take a guided tour or wander on your own through a showcase of grasses, shrubs, trees, ground covers and perennials. Most plants are identified with markers. Come see this thriving example of Xeriscape! Information: 303.628.6343.

Water-Wise Garden Parties at Denver Water

July 7, 2006

road either, driving under the speed limit in the left lane. Sometimes you’ll see them cruising blithely along, turn signal blinking for blocks, but when it comes time to actually make a real live turn, they won’t signal at all. Or they might come zooming around you, honking and gesturing obscenely when you have the temerity to slow down for a school zone. And we all just love how, when they lose their way, when they’re looking for an address, instead of pulling over, they just stop in the middle of the street. Yes, you can’t miss jerks on the road, and they won’t miss you. Maybe you’re unlucky enough to be in the car ahead of them when they turn around to yell at their kids in the back seat. Maybe you’re unfortunate enough to be passing them while they’re groping for a CD on the passenger side floorboard. Worse, you could be crossing the street on a “walk” light when they come screaming around the corner, busy closing a deal on their cell phone. Or my personal favorite: tailgating at 75 miles an hour. I always want to ask them, like the bumper sticker says, are you following Jesus this close? Jerks are an inevitable, unavoidable part of daily life, far more common than your typical common criminal. There is no escape. But perhaps we could at least pare down their numbers if we passed laws against jerk actions, if we criminalized jerk behavior. I know, I know, our jails are overcrowded and it costs a fortune to incarcerate people, but I’d gladly release some vagrants and pot smokers or a streetwalker here and there and stick a few jerks in the slammer instead. Or, better yet, we could revive some venerable old hands-on punishments: the stocks, the dunking stool, the whipping post. You won’t yield the right-of-way? Twenty lashes. You’re blabbing on the phone while you drive? We’ll put you in the stocks and hurl rotten vegetables at your head. Speeding through a cone zone? We’ll dunk you in the Platte, see how you like that. We could be even more inventive. If you’re an aggressive jerk driver, tailgating, cutting people off, we’ll take you out of your vehicle and put you on a tricycle and let you pedal through the Mousetrap at rush hour. Yes, the possibilities for striking back at jerks are endless, as endless, unfortunately, as are the jerks. ***

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Teresa Keegan North Denver Notions
Crime in Denver declined in the first five months of this year and arrests were up, reported one of the Denver dailies recently. I was thrilled to learn that the good guys are winning and there’s more bad guys in the bastille. I love it. Who wouldn’t welcome such news? Who wants to live in fear, cowering at home behind double deadbolt locks? Not me. It’s a truism: when crime goes down, quality of life goes up for the law-abiding citizen. Or does it? After all, quality of life has many components, not just the crime rate. Let’s consider, percentagewise, per capita, how few metro area residents are really impacted daily by crime. Most of us don’t come home every night to find our houses ransacked by burglars. Most of us freely patronize our financial institutions and never encounter a bank robber. I visited my credit union dozens of times in the last year, and not once was I confronted by a masked desperado brandishing an automatic weapon. Instead I was served by polite, friendly tellers discreet enough to pretend my 15-year-old picture ID actually resembles me. No, it’s not criminals who make daily life miserable for most of us. It’s jerks. Jerks are everywhere, universal, multiplying like rabbits. They’re distressingly common in the workplace, hogging the good printer, leaving paper jammed in the copier, taking the last cup of coffee and not making more, and having loud conversations outside your cubicle while you’re trying desperately to concentrate. They can’t even be bothered to put more staples in the stapler. Or, more seriously, they’re taking credit for your ideas, blaming you for their screwups, sabotaging your projects. No company, no government office, no job site is free of jerks. You’ll run into them at the supermarket too, blocking whole aisles with their carts, sneaking nineteen items through the fourteen-or-fewer line, cutting in front of everyone when a new check stand opens up. Or they may run into you, literally bang into you with their carts, because they’re so busy shouting into their cell phones, “Hey, do we need hamburger buns? We do? Okay. How about chips? You want chips? What kind?” Apparently, the idea of sitting down and making a grocery list before they go to the store never occurs to these people. Why should they do something sensible or thoughtful when they can annoy an entire store full of non-jerks? You can’t miss them on the

A Community Banks Real Estate Loan Let’s You Take Advantage of Opportunities Like This...

