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Creative Platform Presentation of Progress


desired job role

Digital Designer/Marketer
/ As a designer in a company, I would like to create the overall visual elements like
graphics and any interactive contents for them
/ Using my digital and visual creative skills, I would like to engage with a marketing role
in projects to promote a show or product
/ To do so, Ill manage all aspect of its publicity and advertising material which includes flyers.
posters, press adverts, brochures, online or printed newsletters, websites, online magazine,
direct mail etc.
/ I will oversee their content, design, production and arrange distribution of all media materials
/ Another name for the role: Advertising Art Director

1/ Theatre
The number and range of people who work in a theatre
depends upon its size and type. Today, theatres can generally
be divided into two types: a producing theatre or a presenting theatre, but some do both.
Company in Malaysia: Kakiseni, Istana Budaya, Enfiniti

2/ Entertainment, TV
& Broadcasting
The entertainment industry encompasses wide variety of
career opportunities and covers numerous profitable business channels. From billion-dollar corporate production
movies to small tv channels, there are literally thousands of
organizations to offer you jobs in entertainment. With
people willing to spend more money on leisure and entertainment, the search for creative people is on. The industry
looks for highly motivated, energetic, and imaginative
people to invent new ways to entertain people and make
billions of dollars out of it.
Company: The Walt Disney Company, Astro, KRU Studios,
BBC, Disney Channel Asia

You can lose money, but never lose a relationship. - phrase that often rings
in my head ever since I first heard of it from an interview in BBC Channel.
Therefore, these time wround I will start building a lot of connections
with many people in the industry.

industry to work in

/I have broad digital designing skills

/I understand design principles


/I worked on several creative production

/I have strong ability to manage a project

/I have a moderate certain computer skill

(3D model & programming)

/Naturally I am an organised person

/I also have strong communication skills

/I have little relevant paid work experience

/I do not have much contacts from industry


/I can easily lose focus and not performing

when I accept more work than
I could complete on time

Portfolio / Self Promo

Dyla Rosli via Behance
Sarah Goncalves via Pinterest


Business Card

More research has to be done for this,

basically Im looking
for a more prefectly minimal look
for my card

Marta Llop via Behance

September 2014

November 2014

my CV

December 2014

I will update the final colour and typeface

that I will use and I will standardise the design
for my website and business card
as well.

online portfolio




some screengrabs

to-do list
/ Compile my best work for online portfolio
/ Change my website design (new background)
/ Standardise my design on all platform (typeface, colours)
/ Create my showreel (storyboard, production, editing)
/ Keep updating my CV
/ Finalise my business card (design and print)

This blog is a way

for me to document the process
of creating my self promotional materials.
These will later include a professional
portfolio website, CV and Business card.