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North Denver


October 6, 2006

Plans to send light rail up existing rail tracks through North Denver and on to Olde Town Arvada have been sent awry by the refusal of Burlington Northern to allow use of

RTD struggles to find light rail route through North Denver

RTD FasTracks Gold Line EIS Alternative 6F: LRT-Lowell/BN Fact Sheet
Ward Rd. Kipling St. Wadsworth Blvd. Sheridan Blvd. Federal Blvd. Pecos St.

City Councilman Rick Garcia was surprised by the sudden changes in RTD’s planning. A former RTD Board Member, Garcia is concerned that an alignment along current streets would be more costly and make rail uncompetitive with single-occupant cars— a

North Denver’s Wanda James and candidate for Congress, Lt. Col. Jay Fawcett visit with the North Denver News at the Tattered Cover. SEE STORY ON P.2

Ralston Rd.

on page 12

on page 18 Northwest Denver Literary Contest winner

North High La Entrada essay contest winners

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A highly-placed source has told Ave. rridor continues the North Denver News that North High will be placed on a “rede44th Ave. sign” list, possibly as soon as the 38th Ave. end of October. Note: Map not to scale Redesign means that teachers and administrative staff would Alternative 6F LRT – no longer have their jobs, and Lowell/BN Denver would have to re-apply for posiUnion tions at North. A previous redeStation sign of Brown Elementary in Light Rail on Lowell?!? One of the alternatives being considered North Denver led to the firing of by RTD’s Gold Line team of consultants includes tracks down 38th every teacher. It is not clear what echnology: LightLowell Blvd Avenue and Rail the immediate consequences of redesign will be at North. its tracks for Light Rail. key component for securing federal North, which has been in the That decision leaves RTD scram- funding for transportation projects. Route: Operating in street beginning at Denver Union Station (DUS), crossing I-25 middle bling to findth, west on 38th to that Along withLowell to 50th Avenue, west on of a political firestorm other alternatives Lowell, north on many in the communue flyover to 38 since August, lost its principal in idan, might on Sheridan to BN/UP corridor, west on BN/UP corridor to Ward. early September. Now, the posnorth include running light rail on nity, he wants to know more. 38th Avenue or even Lowell Blvd. Local elected officials are sibility that the remainder of its Meanwhile, few in North Denver demanding that Light Rail on Stations: Kalamath,plans that would the existing rail corridor be part staff may be out next year looms. have heard of Federal, Regis University, Sheridan, Olde Town, Kipling and Despite requests, there have been bring major changes to the area. of the study, despite Burlington no public meetings about North’s Northern’s refusal to allow Light future— one planned for August Rail alongside freight trains. was scrapped. Lowell Blvd has been added to Denver Public Schools would mix of possible alignments in order to serve Regis University, according to RTD consultants. A recent public meeting to discuss alternatives for the so-called resulted in angry Exclusive to the North Den- Gold LineArvada Mayor Pro comments. Tem ver News Aaron Azari argued that voters supported FasTracks at the balthe promise of Councilman Rick Garcias An- lot box because ofexisting railroad electric trains on nual Report page 21-24 lines. Using specialized, electric selfpropelled trains heavier than SCFD Calendar page 26 Light Rail called EMUs (Electrical Multiple Units), that plan may still Senator Dick Lugar (R-Indi- be a possibility. The Gold Line mission is go ana) on Energy as a Security September 29, 2006 from Ward Road north of I-70 to Emergency page 41 Denver’s Union Station.

by Guerin Lee Green

North High targeted for redesign

This month



neither confirm or deny that North would be redesigned. The school has been in the midst of an expensive reform effort that has produced results. But critics have maintained that progress isn’t quick enough. Others target teachers as being at fault for a lack of student acheivement. But others, including parents involved in the reform effort have challenged those allegations, pointing to progress and innovative programs being implemented at North. North’s reform plan never was approved by the District or the School Board, leaving many, including former North principal Darlene LeDoux, to question the commitment to the plan for improving North. Other critics have argued that the District is using outdated demographic information in understanding

see DPS on page 8

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October 6, 2006

On-line exclusives! The most interesting race in Colorado. Interviews with State Senator Ken Gordon and State Treasurer Mike Coffman, both contenders for the Secretary of State. Don’t miss the bombshells from Marine Iraq veteran Coffman, as the Republican calls the war in Iraq a mistake.

Vote ? on Preschool Matters
by the North Denver News
For four key reasons, voters should think hard about pulling the yes lever for Mayor John Hickenlooper’s “Preschool Matters,” which raises Denver’s sales tax to help poor families access preschool. (For a more precise explanation of what Preschool Matters does, go to As public investments go, spending tax money on preschool is one of the best investments that can be made. A California study by the Rand Corporation, a generally honest broker, suggests that a single dollar spent on preschool education reduces future tax needs by as much as a two dollars fifty. Head Start, the federally subsidized program, has a tremendous track record of improving student achievement and reducing dropout rates. On the whole, putting government resources into preschool education is a powerful tool, one of the best public investments that can be made. In a perfect world, one in which rational judgments trump political considerations, Preschool Matters faces four problems that would cause us to send it back to the drawing board. First, sales taxes are highly regressive, and this incremental tax increase would add to Denver’s already regressive tax regime. Underscoring the regressivity is the reality that using a regressive tax to help poor families is fiscal irony at its greatest. Second is the economic reality of subsidies. What you subsidize, you increase in price. Preschool Matters will raise the cost of preschool for all of Denver’s families. For some families, the marginal benefit of receiving help from Preschool Matters may actually be more than offset by the higher prices for quality preschool. Given the relatively inelastic supply of preschool slots, the priceshifting effects of subsidy may be greater with Preschool Matters than one would normally anticipate. Third are the education policy concerns. Preschool Matters targets four-year-olds. But in Colorado, kindergarten is not mandatory. Worse, full-day kindergarten in DPS is tuition-based. All things being equal, to best serve all of Denver’s children, mandatory, free kindergarten should be the highest priority. As valuable and laudable as supporting the quality and quantity of preschool slots for four-yearolds, getting every kindergartener up to speed and ready for first grade is a higher priority. Fourth, preschool matters creates a new administrative bureaucracy. Even though it does so through a new non-profit with a mandate for lean operation, it still duplicates what could be done through the existing DPS Early Childhood Education program. What’s worse is that many Denver schools are far from capacity, and could easily house the 2000-odd students that Preschool Maters expects to serve. It would also have the salutary effect of spreading DPS’ monstrous fixed costs over a larger base of students, easing its structural budget woes. In an ideal world, Preschool Matters isn’t the right solution to what is a pressing matter of public concern. Painfully, we don’t live in an ideal world, but one fraught with political constraints. Denver voters have rejected previous tax increases to support young children, and California voters defeated one earlier this year. As a result, although Preschool Matters is far from a perfect answer, it may the only one we’re likely to get. If you can swallow trading the ideal for the pragmatic, you may want to cast a yes vote on 1A.