Crime is down but jerks are up

For Sale or Lease

• Short and Long term Commercial Real Estate Loans • Short term Residential Real Estate Loans • Machinery and Equipment Loans, too!
Could your business benefit from building a better banking relationship? If so, contact us about our Special Small Business Rate & Fee Programs Highlands: Kayleen Hollines or Jerry DiTullio Riverfront Park: Terry Mueller or Tom Courson



Member FDIC

The nicest bank in town

Highlands: 3473 West 32nd Avenue, Denver • 303-458-9340 Riverfront Park: 2100 16th Street #140, Denver • 720-931-1940

To Advertise: 303.458.7541

North Denver

North Denver’s Bigger, Better Paper


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July 7, 2006

Aussie vineyards plus
ing options in the beautiful Yarra Valley and close to Green Point Vineyards – including Glen Harrow Garden Cottages, with one, two and three bedroom units available. Glen Harrow has been voted “Most Romantic” getaway in a poll of Aussie couples. Healesville Motor Inn offers more affordable, less expensive accommodations.

If you enjoy wine, think of how terrific it would be to take a trip to the very vineyard that creates the wine you love – in Australia! The Yarra Valley of Australia is known and talked about for Green Point Vineyards, in the heart of the valley in Victoria. On the southeastern tip of Australia, it lures visitors not only with its outstanding wines (that include Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meumiere, and Shiraz) but with the many fun, interesting things to do while visiting this part of the country. Australia is the smallest continent and the largest island in the world. Here in the valley, close to Melbourne, adventures are waiting. If you’re into extreme sports, it’s possible to “parabungy,” the ultimate combination of two sports: parasailing and bungee jumping over water – a feat that, thus far, only young Aussies excel in. Surfing and parasailing sports for the less adventurous are both available at the Great Barrier Reef, just a couple hours north of the Yarra Valley. Night skiing is enjoyed from May to July at the Mount Buller Ski 2413 W. 32nd Ave. (at Zuni), Denver, CO Resort, about three hours away. And if you are looking to relax 303-477-4141 after all this outdoor activity, a visit to the Healesville Sanctuary allows a good look into the lives of animals you won’t find anywhere else in the Bes t of 6/25/06 8:55:29 PM Duo Out Front Ad.indd Tejon 33rd & 1 world: dingos, koalas, kangaroos, We stw wombats and the fierce Tasmanian Next Door to ord 200 devils – small, black-furred carRosa Linda’s 6! nivorous marsupials, relatives of kangaroos. Vi n t a g e M a rke t 303-520-8723 There are numerous lodglots of vintage everything


“Best Sunday Brunch” —5280 Top of the Town
dinner daily, saturday & sunday brunch

duo restaurant


Of course, the biggest attraction of all: the vineyards – many acres (called hectares: 1 hectare equals 2.47 acres in case you wondered) at times canopy covered, ripening grapes grown in this fertile valley. (The canopies are used for sun protection.) Guided tours and public and private tastings are available. In Australia, as in France, rose bushes are grown in front of every row of grapes on the vines. Roses are subtle predictors of climate and pest control. If the roses start to die, the grapes must be picked immediately. They act as a sort of canary in a coal mine. For further information about Green Point Vineyards and the Yarra Valley, check out –Rachel Pollack

Men’s & Women’s Clothing (Large Sizes, Too!) Accessories (Handbags, Hats, Shoes, Jewelry, Vanity Items, Etc.) Household Furnishings, Textiles Art and Collectibles Curiosities

Did you live in Berkeley, Globeville, Swansea, or Elyria during the intial construction of I-70 in the early 1960s?
I am especially interested in any old documents, letters, flyers, or pamphlets that might have been prepared by neighborhood residents to explain their opposition to I-70 through their neighborhoods. If you are aware of any of these items, or know someone I could talk to about locating them, please contact me. Thanks in advance for your time. Sincerely, Dianna Litvak cell: 720-244-4467

��� Men’s �������� ’s Attire!
and Wom en

Fancy, Fun and More!
Open from 11:00 to 7:00 Closed Sunday & Tuesday

Help Wanted Experienced Painter
Looking for an experienced, quality, honest painter for residential and commercial work in North Denver Contact: Brian at 303-380-1526 or 720-939-0996

Greetings, I am working on a master’s degree in history at CU-Denver, and am writing to see if you know, or know someone, who lived in Berkeley, Elyria, Swansea, or Globeville during the initial construction of I-70 in the early 1960s, and may have been involved in the neighborhood groups who opposed the construction of the highways. With the 50th anniversary of the Interstate Highway Act this year, I have chosen as my master’s thesis topic the opposition to interstates in urban Denver.

