John Smith 10 Smith Street Smithville VIC 3333 Senior Constable Iva Radar Smithville Traffic Management Unit

1 Copper Street Smithville VIC 3333 28th February 2006

Re: Infringement Notice 23456789
Dear Iva Radar, I am in receipt of your reply dated 10th February 2006, reference XXXXXXX. It seems that my request (copy attached) has been misunderstood. I have neither requested a review of the infringement notice, nor have I lodged an objection. I have simply indicated that I would accept your claim for value on verification of the basis of your claim. I am quite prepared to pay the fine, if indeed I am legally obliged to do so. To ascertain that the alleged infringement notice is warranted in this case, I have asked that proof of claim be provided that the speed measuring device allegedly used on this occasion has been pattern approved to certify that it measures in Australian legal units of measurement as set out under the National Measurement Act 1960 and related Regulations. It should be a very simple matter for anyone making a claim against me to provide verification that their claim is supported by the laws that govern legal metrology in Australia. If you were able to provide legitimate proof of claim by way of documentary evidence that the speed measuring device complies with Australian legal metrology law, then I would be able to decide whether payment of the fine, a request for review or a contest in court is the appropriate course of action. I ask again that you, or someone with the appropriate authority, review my original request (copy attached) and provide the required response. Should the required response not be provided within 14 days from receipt of this Notice, it shall be agreed and accepted that no such proof is able to be provided and that the matter is settled and closed. Yours sincerely,

John Smith

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