Fawcett’s hot race has North Denver keystone
In this year’s political season, North Denver’s Wanda James has a key role in one of the most interesting Congressional races in the country. James, who owns 8 Rivers Caribbean Café along with husband Scott Durrah, is managing the campaign of Jay Fawcett, a Democrat and former Air Force Lt. Colonel, who is running a competitive race in the normally Republican Fifth District, which centers on Colorado Springs. The race has been named one of the nation’s fifty hottest by the well-respected National Journal. Fawcett is taking on State Senator Doug Lamborn, who won a desperately fought five-way Republican primary. So divisive was that contest, the incumbent Joel Hefley, a long-time Republican Congressman, has refuses to support Lamborn. Lamborn has been tagged as being a proxy for some of the most extreme elements of the religious right. Fawcett, long interested in politics, made the jump into the public arena in this turbulent political season. “This particular year, a lot of things came to together. I watched how the Republican party treated Joel Hefley... a man who did the right thing, who stayed consistent with his twenty years in the House, and the Republican party tore him apart. ...He was told his legislation was dead on arrival.” “I’ve also been concerned with Congress’ ability to its job... oversight,” says Fawcett. “It’s a good time for a Democrat to step forward and offer an alternative.” Fawcett is among a host of military veterans running for Congress this year as Democrats, underscoring the bitter rift between the Bush administration and the professional military, a chasm which grows with each combat casualty in Iraq. James has ably positioned Fawcett to take advantage of Republican discord and military disenchantment with the White House. Colorado Springs, long known for its conservatism, is home to both Focus on the Family and the Air Force Academy, the headquarters of Northern Command, Fort Carson, and the highest concentration of veterans in Colorado. Fawcett, who has both taught at the Air Force Academy and commanded its Headquarters Squadron, has Colorado ties going back to his arrival as a freshman at the Academy in 1973. A veteran of the first Iraq air war, and an expert in military doctrine, Fawcett would bring both a keen mind and valuable experience to the halls of Congress. A recent campaign poll has showed Fawcett running ahead of Lamborn, a finding that registered upon political seismographs from coast to coast. James expects Republicans and allied groups to fight tooth and nail to keep the seat in Republican hands. But with a highly-qualified and tough-minded candidate in Fawcett, the makings of a titanic upset have been sown.

In Loving Memory Isabelle C. Murelli, born March 22, 1926, passed away October 3, 2006 at the age of 80. Survived by children; Joan (Rich) Watts, Mike (Michele) Murelli and Mari Montgomery. Grandchildren; Mike, Jon, Jill, Jennifer, Rachel and Dominic. Three great grandchildren. Visitation will take place Monday, October 9, from 11:00-1:00PM at Funeraria Moore Howard Chapel, 4345 W. 46th Avenue. Viewing at the Cantrell Funeral Home in Kimball, Nebraska on Tuesday, October 10, from 11:00-1:00PM followed by internment at the Kimball Cemetery at 2:00PM.

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North Denver News Staff:

October 6, 2006


Page 3

What Will “Redesign” of North High Lookstudent population. Like? There has been much comment the
in the two major Denver daily newspapers and smaller publications such as North Denver News about the “dire straits” currently facing North High School. Reading the commentary, witnessing the “transfer” of Dr. Darlene Ledoux, North’s recent principal and attempting to communicate with some of those who seek the school’s redesign has prompted some questions I have. For those who don’t know me, I am a retired (and now rehired) Denver Public Schools (DPS) teacher, husband and parent to two daughters who attended North Denver public schools, longtime North Denver resident and activist. Thus, I express my own bias. Well, I have some questions of those who seek to “redesign” North High School. First, what would a redesigned North High look like? The news stories and commentary I’ve read have either misrepresented their views or they have not expressed them clearly. I still don’t know, nor do others, what their intentions are. How will changing the principal, who was attempting and implementing reform, bring about the changes necessary to reform North High? Again, from what I’ve read, heard and observed, there is not a clear answer. How would requiring North’s current teachers to reapply for their positions make the school better? Students need consistency and continuity. A new faculty would be inexperienced and probably lack a basic knowledge of How would the problems of chronic absenteeism, tardiness, lack of motivation, drug use, teen pregnancy, poverty, etc., be addressed? What can be done to increase parental and individual student responsibility? Do those who seek North’s redesign believe that those problems originate at the school? They do not! They stem from conditions in the community and in families. Would North High become a charter school such as Denver Arts and Technology Academy (DATA)? If so, are those reformers aware that DATA has had four principals in three years, that there has been a faculty turnover of over fifty percent, that the CSAP scores have been significantly lower than other North Denver neighborhood schools? (Incidentally, I just received in the mail on Sept. 26 a brochure from DATA recruiting new students. I’m unsure when the school year begins there, but I’ve been teaching since Aug. 22 and the first grading period ended Sept. 29. And, DATA is still recruiting students? In my view that’s unprofessional.) Certainly, there are many educators, including this one, who believe that too much emphasis is placed on the importance of such tests and they are frequently misinterpreted. These tests are most useful as a diagnostic tool to assess a student’s current status and to determine what intervention strategies might