3900 Tennyson Street Denver, Colorado 80212 (720) 855-8025




Featuring: • Art Glass

19 artists from here in the neighborhood!


�������������������������������������� ����������������������������� ���������������� ��������������������

Join us for every First Friday Artwalk August 4, September 1, October 6, November 3

• Pottery • Housewares • Furniture

• Paintings • Prints • Imports • Local Artists

July 7, 2006

Marla Lindstrom Benroth North Denver Notions
“Storytelling is fundamental to the human search for meaning. The past empowers the present, and the groping footsteps leading to this present mark the pathways to the future.” - Mary Catherine Bateson

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���������������������������������� Highland Christian Church will ��������������� have different hours for the sum����������������� 4. mer, beginning June

Adult Bible Study-9:00 am �������������������������� Children����������������� School and Youth Sunday 9:15 am Worship 10:00 am ��������������������������
����������������������������� ���������


(Disciples of Christ) 3350 Federal Boulevard 303-433-6737 -4 - 7 7

Join us for VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL fun! Highland Christian Church Invites Children to Serengeti Fun: Where Kids Are Wild About God’s Love Friday, July 15 from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm, Saturday, July 16 and Sunday, July 17 from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm For more information call 303-433-6737

Serious Inquiries Loan Officer Horizons Real Estate Group

Locally owned independent FHA approved Mortgage Banker/ Broker seeks experienced LO’s for NWD/Downtown & Stapleton offices. • Volume based W-2 comp. plan. • Professional in-house processing. • Competitive benefit package. Successful candidates will have 12M closed annual 3 year production history, personal referral database, Calyx/LP/DO proficiency, references, resume & business plan. Please contact Jeff Laws 303.327.6206 or

Look at what Denver Bookbinding can do for you!
• Gold Foil Personalizations • Custom Book Projects • Build-A-Book Kits for kids of all ages - a great summertime project • Bookbinding Supplies • Board • Cloth • Glue • Replace your Bible cover
see us on-line at 303-455-5521 2715 17th St

Experience something more. See and feel the Aveda difference. The latest hair cuts, styling and color. Nurture a new you — book an appointment today.
Bring this ad in and receive $5 dollars off any service. VIDA SALON • 3390 W. 32nd Ave. • 303.455.3320 •

My friend Katie Roberts made a life-changing decision a few weeks ago. She found the career of her dreams, serving as a “tactical coach” for Baby Boomers, which is that range of individuals now 45 years old till the late 60s. But if we are really honest about it, it has taken her decades to make the decision, with signposts along the path, pointing the way, and those closest to her reinforcing her calling. For her life is not merely a destination but a journey in which she gathers more and more experience as she travels along. And for her, the answers have, to a large degree, come perhaps unexpectantly through her mom. Her mom didn’t tell her which fork in the road to take. But yes, in a way she did. Katie (with her typical directness) told me as a young person she would adamantly say to people, “I don’t want to be like my mom. Please don’t tell me I’m like my mom!” It’s not that Carmy, her mom, was a bad person. No, on the contrary, she was a remarkable woman. She was quite a saleswoman. She started out selling china and Revere ware in the 50s. She eventually sold Sarah Coventry climbing her way up to an Executive Director position managing a team of 64 women, all personally recruited by her. She loved Sarah Coventry, and knew how to sell it, Katie recalls. “I remember the day we were getting ready to move out West to California. I was ten years old and a very handsome man, her senior director, came to see her. I remember seeing his long legs as they were sitting at our kitchen table discussing the matter.” The “matter,” apparently, was that Carmy had decided to give up her work. Her boss was begging her to start Sarah Coventry on the West Coast when she moved, telling her how much money she could make. It was quite an offer for a woman in the 1950s. “Now looking back on it, I see what a business coup that would have been for mother. But she just smiled it off, telling him she was trained in health care and that she would be going back to that field. Later, I wondered why she didn’t take the job. She wore Sarah Coventry all the time. She loved the job. And the healthcare would pay a mere $7 an hour.” Years later, in a sudden flash of inspiration Katie said to her mom, “ ‘I know why you didn’t take the job. It’s because you would have reached a level of prestige and success that Daddy could never have come near.’ And, after thinking about it for a moment, my mom agreed. She said to me, ‘You know, I think you could be right about that.’ It wouldn’t have been a conscious decision Mom made. “What this means to me,” said Katie, flipping her brown hair (with the bold red tint that shines in the light), and then looking straight at

