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The Universe

By Yi Chung
Translated by C.E. Yang
“But think about the universe, the
whole universe-- did God create all the
other planets as well?

“God created this world.”
“But think about the universe! The whole universe! Did God creat all the other planets
as well? And the lives on those planets? If so, do they believe in God?”
“This is crazy!”
“Not that the idea of God creating everything is crazy! I just mean…it feels crazy to
think about the universe.”
“What’s so crazy about that?”
“It’s so big!”
“Well, it is, apparently.”
“I always get this dizzy feeling when I think about the universe. It’s so big. We call
the earth a planet in the solar system, but in the universe…does it measure up to a
grain of sand? Or dust?”
“Probably. A dust measured in nano”
“And to compare ourselves to the universe! We’re so small, and ignorant, even”
“That’s true…but it’s okay, you know, you just have to believe that there’s a god out
there first, otherwise you could always find reasons to prove that there’s not.”
“But I do!”
“You do?”
“Yes, I do! I just see him different from how you see him”
“Oh yeah? How?”
“You know what? I see him bigger than you see him.”
“I don’t think that’s possible.”
“I know you see him as ‘everything’-he created this world, he created us, and he’s
even the reason why we’re here! But don’t all these make god seem a bit powerless?”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“What I mean, is that, you can’t just place him at an earthly level! He’s far beyond
that! Surely he didn’t just create this world and operate everything behind the curtain,
right? He must be far busier! Arranging some more important things.”
“Like what?”
“Like, arranging another blast, explosion, so that there’ll be some tens of thousands of
new stars!”
“Maybe. But that doesn’t make any difference as to the fact that he’s taken very well
care of everyone here.”
“Pitty that many of us just don’t realize this.”
“I always believe that, some things, that we’re unable to achieve, you know, like new
born babies…some kind of miracles, must have been achieved with his help.”
“Some scientific guys would object you.”
“I know. But I’m sure I’m right.”
“Good for you.”
「上帝創造了世界。 」
人感到不可思議。 」
「 ,的確是。 」
「每次我一想到整個宇宙頭就發昏。宇宙太 大了。我們說地球是太陽系裡的一顆
「大概吧,奈米單位的灰塵。 」
「再把我們(人類)跟宇宙相比,人類顯得好小,甚至微不足道。 」
「這倒是真的,不過那不重要。 知道 , 只要知道有一位神先於一切而存在,
否則 隨時都可以找到理由證明沒有神。 」
「對,我相信。只是我看祂的方式跟你不一樣。 」
「你知道嗎,我認為祂比你想的更大。 」
「我覺得不太可能。 」
「我知道 認為神是一切── 創造了世界、創造我們,甚至 是我們存在的原
「我的意思是, 不能只是把神放在世俗的層次。神比這些更大!當然, 不只
創造這個世界,然後 在幕後控制這一切而已,對吧? 應該更忙才對,處理
一些更重要的事情。 」
「或許吧。但這不能否認上帝的確把地球上的人都照顧的很好。 」
「可惜很多人不明白這點。 」
「是 !」
須要有上帝的幫助才能完成。 」
「科學家可能會不同意 。 」
「我知道。但是我相信我是對的。 」
「很好 !」

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