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see REDESIGN on page 15

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October 6, 2006

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Corinne Hunt North Denver Notions
Many ghosts have been publiof dynamite and both cized so much that they seem like he and his mule were old friends, I like these little known blown to Kingdom Come. After ones. Perhaps they got tired and their death, the pair of ghosts visgave up their haunting habits. ited anyone who tried to mine the Maybe their favorite haunts have sites that Jack had staked. More been torn down and replaced with tragedy happened at that place atmospheres not conwhen two other mules Colorado is were swept to the botgenial to ghosts. That’s what was just full of tom of the gulch when said about the one the trail on which they ghosts! who frequented the old were standing gave way Pacific Railroad depot during a spring rain. that once stood at the foot of 16th The mule ghosts were often heard Street. A new depot agent, a man braying, and one night, when a named Pierce, grew weary of cleangroup of Cornish miners stopped ing up after the men who either to sing at that place, the mules simply spat on the floor, or spat so added their baritone voices to that inaccurately that they missed the of the chorus. many spittoons he provided. One I personally have never met a day he went to the nearby Potter’s ghost, although I worked at a site field and found the skull of some that boasts a few. I’d have liked poor soul who’d been buried there. to have heard the string quartet Back at the depot, he mounted the that told the Brown Palace Hotel skull on one wall above a sign that waiter not to worry about their read, “The last man who spat upon presence in the dining room now the floor.” Whether it deterred the known as Ellyingtons. “We live uncouth visitors or not, it soon was here,” the musicians assured the apparent that someone had moved man who’d come to investigate the into the depot. Night agents and music he heard coming from the telegraph operators began comroom. There is also supposed to plaining about hearing “unearthbe a man dressed in an old-fashly and supernatural noises.” To ioned train conductor’s uniform ease their concern, Pierce removed who vanishes into the wall when the skull, but the noises continhe encounters anyone. In it’s early ued, and a weird, emaciated figure days, the hotel rented space to a was often seen prowling about the railroad ticket office. place. Men refused to work in Perhaps the most famous of the the haunted depot. Not until the eerie guests of the hotel was that building was torn down to make of a high society woman who had way for the new Union Station did moved into the hotel. She made the ghost go away, no one knew herself known when the suite she where. had occupied was totally empty During World War I, a young during a renovation. The story English girl visited a Colorado of her life and a lost love had just ranch where her fiancé, Jack been included in the twice-weekMcKenzie, had worked before he ly historic tours of the property. went back to England to enlist The switchboard operators began in the army. One morning she receiving calls from that room, but remarked to a ranch hand, “I was no one responded to their greeting. looking out the window last night, The telephone and its wiring had and I saw Jack McKenzie riding been removed during the redecoby. Isn’t that strange?” The ranch rating of the suite. The story of her hand said he’d heard hoof beats unhappy life was omitted from the but hadn’t looked to see who it was tour and the calls ceased. on the horse. A few days later the Colorado has been home to young woman received word that many varied people over the span Jack had been killed in a battle on of years it has been a state. the same day that she had seen It’s not surprising that the ghostly rider. some of them never want to Brown’s Gulch, just west of leave it, even for the Great Silver Plume, boasted the ghost of Beyond. a fellow called Mad Jack, always accompanied by his “bur-ruh” When he lived, Jack had claimed his mule could locate gold. One day, Jack set off too large a charge

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October 6, 2006

• If you have metal frames, clean tion or in the brick. the metal and dry it. • Remove any vines clinging to • Seal with new caulking if nec- the house. essary. • Trim branches that • Add weath- Thoughts & tips scrape the house er stripping • Make sure water can from an old where needed. drain away from the house. house lover • For a tight • Make sure all painted seal, lock winbrick is covered. If not, dows. touch up. Gutters • Clean gutters out. • Make sure downspouts are securely in place. • Seal any leaking gutters. • Trim any branches or vines that are scraping or invading gutters or downspouts. Hoses and water valves • Unscrew hoses from outside faucets. • Store hoses in a dry area. • Repair dripping faucets. • Inside the house, make sure all water valves can be turned. If they can’t, spray with DW40 and try again. Never force a valve to turn. Water Main If it is over 60 years old, consider having it replaced now while the weather is warm and there is no emergency. You can reach Elizabeth at www.***

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Getting an Old House Ready for a Visit from Ol’ Man Winter
October is a great month to prepare your old house for the chilly, wet and sloppy days of winter. A little work done now in the glorious weather of Indian summer is far more enjoyable than dealing with a major house problem in the grip of winter. Here are some maintenance suggestions to do now. Windows • From the outside, examine

Elizabeth J. Wheeler North Denver Notions

Roof • Inspect flashing around chimneys and in valleys. Re-caulk if necessary. • Nail down any loose shingles. Furnace/Boiler A bungalow on Quitman is in the full glory of Indian sum• Call a gas conmer. Photo by Elizabeth Jeanne Wheeler. tractor for an inspection. • Put in clean filters. window frames for signs of peeling, • Have an extra set of filters on separation or drying. hand. • Scrape all areas clean, paint • Identify and label on/off switch and re-caulk. and gas shut-off valve. • Take down screens, wash win• Drain and refill boiler. Inspect dows, and hang storm windows. radiator valves for leakage. • On the inside, examine frames for cracking, peeling and spider House Exterior webs, which indicate areas where • Inspect your house from top to airflow is present. bottom. • Clean out tracks and spider • Repair cracks in the foundawebs.

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October 6, 2006


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Red Stripe, Mojito or Sangria

The Colorado Folk Arts Council that would start with Dia de los (CFAC) had a dream twenty-five Muertos (Day of the Dead) in early years ago. They wanted to preserve November and end with Cinco de and promote the cultural arts in Mayo in May. And it had to be free!” Colorado. added Gehauf. “We struggled for years to host Thanks to artists from the multi-cultural festivals and dance Chicano Humanities Arts Council demonstraand the Rocky tions in M o u n t a i n the Denver Storytelling area.” said Conference, the CFAC presiseries is celedent Ron brating 11 years Gehauf. of success. “Then 11 Once a month years ago from November the metro through May area instithe Aurora Fox tuted the hosts a free Scientific noon concert & Cultural that showcasFacilities es Colorado’s Dist fundcultural divering (SCFD), sity. The series the POLAR has highlighted B E A R ! ” everything from s m i l e d Mayan water Gehauf. drummers to “We got Dynamic musical duo Mundo Del Sol will be play- Japanese tea t o g e t h e r ing Mexican and American tunes for all ages at the c e r e m o n i e s , with area Day of the Dead concert. Photo provided by Leonor Aztec dancers, artists and Hernandez Prian. German folk dancers and singers and said why not host a concert series Australian musicians. at the Aurora Fox. Our idea was “We strive to present traditional to provide a fine arts venue where artists who have learned and lived children from the inner city and their cultural heritage first hand.” the business community could said Gehauf. enjoy cultural art performances. The series, unlike metro area Since the area’s fastest-growing summer concerts, runs during the Hispanic population was in Aurora, school year, mid-week, so schools we wanted to put together a series can incorporate the concerts into