me with her big brown eyes, “is how different women are today. There is such a thing as too much success. Back then it was common…you could have success, but not too much. Not more than your husband.” Now a widow, whose husband died way before his time, Katie is to me the epitome of a woman who digs deeply into her passion, taking on projects with more gusto than a

Katie Roberts after her performance of the song “Cabaret” in a Denver recital, in the costume she designed and sewed herself. Photo by Marla Lindstrom Benroth. steam locomotive plowing its way around a mountain. In her thirst of more knowledge and ardent desire to run with the best, she doesn’t blink an eye when plunking down money to learn from those who have been there, done that and are successful, handpicking seminars and classes that teach her things that she can in turn help others with. This quest for knowledge is also reflected in the many professional organizations she belongs to. I think of Katie as The Answer Woman. If she doesn’t have the answer – and you asking the question almost always piques her curiosity – she has a resource she can refer you to, or she’ll search and search until she gets one. You might call her the Queen of Internet. For every question anyone might raise, she finds herself mining gems from the internet late into the night. I’ve often talked to her after one of those “till three am” forays. And have been shocked at how much energy she still exudes the next day! Okay, so back to her mom, Carmy, and how she had anything to do with the new career direction Katie has taken, and what exactly that career is. Even though Katie did not want to be like her mom, she realized she was. Just like her mom was a “born promoter” (Katie said her mom would slide right into selling at a moment’s notice, whether it was getting her friends to join the gym or selling them on a gadget she loved), people would tell Katie, “You should be in sales!” Katie did not want to sell. But by now she had developed a closer relationship with her mom and accepted her advice more openly.

see FINDING on page 32

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July 7, 2006

Open for business — Karma, Little Tree, Pizza St. you can call Pizza For delivery,
New to The District, Karma is open at 1575 Boulder Street, just north of the 15th street strip. Serving a menu of vegetarian, raw, and vegan fare, it’s the perfect place to find a refreshing summer lunch or a cruelty-free cup of coffee - and at reasonable prices. “We’re the only restaurant selling live, raw food in Denver, and everything here is organic,” says Lalania Carrillo, one of the restaurant’s owners. Along with Christina Massey and Faatma Mehrmanesh, you can find her behind the counter most days. But it’s Faatma, she says, w h o ’ s the “raw foods goddess and runs the raw foods kitchen. Raw foods still contain more of their original nutrients, and contain their own digestive enzymes they’re good for your longevity and health.” Coffee at Karma is Ethopian, organic, and harvested under fair labor conditions. In many coffee plantations, children work to pick the beans, and after years of contact with fertilizers and pesticides develop damaging burns across their hands. “Organic coffee takes the suffering out of it,” says Carrillo. Biting into a Sunshine burger, it’s clear that the trio have figured out how to make healthy food actually taste good - and without using any dairy, soy, or gluten. Greens, an organic tomato, and veganaise finish a fine sandwich, and a side of bananas and strawberries complete the meal. Feel refreshed - swing by Karma and check it out. At the other end of the spectrum, Pizza Street is open at 44th and Lowell - serving (and delivering) pizza, calzones, sandwiches, and a whole menu of meat, cheese, and carbohydrate-powered delights. Their neighborhood-style pizza easily surpasses tired commercial pies, both by quality and quantity, and sides like pepperoni rolls, cheese-filled tater tots, and monte cristo rolls make a Pizza Street delivery an amazing guilty pleasure. Belly-O sandwiches break from the typical pizza shop pattern - and an easy, quick lunch (and probably dinner as well). Roughly 8” across, the sandwich is more than a match for most, and comes piled with toppings (there are more than 40 sandwiches to choose from) - a spicy chicken, bacon, tomato, banana pepper, provolone, cheddar and ranch is but one of the shop’s offerings. For true gluttony, you can even upgrade the Belly-O and go double decker for an extra $5 - getting a layer of bread in the middle and extra portions of everything ordered. Testing all known laws of physics, the double decker is absolutely HUGE, and not for the faint of heart.

