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F el Efficien Ca - Volk

agen XL1.

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Thursda , 26 Januar 2012

The Wo ld' Mo

F el Efficien Ca - Volk

agen XL1.

The world's most fuel efficient car - The Volkswagen

XL1 concept is one of the most innovative concept car
designed to provide best fuel efficiency keeping in the
view of environmental friendliness. The XL1 concept is a
hybrid car using an electric motor plus a diesel engine
to power itself efficiently. This car has a futuristic styling
and is fabricated with weight less components.

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Engine Config


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XL1 delivers a maximum mileage than any other concept car in this world. It delivers an
outstanding mileage of 111km/litre of diesel. The entire car weighs just 795 kilograms. The tear
drop design and light weight construction plays a vital role for its top class mileage. Besides that
it also has minimal carbon emissions of 24gm/km. The XL1 comes with the 7-speed DSG
transmission, a Lithium-ion battery pack and is compliant with the Euro VI emissions standards.

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Tech E plained
T an mi ion S


This car as i mentioned already is a hybrid system equipped with a 0.8 litre, 2-cylinder TDI
engine delivering a peak power of 48 BHP plus the electric motor delivering 27 HP, totally of 75
Ps. It can cover a range of 35 kms using only the electric motor for full charge.

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Mechanical Wo ld: The Wo ld' Mo

F el Efficien Ca - Volk

agen XL1.

The design of the entire body was uncompromisingly subjected to the aerodynamic efficiency. In
front, the new XL1 exhibits the greatest width; the car then narrows towards the rear. Viewed
from above, the form of the XL1 resembles that of a dolphin; especially at the rear, where the
lines optimally conform to the air flow over the car body to reduce the Volkswagens
aerodynamic drag.

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The Wo l

The rear wheels are fully covered

to prevent air turbulence; the air
flows here are also optimized by
small spoilers in front of and
behind the wheels.

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Honda i a
The aerod namic st ling like a dolphin as viewed from top.

Bajaj n


Replacing the side mirrors are

small cameras that send images
of the surroundings behind the car
to two displays inside the vehicle.
The front end of the new XL1 no
longer exhibits the typical radiator
grille; however, it still reflects the
styling of the current Volkswagen
predominance of horizontal lines.
Cameras replacing rear view mirrors.

There is a black cross-stripe (in the area where there is no longer a radiator grille) that combines
with the energy-efficient dual LED headlights to form a continuous band. The actual air intake for
cooling the TDI engine,
battery and interior is located
in the lower front end section
controlled louvres.

The narrow turn indicators

are also designed in LED
technology; these form an L
shape which vertically follows
the wheel housing and
horizontally a line beneath the headlights.

The XL1 0-100 km/hr in 11.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 160 km/hr. 23.2 % of the car
is made without iron or steel and the light weight construction is done by volkswagen's patented
carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) and resin transfer moulding process.

Volkswagen XL1 Concept Specifications

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Mechanical Wo ld: The Wo ld' Mo

F el Efficien Ca - Volk

agen XL1.

Engine Location: Mid

Drive Type: Rear Wheel
Body/Chassis: Carbonfibre monocoque
Weight: 795.147 kg
0-60 mph: 11.7 seconds.
Top Speed: 160 km/h | 99.44 mph (limited)
Engine Configuration: S
Cylinders: 2
Aspiration/Induction: Turbocharged
Displacement: 800 cc | 48.8 cu in. | 0.8 L.
Horsepower: 75 BHP (55.2 KW)
Torque: 162 Ft-Lbs (220 NM)
HP to Weight Ratio: 23.4 LB / HP
HP / Liter: 93.8 BHP / Liter
Fuel Feed: Fuel Injected, Direct Fuel Injection
Gears: 7
Transmission: DSG Semi-Automatic
Fuel Capacity: 10.0 L
Length: 153.1 in | 3888 mm.
Width: 65.6 in | 1665 mm.
Height : 45.5 in | 1156 mm.
Wheelbase: 87.6 in | 2224 mm.
(source : volkswagen)

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Mechanical Wo ld: The Wo ld' Mo

F el Efficien Ca - Volk

agen XL1.

Posted by Mechanic. at 1/26/2012 03:57:00 PM

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Mechanical Wo ld: The Wo ld' Mo

F el Efficien Ca - Volk

agen XL1.

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