Aurora Fox Theater kicks off Colorado’s most unique concert with Day of the Dead show
their curriculum. It is designed to highlight Hispanic, Black, Asian, European and Native American culture. Impacted schools from the original Aurora area are given first priority. The business community and community groups are invited along to create opportunities where they can interact with the school children on a social level. “The Cultural Concerts on Colfax Series is awesome,” says Stevon Lucero, a CHAC artist who showcased his art work at last years Dia de los Muertos show. “It opens up a whole new venue for area artists and performers and community members that did not exist when I was growing up.” “There has been tremendous support form the community for this series. The Arapahoe SCFD, the Aurora Fox and the City of Aurora have been very far sighted. This series brings in traditional storytellers and musicians that may not be appealing to other theaters because of the eccentric nature of their performances. This series also

see DAY OF THE DEAD on page 10

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October 6, 2006


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Adam DeGraff North Denver Notions
“Soon, upon a midnight blurry, we will party, hot and heavy, over many fast and furious beats for Halloween once more.” ---The Raven. up for it. Once upon a time there were three little brothers. They grew up to bring pizza and music to the people of North Denver. As difficult as it could sometimes be, life was still a lark, enjoyed halfOct. 14th we gots us a Hafla. way between serious and joke. Hafla is an Egyptian word for But there was one terrible probDance. Check Wikipedia. lem that plagued the This one is gonna be a brothers D. And that Monster Mash and several was the triple-headed DNote dance troupes, in outlandmonster known as the ish costumes, perform- Chronicles Pogwooster. This moning to the middle eastern ster had pink stripes, #12 funk mash up of Yallah! fur of cut glass and terFun for the whole family. rible garlic breath. Then come Oct. 27 we have our Well, you see, one day the second annual Samhain, which is Pogwooster and the brothers D a Scottish version of Halloween. decided to have a dance-off. The Try Wikipedia again. We have Pogwooster started off with the Canned Haggis to open and then Robot. The Brothers D countered the classic rock/ bagpipe of super with the classic Caterpillar. The group Angus Mohr. These guys Pogwooster busted out the Beer have an epic sound. Come dressed Belly Polka and nearly cleared in Scottish drag and be prepared the dance floor. The Brothers D to down some Guinness. knew they were in serious trouOn the 28th of October one ble. They put all their effort into of the greatest bands of all time, one last move, the infamous Drop in our opinion, is gonna take the Kick Murphy Brown vs. Wade. The Halloween spirits through the roof. Pogwooster was blinded by the The band is The Reals and they do sheer nonsense of this dance. So the old school gospel punk hoe he made the best of this misfordown thing. It feels like a sweaty tune and did the Blind Man’s Last revival meeting without any dogma Stand. to worry over. Another great act The Brothers D thought this was will be opening up the night at hilarious and gave the Pogwooster 8pm, Wendy Woo, with her trio. the honorary title of champion. The On the 29th of October we have Pogwooster was so moved by this our 3rd annual Salsa Halloween kind gesture that he had the day Bash. The great Colorado salsa named after himself, forever more band Conjuntos Colores will make to be known, in his own mind, as a rare appearance. Pogwooster Day. He felt like the On Halloween itself, Oct. 31st, champion of the world. But then we’ll have the theramin player, he remembered that the brothers Victoria Lundy, open the night D had practically let him win and with a spooky set. Then Slow he was livid with embarrassment. Children (us) will have a speHe promised to revenge himself cial gothabilly Halloween set. Next against the brothers, vowing never comes The Inactivists, a super to rest until each of them were on fun angry punk lounge act. I the couch watching Dr. Phil, slobalways get into shouting their lyrbering on their unkempt beards. ics with them. And finally the Rumor of this planned revenge night will wind up with The Dub reached the D Note camp. Swift Note Allstars, a group made up of action was taken to fortify the ramVegas Witchcraft, Lawhead, Super parts. Never would the Pogwooster Position and Katalyst. Chaos and take over the indomitable spirit of Magic will reign. But we will need the makeshift opera known as The your help! D Note! All of the aforementioned eveUh, er, see ya soon! Check out nings are occasion to dress up to for more.*** the limit of your imagination. And special prizes and cash awards will be given for the very best ones. This ain’t much of a chronicle is it? Well here’s a quick story to make

At 1575 Boulder Street, right by treat. Karma and the recently-moved Lola, A new pet sitting business named The District has a brand new hair salon Pounce has opened. With the abun– The Chapel. Actually housed inside dance of services available for dogs, a renovated chapel, the salon offers all owner Erika Yost decided to focus on comers a divine hair experience at the cats. What kind of “sitting” do cats hands of some of the world’s best stylneed? According to Yost, “We provide ists. And as you enter the chapel doors, exactly what I would want if I were to go large fountains, elegant plants, and out of town myself – someone to come an enormous floor plan let you know to my house daily to replenish food and you’ve “arrived.” water, play with and brush the cats, Salon owner Robby, formerly a styladminister any medications, scoop litist to the stars, explains that The Chapel is his attempt to bring the high fashion he learned in New York, L.A., and venues overseas to Denver. After extensive renovation, and a search to find the most talented stylists available, The Chapel is his opus: a perfect blend of high-fashion location and high-powered style. Stop by The Chapel and check it out, or call 720-855-7839. Prana Yoga and Gentle Touch Massage have both moved - into one location, at 3333 Federal. Boasting small class sizes (never more than 10 students in a class), experienced teachers, and fabulous massage, “moving to the new location was a conscious choice,” says Hansa Knox, Prana’s founder. Offering classes for all levels of yoga, as well as instruction programs for practitioners, the new location promises to be North Highland Exotic Rug’s Jean Bolger Denver’s full holistic and education ter and perform small house sitting center. Call 303-432-8099, or visit pyatasks like bringing in the mail and for a full schedule. newspaper. I would feel secure knowing Though some may know it better as that someone is checking on the house 32nd Avenue’s Victorian Treasures, and taking care of my cats.” She can be Fireplace Emporium is open once reached at again in a brand new, larger location or by calling 720-840-6856. – just minutes from its former home. The “east end” of West 32nd is Now at 3024 Speer Boulevard (just feet coming into its own with the opening from the 32nd Avenue intersection), of Highland Exotic Rugs, a specialty Gail Rosiere, the store’s owner, is lovgallery featuring one-of-a-kind, handing the new space: “we’re able to carry knotted nomad and tribal rugs from the a lot more mantels,” she explains. “So Mideast. The owners, Highland neighthere’s now a lot more to choose from. bors Jean Bolger and Summer Rhodes, Just a huge selection – a lot more room are a pair of musicians who discovered for everything.” As the only heating their shared interest in rugs while store specializing in old houses, check carpooling to orchestra rehearsals. out the Fireplace Emporium if you’re Located in the historic East Highlands looking for a beautiful, cost effective district, just up the hill from the Platte way to beat winter drafts and chilly Valley and Lodo, the shop features mornings. an ever-changing selection of unique At 41st and Tennyson, Tastes is Gabbeh, Meshkin, Balouch, Ghasghae finally open in the Gallery Gustave and Uzbek rugs, along with beautiful space. Owner Daniel Kuhlman has handmade Morrocan lamps. given the space the fun, relaxed, and Tribal rugs are vibrant and colorupscale atmosphere always enjoyed at ful works of art, and they are also very the Gallery, and the wine and dessert durable and practical. They can coordirestaurant still showcases the same nate beautifully with both modern and fun, brightly-colored works. “It’s just a traditional decorating styles. If you are fun place where you can stop and have already familiar with these rugs, you a nice glass of wine while you’re off for should be pleased with the selection an evening walk, and perhaps buy a and prices. If you are new to handmade small evening dessert for your kids,” he rugs, stop by and enter a beautiful new explains. “It’s not a bar.” With a great world! Hours are Wed-Sun, 12-6. selection of wines, and furnished with