Street at 303-477-0500, and the full menu is online at

Bruce Buckler, owner


Aches, Pains or Sprains?
“My back pain was completly eliminated after just one acupuncture visit. Thank you Rachael!” A.F.Sturm, North Denver Resident

Dealing with Dyslexia
He seemed very bright…though he was reading way below grade level, struggled with math, and his handwriting was illegible. But his biggest challenge seemed to be he just couldn’t stay focused. He was distracted by every noise outside the room as if he had superman hearing. In this inner-city school with no air conditioning and open windows, the sirens, screaming ambulances and general noise level was cacophonous... I could see his attention going out the window with every noise... Then his class clown act, every time any of his fellow students began reading aloud he started cracking up everyone in the room. He frequently ended up in detention or the office. I really liked him so it upset me that he continued to misbehave and disrupt the learning of everyone. And he was so creative; he played a couple of musical instruments, painted like a pro, excelled in drama and theatre, and told wild made-up stories instead of the truth most of the time. Then one night I watched an episode of Law and Order/Criminal Intent on TV and it was about a boy whose life was tragically altered because of his dyslexia. He was a visual spatial learner who became lost in school with undiagnosed dyslexia. He had developed strategies to hide it from everyone. The show traced his downward spiral from classroom misbehavior to expulsion, to criminal arrests to prison. It interested me enough to have an after school conversation with the problem boy to see if this could possibly be his issue – was he a picture thinker? This is a typical scenario happening in the classroom everyday. Statistics show that at least 25% of the population (I think it is higher) are visual spatial learners who often have the gift of dyslexia. Most people have an auditory sequential learning style – word thinkers.

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They do fine in classrooms where the curriculum is all word based. But what about that large group of picture thinkers. They frequently don’t even know why they can’t read or are struggling readers. They are embarrassed, ashamed, and guilty. Riddled with feelings of disappointing their parents, and themselves, their self esteem plummets. Many times they develop a variety of complicated strategies to hide it from everyone. Sometimes their reading issues don’t follow the classic dyslexic pattern of transposing numbers or letters so they go undiagnosed for a long time. They can be extremely creative people who become artists, architects, engineers, etc. They often have heightened awareness of sounds, smells or the way things feel. They have to work twice as hard as the rest of us word thinkers to get to the same place, as most school curriculums do not accommodate them. Though there are many different theories about why people have dyslexia a large percentage of dyslexics are picture thinkers. There may be a difference in their brains but it is not in my opinion a defect. The tendency to be a visual spatial learner runs in families. If you, your child or someone you know has difficulty with reading or comprehension it may be because they have the wonderful talents of a picture thinker. These gifts may handicap them when it comes to words and symbols. It is easy to assess if someone’s learning style is visual spatial and if they can be helped with reading. The main thing to remember is the challenges of dyslexia may stem from a wonderful creative way of thinking and problem solving. Valarie Abney is a licensed, certified Davis Dyslexia Correction program facilitator in the Highlands area. For more information she can be reached at 303-433-9077.

