Dear Richard


Many thanks for your email of June 15, 2007.

As you will see from the attached shareholder list everyone on the list with the exception of yourself, Richard Ekstrom Global Business Partners Holdings, Richard Langley and Newport Capital Corp have agreed to tie up their shares until the time of the IPO.

The management of the company has been hampered for more than two years by the lack of capital which was promised by Lesley Greyling and the significant debt which was owed to Patrick Adair.

We have now instructed our attorneys to commence the process of cancelling the 53,000,000 shares issued on behalf of Lesley Greyling on the basis that he did not pay for the shares.

Patrick Adair has agreed to swap his shares for debt and we expect to announce this when all documents are signed.

Funding for the preliminary development costs has been pledged subject to the share float being restricted until the IPO.

Jeffrey Pattinson does not particularly wish to purchase the ACI shares; he has agreed to buy them to assist me since Rick Langley is the only shareholder constantly threatening management.

I have in recent times developed another business which can fund the ACI development costs. I am only prepared to invest around $10,000,000 in ACI if all of the shareholders are in agreement. One major shareholder selling shares into the market will destroy the market and the proposed float.

Thus I look forward to receiving your comments in relation to Rick Langley’s shares.

Does he wish to commit 2,000,000 to Jeffrey Pattinson @ $0.12c each = $240,000 payable: 6 months @ $10,000 per month = $ 60,000 6 months @ $20,000 per month = $120,000 Final payment in month 13 of Total $ 60,000 $240,000

Will he agree to lock up the remaining 1,465,910 shares until the float or until we find a buyer who will then buy paripassu from all shareholders who wish to sell.

I await your further comments .

Kind regards
Michael Howarth Chief Executive Officer ACI Global Pte Ltd Tel 44 207 384 0249 Fax 44 207 504 8703 UK Cell 44 7813 518 830 USA cell 1 718 801 9359 Malaysia cell 60 122 01 1339 This email was sent from London

From: M. Richard Cutler [] Sent: 15 June 2007 17:22 To: 'Rick Langley';; 'usastock'; Subject: RE: aci

I just reviewed the prior transaction proposed by Mr. Pattinson and Rick was willing to sell 2,000,000 shares (not 3,000,000) at $.12 and paid in full within 45 days of December when we first discussed this.

I strongly recommend that the terms be not less than that given the very extended timeframe on this and Rick’s actual investment in real dollars into the company.

M. Richard Cutler Cutler Law Group

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From: Rick Langley [] Sent: Friday, June 15, 2007 12:15 PM To:; 'usastock'; 'M. Richard Cutler'; Subject: FW: aci

After the stock registration process is completed I will consider a purchase. There is no excuse for your complete lack of communication. From you letter I see that I am only $12,000 short of what the infamous Leslie/Leon invested in your program. He used me to get the block he received from the company through providing a shell. I personally cleaned up the debt in the shell and other expenses to make the deal work. Everybody else rode the wagon on their finder fee shares. I had the first dollars in from this group. You can expedite the process by having the opinion letter prepared now to arrive with my 144k paper. Rick

Global Business Partners, Inc.

Rick Langley/President
323 656 8074

From: mhowarth [] Sent: Friday, June 15, 2007 6:42 AM To: 'Rick Langley' Cc: 'usastock' Subject: aci


Rick, Attached is a letter updating you on the ACI situation. I look forward to hearing from you.
Michael Howarth Chief Executive Officer ACI Global Pte Ltd Tel Fax UK Cell USA cell Malaysia cell 44 207 384 0249 44 207 504 8703 44 7813 518 830 1 718 801 9359 60 122 01 1339

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