Open for Business makes a perfect evening fine art, Tastes

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October 6, 2006

Fran Schroeder and Corinne Hunt Denver Postcards
A look at the Lakeside tower aire at the park to inaugurate the end of summer and his family put together 2006. When it was built for the open- enough cash Somewhere ing of White City, an amusement to buy the park. along the line, White park owned by brewer Adolph Zang in 1908, Lakeside’s Ci became Lakeside. Krasner brought in a the 150-foot Tower of Tower of West Coast architect to Jewels at what we now upgrade the site, and know as Lakeside, was Jewels although that architect, the tallest building in Richard Crowther, wantDenver. It served as the park’s casino and housed the ed to tear down the Tower of Jewels, Casino Theatre. It was topped by a Krasner said no. He said it was a 10-kilo candela spotlight that had landmark, and he would undoubtedly be been used on pleased that the Ferris is standing Wheel at yet today. He the 1904 St. also named Louis World’s the lake Fair and fea“Lake Rhoda” tured over when his only 5,000 lights. daughter was The people of born. Denver had Lakeside never seen has been such a lavish operated by display of the Krasner’s new wonder d a u g h t e r, in their livesRhoda, since - electricity. her father’s On opendeath in ing day, May 1965. It is 30, 1908, one of only the mayor seventy famof Denver ily-owned pushed a a m u s e switch in ment parks his downin America town office, today, as well illuminating as the oldest the hundred in Colorado thousand and one of lights of the the oldest in park. Zang’s the nation. d a u g h t e r, When openGertrude, ing day comes smashed around next a bottle of spring, enjoy champagne some liva g a i n s t ing history the Tower. at Lakeside D e n v e r Amusement papers called Park. it a “Rocky Mountain READERS: Fairyland” Do you know with its fortyof a North one things to do, including rides that had never Denver house or building and its history that you would suggest to been seen before in Denver. In the 1930s, the park suf- include in this series? If so, please fered from the combination of the let us hear from you! Contact editor@northdenver Depression and the public’s opinion that found it a bit old fash- *** ioned. Ben Krasner, a concession-

Aphrodite’s Mirror
Salon & Day Spa
A salon for Women

by appointment only 2239 Meade St 303-477-1801

ars 19 ye ce en xperi e

The Best Kept Secret of the Highlands End of Summer Specials 20% off Intaglio Cosmeceutical Skin Care products with Facial Services 20% off Glycolic Peels and Microdermabrasion Packages 20% off all TIGI Bed Head Cosmetics 20% off our hot new Lanza hair care line with hair services

Job Fit: contracting for something that matters
project. Teamwork as an art form How do you align your work life would have you so respected that with your values and goals? you would actually have a hand in No matter the job, have some the resolution of any challenges. idea what brought you to this point. A contract of this quality takes Look at your employment history, time. The majority of which is spent your greatest personal accomplishlong before the interview. Armed ments, your job description wish with this data the encounter goes list and the REAL impact you want smoothly since you’ll be focused to have in the world. solely on listening for the match Committing to using your between you, the other party, and strengths can result in a fit to the task at hand. that ideal job where you can truly Janet T. Gold, PhD, 303-733shine. First you have to KNOW your 1602, teaches “Marketing with strengths and how they coalesce Spirit,” “Happiness Is” and “In as your creative expression. If your Service to Spirit” at People House. underlying purpose is to stretch, then a calculated mismatch may be*** the right thing. Gain what you will and get out unless it turns out to be that unexpected little bit of heaven. If the gap is too wide, or the leap is too far afield, maybe you should reconsider what you are doing and pass the task on to someone for whom it is the dream job. Know why you would agree to work with a particular individual or organization. Different individuals can make impossible tasks joyful or the simplest task downright painful. Integrity should shine through everything. Every individual should �������������������������������������� be treated with the utmost respect. �������������������������� Positive aspects of life should rank �������������������������������������������������������������������������������� highly when expending time, energy ���������������������������������������������������������������������������� and money. ��������������������������������������������� ������������������������������ Expect something for your efforts. It could be money but there ������������������������������������������������ are other rewards with value far ������������ beyond that. These could be personal contacts, new friends and ���������������������������������� experiences, or the wondrous inner ����������������������������� � sense of doing something very good. If you feel no meaning in the job itself, leave it for someone else who finds it inspiring. Know what is expected of you. Have a written job description. If there is none write one. When you �������������������� move on to other challenges those who follow you will thank you. Know what you need to know. If you don’t know something, learn. ������������������������������������������������� Consider your level of commit�������������������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������������� ment. Know your “bail out” point. ������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������ There is NO reason to make yourself sick or depressed trying to do a job in which the disparity with your true self is too great. Get out! ����������������������������������������� Seek opportunities to use your ���������������������������������������������������� creativity to expand the project beyond its original guidelines. If this is the right place for you your suggestions will be welcomed and ������������������������������������������� implemented. ������������������������������������ Challenges surface in any

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expires 10•30•06 ����������������


October 6, 2006

President Reagan responded to questions about his age with an enlightening statement that supports rejecting Amendment 40 when he said, “I want you to know that I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent’s youth and inexperience . . . I might add that it was Seneca or it was Cicero. . .that said if it was not for the elders correcting the mistakes of the young, there would be no state.” Amendment 40 will force experience and wisdom to be thrown off the bench every decade and usher in youth and inexperience and should be rejected. The Colorado Bar Association has compiled bi-partisan information, articles, and statements to help citizens understand the issues surrounding Amendment 40. Please visit their website at: http://www.protectcoloradocourts. org or Below in an excerpt from their website: Term-limits seem like a good idea; Why should I oppose Amendment 40? Because Amendment 40 is retroactive, it forces five of seven Supreme Court justices and seven of 19 Court of Appeals judges off the bench at the same time, regardless of performance or voter preference. In addition, Amendment 40 fails to address the resulting backlog created by the loss of nearly half of the judges on Colorado’s highest courts. This November voters will also be asked whether to retain a number of judges in Denver County. For additional information regarding those judges, please visit: http:// This website provides a detailed report for each judge and how they have performed in a variety of areas. -- Mark Gould is a neighborhood attorney specializing in insurance law by helping individuals have their claims honored by insurance companies and protecting them from insurance company abuse relating to automobile collision claims, homeowners and renters insurance claims, workers compensation, and other insurance issues. You can send questions or comments to Mark at: legalbeagle@

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It seems there are few issues that Democrats and Republicans agree upon these days, but across political party lines, members of both parties, including Governor Bill Owens and four former Colorado Governors are unified behind Vote NO 40. Judicial term limits are a bad, bad idea. We live in a world today where many people in their professions are becoming increasingly specialized. Judges cannot enjoy such a luxury. Having clerked for a Denver District Court Judge out of law school, I saw first-hand the breadth of knowledge our judges must possess. It is enormous. Like any job, it takes time to learn the position and it is no different for our judges and justices. Justices on the Colorado Supreme Court and Judges on the Court of Appeals must comprehend, understand, and make rulings in all areas of the law such as: 1) contract law; 2) commercial law; 3) First Amendment; 4) state and federal constitutional law; 5) insurance law; 6) family law; 7) criminal law; 8) water law; 9) employment law; 10) civil litigation; 11) corporate law; 12) probate law; 13) environmental law; 14) Colorado laws; 15) federal laws; along with 16) procedural and evidentiary rules. This list is not exhaustive and within any given area of law there are even more detailed issues our judges and justices must decide. Amendment 40 is such a radical concept that it would remove judges and justices from the bench that are the most experienced and knowledgeable. Law offers our society stability. Our founding fathers drafted the Constitution to mandate lifetime appointments for federal judges and that their wages could not be decreased while on the bench in order to keep the courts stable, independent, and free from the winds of political change. Amendment 40 would erode the stability and judicial independence that the Constitution envisions. Experience begets wisdom. Our courts are some of the finest in the country and are presided over by judges and justices appointed by both parties. Amendment 40 would politicize the one place in our society where justice is dispensed equally regardless of race, religion, class, or political party. In a famous presidential debate between Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale,

Vote No 40

Fabulous renovated 1907 home in the Highlands.

Minutes to everything! Gorgeous woodwork, professionally landscaped yard, 3BD/3BA, 2-car garage, A/C, walk-in closets, private balcony with city views and more! Don’t miss this opportunity! Open Houses: Oct. 8th and 28th 1-4PM

2322 Irving Street, Denver


Completely updated plumbing and electrical!

Kamron & Paul Wosachlo Benchmark Realty, LLC 303.520.3223 home/HNA9BL

��������������������� ������������������������������� ���������������������������������� ��������������������������������



DPS to make clear North’s fate
North’s community. The specter of North’s ������������������������������� closure has worried many parents, ���������������������������������� including those who are considering sending their children to the �������������������������������� school next year. “We have every confidence that North High School will open next year to serve its community,” said Michael Bennet through a spokeswoman. No other credible source ����������������������� has suggested that North won’t be open next year. It is now clear that the North High that will greet ninth-graders in the fall of 2007 will be substantially different.

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Sound off on North’s future at ������������

Now Providing Prenatal Care

The Spirituals Project to sing at Saint John’s Cathedral ��������������������������������
Spirituals are the sacred songs Saint John’s will host the celebrated Spirituals Project choir on that became essential to survivOct. 22 at 4 p.m. at the Cathedral al during slavery and were then at 1350 Washington St., Denver, invigorated during the civil rights ����������������������� for a concert entitled Songs of movement. As a preview to the conFreedom. The Spirituals Project will cert, Dr. Arthur Jones who is the sing African American spirituals founder, artistic program director first sung by enslaved Africans in and board chair of The Spirituals America during the 18th and 19th Project, will conduct an educational centuries. The diverse 75-member program at 10:15 a.m. on Oct. 22 choir draws from an array of ethnic that explores the history of spiritubackgrounds, ages and spiritual als in the context of American history, together with the lessons they traditions. The choir is an ambassador for offer for surviving in today’s moral the Spirituals Project based at the challenges. The Gay and Lesbian Fund University of Denver. One of the parts of the Project’s work is to edu- for Colorado and the Lee Palmer cate audiences about how African Everding Fund of the Denver American spirituals uplift in times Foundation have underwritten the of crisis by healing, comforting, Spirituals Project at Saint John’s inspiring and instilling hopes and Cathedral. Donations of $10 will be requested at the door. *** dreams.

��������������������� ������������������������������� ����������������������������������


Well woman exams, prenatal care, breastfeeding consultations and FREE gatherings. Accepting most insurance.

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Rev. Laurene M. Lafontaine North Denver Notions