Little Tree, our neighborhood’s own women and family health center, is changing locations. In continued commitment to provide services to the women and families of North Denver, Little Tree will be relocating to the business area at 44th and Lowell Boulevard. Amy Wallace Certified Nurse Midwife is the owner of Little Tree and has been at her current location at 42nd and Tennyson since January of 2005. Her move is driven by a need to decrease operating expenses. According to Wallace, “My women’s health practice continues to grow with women receiving compr ehensive annual exams and health care. The prenatal care program offered in partnership with the Exempla Certified N u r s e Midwives at St. Josephs Hospital, is steadily adding new patients. Classes and gatherings are well attended. However, my current space is not used full-time.” So, from a business perspective, this situation led Wallace to explore other options in the community. “It was very important to me that Little Tree continue to be located in North Denver. My grandparents and family are from North Denver. I have lived in the community for over 20 years.” Her exploration led her to Julie Davlin PhD, owner of Life’s Beginnings – a women and family center at 3557 44th Avenue. Like Little Tree, one of Life’s Beginnings missions is to provide a space where women and families can gather to receive education, give each other support and enjoy the benefits of community gatherings. With this shared mission, Little Tree and Life’s Beginnings will join together to provide existing and expanded services. The first new class will be an ongoing Post Partum gathering – “The Postpartum Connection”. Staring August 1st, every Tuesday morning from 11am to noon Davlin will facilitate a gathering for new mothers. The group will discuss topics such as sleep, breastfeeding, adjustment, impact on relationships, baby blues vs. postpartum depression, and more. According to Davlin, “Connecting with other new moms is essential in the adjustments of becoming a parent. This connection can provide insight and reassurance in this new role.” We will be celebrating our new venture on August 4th from 6-8pm. Come see the new space, learn about our services and celebrate the innovative services available to the families in North Denver. Little Tree and Life’s Beginnings are available for individual and group services. For more information call 720-855-7749 or visit

July 7, 2006

Adam DeGraff North Denver Notions

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I’m only a little embarrassed to she says that "reality" is the only admit that I too get sucked into word in the English language that celebrity gossip. I always pick up should always be put in quotes.” the newest celebrity rag when I’m in And Ms. Anderson’s point is getting line at the grocery store and try to more and more valid as the future get caught up as much unfolds. DNote as I can in the five minI won’t even get into utes I have until my time the fact that the very chronicles unreal “Real World” is is up. You can glean a lot in five minutes, pretty coming to Denver. You #9 much catch up with the can run, I suppose, but whole incestuous Hollywood scene. you can’t hide. It’s all mildly amusI went to see that movie The ing, in the same way celebrity gosBreak Up with Vince Vaughn and sip is fun to read at the grocery Jennifer Aniston last week. And all store, but it isn’t really very inspirof a sudden the whole Hollywood ing, at least not to me. It reminds thing seemed not just incestu- me of fake breasts, which generous, but downright weird. Even ally have the opposite effect on me if you avoid celebrity gossip like that they are supposed to have. I’m the plague, you still probably can’t instantly turned off. help but know that Brad Pitt left I used to feel the same way Jennifer Aniston about a year ago about cover bands. I still prefer to for Angelina Jolie. He met Jolie hear originals, but after hosting when they were making Mr. and several good cover bands at the D Mrs. Smith. That movie is about a Note I’ve come to appreciate their couple fighting one another in big value. It gives a community someHollywood action movie style. thing to bond over. If I never heard It is odd that Vince Vaughn Mustang Sally again it wouldn’t played Pitt’s best friend in the movie, be too soon. But every time it gets because after Pitt left Aniston, in played at the D Note people get up “real” life, Vaughn began to date and dance, as if on cue, which is a Aniston. Then, to confuse things beautiful thing to see. So I’ve recfurther, Aniston and Vaughn make onciled myself to the usefulness of a movie about a couple fighting. the cover song. But still I’ll always This one is more “realistic” than Pitt have a preference for the true origiand Jolie’s flick, but the premise of nal, that rare song that I’ve never a couple seeking revenge upon one heard anything like before, that another is pretty much the same. expression of unique essence that All that seems strange enough. But we all have the power to produce. get this. In the role of Aniston’s sisStop by the D Note on a Monday ter and best friend in The Break Up night for Open Stage and show us is Joey Lauren Adams. This flipped what you got, original or not. Or if me out because I remember reading trivia is more your thing, stop by in the line at the grocery store years on Tuesday. Or if blues is more ago that Joey Lauren Adams was your thing, stop by on Wednesday. dating Vince Vaughn. And now here Or if you wanna get yer baby dancshe was in a role that paralleled ing, stop by for Baby Boogie on Vince Vaughn’s role in Mr. And Sunday afternoon. Or if you wanna Mrs. Smith. My head was spinning dance yourself silly, come by on the pretty good. weekend. And if you just want a “Reality” really has started to really great pizza stop by anytime. conflate with fiction. I’ve put “real” We’ll do our best to keep it real, in quotes here because of that great minus quotations.*** song by Laurie Anderson in which




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Artificial Pond Plants 50% off! Aquatic Ornaments 25% off! Frozen Food:

Big Sale!

