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17/04/2008 22:44

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His Excellency Sheikh Faisal is a member of the Sharjah ruling family. After graduating from California State University in 1980 with a degree in Business Administration, he began his career in the Sharjah Government, UAE as Chairman of the Royal Court. In 1987, he was appointed Chief Commander of the Sharjah Royal Guard and Government Security, and then in 1990, Chairman of the Ruler's Office. In 1992 he left the Government to join the private sector so as to consistently grow his business under the banner of the Al Qasimi Group.


Scott Frickman has over twenty-five years in financial markets, mergers and acquisitions, construction, project management, and operations. Having earned a Masters in Business Administration. He worked in international financial markets for several years before starting his own company. Initially, he focused on various syndication schemes, raising capital and acquiring various assets where he directly managed the enhancement of those assets, thereby increasing value for the venture. In later years he engaged in the development of new projects, always with a focus on “development with sustained profitability”.


With an MBA from the USA , Mr Viswanathan Page 1 of 2

Seabase Operations FZC - About Us - Board

17/04/2008 22:44

specializes in international banking, investment appraisal, project finance, risk management, operations management and start-up ventures and is an expert in commercial law. He is a member of the Institute of Management Accountants . Mr. Viswanathan also practices in the area of international business including mergers and acquisitions, and private placements.

General Counsel

Jack Greenwald trained and qualified as a solicitor with a leading New York law firm, working first in New York and later in the United Arab Emirates . In 1981, he started his own practice in the United Arab Emirates and merged that practice with Chadbourne and Clark in 2007. Since then he has headed up Chadbourne and Clarks operations in the region. His working experience in the Middle East in the areas of international banking and finance, mergers & acquisitions, private equity and project and construction work has involved him in most sectors of commercial activity including international trade, energy, construction, shipping, commodities and insurance. Jack, through initially Greenwald and Co., and later through Chadbourne and Clark, has been associated with the Seabase Group's owners for many years providing legal advice on numerous matters.

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