October 6, 2006

Gas, Electric, and Wood Burning Fireplaces for Older Homes As seen on Channel 9

3024 N. Speer Blvd.

cal education and music are “Would you like anything else with your wonderful creative and enerorder?” getic outlets for children and “Yes, please, I want world peace.” youth. We reintroduce those Since the end of August, I have been programs with a long-term recovering from ankle surgery, which has commitment to the well being of our society entailed being on crutches, therefore unable and the problem of obesity will, at least, in to drive and spending my time watching a lot part begin to be addressed. more television than usual. I had planned to catch up on Creating peace Helping our young people to my reading and writing, but I out of the chaos stay connected to a sense of well being, feelings, and kept falling asleep so I caught called life health will also begin to up on all my favorites prosolve the issue of violence. grams answering all those Lest one thinks I am being too simplisburning questions about pyramids, tsunatic, I invite you to get over it. The problems mis, ancient civilizations and Paula Deen’s of violence are simple. Unaddressed hurt southern cuisine secrets. Through a desire begets shame; unresolved shame begets selfto create my own political reality, my daily loathing; unanswered self-loathing begets viewing has included a strong dose of the internal rage; unmitigated rage begets emoWest Wing. (Thank the political gods for tional outbursts/anti-social behavior and seasons one through six on DVD!) What I of course, ignored outbursts/anti-social hadn’t really anticipated was the profound behavior begets violence. Our challenge is impact of watching and reading the news to provide healthy responses to this panseveral times daily (I am a confessed news demic resolution of conflict. junkie with somewhat of a short attention I have a few ideas where to begin. First, span.) we need to re-introduce the mental health This past week has been horrendous in and emotional support programs throughthe news. Three shootings occurring on out our communities. It was some twenty school grounds with the most recent taking years ago during the administration of place in Lancaster County, PA, which is the another “stay the course” presidency when heart of Amish country. “Would you like our society’s mental health programs were anything else?” Yes, please, I want peace. dismantled. It’s time for our government, Now. I want the violence that permeates which is us, to admit the mistake and recthe very fabric of our society to cease. I ognize the pervasive need for such support want our elected officials to model good programs. Not everyone can pull themselves healthy conflict resolution. I want us to rise up by their own bootstraps, especially if above the problems of society, identify the their boots have been taken from them. source and, then with courage and a proSecondly, we need to provide opporfound sense of commitment to the greater tunities to learn conflict resolution and good, become a part of the solution. Now. cooperation. Not classes on how to resolve Together. I want peace. conflict, but actual experiences of working The so-called experts suggest the need with others. Re-introduce and strengthen for increased security and a national conour physical education, art, music and perference on school shootings as responses formance programs in our schools. Give to the crisis. Am I the only one wondering the kids the daily opportunities to be active, why we are not addressing the real source blow off steam, learn to play, have fun, of the problem? Why are we not talking move, connect and discover their untapped about the cause of these violent acts exhibabilities. Provide opportunities for adult to ited by a disproportionate number of adult connect and raise the level of expectations white men? It’s like the governmental and of one another. We are our sister’s and medical response to the problem of obesity brother’s keeper. We have a responsibility in this country. Talking about the problem for one another as the larger community. and developing medications seem to be the Peace begins at home. “If you want peace, focus. What about the cause? Has anywork for justice.” “Be the change you wish one else made the connection between the to see in the world.” rise of overweight people and the dramatic “Would you like anything else with your reduction/elimination of physical education order?” “Yes, please, I want peace.” I invite programs in our school? The elimination of you to join me in a simple and yet profound “non-core” fine art classes of music and way of manifesting peace in all that we say art? Our “do nothing education” president and do. If you are interested, please drop and the “every child left behind” legislation me an email, has reduced public education to an experience of disconnect. Peace, Those “non-core” classes are essential Rev. Laurene Lafontaine for the well being of our society. Art, physi-

Day of Dead - Colorado Folk Council
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exposes the public to artists and traditional art forms that deserve to be showcased and given their just due.” stressed Gehauf. True to their mission to provide enlightenment for the public and support traditional artists, the CFAC has developed a cultural package that is hard to top anywhere in the United States. In addition to the seven concerts at the Aurora Fox this season, CFAC has added a cultural concert series at the Community College of Aurora and a late April, Day of the Child event where area schools showcase student talent. ”We put special emphasis on certain Hispanic holidays,” said Gehauf. “But we also mix it up so all cultures are represented. This year as always we have a huge Day of the Dead celebration on Nov 2nd. On Dec 13th we are celebrating a Historic Colorado Holiday show with cowboy and mining tales. We have a Martin Luther King tribute on January 24th featuring the Black Hands Drum Ensemble, on February 28th there is an Asian heritage tribute featuring dances of India, on March 21st a Pow Wow, an Eastern European Gypsy Spring concert on April 18th and Cinco de Mayo on May 2nd.” “We feel it is important to reach out to all communities. Adults and students alike need to know about the wonderful diversity our state has to offer.” added Gehauf. The Dia de los Muertos show on Wed Nov 1st will feature the dynamic musical duo of Lenore and T-Bone from Mundo Del Sol, playing Mexican and American tunes for all ages. Storyteller Tonali will delight and mesmerize the audience with tales of La Muerte! This show of music and passion will bring new meaning to the Day of the Dead. All shows are free and open to the public. Concerts begin at 12 noon and end at 1pm. The Aurora Fox is located at 9900 E. Colfax, on the corner of Dayton and Colfax in Aurora. Seating is on a first come first served basis. For more information call 720-329-0869 or visit the CFAC website at -- Renee Fajardo

October 6, 2006

Some more of this, some more of that!
Consigning Career, Casual, Funky
Another choice for the plus size woman

5218 W. 25th Avenue 303-237-1152 Tuesday-Friday 5:30PM-8:30PM Saturday 10:00AM-5:00PM

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(1/2 Block West of Sheridan)

5225 W. 25th Avenue

We Look Forward to Grooming Your Best Friend! call for appointment walk-ins for nail trims!

Lattés! Buy one, price! Get one half on) up (with this co

* rkable! e...Ma *


Enjoy a cup of coffee on an old wooden chair... ...and if you like the chair, take it home!



Lattés, coffee, pastries, furniture and antiques! 5224 West 25th Avenue in Edgewater Half a block east of Sheridan Boulevard • 303-918-6511

Some More of This, Some More of That
by Leona Hayes
I hate shopping for clothes. As a bigger girl, it’s always been an unpleasant experience – mall stores pack the clothes that fit me into an area tucked away from the fashionable looks and cute outfits into an upstairs department, usually somewhere behing menswear. At one store, they’ve even hidden their plus-size clothing between activewear and maternity. There aren’t any signs marking the racks (though there are massive ones pointing the way to maternity), and while there are something like fifteen racks of maternity wear, and about forty-five racks of regular women’s clothing, there are only about five for me. And those racks just contain bigger, less well-designed, less flatteringly-cut versions of the clothes designed to go in the “regular” sections. Finding the section is a pain – and having to ask one of the store personnel for help locating it usually just gets me a condescending look and a gruff point away from the sections where other shoppers are finding what they’re looking for. In a country where most people look more or less like me – and our ranks are growing all the time – why are there fewer and fewer clothes made, and those clothes harder and harder to find? Well, that’s just not the case anymore. I’ve found Some More of This... Some More of That!, a plus-sized clothing boutique just minutes from my house on 25th Avenue. No more battling through the malls and dealing with rude store employees and sneering shoppers. At this delightful little store, there are more clothes in my size than at several mall stores combined – and, because the store takes a lot of its clothes on consignment,

• Edgewater News • Edgewater News •
the quality and look is better and more flattering than much of what I used to find elsewhere. Owner Kathy Andersen and her staff are always pleased to see me, and with friendly staff, an open floor plan, and racks upon racks of options, finding a great new look is never a problem. Right now, the store is taking appointments for Fall and Winter clothing – consignment rates are good, and Kathy is selective about what she accepts so the racks aren’t cluttered with worn, unfashionable, or ill-cut designs. The quality is really second to none. Some More of This... Some More of That! is right on Sheridan, just west on 25th Avenue, and open Tuesday through Friday evenings, as well as on Saturdays. The prices are great, though the store’s hours can sometimes be a bit sporadic (both Kathy and her staff have other jobs). While I’ve never had a problem just stopping by after work or on the weekend, it’s probably a good idea to give the store a call before stopping by if you’ve got far to travel - 303-237-1152 is the number.