Buy 2, Get 1 Free!


(One Block East of Sheridan)

5055 W 44th . 303-458-0376


Denver's Oldest Independent Fish and Aquarium Store

Highlands United Methodist Church
Corner of 32nd Ave. and Osceola

3131 Osceola Street

Worship 10:00 am Sunday School for all ages 9:00 - 9:45 am Fellowship Hour 11:00 am
Highlands United Methodist Church Serves Open Communion All are Welcome
Child Care provided at all Services

Open Hearts Open Minds Open Doors
All are welcome

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Rev. Betty Bradford

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He suggested she check into making a career out of becoming a Senior Advisor, someone who listens to all those involved in making decisions for a senior in the family, sorting through the options and presenting resources. And her brother wasn’t the only one who began to appreciate Katie’s natural gifts. Katie became an Answer Woman to others who were going through many of the same challenges Katie and her family faced. And in the process, she realized the signposts were all there for her new career coaching Baby Boomers, which many call the “Sandwich Generation, - caught on the tightrope between raising children and handling issues with aging parents. A few days ago, Katie flew to Las Vegas to help her mom (now 83, I believe) sell her condo and settle estate issues that many others have to deal with, as well as making sure she is getting the best care, utilizing all her available resources in the best way possible. “Our relationships with our parents can be a real roller coaster when they are ill,” Katie says. “Some people have a good support system, and some people don’t. In the end, I was determined that my mother was going to live in a place I chose and the people who would aid her would be people I chose. “I know I am not the only one facing these kinds of decisions and considerations for parents. Our generation, the Baby Boomers, are the largest generation to have the most parents still alive. It is an extremely important time in our lives. For many, parents are still doing well. It’s important to build upon your relationship with your parents so you can understand what’s going on, what important documents they have and where they are. Some people need help knowing how to have what I call ‘critical conversations’ and that’s where a third party is often helpful.” I observed with Katie, that it was in discovering what an incredible asset she was to her family, building upon her many years of experience as one who could research problems and give “tactical advice” that she found her true calling to help coach Baby Boomers with these critical issues. And indirectly, it was her mom, that successful woman who once commandeered an army of 64 sales reps for Sarah Coventry who now has needs of her own who led her down that path. For anyone interested, Katie regularly speaks her mind and blogs her “AHA” moments on her website at Marla Lindstrom Benroth, Denverbased freelance writer and member of the Association of Personal Historians, has 25 years’ professional writing experience and a special knack for finding the heart of the story. She would love to help you capture your stories. 720-301-TELL (8355) or TellYourStoryToo@msn. com.

July 7, 2006

Finding your own way
In talking to her mom one day, Carmy said, “You’ll find the right thing. You’d be excellent in sales if you believe in what [the product] is. And you’ll know it is right if it is something you’d talk about anyway.” Honing her speaking skills through the National Speakers’ Association, Katie came up with a passionate crime prevention talk while living in Atlanta several years ago. She educated many people with her creative storytelling and persuasive skills on how to avoid being the victim of crime, and funded it by selling pepper spray. She also served as a consultant in large wellknown companies, helping them increase sales with her natural ability to see customer needs and help executives find clever solutions for meeting them. In Denver, she also served as marketing consultant for an international training company. But something was still bubbling down below the surface for her. A calling that was begging to be brought into the light. Three years ago, her mother got breast cancer. Katie recalls that frightening time: “ ‘It’s just a little lump,’ Mom told me. I asked her how I could help. (Her mom lived in Las Vegas, while Katie worked eleven hours away in Denver.) ‘Oh, no, no, no,’ mom would say. And she got treatment. “What I noticed happened in the dynamic of our relationship during that time is we went from mom giving me advice, to her becoming ill, suffering side effects from the treatments, and then I was thrown into the deep end as the roles reversed…giving her advice. I had to Cowboy Up to the situation! There was nobody else who could help.” Katie has a brother who is a “very prestigious, brilliant scientist,” a graduate of Harvard University and is connected with the university. But he found conversations with Carmy difficult. “She was always a talker – I come by it honestly – but at this point she had a need to talk for hours! My brother was ready to strangle Mom – he couldn’t handle it, while she was going through all this stuff.” Katie took the time to listen to her mother, sometimes for hours on end, and camp out in the internet searching for answers for her many symptoms and complaints. “I was always the black sheep of the family, but suddenly I became the Angel Daughter!” The medication made Carmy off balanced, Katie said. She reassured her brother, “It’s not Mom talking; it’s her illness.” By listening carefully to her mom’s complaints, she was able to do extensive research and find the right “medical cocktail” so that over a few months Carmy finally leveled out. Later, Katie also ended up moving her mom from her condo of many years to an assisted living home, which she meticulously decorated with choice pieces from her mom’s home. Her mom refused at first to move, but loved the new place Katie had set up. Katie’s brother appreciated the go-between and resource Katie was for the family and said to her, “You are really good at this.”