The North Denver News has expanded its distribution to Edgewater, and this is the fifth in a series of articles on the City, its events, and its development. For more information, or to be included in Edgewater’s local paper, call 303-458-7541.

ousemate sought H


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( ( ( (

Clean, newly remodeled, ample storage space, fully furnished on request. Beautiful home with huge yard, koi pond, wireless internet, satellite. 10 minutes from downtown, Auraria, or Regis. Dog friendly! $400/month or $300 + .3 utilities. Call 720-841-8196.

design, cuts and style colors and highlights mens style cuts mens back wax and chest trim available


5220 W. 25th Avenue 303.238.1940

A Girl and Her Ribbon

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Bryan wins NW Denver Literary Challenge
Results are in for the first annual North West Denver Literary Challenge... and the winner is: William L. Bryan of NW Denver. We received over fifty submissions -- a terrific response for our first year. Many of the essays were heartfelt, compelling, and, well, terrifically written, The contest theme was “Life Lessons Rooted in Denver.” A bound copy of all of the submissions is available to peruse at Jay’s Patio Cafe, 2563 15th Street. The contest was sponsored by The Denver Foundation, Lighthouse Writers Workshop, North Denver News, SHINE, and Jay’s Patio Café.

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October 6, 2006

The top ten entrants will receive gift certificates to North West Denver merchants; a fall gathering is planned for November at West Side Books. Come to our house some Sunday evening about 5:20. If you stand on the sidewalk out front and face south you can watch my father walk up for dinner. The sidewalk meanders slightly and finally disappears into the canopy of trees where a gentle slope begins early in the next block, so he does not appear until he is about 350 yards away. I can no longer discern a whole lot at that distance, but my two year-old son recognizes him immediately and will pound up the block to meet him muttering “gimpaw, gimpaw, gimpaw” under his breath. While this is a very nice Rockwellian tableau, you have to look a little closer to see what I see. My father is a refugee of sorts, new to the neighborhood. Everybody who lives anywhere has a backstory, a reason they came. Almost everyone is an immigrant on some level and virtually every adult voluntarily lives somewhere for some reason. Dad recently bought a home five blocks from the one where my wife and I are raising our two young sons and twelve blocks from where my sister is raising a fifteen year-old cat. Dad will in turn be raising a new menagerie of drought-resistant flowering plants, his years of more serious responsibility largely behind him. My mother died earlier this year. This is his backstory, what you might not see about him as he walks up the street for dinner on Sunday nights. He lost his wife, the mother of his children, the grandmother of his grandchildren, his traveling companion, personal chef, rafting buddy and Christmas coordinator all within the same moment. They had been married for seven hundred years, so he was unprepared on all imaginable levels for life without her. She died at home, in her bedroom in the house where I grew up in an archetypical early-70s subdivision in the bitter suburban wastelands of Aurora. Dad’s first coherent thought as a single man after seven hundred years of matrimony was that he hated the house and was going to move. And so with the encouragement of his son, daughter, daughter-in-law and most importantly his grandsons, he moved to our neighborhood. My father is my neighbor, closer than he has been since he was just down the hall. He emigrated to North Denver to escape his old life and to start a new one. Dad walks. He would probably justify this as a matter of health, but the fact is that he has always been an inveterate wanderer. When I wanted my father to move here, I sold it to him as a walking neighborhood

because I know my audience. By “walking neighborhood,” not only do I mean that people walk, but also that there is a brilliant spectrum of stuff to see. The houses are interesting, especially to a man who came from a subdivision with 400 houses in only 4 varieties. In Dad’s new neighborhood, the oldest houses were built on the corners or in the middle of blocks in the 1880’s and the rest were built at distinguishable times so that you can begin to tell the story of a block simply by walking down it once. All the houses are different and every block is different and there are no covenants, so if somebody wants to paint their house purple, they do. And they do. Not only is there spatial variety, but it all changes every season. The neighborhood makes itself over four times a year, promising completely new stuff, a cataclysmic shift in favorites, a constantly moving target of anticipation. And if you walk around, people will smile and say hello. This may sound like the most elementary foregone conclusion imaginable, but Dad now knows more people, both by name and by sight, then he did walking his wastelandic Aurora neighborhood almost every day for twenty-eight years. Some of those days he walked with my mother, she of the world’s warmest smile and hello, so perhaps greeting strangers was simply never Dad’s job until recently. And so my father walks. This is the most certain thing about his new life, the way he explores the world around him. Sometimes he has a destination. There are businesses in our neighborhood and with few exceptions, the businesses are locally owned and operated. This means that the proprietors are passionate and that they offer an experience unique to the neighborhood and that they have a name and a story and they will tell you both if you ask and then you will be friends. There are shops that carry things you don’t see in big box stores and restaurants that you miss when you go on vacation. Some of them are odd, some are barely useful, but they all feel like they belong to you, like they are a part of the fabric of your world. Someday soon my father will walk into our house with that vaguely disbelieving lopsided grin and ask, “Have you guys seen that cheese shop down there? It’s really cool!” Had the same shop opened in the tortuously sprawling strip mall behind his old house, he likely never would have noticed it or possibly found it ridiculous. But now things are different. Now he will just buy cheese there. Now if you come to watch my father walk up our sidewalk on Sunday evening, you can actually see him. My father is a man who at a relatively advanced age is faced with the challenge of replacing his enchanting wife of seven hundred years with a neighborhood. His neighborhood now provides him with food and companionship, with human warmth and diversion. This is a poor trade, to be sure, but it could be much worse. The warm smile of a stranger will never make him forget the one he lost, but each almost certainly improves his life and perhaps someday he will warm to the point where he just wishes she was here because she would have liked it, too.***




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