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Maureen Schmidt North Denver Notions
You must go in perYour name, that is. If you were a son (translated—wait in line) to change June bride (or if you are a soon-tobe bride, you’ll be facing this chal- your name on your driver’s license. You will also have to purchase a lenge imminently so listen up!) By now you’re through with the hon- new license. Currently, the fee for this is less than $20 if you are eymoon (although hopefully not the “honeymoon phase”). To change between 21 and 60 years of age. You will need to bring a Perhaps you’re back to your usual routine, back to work or not to certified copy of your marcertificate and to life in general. Feeling change riagephotocopies”).(translated “no They will a bit of post-wedding day letreturn the certificate to you down?? Think all the excitewhile you wait. Bring your old driver’s ment is over?? Au contraire!! Think again! It’s time for the “Name Change license with you and fill out the form provided (these are usually available in Game”!!!! Tons of fun!! Wahoo!!! If you thought planning the “big the lobby of the Motor Vehicle office). The folks there will give you back day” was a bit of an effort, wait until you face the myriad of paperwork in your old license with a hole punched going from your maiden name to your through it to void it, along with your married name! Ha! And you thought new license. Don’t throw away the old selecting the site, the florist and the license, for you will need both it and photographer was tough! (Let alone the new one to present evidence to finding a compatible guy with whom Social Security of your old and new name. Social Security will also need to to spend the rest of your life and who see your original license or a certified remembers to put the seat down once in a while!) Just when you think it is copy. Thirdly, turn your attention to your passport, if you have one—which all done, you will find one more thing reminds me—if you are a bride to be (then another…then another) where you neglected to change your name. and are booking a honeymoon, be The good news is—at least there is no sure to book every reservation in your deadline for this task as there was for maiden name! Your new name does not happen automatically when you your wedding day. Okay, first things first! Grab a pen sign your marriage license—you need to take care of your other government and begin compiling a list of every place you can think of that will need to paperwork (above) in order to make the legal name change. Airlines will not let know of your new “identity.” you board if you book as “Mary Smith” While you’re at it—did you know and your identification says you are that security experts recommend that still “Mary Jones” no matter how much you keep a record of all your accounts and their numbers somewhere sepa- your new wedding band sparkles! They rate from your purse or wallet? This will not be amused! Book everything in your maiden name and deal with the might be a good time to organize all your information and record it for red tape after you arrive home. After you have the “Big 3” handled, safety’s sake. Heaven forbid, if you were ever the victim of theft, you’d everything else will fall into place. Most banks will accept a written letter of have everything you need to address request asking them to change your the problem. Anyway, back to the task at hand! name as long as you include a phoBefore you start, I suggest that you tocopy of your marriage license. Ditto make a boatload of copies of your mar- credit card companies, video rental riage certificate. (Note: definition of a stores and the library. There are other “boatload” for the unenlightened is 15 things to consider, such as vehicle – 25). You’ll be amazed at how fast you registration, voter lists and medical will sail (continuing with the “boat” records. It can seem overwhelming, but my advice is not make yourself metaphor here!) through them. When changing your name, begin crazy over this. It can seem like a huge with your driver’s license and then task, but if you organize yourself and take one step at a time, you’ll come your Social Security card. Those are the two most important and often will through it with flying colors! If you suffice to change your name on other need a change of name kit which proaccounts. It will be easier to change vides you with step-by-step instructions along with some of the forms you your record with many places if you have a license or Social Security card need to change you name, then email me at *** with your new name on it first.